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How a Tiny Cape Cod Town Survived World War I's Only Attack on American Soil | History | Smithsonian

A century ago, a German U-boat fired at five vessels and a Massachusetts beach before slinking back out to sea

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First World War composite photos bring past to life | The Week UK

Then-and-now images put snapshots of the Great War in a 21st century setting

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10 facts you (probably) didn’t know about the First World War

Who solved the problem of trench warfare? How did the war contribute to Britain's worst rail disaster? And were there really special battalions for short soldiers? Here, Seán Lang reveals 10 lesser known facts about the First World War

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WWI Centennial: An Overview

Catch up with the major turning points of World War I as the final climactic year gets underway.

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WWI graffiti discovered deep underground. ‘All these guys wanted to be remembered.’ - The Washington Post

The century-old etchings, discovered in a chalk quarry in France, include the names of hundreds of soldiers, including some Americans.

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A Century Later, Relics Emerge From a War Frozen in Time

As WWI raged in Europe, Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops waged their own

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Why There Aren't Many Games About WWI

Although games like Doom and Dark Forces were the pioneers of first-person shooters (FPS) in the 1990s, the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchises revolutionized the way shooting games are played. The World War II theme of these games also revived an interest in the war’s history among some Millennials.

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The hallowed ground of World War I, then and now.

Today marks 100 years since the start of WW I. Here are some of the places that endured through the war and what they look like now.

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The War to End All Wars? Hardly. But It Did Change Them Forever.

World War I destroyed kings, kaisers, czars and sultans; it demolished empires; it introduced chemical weapons; it brought millions of women into the work force.