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Survey: Floridians complain about too many out-of-state homebuyers

Too many out-of-state homebuyers, Florida survey says. Columnist suggests how new homebuyers can quickly assimilate with the native population

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Yankees turn a triple play you've never seen before

The Yankees turned their second triple play of the season, and you have to see just how odd it was.

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New York Yankees: 5 offseason moves needed to reach 2020 World Series

The New York Yankees season ends without a World Series title yet again, so expect them to be busy this offseason. Here's where they should start.

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5 roster decisions Yankees must make heading into ALDS vs. Twins

Only two days remain before the Yankees begin their quest for a 28th World Series title. A few hours before they take on the Twins at Yankee Stadium on Friday night, though, they have some tough decisions to make regarding their ALDS roster.

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Yankees manager drops multiple F-bombs in ‘savage’ rant against umpire

Baseball history has seen some epic shouting matches between managers and umpires, but this one was savage.

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The British broadcast of the Yankees-Red Sox games in London has been absolutely electric

This British play-by-play man has been on the top of his game calling the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox series in London.

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Yankees' red flags appear amid in rare loss

On Sunday, the Yankees got a bit of a wake-up call from Justin Verlander and the Astros, who pounded the Bombers, 9-4, in The Bronx, preventing a home-team sweep.

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The best player ever to play for every MLB franchise

No professional sport in North America has a past as rich as baseball's. During the history of each MLB franchise, the following players represent each team's best.

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Slow down your Kate Smith condemnations, Yankees and Flyers

Kate Smith, like her fellow deceased entertainer John Wayne, is having a bad time.

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Red Sox-Yankees: The World Series of Insufferableness

Boston and New York meet in the postseason for the first time since that epic Red Sox comeback in 2004. Sports columnist Jason Gay apologizes to the rest of the country.

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Benches clear twice in Red Sox-Yankees; 2 players, 1 coach ejected

Yankees designated hitter Tyler Austin and Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly were ejected from Wednesday's game at Fenway Park, the result of the second benches-clearing scuffle on the night.

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Red Sox-Yankees: Why MLB players say Boston is 'the roughest'

It’s easy to group the Red Sox and Yankees, but no place in baseball is tougher on its own than Boston, according to players who experienced both.

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Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees - The New York Times

When confronted by Major League Baseball, the Red Sox admitted they were using Apple Watches in a scheme to gain an edge at the plate.

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Gary Sanchez of New York Yankees becomes fastest player in modern era to reach 18 homers

Yankees rookie catcher Gary Sanchez reached 18 home runs faster than any player in the modern era (since 1900).

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Yankees' Aaron Hicks throws ball 105.5 mph | MLB.com

NEW YORK -- The Athletics tested Yankees left fielder Aaron Hicks' arm twice in the fourth inning of Oakland's 5-2 win on Wednesday, and their second challenge produced the fastest throw ever recorded by Statcast™. With the A's leading, 3-1, Hicks showe

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Yogi Berra at 90: Quips and quotes from a Yankees icon

Yogi Berra turns 90 today, and for readers there is a gift: rarely heard "Yogi-isms," the inimitable quotations that turned Berra, a Hall of Fame catcher for the New York Yankees, into an American icon.

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Watch the tribute to Derek Jeter that has everyone misty-eyed

It's a commercial even a Red Sox fan can appreciate.  As Derek Jeter rounds third on the way to retirement, a new Gatorade commercial has...

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Yankees to retire Torre's No. 6

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Yankees will retire former manager Joe Torre's No. 6, leaving Derek Jeter's No. 2 as the last single digit in New York's pinstripes.