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Is there anything wrong with taking animals from the wild and confining them to restricted living quarters. In other words, are zoos “kosher”?

It could well be that their goal in visiting the zoo was not (only) for simple entertainment or leisure, but to be able there to marvel at the wondrous creation of Hashem’s world.

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Adorable photos of animals meeting each other at zoos and aquariums to get you through the week

From penguins and whales to orangutans and otters, new friendships are blossoming at zoos and aquariums around the world.

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15 Animals You’d Be Surprised to Find in Zoos | Mental Floss

Zoos have grown into a vehicle for conservationism and education, which is why you may see honey bees and chickens alongside more exotic animals.

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Patient Nanny Dog Helps Raise Orphaned Animals at the Cincinnati Zoo

A five-year-old rescued Australian shepherd named Blakely has one of the most important jobs at the Cincinnati Zoo: He helps raise orphaned animals.

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Go Wild! The Best Zoo in Every State

Whether you prefer lush garden pathways meandering past exhibits of exotic creatures, safari-style sleepovers, or air-conditioned exhibits of fish and fowl, there is a zoo experience for you somewhere in the country.

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$110,000 given to San Diego zoo to help save northern white rhino - LA Times

A Los Angeles-based philanthropic organization is providing money to help San Diego's Frozen Zoo find ways to bring the northern white rhino back from the brink of extinction, zoo officials announced Thursday.

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Mimi the Baby Baboon - Neatorama

Oakland Zoo knew they had a photogenic girl on their hands early on in Mimi the baby hamadryas baboon's life. The cuteness was so abundant that they started a feature on their Facebook page in which one Mimi teething ph