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Arab funding for Palestinian Authority down 85% in 2020

Arab aid for the Palestinian Authority plummeted by 85% in 2020, the New Arab reported Wednesday. According to the report,

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Dangerous: ABC, CBS Spread COVID Vaccine Misinformation, Cheer Cuomo Gaslighting

Showing no concern for or faith in the country’s scientific community, ABC’s World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News tag-teamed on Thursday to nudge Americans to become anti-vaxxers on a potential coronavirus vaccine due to the current occupant of

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University of Illinois Student Government Buries BDS Provision in Racial Justice Resolution

The University of Illinois's student government buried a boycott, divestment, and sanctions provision in a resolution opposing violence against blacks.

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FEDS: Military Ballots Discarded In ‘Troubling’ Discovery. All Opened Ballots Were Cast For Trump.

Federal law enforcement officials have ordered that Luzerne County, in Pennsylvania, must change its practices after multiple military ballots were found

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‘But yeah, let’s keep taking these people seriously.’ Matt Walsh’s ‘BLM Narrative vs. Reality’ thread an eye-opening must-read

It's almost as if BLM isn't telling the whole story. Ahem.

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Seattle hires former pimp as 'street czar' for $150,000 after CHOP fiasco

Seattle is paying an ex-pimp $150,000 a year to act as the city's "street czar" and offer "alternatives to policing" after protests morphed into the no-police-allowed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.

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Bernie Donor: I Went To A Trump Rally, And It Completely Changed My Perspective | PragerU

Psychologist and author Karlyn Borysenko wouldn’t be caught dead at a Trump rally. So what was she doing in a New Hampshire arena, surrounded by 11,000 cheering Trump supporters? And what did she take away from the experience? She explains what happened w

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Census Shows Trump’s Economy Was Jaw-Dropping Before Shutdowns

The amazing strength of the data in that report show what the American economy, and American workers, can achieve—if given the right opportunities.

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Romney supports holding a vote on next Supreme Court nominee

The announcement means Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has enough votes to move forward with Trump's pick.

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Supreme Court & Republicans -- History Is on the Side of Republicans Filling a Vacancy in 2020 | National Review

Choosing not to fill a Supreme Court vacancy would be a historically unprecedented act of unilateral disarmament.

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Biden Resurrects False Claim That Helped Ruin His 1988 Presidential Run

Joe Biden is not the first person in his family to attend college. But he has a lengthy history of claiming otherwise, although the lie gets him in trouble.

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    Trumping Palestinian lies and Tehran’s agenda

    In one fell swoop, Trump set the record straight about Israel and its neighbors.

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    Surging Up at the Right Time: Trump Breaks Record for His Highest Approval of the Year

    Surging Up at the Right Time: Trump Breaks Record for His Highest Approval of the Year

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    How Trump Changed U.S. Foreign Policy | National Review

    He brokered agreements between Israel and Gulf states, removed corrupt Palestinian authorities from the process, and called out China as a threat.

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      Black Leaders Launch ‘1776 Unites’ High School Curriculum as ‘Inspirational Alternative’ to NYT’s 1619 Project | National Review

      Every day, the curriculum’s builders say they hear about new inspirational African-American figures that they think should be included in the lesson plans.

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        Maldives Could Relinquish Control Of An Island As Chinese Loan & Pressure Mounts?

        The Maldives government is now alarmed at the amount of debt it owes to China. With the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism-dependent islands are now finding it difficult to repay the Chinese debt that the previous government took. China Releases White Pape

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          Nikki Haley on Twitter

          “America was built on law & order. If someone shoots a police officer, it should be treated like a terrorist shooting at our military, you arrest them & hold them accountable. If someone loots, treat them like a burglar, put them in jail & m

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            Trump Administration to Ban Access to Chinese Apps WeChat and TikTok on Sunday

            President Donald Trump's administration will block Americans from accessing China-based applications WeChat and TikTok from Sunday midnight, citing ...

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            Jews who hate Trump and do not know why - Opeds

            Some Jews in an act of colossal memory loss sponsor Antifa and BLM. Their ancestors financed the Bolsheviks, then faced firing squads.Op-ed.

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            The Legal Fight for the Presidential Election Has Already Started

            Little-noticed court battles that could decide the presidential election have been underway for months in almost every swing state.

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            Almost a Quarter of Young Americans Think the Holocaust Is a Myth or Exaggerated

            A 50-state survey found that a disturbing number of young Americans have bought into Holocaust denial conspiracy theories that have spread like wildfire on social media.

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            Trump campaign launching coalition to galvanize Jewish voters | Fox News

            EXCLUSIVE: President Trump's campaign will unveil a new coalition on Wednesday focused on galvanizing Jewish voters ahead of November, Fox News has learned.

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            Trump Drops BRUTAL Ad on Biden's Secret Hand Signals for His Teleprompter

            President Trump is no longer holding back! The Trump campaign just released a BRUTAL ad that is going viral on social media. The ad exposes Joe Biden's teleprompter use. While politicians regularly use teleprompters to give speeches, Biden appears to

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            Socialism vs Communism - Economics Help

            Both socialism and communism place great value on creating a more equal society and removal of class privilege. The main difference is that socialism is compatible with democracy and liberty, whereas Communism involves creating an 'equal society'

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            An achievement that will be taught in the diplomacy books

            The peace agreements between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain are an economic, diplomatic and strategic breakthrough. On the economic front,

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            Why Politicians Need to Say 'I Approve This Message' in Their Ads | Mental Floss

            Anyone running for federal office is required to endorse their own television ads. While it's supposed to make their political statements more honest, it might be having the opposite effect.

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            Media Pushes Gossip To Hide Trump’s Amazing Achievements

            With the most dynamic economic comeback in US history and unprecedented progress towards peace in the Middle East, what did the media establishment cover?

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              Morning Greatness: Media Frets About Maskless Abraham Accords Signing

              Good Wednesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president participates in a High Holy Days Call with Jewish Leaders President Trump has lunch with the Vice President The president delivers remarks at National Republican Congres

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              Top COVID Response Official Says Anti-Trump 'Resistance Unit' of Scientists Embedded in CDC

              The top communications official at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Sunday accused a unit ...

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              'We're Not Going to Be Another Venezuela,' Trump Tells Latino Roundtable in Arizona

              President Donald Trump held a "Latinos for Trump" roundtable with local supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, a day after holding a similar event in Las Vegas.

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                A bug in Joe Biden’s campaign app gave anyone access to millions of voter files

                TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley

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                Trump signs executive order to lower drug prices in fight against Big Pharma

                The new order follows a series of four orders President Trump signed in July that similarly lowered prices of prescription drugs.

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                What Bahrain’s deal with Israel really means

                The Bahrain agreement with Israel is another important step in assembling a Washington-led coalition against a major strategic threat

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                Slate calls people being offended by pedophilia "creepy"! | Not the Bee

                Wow. Just look at that headline. The lack of self-awareness is absolutely incredible.

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                Jesus 2020: Why Evangelicals Are Voting for Trump | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                The Jesus 2020 presidential election yard signs are the product of a provocation. In 2016, Evangelical Never Trump elites practically...

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                    90 GOP Members of Congress Sign Pledge to Oppose Defunding Police

                    Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and 11 of his Senate colleagues have signed a “Back the Blue” pledge circulated ...

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                        Trump Played Down the Panic? So? | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                        Maybe it will take the perspective of time for people to get away from this awful 24/7 news cycle, amplified...

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                          80 Jewish Groups Call for Newsom to Veto High School Ethnic Studies Bill

                          They argued that the most recent draft of the curriculum has "an anti-Jewish bias."

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                          Democratic Senators Block GOP CCP Virus Aid Package

                          Senate Democrats on Sept. 10 blocked a Republican bill that would have provided federal funding for pandemic relief. ...

                          Politics | Politics

                          ‘Holding your kids hostage for politics’: Here’s audio of the L.A. County public health director on a conference call repeatedly ‘saying the quiet part out loud’

                          "Can you just imagine the damage control meetings going on right now?"

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                          Joe Biden's Former Stenographer Says Quiet Part Out Loud About Changes in Biden's 'Mental Acuity'

                          Joe Biden’s Former Stenographer Says Quiet Part Out Loud About Changes in Biden’s ‘Mental Acuity’

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                          US Revokes Over 1,000 Visas of Chinese Nationals Over Military Links

                          The United States has revoked more than 1,000 visas of Chinese nationals over military links, a State Department spokesperson said on Wednesday.

                          Politics | Judea & Samaria

                          The New York Times uneasily admits that the "West Bank" is Judea

                          .The New York Times has an interesting article about Israelis managing to harvest dates from the famous Judean date palm, planted with seeds that are over 2000 years old:

                          Politics | BDS

                          Official With Anti-Israel U.N. Group to Help Train BDS Activists in D.C.

                          An official with a United Nations body supported by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is scheduled to speak next week in Washington, D.C.

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                          3 Crucial Breakdowns In Journalistic Standards That Explain The Atlantic’s Trump Political Hit Piece

                          So what exactly did The Atlantic and its legions of friends do wrong here and why can't we believe this reporting on its face?

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                          ‘Latte Liberals’ May Support Defunding Police, but People Need ‘Proper Policing,’ Says Al Sharpton

                          Rev. Al Sharpton said Tuesday that the idea of defunding police might be something "latte liberals" may support but communities who are living amidst surging violent crime "need proper policing."

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                          Trump, Race, and Class | National Review

                          The president’s authentic bluntness may be more appealing to non-elites of all races than violence and condescending lectures.

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                            Serbia-Kosovo agreement results from Trump's different brand of diplomacy

                            The two countries have signed a brokered commitment to achieve economic normalization between their peoples and governments.

                            Politics | Politics

                            Trump and Biden Policy Stances, a Summary

                            This list gives a basic outline of the platforms of the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2020 ...

                            Politics | Other Politics

                            The Pentagon has ordered Stars and Stripes to shut down for no good reason

                            Trump wants to pull funding from Stars and Stripes, a newspaper for American troops that began in the Civil War and has been serving our soldiers.

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                            Louisville Cancels King Beheaded in the French Revolution as Rioters Give Us a Taste of the Terror

                            Louis XVI was beheaded in the French Revolution after helping the American Revolution, and Louisville removed his statue after rioters attacked it.

                              Politics | Opinion

                              If Israelis love the Arabs in the UAE, how can Zionism be racism?

                              Israel haters often say that Zionism is racism, saying that the entire idea of Zionism is anti-Arab.

                              This week we saw an outpouring of love from Israeli Jews to the Arabs of the United Arab Emirates. Israelis are excited to start new business initiatives, to visit the UAE with their families. Zionists worldwide are enthusiastic over the possibilities. Israelis and Emiratis are exchanging admiring posts on social media.

                              Politics | Conservative Voices

                              Apple And Google Now Modifying Phones To Include Full Contact Tracing - Activist Post

                              Furthermore, both software giants are collaborating with governments to activate the software within states and regions. Turn off your bluetooth & location. Get a Farraday bag.

                                Politics | POLITICS

                                Salon Owner Shreds Pelosi’s Claim That She Was ‘Set Up’: She Set Appointment; Has Been ‘Coming In For Quite A While’

                                San Francisco salon owner Erica Kious disputed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) claim that she was “set up” by the salon this week when she broke COVID-19 restrictions and got her hair done at the salon, saying that Pelosi was the one

                                Politics | Politics

                                Political insider explains voter fraud with mail-in ballots

                                A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he's been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.

                                Politics | Politics

                                The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

                                Four months ago, I wrote a column titled “The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History.” I explained that “‘mistake’ and ‘evil’ are not synonyms. The lockdown is a mistake; the Holocaust, slavery, communism, fascism, etc., were evils. Massive mistakes are made by arrogant fools; massive evils are committed by evil people.”

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                                Father of Teen Killed in Seattle ‘CHOP’ Zone Sues for $3 Billion

                                The father of a teenager with special needs who was gunned down in Seattle's so-called autonomous zone filed ...

                                Politics | Politics

                                Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests, investigation into 'mob' he believes 'would have killed us,' if not for police

                                Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., detailed to "Fox & Friends" that he believes he would have been killed if not for the police when he and his wife were surrounded and attacked by a "mob" yelling threats and pushing police after exiting the White House after Preside

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                                6 Quick Takeaways From First Night Of Republican National Convention

                                The Republican National Convention had a better first night than the Democratic National Convention had any night last week.

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                                Fact check: Rose Garden redo didn't pull cherry trees, historic roses

                                First lady Melania Trump did not remove cherry trees and historic roses from the\u00a0White House Rose Garden. The trees are crabapple and were moved.

                                Politics | POLITICS

                                Here’s how the Left is trying to downplay the inspiring pardon of Jon Ponder by President Trump

                                Tuesday during the Republican National Convention, President Trump pardoned Jon Ponder, and the Left really had to stretch to make such an inspiring story into something bad while acknowledging it was the right thing to do. President Trump pardons Jon Pon

                                Politics | Politics

                                Kimberly Guilfoyle went from San Francisco’s first lady to bashing California at the RNC - Los Angeles Times

                                Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News personality and current Trump campaign surrogate, used her RNC speech to bash California, her home state currently run by Gavin Newsom, her ex-husband.

                                Politics | From CNN

                                KFC suspends its 'finger lickin' good' slogan because of coronavirus - CNN

                                Kentucky Fried Chicken has decided to pause using its "finger lickin' good" slogan because ... well, that's probably not the best idea right now.

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                                Baltimore candidate Kim Klacik puts Dems on notice over Black support: ‘Ignored us for too long’

                                Kim Klacik took aim at Joe Biden in a speech during the first night of the Republican National Convention, accusing the Democratic nominee of believing that Black Americans "can't think for ourselves."

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                                Why I Am No Longer a Social Worker - American Thinker

                                It started one ordinary day, in one otherwise ordinary session: A beautiful young woman I had known for a few years wanted to cut off her breasts. (Details changed to protect identity.) “What happened?” In my mind, the first concern wa...

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                                Judge Orders New Election in New Jersey After Voter Fraud Charges

                                A New Jersey judge this week ordered a new election held for a City Council race, nearly two ...

                                Politics | Politics

                                Fact-shaming Michelle Obama's DNC speech | TheHill

                                In her emotion-driven speech to the virtual Democratic National Convention, Obama made several claims that are at best misleading.

                                Politics | Politics

                                The Democrats Are Sending Out Mixed Messages About Linda Sarsour. Here's Why.

                                If you think Biden’s condemnation of Sarsour signals a retreat from the anti-Semitism and radical Leftism she represents, you’re in for a rude surprise.

                                Politics | Censorship

                                Fordham U Sent Cops To Investigate A Student For Criticizing China

                                Fordham University is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education after administrators called the cops on one of its students.

                                  Politics | Politics

                                  846 Dead Voters Rejected In MI Primary Election…72% Of Detroit Absentee Ballot Counts Were Incorrect With No Explanation

                                  Trump’s lying to you. There’s no such thing as voter fraud. Trust the process. We’ve got this. Mail-in-ballots are a perfectly safe way to vote. Sound familiar? If these lines sound familiar, it’s because they’re regularly re

                                    Politics | Politics

                                    EPIC! - "Joe Biden is Losing It - Vote Trump 2020!" Banner Flies Over Democrat Convention Prior to Biden's Speech (VIDEO)

                                    Students for Trump, chaired by Charlie Kirk, trolled Joe Biden on Thursday afternoon ahead of his convention speech accepting the Democrat nomination. A “Joe Biden is Losing It – Vote Trump 2020” banner flew over the Democrat convention

                                      Politics | Conservative Voices

                                      Goodyear Caves to President Trump, Reverses Ban on Blue Lives Matter at Workplace

                                      Goodyear Tires caved to pressure from President Trump and announced Thursday the company will now allow workers to wear pro-police messages on clothing in the workplace, a reversal from just twenty-four hours ago when it issued a defiant statement that it

                                        Politics | Conservative Voices

                                        Delta Bans Navy SEAL Credited with Killing Bin Laden For Posting Picture of Himself Sans Mask

                                        Robert O’Neill Former SEAL Team 6 member Robert O’Neill tweeted Thursday that Delta Airlines banned him for posting a photo this week of himself on a Delta flight without a “dumb ass” mask on. O’Neill is credited for fatally shooting Osa

                                          Politics | Conservative Voices

                                          Ep. 148 — We Must Understand History To Value Liberty

                                          It is difficult to value liberty without a strong understanding of history. Because naturally, humans desire equality over liberty. Yet anytime a society strives for equality of result, it will necessarily sacrifice freedom. America's preference, Den

                                            Politics | Libtards

                                            JetBlue Stands by Kicking Family off Flight over Maskless Two-Year-Old, Cites Updated Policy

                                            JetBlue appears to be standing by its decision to kick a mother and her six children off a Wednesday a two-year-old refused to wear a mask.

                                              Politics | Conservative Voices

                                              Claims of "Systemic Racism" in Law Enforcement Debunked - The Conservative Brief

                                              Defunding the police has served as Democrats’ mission for several months now. As the left works to dismantle law enforcement, they are also seeking to demonize the institution of policing altogether. Before the nation’s very eyes, this is happ

                                                Politics | Politics

                                                CA, Dependent On Solar Power, Has Rolling Blackouts In Heat Wave. Hint: The Sun Sets At Night.

                                                In California, where reliance on solar power is favored over the idea of nuclear power, many Californians suffering through an intense heat wave over the last weekend lost power because of rolling blackouts. That loss of power was at least partially deriv

                                                Politics | Trump

                                                The Senate just dropped a massive Russia bombshell (and most people missed it) - CNNPolitics

                                                On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee dropped a bombshell about Russia's interference in the 2016 election -- and its ongoing efforts to disrupt the 2020 contest as well.

                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                  AP FACT CHECK: Michelle Obama and the kids in 'cages'

                                                  WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted...

                                                  Politics | From CNN

                                                  Opinion: Michelle Obama goes where no former first lady ever has - CNN

                                                  What Michelle Obama did at the Democratic National Convention Monday night has forever changed the way that former first ladies will use their tremendous influence during campaigns, writes Kate Andersen Brower

                                                  Politics | Opinion

                                                  Instead Of Rejecting It, The Civil Rights Movement Fulfilled The American Revolution

                                                  American colonial leaders in the 18th century and Martin Luther King, Jr. both fused religious beliefs with philosophical principles to motivate action.

                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                  7 Big Stories Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump

                                                  Due to corporate media’s hatred of Donald Trump, Americans are sorely uninformed about news stories that, under any other presidency, would flood coverage.

                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                  David Smick, Barry Levinson: How to end America's politics of hate

                                                  Evidence suggests that a feeling of economic humiliation, which manifests as fear and a politics devoid of empathy, is at the core of our divisions.

                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                  How The Political Behavior Of Black And Jewish Americans Became Their Cultural Identity

                                                  Jewish and black voters have proven to be astonishingly reliable supporters of the Democratic Party, even when it conflicts with their interests.

                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                  Alexandria rape suspect freed due to coronavirus kills accuser: police

                                                  Police in Virginia say that a rape suspect who was released from jail in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic went on to kill the woman who had accused him.