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Democrats accused of showering billions of Federal tax dollars on 'woke' pet projects | Daily Mail Online

Sen. Pat Toomey, left, has blasted the return of controversial earmarks, which he says will allow Nancy Pelosi, bottom right, to fund wasteful spending projects such to buy votes among Democrats.

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Biden waives ethics rules for former union bosses who now work in White House

The Biden administration has come under scrutiny from Republicans on Capitol Hill following its decision to circumvent federal ethics rules and staff former union officials in senior posts.

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Minnesota agrees to settle with churches for religious freedom violations  - Alpha News

Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison have agreed to settle a lawsuit brought against them by religious leaders.

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    BREAKING: Michigan Attorney DePerno Files New Findings - Alleges 1,061 "Phantom" Ballots Found in Antrim County 2020 Election

    Attorney Matthew DePerno filed his latest finding in the Circuit Court for Antrim County on Friday. According to DePerno, there were 1,061 “phantom” ballots found in Antrim County during the 2020 election. Attorney DePerno also contends there

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      New York AG reveals CNN, MSNBC parent companies funded millions of fake net neutrality comments

      The Office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has revealed in a new report that nearly 18 million of the more than 22 million comments the FCC received during its 2017 rulemaking were fake, intended to support the repeal of net neutrality, the ide

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        Joe Biden LAUGHS as April Jobs Report Show Worst Miss Since 1998: "This Month's Job Numbers Show We're on the Right Track" (VIDEO)

        Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the disappointing April jobs report. Unemployment increased and hiring stalled; it’s the worst miss since 1998. 18,000 manufacturing jobs were lost and the economy added only 266,000 jobs. “Hiring was a hug

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          Hunter Biden's close relationship with Chinese-American secretary revealed | Daily Mail Online

          DailyMail.com can reveal messages between Hunter Biden and a young woman working for Hunter's Chinese business partner Patrick Ho, who he described as 'spy chief of China'.

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            The Census Rewarded Red States, But Democrats Plan To Reverse That

            States that grew faster than the national average over the past ten years are in line to gain representation in Congress. Democrats won't allow it.

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            Nancy Pelosi tweets happy birthday to Willie Mays - then posts a picture of wrong black player  | Daily Mail Online

            Nancy Pelosi tried celebrating Willie Mays' birthday with a tweet, but instead posted a picture of another San Francisco Giants legend, Willie McCovey.

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              Americans getting more in benefits than they were in wages is stopping economic recovery | Daily Mail Online

              The average weekly unemployment benefit is now $638 - $300 more than what it was 2019 That means people are earning around $16-an-hour - more than double minimum wage.

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                The April Jobs Numbers Were So Bad That CNBC’s Steve Liesman Thought It Was A Typo

                CNBC's Steve Liesman had to do a double take while reading the April jobs numbers during a Friday Morning segment of Squawk Box.

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                  Newsmax Host Emerald Robinson ABSOLUTELY KILLS IT! Grills Dumbfounded Psaki on Joe Biden's Light Schedule then Turns to Dr. Fauci's Suspicious Funding of Wuhan Lab

                  Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson stunned a dumbfounded Jen Psaki today by asking real questions during the White House presser. Psaki, who believes in restricting free speech in America, was not happy being questioned about Joe BidenR

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                    The Democratic Party Wishes You a Happy 'Birthing People' Day

                    Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9.
                    Extremism is strong in Joe Biden’s Democratic Party.
                    So for Mother’s Day, the Democrats in the House have a gift for all you moms out there. They&...

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                    Portland BLM/Antifa Draw Guns on Drivers to Enforce No-Go Zone in Broad Daylight

                    Portland’s revolutionaries from Black Lives Matter and antifa took over a busy street at noon on Wednesday and pulled guns on drivers who dared try to dart past the mob. The groups were holding...

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                    The Who’s Roger Daltrey Slams ‘The Woke Generation’: They’re Creating a ‘Miserable World for Themselves,’ ‘We’ve Seen the Communist System Fail’

                    Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of the rock band The Who, says it's "terrifying" to see "the woke generation" creating a "miserable world" for themselves.

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                    Facebook Permanently Bans Major Pro-Life News Site

                    Facebook has permanently banned LifeSiteNews, a popular pro-life news outlet, for publishing “false information about COVID-19.” | Tech

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                    Texas Democrat Knows How Joe Biden Is Making His Immigration Concentration Camps Look Empty

                    Joe Biden thinks there’s no border crisis. It was evident in his sleepy first address to Congress. There was barely any mention of it. The actions of his administration also

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                      South Carolina becomes the second state to cancel federal unemployment benefits

                      South Carolina plans to stop some of its federally-funded unemployment benefits to address "ongoing workforce shortages."

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                        New submarine threat: Top U.S. general says China pursuing Atlantic naval base

                        China is moving behind-the-scenes toward establishing a major naval port on the west coast of Africa that would host Chinese submarines and aircraft carriers capable of projecting Beijing’s military power directly into the Atlantic, a top U.S. milit

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                        REPORT: Liz Cheney ‘Secretly Orchestrated’ Former Defense Secretaries To Write Op-Ed Slamming Trump

                        Liz Cheney "secretly orchestrated" an op-ed from all living former secretaries of defense slamming former President Trump's handling of the military.

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                          Joe Biden Mumbles About His "Infrastructure" Bill, Falsely Claims His $3 Trillion in Tax Hikes "Doesn't Cost Anybody Anything" (VIDEO)

                          Joe Biden on Thursday stumbled through remarks on the American Jobs Plan while visiting Lake Charles, Louisiana. Biden is completely clueless and he struggled to read through his notes (as usual). Joe Biden falsely claimed his “infrastructure”

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                            Jen Psaki admits Biden taking impromptu reporter questions is ‘not something we recommend’

                            White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted in a CNN podcast published Thursday that President Joe Biden taking impromptu questions from reporters "is not something we recommend."

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                              Does Biden Know the History of 'We Do Our Part'? | RealClearPolitics

                              President Biden is clearly in a Franklin D. Roosevelt frame of mind. Summing up his policy vision in an address to a joint session of Congress last week, he...

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                              Socialist Revolution Is Underway in America: Trevor Loudon

                              America is now in the midst of a communist revolution that is trying to centralize power through bringing ...

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                                Jesse Watters, Dana Perino encourage people to get vaccinated

                                'The Five' reacts to the CDC's harsh new summer camp rules for children

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                                  Tennessee Legislature Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

                                  The Tennessee Legislature approved a measure that bans the Marxist-inspired critical race theory from being taught in the ...

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                                  Montana plans to cancel unemployment benefits to address ‘severe workforce shortage’

                                  Montana plans to stop some of its federally-funded unemployment benefits to address its "severe workforce shortage,” which will leave many out-of-work residents without any support at all.

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                                    EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Enormous Extent of Media Lies and Propaganda

                                    Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Extent of Media Lies Shows there was almost no chance convicted driver James Fields knew that he was turning onto a street with extreme left-wing protesters as a gathering left-win

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                                      Latest in Democrats' War on Civil Society: Nashville Cop Ambushed, Shot Following 911 Call -- Shooter Identified as Salman Mohamed

                                      Here is the latest in the Democrat Party’s war on civil society– A Nashville police officer was shot in an ambush attack after a being set up by a 911 caller. The shooter, Salman Mohamed, later killed himself after he shot and wounded Officer

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                                        Tucker: How many Americans have died after taking COVID vaccines?

                                        'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host takes a look at the potential risks that come with taking vaccines

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                                          8 Righteous Reasons Why Derek Chauvin Deserves a New Trial –– and That Juror's Shirt Is Only One of Them

                                          Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has moved for a new trial in the killing of George Floyd after yet another juror admitted bias in the case. But that’s only part of the reason why...

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                                          WATCH: When Trump Launched Operation Warp Speed, Media Experts Slammed His 'Reckless' Optimism

                                          It's been almost a year since former president Donald Trump announced the launch of Operation Warp Speed. Objectively speaking, the vaccine initiative has been a resounding success. More than 147 million Americans, almost half the population, have receive

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                                          Tucker Carlson: How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine?

                                          "Tucker Carlson Tonight" explores the potential side effects of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and asks why no one seems to care

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                                          Joe Biden’s “Woke” CIA is a Hilarious Joke - Revolver

                                          The Central Intelligence Agency wants you to meet the "humans" who have turned America's foreign spy agency into a crude joke.

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                                          BREAKING REPORT: Biden DOJ to Interfere with State of Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Ballots

                                          The same organization that manufactured and ran the Russia collusion hoax and allowed for the 2020 election fraud is going to interfere with the Arizona audit! According to Garrett Archer at ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona the Biden Department of Justice is goi

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                                          Your Kids, Your Choice – CatholicVote org

                                          Barack Obama orchestrated a takeover of healthcare. Now Joe Biden is working on a takeover of American families. It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s not. The…

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                                            Jodi Shaw says Smith College students called police on her during weekend visit

                                            A former Smith College employee who resigned in February following allegations that the school was a "racially hostile environment" is now claiming that two of its students called campus police on her during a visit to the Massachusetts institution

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                                              Court says environmentalist group may have committed 'human rights violations'

                                              Minnesota's 7th District Court found that Honor the Earth, a prominent anti-Line 3 environmental group, may have violated human rights.

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                                                Newt Gingrich | Biden’s Hidden Tax Increase

                                                Inflation is a hidden tax. It is a powerful (and often unseen and unstoppable) way for a government to pay for its goods and services without raising visible taxes that make people angry.

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                                                  Why did the Biden Census Bureau add 2.5 million more residents to blue state population count?

                                                  There is something very fishy about the new 2020 Census Bureau data determining which states picked up seats and those that lost seats.

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                                                  The Left Will Not Let Go of COVID | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                                                  COVID’s grip on America is relaxing, not so the Left’s. The Left seized COVID as an unprecedented statist opportunity to...

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                                                    ‘It’s a cult’: Megyn Kelly spots a Dr. Fauci action figure at her local toy store on the Upper West Side

                                                    "We live in incredibly stupid times."

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                                                      White Wokery Gets Whupped

                                                      This is the most sublime 70 seconds of video you're likely to see today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JlnCFvIRpQ And Democrats wonder why Trump increased his share of the minority vote last fall. (Aside: while the initial speculation was that Trump's

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                                                        Who Has Privilege?

                                                        To put it mildly, Adam Carolla didn’t grow up with privilege. He doesn’t even know how to spell it. So where did the current obsession with privilege come from? And how do we get over it?

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                                                          Biden says Americans earning less than $400K will not pay 'a single penny' in taxes

                                                          President Biden reiterated his pledge that no American earning less than $400,000 would pay “a single penny” in additional taxes with a slight twist on Monday, after he proposed several tax increases to fund two sweeping spending plans.

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                                                          10 Takeaways from Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election audit

                                                          You may know that an historic, Republican-led audit is underway of 2.1 million 2020 election ballots from Maricopa County, Arizona.

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                                                          Cartoon shows the difference between ‘equality’ and ‘equity’

                                                          What the cartoon does not show is initiative, cooperation, or adaptability.

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                                                          George W. Bush: If GOP Stands for 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, Then It's Not Going to Win Anything'

                                                          George W. Bush told The Dispatch that if the GOP "stands for ... White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, then it's not going to win anything."

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                                                          Biden’s 48 Hours of Idiot Supremacy | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                                                          The Left talks a lot about white supremacy and very little about a much more worrying and widespread supremacism, that...

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                                                            Biden DOJ Nominee Conceals Ties To Anti-Semitic Professor

                                                            Archived copies of a scholarly journal show Justice Department nominee Kristen Clarke listed on the masthead alongside an anti-Semitic writer with whom she claimed under oath she has never collaborated.

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                                                            Biden provides a peek into the progressive Jewish mindset

                                                            US Jews are portrayed as driven by values not religion, engaged in left-wing activism and threatened by antisemitism that comes only from the right

                                                            Politics | Critical Race Theory

                                                            Op-Ed: Critical race theory is about to face its day(s) in court

                                                            As recently as last summer, few people outside academia had heard of critical race theory, whose central claim is that racism, not liberty, is the founding value and guiding vision

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                                                            Midwestern Farmers Call Out Biden Administration on Their Overt Racism

                                                            In a heartland shot across the bow to the Biden administration, a group of White farmers from the Midwest has filed a lawsuit against the...

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                                                              America First Legal Pursuing Lawsuit Against Critical Race Theory: Stephen Miller

                                                              The America First Legal (AFL) is seeking to launch a lawsuit against the critical race theory (CRT), Stephen Miller, ex-adviser for former President Donald Trump, said.

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                                                                Black Republicans who don't believe racism is systemic subject to vicious attacks, slurs

                                                                Some liberal pundits have labeled Black Republicans as racists solely based on the political party they represent. 

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                                                                  What's In The Big Gun Rights Case The Supreme Court Just Took

                                                                  The case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Corlett, represents the first time in more than a decade that the high court will hear a Second Amendment case.

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                                                                    Biden Vs. The Truth: A Rebuttal To Biden's Speech - DickMorris.com

                                                                    BIDEN SAID: We inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century.The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. TRUTH: You inherited a pandemic that had largely run its course. You

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                                                                      The Making of Democratic Memory › American Greatness

                                                                      For almost a year now, we’ve been hearing the sermon that any officer killing any suspect of color under any circumstances is proof, not only of the inherent…

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                                                                      New Explosive Detail About John Kerry Discovered In Leaked Audio Tape Of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Report Says

                                                                      A new report on Thursday night revealed that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif seemingly had no idea that Israel was behind hundreds of

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                                                                      GOP reps question Biden admin on alleged 'political interference' in census, citing departure from estimates

                                                                      EXCLUSIVE: A group of House Republicans Friday are questioning Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on if there "was any political interference" in the final census numbers used to decide how many House members each state will get for the coming decade. 

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                                                                        Congressman: Pelosi Distributed Masks Made in China for Biden Speech

                                                                        A Republican congressman posted on Facebook that he was issued a mask made in China to wear for President Joe Biden's speech. | Politics

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                                                                        US investigating possible 'Havana syndrome' attack near White House: CNN

                                                                        Officials are investigating two potential “Havana syndrome” attacks on U.S.

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                                                                          Academic Freedom Group Says Pomona BDS Bill Could ‘Seriously Imperil’ Rights of Jewish Student Groups

                                                                          Pomona College. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. In a statement released Tuesday, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) condemned a …

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                                                                          John Kerry, Enemy of Israel

                                                                          Let’s pause to reflect on how monumentally stunning it is that the former U.S. secretary of state allegedly tattled on Israel to Iran.

                                                                          Politics | Biden Administration

                                                                          Biden’s Team of Israel-Haters

                                                                          After just a few months in office, it was clear that Joe Biden’s handlers’ administration was shaping up to be the most anti-Israel presidency since the founding of the modern State of Israel.

                                                                          Politics | "Apartheid" State?

                                                                          Israel Is Not An Apartheid State

                                                                          HRW’s exploitation of the apartheid image in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a cynical appropriation of the suffering of the victims of the actual apartheid regime.

                                                                          Politics | Biden Administration

                                                                          The Biden administration is embracing the 20th anniversary of the antisemitic UN Durban conference (Obama boycotted the 10th)

                                                                          Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

                                                                          Politics | Politics

                                                                          USA Today under fire for allowing Stacey Abrams to retroactively edit op-ed to downplay boycott support

                                                                          USA Today is facing intense backlash for allowing prominent Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams to retroactively make changes to a March 31 op-ed that watered-down her support for boycotts after  MLB moved its All-Star game out of Atlanta days later. 

                                                                          Politics | Voter fraud

                                                                          MUST READ: This Is Why the Democrats are So Afraid of a Valid Audit in Maricopa County - the Results Are Insane

                                                                          We knew it was garbage when Arizona was called for Biden by FOX News on Election Night.  There are numerous reasons why this was unreasonable and unbelievable.  Here are some of the more obvious reasons. We knew Biden was not going to do well in Arizona o

                                                                            Politics | Biden Administration

                                                                            GOP Rebuffs Biden Move to Resume Funding for Jihad, Anti-Semitism-Linked U.N. Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Agency

                                                                            A group of GOP senators came out against the Biden administration's move to resume funding for a U.N. Palestinian refugee agency.

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                                                                            California recall has enough signatures to make ballot

                                                                            SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Organizers of the recall effort against California Gov. Gavin Newsom collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. The California secretary of state’s office announced Monday that more than 1.6 million signatures

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                                                                            New indictments shed light on alleged terrorist cell in Rome, Ga.

                                                                            The recent indictments of two more men connected to an alleged neo-Nazi terrorist cell in Georgia shine new light on the reach of the group known as the Base.

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                                                                              NYT -- John Kerry Disclosed Israeli Military Operations in Syria to the Iranian Foreign Minister

                                                                              Iranian Foreign Minister's Comments likely set back efforts to restore nuclear arms deal with Iran.

                                                                              Politics | Politics

                                                                              In Infuriating Ruling, Court Decides Drug User Cannot Be Held Criminally Responsible for Throwing Elderly Woman to Her D

                                                                              After throwing an elderly Jewish woman out of her apartment window, the killer yelled, 'Allahu akbar' and 'I killed the devil.'

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                                                                                REPORT: California National Guard Put Fighter Jet on Alert For 'Possible Domestic Mission' to Terrify and Disperse Anti-Lockdown Protesters

                                                                                Gavin Newsom The Los Angeles Times reported that according to four sources, in March 2020, the California National Guard was told to put an F-15C fighter jet on alert status – fueled up and ready to go – to frighten citizens protesting Governo

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                                                                                  For Progressives Netanyahu isn't the problem, Israel is

                                                                                    Just a few years ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren was a bit of joke. With her views placing her at

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                                                                                    Police shortage: Cops retiring in droves, 'recruiting crisis,' applications 'historically low'

                                                                                    Following the "defund the police" movement and the "abolish the police" movement, constant negative coverage of law enforcement by the media, anti-police sentiment becoming mainstream, and the threat of riots have contributed to a police shortage across t

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                                                                                      Arizona judge suspends Republican vote 'audit' being conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida company led by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist

                                                                                      Democrats sued to stop the audit, noting it is being conducted by a firm, Cyber Ninjas, whose founder promoted pro-Trump conspiracy theories.

                                                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                                                      How Much Ruin Do We Have Left? | National Review

                                                                                      In the last few months, all of the centuries-old reasons to be confident in American strength and resiliency have been put into doubt.

                                                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                                                      First Black NC Lt Governor, Mark Robinson GOES OFF on Dems for Insulting Blacks About Voter ID Laws

                                                                                      The left is terrified of people like Mark Robinson who seek election integrity, despite baseless Democrat calls of racism.—Dinesh D'Souza is an author and fi...

                                                                                        Politics | Politics

                                                                                        How Small Businesses Are Being Coerced To Help Build The Oligarchy

                                                                                        While corporations are leading our government by the nose, small business is more often an unwilling victim, pleading to survive their rulers.

                                                                                        Politics | Politics

                                                                                        China Warns Australia of Consequences After Infrastructure Deal Scrapped

                                                                                        China warned Thursday "serious consequences" await Australia after it tore up a Belt and Road agreement, before cautioning that...

                                                                                          Politics | Demos

                                                                                          FCC commissioner rips Democrats trying to block Florida radio station sale to conservative outlet

                                                                                          A commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Democrats are crossing a "clear line drawn by the First Amendment" by pressuring the FCC to block the sale of a Miami radio station.

                                                                                              Politics | Politics

                                                                                              Sharpton, Waters, BLM guilty of 'treasonous behavior' against 'Black America': Bob Woodson

                                                                                              Left-wing claims that America is systemically racist don't take into account crimes committed against Black people by other Black people, former civil rights activist Bob Woodson told "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday.

                                                                                                Politics | Politics

                                                                                                15 Republican senators vow to oppose earmarks amid intraparty squabble

                                                                                                “We will not participate in an inherently wasteful spending practice that is prone to serious abuse,” the senators wrote.

                                                                                                Politics | Opinion

                                                                                                Accusations ZOA supports white supremacy is undeserved abuse

                                                                                                ZOA defamed for defending the Jewish people with absurd accusations of ‘elevating white supremacist voices’

                                                                                                Politics | Politics

                                                                                                NC Lt. Gov. Forms Task Force To Rid Left-Wing Indoctrination In Schools

                                                                                                North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who is black, launched a task force this week to root out left-wing indoctrination in schools.

                                                                                                  Politics | Politics

                                                                                                  China: Friend or Foe?

                                                                                                  With the help of the United States and other western powers, China has become an economic powerhouse. The idea was that prosperity would persuade China to align its interests with the other free nations of the world. But that’s not what happened. Former

                                                                                                    Politics | Politics

                                                                                                    Seventh Generation Company 'Commits to Supporting Efforts to #DefundthePolice'

                                                                                                    Seventh Generation publicized its commitment to supporting efforts to defunding the police, citing "deep racial inequity in our society."

                                                                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                                                                      Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces Antitrust Bill to 'Bust Up' Big Tech Like Google, Amazon

                                                                                                      Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced an antitrust bill that would ban Amazon and Google from running an online ...