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Blinken Meets With Brazilian President Who Just Compared Israel to Nazi Germany

 If we were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, we'd think twice about posting a photo smiling and warmly embracing the hand of a man who just compared Israel to Nazi Germany and the war against Hamas to the Holocaust.

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Pink Floyd Frontman's Nazi Uniform Was No Big Deal, Penn's Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Says

The University of Pennsylvania communications lecturer who published a slew of anti-Semitic cartoons is defending Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters from charges of anti-Semitism, describing the Nazi regalia Waters wore on stage as a "leather jacket."

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    Waste of the Day: Expanded Obamacare Coverage Could Cost $128 Billion More Than Expected | The Gateway Pundit | by Guest Contributor

    This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By Adam Andrzejewski Real Clear Wire Topline: An expansion of Affordable Care Act subsidies was supposed to cost $64 billion for three years.

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      Airline passengers getting bumped as asylum-seekers vie for standby seats

      Airline passengers in the Rio Grande Valley are warned to get to area airports hours before their flights because asylum seekers are purchasing tickets and trying to fly stand by after being released by DHS after crossing the border. Border Report spoke t

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        Texas School Library Offers Hundreds of Explicit Books For Kids to 'Review' - CatholicVote org

        CV NEWS FEED // A library at a Texas high school contains over 200 books that concerned parents say contain sexually inappropriate content.  One of the…

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          Biden’s new border plan shows ‘I can’t do anything’ was always a lie

          The White House has just proven that Republican objections to the Senate border deal were right all along. In a leaked preview of next month’s State of the Union address in Axios, “a sour…

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            Biden and Dems’ total disconnect from reality: Whatever they say, trust the opposite is true

            Dem Dems keep flipping the script. It’s always Opposite Day for them. Whatever they say, the opposite is the truth. Up is down and black is white.

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              Vendors charging Massachusetts taxpayers $64 a day to feed each illegal immigrant: report

              Massachusetts taxpayers are on the hook for $64 per day to feed each illegal immigrant as the cost of the migrant crisis is expected to hit $1 billion.

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                  Judge Engoron Accused of Banging Secretary of Opposing Counsel in Previous Case | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

                  On Friday, far left Judge Arthur Engoron fleeced $355 million from President Trump for taking out loans in New York State and paying them back on time and with interest.

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                    Career criminal known as ‘menace to the subways’ with more than 50 priors busted in new NYC transit theft: cops

                    Reynaldo Quinones, 32, was arrested this week for robbing a Bronx straphanger – and was caught red-handed wearing a shirt bearing the carefree message, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” police said.

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                      Swalwell's campaign spent hundreds of thousands on travel, childcare and luxury spas, filings show

                      Swalwell's campaign spent more than $20,000 on expenses marked as "gifts" and "gestures" records show. More than $430,000 of Swalwell's expenses from last year are marked as "travel."

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                        Hamas can’t hide behind hospitals anymore

                        Israeli special forces are operating in Nasser hospital, one of the main hospitals in the city of Khan Yunis, where the Israel Defence Forces have been fighting Hamas for several weeks. IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari explained that the raid is b

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                        Biden gambles with Israeli security

                        Opinion: Biden and his colleagues are first and foremost politicians, not strategists, with the primary objective of getting reelected; to that end, they are willing to pay in Israeli security currency

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                        Biden to go to UN Security Council to force temporary cease-fire on Israel, halt Rafah offensive

                        Israeli leaders are ignoring Biden administration requests for them not to invade the last big Hamas stronghold of Rafah in Gaza, an area packed by displaced Palestinians, and likely Israeli hostages.

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                        One thing certain after Fani Willis' big embarrassment in the courtroom | Fox News

                        There's much for Georgia DA Fani Willis to be embarrassed by.

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                        New Mexico's Martin Heinrich Embraced a Struggling Electric Bus Industry. Campaign Cash from Lobbyists Followed.

                        When Senator Martin Heinrich's chief of staff Joe Britton left his role, the New Mexico Democrat heaped praise on his former right-hand man, saying Britton would "continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets."

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                        Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, Meant To Counter China, Prompted Explosion in Chinese Battery Imports

                        In July 2022, weeks before President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, the Democrat said the bill would "give us the ability … to compete with China" and its dominant battery industry. One year later, U.S. imports of Chinese-made batt

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                        Fire Marshall Jamaal Bowman Urges 'Seat at the Table' for Hip-Hop Community on Federal Policy

                         Rep. Jamaal Bowman is a man of many talents. When he is not pulling fire alarms to disrupt Congressional procedures, he spends his free time lecturing Jewish people on how to be Jews, praising cop killers, and fearmongering chemical plant explosions.

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                        Israeli wounded in northern Samaria terror bombing

                        Terrorists threw an explosive device at the car carrying five residents of Homesh, one of whom had survived a prior attack in the same area.

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                        The deliberate lies in the Washington Post

                        The Washington Post ran a project profiling journalists killed in Gaza. This research suggests it was a deliberate attempt to deceive.

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                        The moral bankruptcy of the West: Accepting terrorist propaganda as truth

                        And while I don’t expect the world to stand on the sidelines and applaud the IDF, we should be able to expect some semblance of integrity.

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                        Biden Admin Cited 'Indigenous Knowledge' as Reason To Block Oil and Gas Leases

                        When the Biden administration stepped in last year to block seven oil and gas leases in Alaska, it said it was doing so in part to recognize the "Indigenous Knowledge" of the Native Americans who originally inhabited the land.

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                        Victor Davis Hanson: Delusions, Alternate Realities, and the Biden Consortium

                        Hunter Biden has a train of a dozen lawyers defending him on felony indictments ranging from several counts of tax fraud to gun violations. From time to time…

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                        Biden's $200K payment from brother receives renewed scrutiny after report detailing failed hospital venture

                        A $200,000 payment to President Biden from his brother James Biden in 2018 is facing renewed scrutiny following a report detailing the latter's involvement in a failed hospital venture.

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                        Non-Citizens Have Been Voting Since 2008 - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                        Biden let an estimated three to five million illegal immigrants enter the country in less than three years. Are any of them voting?

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                        Make Biden Own His Weaknesses - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                        Donald, don’t apologize for who you are.  Never show weakness, as it's a sign of vulnerability. And make Biden own his weaknesses.

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                        Shameful Biden tries to reward Hamas terror with a Palestinian state

                        It’s amazing how long bad ideas take to die. That’s certainly the case with one of the least successful ideas in the world. The idea of the two-state solution in the Middle East.

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                        Goodbye Candace Owens

                        A statement by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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                        Trump-loving truckers refusing to drive to NYC after his $355 million fraud ruling

                        Trump-supporting truckers are saying they are refusing to drive to New York City after the former president was slapped with a $355 million fine in his fraud case last week. A conservative social m…

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                        Seattle High School Issues Handout Telling Children That Enjoying the 'Written Word' Is White Supremacy

                         This story will make you miss the days when education was about actually learning skills and subjects that would help to equip children for adulthood. A Seattle high school issued a reading assignment featuring nine supposed traits of white supremacy.

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                        Tlaib Vote Shows That the Barbarians Aren’t At the Gates; They’re in Congress

                         One of the most open-and-shut issues in the history of the United States came before Congress Wednesday, and any decent human being had every reason to expect that the vote on it was unanimous.

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                        BREAKING: Judge Orders Trump to Pay $355 Million in N.Y. Fraud Trial

                         It's a massive hit to Donald Trump's business empire. Judge Arthur Engoron has ordered Trump to pay nearly $355 million in damages after a lengthy trial for fraud in New York. Engoron released his 92-page ruling on Friday afternoon.

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                        SF re-examines procurement process after business ban on 30 states backfires

                        For seven years, San Francisco kept a business ban on states that would defy the values of the city. But the plan backfired and in the end - the ban hurt San...

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                          How Progressive Policies are Designed for Civilizational Suicide › American Greatness

                          We all understand, in the timeless words of the poet Robert Burns, that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Most Americans are accustomed to…

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                          'Not Rooted in Science': Media Won't Judge Biden's Brain After Throwing the DSM-5 at Trump

                          Pundits disparage the special counsel and accuse Joe Biden's critics of ageism. It’s a sharp change from when the media diagnosed Donald Trump with all kinds of disqualifying brain problems.

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                          Biden Shields Palestinians from Deportation, Vows to Give Them U.S. Jobs

                          President Joe Biden is shielding Palestinians in the United States from deportation while authorizing DHS to loosen work requirements.

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                          Rep. Rashida Tlaib refuses to condemn rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas

                          Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was the only member of the House who declined to vote Wednesday for a resolution condemning the rape and sexual violence that Hamas leaders ordered members of …

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                          DOD Secretly Doubles Down On DEI Initiatives In K-12 Schools

                          An Open the Books report details how the Pentagon allegedly dissolved its DEI department only to secretly create a 'DEI Steering Committee.'

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                            The Strange Disconnect Between Israel and Ukraine › American Greatness

                            The Ukrainian and Israeli wars are similar and yet also different conflicts—but in more ways than we can imagine. Ukraine was invaded by a huge Russian state…

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                            Biden Admin Forges Ahead With Dangerous Changes To Title IX

                            Biden's Obama-era Title IX rules on sexual orientation and gender identity will have unintended consequences for schools across the nation.

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                              Credit card companies will track gun store purchases in California using new merchant code | Blaze Media

                              Several major credit card companies have decided to move forward with a plan to track purchases made at gun retailers in California, CBS News reported Monday.American Express, Visa, and Mastercard will implement a new merchant code for firearm and ammunit

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                                  Bidens should fear Tony Bobulinski — the most deadly impeachment witness with a patriotic family history

                                  The most deadly witness in the Biden impeachment inquiry is due to testify Tuesday in a closed-door interview on Capitol Hill.

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                                  Jill Biden can spare us the fake outrage over the damning special counsel report

                                  Jill Biden has lashed out at special counsel Robert Hur over his report that let her husband off the hook for willfully retaining and sharing classified files — due to the commander-in-chief’s total lack of recall.

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                                  There's An 'Impeachment Bomb' Against Trump Buried in the Ukraine Funding Bill

                                   "Back in 2019, Democrats articulated a novel theory of impeachment, based on Trump’s refusal to spend money from the USAI—Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative," Vance wrote in a piece for The American Conservative.

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                                  Ohio Governor Walks Back Health, Safety Protections on Transgender Industry

                                  A Republican governor has weakened proposed health, safety, and ethical protections for Ohioans who identify as transgender, increasing the speed at which the t

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                                    DC Medical Examiner Will Not Immediately Destroy Baby Bodies

                                    The D.C. Medical Examiner will not immediately destroy the bodies of "The Five" aborted babies, The Daily Signal learns.

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                                      White House Takes Heat for Courting Pro-Hamas Activist

                                      The White House is under fire from Jewish groups for meeting with an Arab-American activist who has praised Hamas and other terrorist groups, and who claimed American lawmakers have been "bought" by the "Zionist lobby."

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                                      The Enemy Within: Corrupt DOJ Will Not Charge Biden — Only Trump - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                                      No criminal charges for President Biden for “willfully” holding onto classified documents in the garage of his home and at an office.

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                                      Sweetcakes by Melissa Awaiting Another Oregon Court Ruling

                                      Attorneys for Sweetcakes by Melissa argued the bakery owners' case for their First Amendment rights in Oregon appeals court on Jan. 30.

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                                        Biden, White House blame Israel war for forgetting basic facts during special counsel interviews

                                        President Biden and White House officials on Thursday blamed his memory issues during the special counsel interview on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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                                        Special counsel: No charges for Biden over classified documents | AP News

                                        The report from special counsel Robert Hur, represents a harshly critical assessment of Biden’s handling of sensitive government materials.

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                                        Biden ‘willfully’ kept classified info, would come off as ‘elderly man with poor memory’ at trial, scathing report says

                                        The Justice Department has released a final report by special counsel Robert Hur on President Biden’s mishandling of classified records.

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                                        Victor Davis Hanson: The Absurd Democrat Border Con

                                        In 2021, Joe Biden opened wide an inherited, secure southern border that had finally stopped mass illegal immigration. When he overturned Donald Trump’s efforts…

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                                        The White House Says Biden's Travel Schedule Is 'Aggressive.' Here's What He's Actually Doing.

                                        It's increasingly evident that Joe Biden, 81, is not mentally fit to serve as president, which means his handlers in the White House have been struggling to make the case that, actually, everything is just fine.

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                                        High-Level Iranian Spy Ring Busted in Washington

                                        The trail that leads from Tehran to D.C. passes directly through the offices of Robert Malley and the International Crisis Group

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                                        60% of Israelis support total victory against Hamas even if not all hostages are returned | World Israel News

                                        Only 5% of Israelis said they thought the Palestinian Authority should rule Gaza after the war. 

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                                        Palestinian Illegal Alien Enters U.S. Via Mexico, Beats NYC Homeowner Over His Support for Israel

                                         In yet another disturbing example of illegal aliens from all over the world entering the U.S. via Mexico, a 26-year-old Palestinian illegal allegedly beat a New York homeowner to the ground and stole his U.S. and Israeli flags out of his yard — all while yelling antisemitic slurs.

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                                        We're Sorry, WHAT?? British AI Firm To Suppress Speech They Deem 'Misinformation' Ahead of 2024 Elections

                                         The left truly seems to be completely hellbent on creating an Orwellian nightmare for the rest of us, and a British AI firm is just the latest example. 'Logically.AI' has been in talks with various states and DHS to expand its social media surveillance for the 2024 presidential election.

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                                        The 5 Global Powers That Vie to Crush Each Other and Their Subjects | The Epoch Times

                                        Today, the world has five globalist elites with worldwide aspirations that cooperate in numerous areas, often to crush opposition from their own subjects.

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                                        The Marxism Behind the Open Border - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                                        The border bill put forth by McConnell and Schumer should be viewed with derision and scorn. It should be utterly rejected.

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                                        Trump’s Swing State Challenge - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                                        It is no coincidence that every state that conducts its elections entirely by mail have become single-party fiefdoms.

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                                        Biden’s Telling Retreat | National Review

                                        Joe Biden is in retreat, from his ideologically driven reversal of a host of Trump policies upon taking office in January 2021.

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                                        Speaker Johnson reveals $17 billion clean Israel aid bill, says Senate 'will no longer have excuses'

                                        House Speaker Mike Johnson sent a letter to his House GOP colleagues on Saturday announcing a new bill to send funding to Israel in its war on Hamas.

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                                        Over $7 Billion in US Funding Went to UN Agency Whose Employees Reportedly Attacked Israel on Oct. 7 | The Epoch Times

                                        Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the aid agency of being ‘riddled with waste, fraud, and concerns of support to terrorism.’

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                                        Your Pilot Is a DEI Hire. Good Luck!

                                        United Airlines set an aggressive diversity goal for their pilot training academy: at least 50% will be women or people of color. Shouldn’t the only…

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                                        MAXWELL: What Is Ballot Chasing and Why Have Republicans Finally Embraced It?

                                         Mail-in voting is as old as the Civil War, but of course, back then, you needed an excuse to avoid Election Day furor.

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                                        US House officials dig deep into UNRWA-Hamas ties | World Israel News

                                        Testimonies of UNRWA's failure to help the Palestinians in Gaza were recorded, with bipartisan unity in UNRWA's condemnation.

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                                        Former US ambassador accuses Biden of 'hampering' war on Hamas | World Israel News

                                        Biden has made 'really inappropriate comments' on Israel-Hamas war, says former Ambassador David Friedman.

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                                        GOP Lawmaker Accuses Biden of Pushing Out ‘Tens-of-Millions’ in Taxpayer Funding for UNRWA Just Prior to Aid Suspension

                                        The Biden administration may have funneled "tens-of-millions" in American taxpayer dollars to the United Nations’ Palestinian aid group before announcing a pause in U.S. contributions as a result of the organization’s role in Hamas’s October 7 terror spre

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                                        'They Want You Weak and Sick': Vox Makes a Fool of Itself Lecturing People on Protein

                                         Oh, Vox. We've talked about you in the past, and it's always because you've published something stupid.

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                                        WATCH: Ilhan Omar Rips the Mask Off and Pledges Her Allegience to Somalia in Disturbing Video

                                         Rep. Ilhan Omar, an evidenced antisemite, has often suggested in various ways that anyone who supports Israel has "dual loyalty" and is somehow being paid off by Jews. Ironically, she's the one who has a real dual loyalty problem, or worse, a singular loyalty to a foreign nation.

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                                        State Department Continues to Fund the UN's Terror-Simping UNRWA After Advertising a 'Pause' in Funding

                                         A growing list of countries have announced their contributions to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) would "pause" after revelations that some of its employees were active participants in the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel.

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                                        Missouri Proposal Would Allow Senators to Challenge Each Other to a Duel to Settle Differences

                                         Every now and again, a politician makes a proposal in jest that I wish would become reality. Enter Missouri Republican State Sen. Nick Schroer, who had the unmitigated gall to propose a motion that would allow members of the state legislature to settle their differences the same way Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton did.

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                                        Biden threatens Netanyahu's drive to destroy Hamas

                                        Instead of trying to overthrow the Netanyahu government, recognize that an Israeli win is an American win.

                                        Politics | Jan 6

                                        Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI's January 6 "Pipe Bomb" Story - Revolver News

                                        The Capitol quietly released a damning short piece of footage. It could definitively expose the January 6 "pipe bomb" story once and for all.

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                                          Senate Dems block amendment to halt Palestinian aid until it 'renounced terrorism'

                                          The amendment would have halted funding for any Palestinian government until it 'renounced terrorism' and until Hamas hostages are released.

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                                          New Jan. 6 Videos Confirm Capitol Police Officer Was Not Truthful In Oath Keepers Trial

                                          According to investigative journalist Steve Baker from Blaze Media, newly released closed-circuit TV video clips from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, reveal that Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus provided false testimony in the trial of the

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                                          Top Republican Candidates Would All Beat Biden: Poll

                                          All three top Republican candidates would beat President Joe Biden in a hypothetical November matchup, according to a poll released Sunday, in the latest poor showing for the incumbent.

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                                          Trump wins massive victory in Iowa, DeSantis edges Haley for second in 1st GOP presidential nominating contest

                                          Former President Donald Trump cruised to a easy victory on Monday night in the Iowa caucuses, the lead off contest in the 2024 Republican presidential nominating calendar.

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                                          FAA's Insane Diversity Push May Change DEI to DIE

                                           The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is, remember, the federal agency that oversees commercial air travel, including the airlines, their primary purpose being to keep air travel, above all things, safe. So why, then, has that agency bought into the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion nonsense to the point where their hiring choices have the chance of actually getting American air travelers killed?

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                                          ALL THE MORE REASON - Mario Murillo Ministries

                                          Donald Trump cannot save America. All the more reason to vote for him.Christians who oppose Trump will say just the opposite.

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                                          'More Inclusive Experience': Biden Admin Plans Removal of William Penn Statue From Philly Park

                                          The Biden administration is planning to permanently remove a statue of William Penn from Philadelphia's Welcome Park to provide a "more inclusive experience for visitors," it announced in a press release.

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                                          What in the Actual F— Is Wrong With These People? (Harvard Edition)

                                          During my senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2009, someone arranged for the members of the Daily Tar Heel editorial board to meet with the university's top diversity consultant. This woman, presumably earning an executive salary well into the six figures,

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                                          National Park Service Plans to Remove William Penn Statue from the Site of His Philadelphia Home

                                           Philadelphia, like most cities run by Democrats, certainly has its fair share of problems. Crime, poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and...a statue of Pennsylvania's founder William Penn erected on the grounds of his home?