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MSNBC Spreads Fake News About Trump and Chinese Spy Balloons

MSNBC's Mehdir Hasan spent an entire segment on the debunked claim that Trump failed to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon. Scarborough later repeated the claim.

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BOMBSHELL: Yep, It Looks Like Team Biden Blew up Europe's Nord Stream Pipeline

The United States government blew up the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline connecting Russian suppliers to our allies Germany last year, according to a bombshell report from Seymour Hersh....

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Biden's Shocking Admission During His SOTU Address

During his SOTU address, Biden admitted that the oil industry — which remains crucial to our way of life — will not invest in domestic production because…

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5 Reasons Biden's Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle

President Joe Biden touted electric vehicles as the solution to climate change again Tuesday night during his State of the Union address.

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Bill Gates' defense of flying private echoes John Kerry excuse for jet-setting around world | Fox News

Bill Gates' comments last week defending his private jet usage closely mirrored Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry's previous defense of jet travel.

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    For Palestinians, terrorism against Israel pays

    In what they describe as social security payments, the PA hands out monthly rewards to Palestinians (and their families) who carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

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    Netanyahu rejects Biden admin call to ‘pause’ Judea and Samaria construction

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reportedly made the request during his visit last week to Israel in a bid to de-escalate tensions amid rampant Palestinian terrorism.

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    The Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria: Israel Provides Aid, Haters Demonize Israel

    Following the earthquakes in Turkey & Syria, Israel organized humanitarian aid while haters used the opportunity to demonize the Jewish state.

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    FACT CHECK: Biden Distorts Paul Pelosi Attack During State of the Union

    After invoking the January 6 Capitol riot during his State of the Union address, Joe Biden sought to connect the riot to the attack on Paul Pelosi.
    “And then, just a few months ago, unhinged by...

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    Biden keeps making claims about the economy that just aren't true. These facts don't lie

    President Biden has made claims about the economy he inherited when he took office. But they are not factually correct. Inflation as not out of control, for example.

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      Biden Administration Distributing 'Black Resistance' Flyers To Border Patrol Agents For Black History Month

      The Biden administration is handing out flyers to our Border Patrol agents which are labeled as ‘Black Resistance’ and covered in terms like ‘black power’ and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ This is a perfect example of the prior

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        Biden Asked Why "China Would Make Such a Brazen Act" By Flying a Spy Balloon Across US - His Response is Shocking (VIDEO)

        Joe Biden on Monday afternoon returned to the White House after a long vacation weekend at Camp David. Biden stopped to chat with some reporters before shuffling away and turning in for the evening. Biden was asked if the spy balloon will change his State

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          Former Vice Chair of D.C. Police Union Arrested For Fraud

          The former vice chairman of the D.C. Police Union was arrested over the weekend for “allegedly defrauding the DC government.” Medgar Webster, who previously served as the vice chair for the DC Police Union was arrested for fraud for allegedly

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            Hunter Biden Hearings Open Wednesday, AOC Thinks It's 'Atrocious' to Investigate Recovering Drug Addict

            They've been hiding the truth about Hunter Biden's laptop for too long. Uncover the truth, Oversight Committee!

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            State of the Union 2023 drinking game: How to play for Biden

            President Joe Biden is set to deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night — and social media users are proposing drinking games for viewers.

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            New York Taxpayers Give $2.1 Billion to Illegal Immigrants

            New York taxpayers spent $2.1 billion on a program to support illegal immigrants, a recent report from the Urban Institute reveals.

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              Ilhan Omar: She's smart, savvy, dangerous, hates Jews and Israel

              I wish that Ilhan Omar would own her statements. I wish that Ilhan Omar would own up and accept the title of “Purveyor of Jew-Hatred.” But she won’t do it.

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              REVIEW: What I Learned Watching 'The 1619 Project' on Hulu (Episode 2)

              Nikole Hannah-Jones, the award-winning journalist, describes her mixed-racing uprising as the child of a white mother and a black father. She contrasts the divergent lives of her maternal grandfather, who was "designated male and white," with her paternal

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              Biden Paints Rosy Posture On The Economy Before State Of The Union. Here’s The Real Story.

              President Joe Biden will likely present an optimistic picture of the economy during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night, even as experts say many of the wins he may claim will be based upon misrepresentations or distortions of reality.

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                Pregnancy Centers Offer Better Service Than Abortion Facilities: New Study | National Review

                A new study provides strong statistical evidence that pro-life pregnancy help centers offer better and less expensive services than do abortion facilities.

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                  There Are No Two Sides Here

                  The cycle of violence does not need to be stopped, the violence belongs entirely to the side that chooses to educate its children to feel hatred and anti-Semitism. The Israeli war on terror is necessary and justified, even if some lunatics give it excuses

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                  Ousting Ilhan Omar cause for reflection, not celebration

                  Reluctance to favor expelling Ilhan Omar highlights the challenges associated with celebrating the political rise of American Jewry.

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                  Associated Press Adds ‘Disgraceful’ Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Entry

                  The Associated Press directs journalists not to use the term "crisis pregnancy center" but rather “anti-abortion center."

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                    Twitter flags Biden tweet accusing GOP of wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare

                    Twitter flagged a tweet Sunday from President Biden that claimed Republicans threatened to cut Social Security and Medicare – a popular White House notion on the debt ceiling.

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                      Republican Congressman Slams Biden Administration for Giving Palestinians Money in Wake of Terror Attacks

                      Rep. Ronny Jackson, April 17, 2018. Photo: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Picture. Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX) slammed the Biden administration Friday for …

                      Politics | The "Squad"

                      Omar: Republicans Don't Believe Muslims, Black People Should Have Equal Access to Legal System

                      Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Monday on MSNBC's "All In" that House Republicans voted for her to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee because they did not "believe Muslims or black people should have equal access." | Clips

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                      Biden’s ‘but Trump!’ deceptive balloon defense deflates

                      Joe Biden continues to think he can get away with anything, as long as he claims to be better than Donald Trump. Now he’s trying it with national security. Is a Chinese balloon floating over the continental United States from end to end an embarrassment

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                        Man Who Identifies as a Woman Elected to Lead Democrat Women's Group in Rhode Island

                        A 75-year-old man who identifies as a woman recently won an election to become the chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus.

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                          Florida man with ‘cop killer’ tattoo busted for shooting at officer

                          A detective with the Florida City Police Department commanded Virgilio Salgado to pull over Saturday morning, but he instead opened fire on the officer from his vehicle.

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                            Victor Davis Hanson: Race Everywhere

                            Recently an unarmed 29-year-old African American, Tyre Nichols, was brutally beaten to death by five black Memphis police officers. They were charged with…

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                            Head of NORAD asked about those three Trump-era spy balloons

                            The NORAD commander's as bad as Karine Jean-Pierre.

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                            Kamala Harris and the Democrats’ Unwillingness to Hear Bad News | National Review

                            The Democrats’ Harris dilemma reflects an inability to process accurate information.

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                            Biden’s Ballooning Foreign-Policy Blunders - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

                            Last Friday, just before President Joe Biden left for another of his many long weekends away from the White House, reporters vainly asked him about the Chinese surveillance balloon that had been meandering around in U.S. airspace since Jan. 28....

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                            Investigation into FBI, fed agencies’ targeting of Christians and pro-lifers to begin next week | Catholic News Agency

                            A primary focus of the investigation will be the Biden administration’s targeting of pro-lifers through the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

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                              There Are Big Problems With Biden Team's Evolving Story About Prior Chinese Balloons

                              Either Biden is gaslighting us big time to smear Trump or there's a real problem here.

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                              Jerusalem, dead Jews - and a history of media excuses

                              Seven Jews are murdered in Jerusalem and the media rolls out the excuses. It seems they have been doing this for a very long time.

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                              Ingraham: These are the tears of clowns

                              Fox News host Laura Ingraham reacts to Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., being booted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee on 'The Ingraham Angle.' #foxnews #fox...

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                              What Blinken refuses to see

                              The U.S. secretary of state's statements on his visit to Israel demonstrated how deeply blood libels have seeped into the Biden administration’s thinking about the Jewish state.

                              Politics | Free Speech

                              Congress is set to expose what may be the largest censorship system in U.S. history

                              The “Twitter files” revealed an FBI operation to monitor and censor social media content.

                              Politics | Covid

                              It's Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID

                              Intellectual elitism, credentialism, and classism must end. Restoring trust in public health—and our democracy—depends on it.

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                              Meet the Dark Money Group Helping Democrats Undermine Republican Investigations

                              Democrats are relying on a dark money group to stymie Republican investigations into President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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                              US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election

                              The Obama administration took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off an investigation.

                              Politics | Campus Watch

                              University of Michigan dismisses calls to condemn intifada-themed rally

                              "The statement released by the university is woefully inadequate, and quite frankly offensive," said International Legal Forum CEO Arsen Ostrovsky.

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                              Biden says he authorized Pentagon days ago to shoot down Chinese spy balloon | Fox News

                              President Joe Biden told reporters on Saturday that he ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon on Wednesday but that they waited due to safety concerns.

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                              In State of the Union address, Biden will highlight his dishonest take on the economy

                              It is unconscionable that Biden is still creating speedbumps to increased employment by, for example, not requiring people to pay their student loans.

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                              Putting the Learning Back into Education - CatholicVote org

                              CatholicVote’s Erika Ahern sat down with Jeremy Tate, the creator of the Classic Learning Test (CLT), an up-and-coming alternative to the SAT and ACT. 

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                                House Judiciary subpoenas Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland for targeting parents | Washington Examiner

                                The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the Biden administration, demanding FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona produce documents about the alleged targeting of parents at school board m

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                                  Here Are the Countries Where China Spy Balloons were Also Spotted Up in the Sky in Last Two Years (VIDEO)

                                  Watching the China balloon cross across the US is like watching another sh*tty Hollywood movie, which serves as a constant reminder of the utter incompetence and weakness of the Biden regime. The Gateway Pundit reported that the Department of Defense anno

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                                  Bishop Reports Church Member to Police for Biblical Beliefs

                                  Sam Margrave has argued that Queer Theory and Pride events are incompatible with Scripture. In response, he has received death threats.

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                                      What We Know About The Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over United States

                                      The United States is tracking a high-flying, suspected Chinese spy balloon over the lower 48 states.

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                                      Jack Phillips Loses in Colorado Appeals Court

                                      Christian baker Jack Phillips lost in a Colorado state court over his right to refuse to create a cake celebrating a gender transition.

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                                        UK Court to Hear Case of Preschooler Compelled to Attend ‘Pride’ Event

                                        A UK court will hear the case of a mother whose preschooler was compelled to attend an LGBT Pride parade at his primary school.

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                                          New Polling Data Suggests Active-Duty Military Members Worry About the Politicization of the United States Military | Th

                                          WASHINGTON—The National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness (NIPMSR) met to discuss its new polling data on perceptions of both active members and civilians on polarizing topics and policies in the military. The eight-person panel led b

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                                              The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar

                                              The press uncritically repeats Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' claim Democrats 'unequivocally condemned' Ilhan Omar, without any pushback.

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                                              Justice Reform For Israel, Essential, Courageous, and Blessed - NewsBlaze News

                                              Israel's newly elected Government embarks on courageous justice reform, aiming to restore proper balance between the branches of government.

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                                              Republicans Boot Ilhan Omar Off Foreign Affairs Committee Over Anti-Semitism

                                              House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) delivered on his promise Thursday to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her extensive history of anti-Semitism.

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                                              Hamilton 68 Saga Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot

                                              Thanks to Taibbi’s recent contribution to 'The Twitter Files,' we know the full extent of institutional corruption wrapped up in Hamilton 68.

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                                              DeSantis, Scourge Of Wokeness - The American Conservative

                                              It's on! Florida governor announces plan to defund DEI and CRT bureaucracies at state universities

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                                              The Woke Virus Has Landed Deep in the Heart of Texas

                                              "Wokeness" is often associated with small liberal arts colleges and the Ivy League, but it’s also found a home at one of the largest public universities in one of the reddest states in the country: the University of Texas at Austin. 

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                                              Officials estimate 100,000 chickens died in Connecticut farm fire

                                              It's one of several such fires that have killed millions of chickens around the country over the past decade.

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                                              Hunter Biden Alcoa email promising Russian oligarch info raises fresh concern about Joe’s access

                                              A Hunter Biden email sent to an American aluminum company promising information on Russian oligarchs is raising new suspicions of his access to classified documents discovered in his father’s…

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                                              The Joe and Hunter Biden scandal convergence

                                              THE JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN SCANDAL CONVERGENCE. Republicans have long said the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is really a Joe Biden story. Now, it looks like the Joe Biden classified documents scandal is also a Hunter Biden story. Two Biden scandals are mergin

                                              Politics | Energy

                                              Whale Corpses Are Stacking Up But the Libs Won't Talk About What Might Be Killing Them

                                              Why are whales dying in record numbers and — just as importantly — why are the deodorant-dodging Libs not talking about the whale-ocaust?

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                                              Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein: COVID-19 Blunder

                                              An evolutionary theorist dropped this bombshell on Joe Rogan, referring to it as the biggest blunder in human ...

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                                              Fact check: Biden makes false and misleading claims in economic speech - CNNPolitics

                                              President Joe Biden delivered a Thursday speech to hail economic progress during his administration and to attack congressional Republicans for their proposals on the economy and the social safety net.

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                                              Fmr Sec of State Mike Pompeo issues a frightening warning, says CCP has invaded ‘every major’ US university

                                              Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provides professional analysis of the ongoing threat that China poses to U.S. national security.

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                                              Biden donor offered prez’s convict niece Caroline $85K job she called ‘below minimum wage’

                                              “Hunter,” Jim Biden texted July 25, the day before Caroline’s plea deal was formalized. “Caroline was made an offer and she told [Jim’s wife] Sara, not me, she couldn&…

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                                                Biden's FCC Pick Is Part of Group Opposed to Anti-Human Trafficking Laws

                                                Gigi Sohn is Joe Biden’s pick to fill a vacant seat on the FCC. Sohn once retweeted a post that referred to Donald Trump as a “raggedy white supremacist.” That is a pretty standard s...

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                                                  BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Was Receiving Classified State Department Briefings on Regular Basis - Used to Promote Biden Family Business

                                                  Earlier today we reported on a Kash Patel op-ed on Daily Caller where he suggested that the recent revelations on Joe Biden’s crimes with classified information all began with the Hunter Biden laptop.  The Genesis of the Revelation of Biden’s

                                                    Politics | Politics

                                                    DeSantis: A Conservative Living In The Real World - The American Conservative

                                                    Political lesson from Viktor Orban that Florida governor seems to have learned: take the war against left ideological hegemony to the institutions

                                                    Politics | Politics

                                                    The AP Stylebook Now Has a Problem With the Word “The”

                                                    The AP Stylebook has been making a lot of recommendations in recent years that I disagree with—usually because they’re stupid.
                                                    For example, a couple of years ago they decided that the word ̶...

                                                    Politics | Politics

                                                    UNBELIEVABLY HEARTBREAKING J6 VIDEO! Exclusive CRYSTAL CLEAR Video of Rosanne Boyland as She DIED on Steps of US Capitol on January 6 - WHY WON'T THE POLITICIANS & MEDIA SAY HER NAME?

                                                    The Gateway Pundit has obtained never-before-seen footage from January 6th that will absolutely break your heart. It is unbelievable that this footage exists and is just being seen now. In this poignant video that plays like a scene in a feature film, the

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      These Two Republicans Are Standing With Ilhan Omar in Push To Stay on Foreign Affairs Committee

                                                      Republican representatives Nancy Mace (S.C.) and Victoria Spartz (Ind.) say they will buck their party to vote in favor of keeping anti-Israel Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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                                                      Pfizer Research and Development Director Has Meltdown When Confronted About Project Veritas Video

                                                      Pfizer Director Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker had a very public meltdown in a New York City restaurant earlier this week when confronted by Project Veritas founder…

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      Pfizer Exec Caught on Video Discussing Company’s Interest in Mutating COVID Virus For Future Vaccines

                                                      Pfizer executive Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker was caught on video discussing research that involves mutating the COVID virus to help the company develop…

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                                                      Paul Pelosi Body Cam Footage Stuck in Technology Black Hole at San Francisco Court (That's Their Story)

                                                      I’ve been waiting around all day for the release of the bodycam footage that will finally show us what happened at Paul Pelosi’s house last October when a Berkeley nudist, David DePape, at...

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      Convenient Timing: Pelosi Sold $3 Million of Google Stock Weeks Before DOJ Launched Antitrust Probe

                                                      Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and her multimillionaire husband sold up to $3 million in shares of Google in recent weeks—just before the Biden Justice Department launched an antitrust probe of the tech giant. 

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                                                      Gavin Newsom's 'Suicide Pact' With the Truth

                                                      California Governor Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun narrative is as thin and ineffective as one-ply toilet paper to a guy on Colon Blow. If you weren’t sure of it before, Newsom’s lame message after two mass shootings in his state in the past few days should make it clear to all.

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                                                      Republicans, Let's Get Our Act Together On Early And Mail Voting

                                                      The Republican Party must mobilize a national early and mail-in voting strategy in key states to be competitive in 2024.

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      It Doesn't Matter How Well Trump Polls, The System Is Rigged

                                                      Unless the managerial elite and Big Tech are brought to heel, it doesn’t matter how much better Trump polls than Biden.

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      There's Another HUGE Bombshell in Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit

                                                      In a court filing from last week, “Governor” Katie Hobbs (D-Ariz.) requested that Kari Lake’s election lawsuit be thrown out, claiming that Lake failed to prove that Arizona voters w...

                                                      Politics | POLITICS

                                                      The New Age of Uniformity - The American Mind

                                                      We shouldn't fall for the postmodern Left's self-evident lie that they speak nothing but the truth on all political matters.

                                                      Politics | POLITICS

                                                      More Biden Docs Proves Mar-A-Lago Raid Was Russia Hoax 2.0

                                                      The discovery of more Biden documents highlights the ridiculous plot to destroy Trump that culminated in the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home.

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                                                      Lancet Urges Shift Away from Human-Centered Health Care

                                                      Lancet medical journal urges a “revolutionary shift of perspective” away from human-centered health care in favor of “ecological equity.”

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      Woke Lancet Announces ‘Medical Urgency’ of Climate Change

                                                      UK Lancet medical journal is charging on its climate change crusade, proclaiming “the ethical and medical urgency of the climate crisis.”

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                                                      A Disaster Per Month: The Worst Failures Of Biden's Second Year

                                                      Biden's first year delivered corruption and incompetence, and his second year, which drew to a close on Thursday, has been no different.

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                                                      Why Biden Consented to an FBI Search | National Review

                                                      The president has decided to pose as a dedicated public servant who has nothing to hide from law enforcement. Don’t fall for it.

                                                      Politics | Politics

                                                      The House Republican Probe You Should Be Watching | National Review

                                                      The Biden administration wouldn’t use a voter-participation program to tip the scales for partisan electoral gain . . . would it?