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Bad News for President Trump

The Comey memos are more revealing than they seem.

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Comey's Memos Reveal How He Repeatedly Lied To Trump

Whatever James Comey's motives were for writing memos about his meetings with President Trump, they reveal how duplicitous the former FBI Director was with the new president.

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Trump Russia Collusion: The Real Collusion Was In The Obama Administration

As the likelihood that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia seems headed toward zero, the likelihood of proof of a different form of collusion seems headed upward toward certainty.

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Five takeaways from Trump adding Giuliani | TheHill

The president has turned to the former New York City mayor for help with the Russia investigation.

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Emails show Obama White House statements on Clinton probe worried FBI's Strzok | Fox News

James Comey isn’t the only one who took issue with Obama White House statements downplaying the Hillary Clinton email probe in 2016. A new email obtained by Fox News shows that even anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was concerned about their comments at

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How long will I be allowed to remain a Christian? | Fox News

To say that Christians and Christianity are under a withering and brutal attack in certain areas of the world would be an understatement.

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Andrew McCabe criminal referral sent to US attorney - Business Insider

The Justice Department's inspector general sent a criminal referral to the US attorney in Washington, DC, about Andrew McCabe, the former deputy FBI director.

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Trump Applauds Israel, Says U.S Has ‘No Better Friends Anywhere’

U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow Israelis on the country’s 70th anniversary.

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    Poll finds half of Californians OK with travel ban

    About half of Californians say they support President Trump’s Muslim travel ban and more deportations of undocumented immigrants, according to a new poll that challenges the conventional belief that residents of the left-leaning Golden State ar

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    Trump tax cut will increase tax for 1 million Californians | The Sacramento Bee

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, carried by Republicans and President Donald Trump, probably will increases taxes for at least 1 million Californians because of a cap on state and local tax deductions.

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    Barbara Bush 'racist' rant: Tenured professor could lose job

    A California State University, Fresno professor's rant about Barbara Bush being an "amazing racist" could cost her a job.

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    Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'

    Goldman Sachs warns sales from the most successful disease treatments are difficult to maintain.

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      Nikki Haley, Great Pushback. Now Resign on Principle.

      The White House—and Larry Kudlow, of all people—not only threw her under the bus on Russia sanctions, it ran the bus back and forth over her body. Nikki, do the right thing.

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      Hillary Clinton's popularity has plunged since election, poll finds | Fox News

      Hillary Clinton, well over a year after she lost the 2016 election to President Trump, is less popular than ever, according to a poll released this week.

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      DHS reveals dozens of MS-13, other gang members released by 'sanctuary' policies | Fox News

      Dozens of gang members, some of whom belonged to the notorious MS-13, were shielded from deportation and released due to sanctuary policies last year, according to newly released stats from the Department of Homeland Security.

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      Homeless encampments increasingly affecting California train traffic | Fox News

      The explosion of homeless encampments alongside railroad tracks has contributed to a spike in delays for California's rocketing passenger ridership, an outbreak of accidental fires and deadly collisions, frustrating executives who call the impact on passe

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      California’s crazy one-party liberal politics is why I had to finally leave the state -- and I’m not alone | Fox New

      In 2011, after spending my adult life in California, working in the once-thriving aerospace industry there, serving 19 years in the state’s National Guard and six years in the legislature, I picked up my family and moved to Texas.

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      California Progressives Launch (Another) Attack on Free Speech | National Review

      A California bill would criminalize conservative speech about gender.

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      PRAGER: Whatever The Left Touches It Ruins

      The only way to save Western civilization is to convince more people that leftism — not liberalism — is a nihilistic force. Quite literally, whatever the left touches it ruins. So, here is a partial listing of the damage done by the left and the Democ

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      Republicans Befuddled By Trump’s Abrupt Reversal On New Russia Sanctions | HuffPost

      “That’s just not a good signal to Moscow or any of our adversaries or allies," one senator said.

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      More retailers are going bankrupt than ever - Laredo Morning Times

      Ask anyone running a store and they'll tell you that it's tough to be in the retail business. Merchants big and small are struggling to meet the demands of a customer base that is demanding better service, lower prices and products both in-store and from

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      Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports®

      Rasmussen Reports - The best place to look for polls that are spot on

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      Trump hammers Comey before big interview

      The president continues to dig at the former FBI director.

      Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

      College’s ‘no whites allowed’ pool party postponed after backlash – twitchy

      A college group's pool party for people of color only has been postponed after a national media backlash.

      Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

      Danish tourist mugged at knifepoint in NYC over MAGA hat: report | TheHill

      A Danish tourist traveling in New York City says he was mugged at knifepoint by two men angered by a "Make America Great Again" hat he had purchased.

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      Why does California hate free speech?

      California’s legislature is poised to approve one of the most serious attacks against freedom of speech ever contemplated in U.S. history this week. Assembly Bill 2943 is legislation that would place that state in an Orwellian society by banning books,

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      Alan Dershowitz: We need a new law to protect lawyer-client communications | Fox News

      The raid on President Trump’s lawyer dramatically demonstrates the need for new legislation to assure that no FBI agents or U.S. attorneys ever get to read privileged communications between a lawyer and a client, a doctor and patient, a priest and penit

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      McCabe Admonished FBI Officials For Leaks | The Daily Caller

      As deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe "admonished" other FBI officials over leaks he himself authorized.

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      Trump blasts Comey as an 'untruthful slime ball' after book revelations

      Trump's tweets come a day after excerpts from Comey's forthcoming tell-all paint a devastating picture of the president as a liar divorced from reality.

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      Trump's James Comey Meltdown Has Arrived Right on Schedule

      Donald Trump achieved something rare on Friday morning: He accidentally did two good tweets about former FBI Director James Comey, whose takedown book about Trump and Washington is set to be released on Tuesday.

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      'The possibility of Trump exploding has gone up'

      The former FBI director's tell-all book surprised some West Wing aides with its jabs at Trump's hand size and its talk of the 'pee tape.'

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      Comey’s Long History Of Misstatements And Misconduct

      Comey’s claim that President Trump interfered in the Russia investigation is contradicted by testimony

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      John Stossel: The left's war on science

      We've been told conservatives don't believe in science and that there's a Republican war on science.

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      VIDEO: Alabama football players surround Trump in prayer after White House ceremony - The American Mirror

      A remarkable thing happened while the media was focused on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony: After a White House ceremony, several Alabama football players huddled around President Trump and prayed with him. WBRC’s Christina Cha

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      Ryan to retire as Speaker in January

      Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is retiring at the end of this Congress, ending his speakership a little more than three years after it began.

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      What Would Happen If Trump Fired Mueller? Or Rosenstein? Or Sessions? | FiveThirtyEight

      Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): There’s a lot going on, i…

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      Day 2 of Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony: What to Watch For - The New York Times

      Mr. Zuckerberg will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in his second and final day of congressional testimony over Facebook’s handling of user data.

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      MSNBC’s surging ratings fuel Democratic optimism - POLITICO

      While Fox and CNN slump, left-leaning hosts on MSNBC help the network reap a 30 percent ratings gain.

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      Aging senators ask 'Mr. Zuckerberg' for tech support in hilarious Senate hearing meme

      The internet roasted clueless lawmakers during Mark Zuckerberg's Senate hearing.

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      Laura Ingraham Is Fox News's Problem, and Its Way Forward | Time

      Laura Ingraham returned to Fox News after a week of hiatus amid widespread criticism of her comments about Parkland survivor David Hogg.

      Politics | The Hall of Idiots

      London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings

      An epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan is announcing broad new "knife control" policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Londoners looking to cause others harm.

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      Incoherent U.S. policy on Syria mystifying allies, empowering enemies - International news - Jerusalem Post

      Experts contend that both Russia and Iran would be empowered should President Trump move ahead with military withdrawal from Syria.

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      Analysis: Strike in Syria shows Netanyahu follows through on threats

      The message of Israel's alleged strike on Homs is clear: Israel has interests and intends to act upon them.

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      Does Trump's response help or hurt Stormy Daniels' legal claims?

      It’s often the case that just a few unplanned words by a litigant can alter the course of litigation — but it's also not that simple.

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      Washington Post senior editor: Trump is jealous of Jeff Bezos

      Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher said Sunday that President Trump has “a jealousy issue” with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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      Trump pulls back Obama-era protections for women in the workplace

      Tuesday's "Equal Pay Day" is the perfect time to draw attention to President Trump's move to rollback protections for women workers, activists say.

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        Left-Wing Organization May be Lobbying on Behalf of Foreign Countries

        Following the 2016 election, foreign meddling in US politics has become the number one concern of leftists across the nation as they try desperately to prove that Trump colluded with Russia in order to secure his victory. However, according to an inv

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        Trump tries his hand at rewriting Washington Post headline

        The article that drew his ire was related to the new tariffs Trump imposed on China.

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        Melania Trump Once Dumped Donald After Seeing an Ex Leave His Trump Tower Apartment: New Book

        Author Ronald Kessler tells PEOPLE Melania Trump said "screw that" after spotting one of then-boyfriend Donald Trump's exes leaving his apartment

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        Here's exactly how much paychecks changed after tax reform for people at every income level from $20,000 to $269,000 a year

        Trump's new tax law gave most Americans' paychecks a boost. Here's how much you're taking home every other week.

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        Trump appointee at Defense Department resigns after birther postings revealed - CNNPolitics

        A political appointee at the Department of Defense has resigned after a CNN KFile inquiry about controversial postings he made on Facebook.

        Politics | Obama - Clinton Politics

        Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% of Obama’s FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal and Illegally Provided to Government Outsiders - Tea Party News

        (Gateway Pundit) – A Report was released in April of 2017 that received no publicity until recently. The report was a ruling on the results of an investigation or audit into FISA searches made by Obama’s FBI and DOJ during Obama’s time in office

        Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

        Middle School Teacher Asks Students To Write A Letter To ‘Pressure Lawmakers’ On Gun Control

        In mid to late March, a social studies teacher at Hampton Middle School in Hampton, Georgia asked his students to write a “letter to the lawmakers” in order to “pressure [them] to have stricter gun laws in the United States.”

        Politics | Second Amendment

        Knife Attacks Propel London To Outpace NYC's Murder Rate For First Time In Modern History

        London, lauded by the Left for its strict gun laws and embrace of multiculturalism, is not the haven it's cracked up

        Politics | The Hall of Idiots

        First it was Confederate monuments. Now statues offensive to Native Americans are poised to topple across the U.S.

        A battle to take down a statue of President William McKinley in the small Northern California city of Arcata reflects a growing debate around the country on monuments that honor those who helped bring about the deaths of Native peoples.

        Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The West Bank

        15 dead, over a thousand injured after Palestinians clash with IDF

        20,000 Men, women and children attend mass rally calling for Palestinian right of return. IDF prevent border breaches, disperse violent riots.

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        FACT CHECK: Did Emma González 'Admit' to Bullying the Parkland School Shooter?

        Conspiracy theorists tried to discredit the mass shooting survivor (again) by ignoring the suspect's history of disturbing behavior.

        Politics | Trump Politics

        Facebook VP's memo suggests relentless growth is good, even if it gives a platform to terrorists or bullies | VentureBea

        In a never-before-seen internal memo titled “The Ugly,” published today by BuzzFeed News, Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth advocated that the social media giant be relentless about growth, even if someone kills themselves as a result of bullying or people

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        JFK may have been a worse philanderer than Trump. Does it matter?

        Like Trump, JFK's inability to resist the allure of an adult entertainer indicates a much deeper character issue. And yet a romanticized image of him survives.

        Politics | Politics

        WATCH: Parkland's Emma Gonzalez Admits to Bullying the Shooter. A Few Things...

        A number of points here...

        Politics | Politics

        If the Second Amendment falls, our entire Bill of Rights falls

        The startling new proposal by 97-year-old former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment to our Constitution’s Bill of Rights is unwise, dangerous and totally unrealistic.

        Politics | Trump Politics

        Trump Letter Surfaces, Believed to Prove Trump Sneaked Wall Funding into Spending Bill

        Democrats in Congress gloated when they thought the spending bill denied Trump funds for the border wall, but some theorize that Trump will have the last laugh.

        Politics | Op-Ed

        Why The Ignorant Parkland Kids Don't Speak for Their Dead Classmates

        It’s incredibly annoying to be lectured to by high school kids because the fact of the matter is that very few of them know anything about anything. Why would they? They’re kids. Somebody else feeds them, puts a roof over their heads and pays their bi

        Politics | Healthcare

        Why Some Americans Are Risking It and Skipping Health Insurance

        Prices and deductibles are rising. Networks are shrinking. And even some well-off Americans are questioning what they’re paying for.

        Politics | Politics

        Justice Dept. Proposes Banning Bump Stocks, Setting Aside Its Own Recommendations

        The moves come amid rising public pressure on the Trump administration to find ways to curb gun violence after a mass shooting in Parkland, Fla.

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        Trump replaces McMaster with Bolton as national security adviser

        President Trump announced Thursday he will be replacing national security adviser H.R. McMaster with former United State Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

          Politics | Petitions

          Please Sign The Petition: Get Hamas Off Twitter | CIJA

          The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is a non-partisan organization that serves as the advocacy arm of the Jewish Federations of Canada.

          Politics | POLITICS

          Why Russia, Assad, and Iran combined don't stand a chance against just 2,000 US troops in Syria

          Can 2,000 US troops stand up to tens of thousands of Russian, Iranian, and Syrian fighters? "Everybody poses this question as though the US is Luxembourg."

          Politics | Politics

          What Are the Russian Schools Doing?

          Impressions of Soviet Russia.

          Politics | Politics

          Rex Tillerson is out: Live updates - CNNPolitics

          President Trump has fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He will be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Follow here for the latest.

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            100 Easy Ways to Make Women's Lives More Bearable

            We've got more if you need them.

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              2 Progressives Balk At Denouncing Known Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan | HuffPost

              This shouldn't be that hard for a women's rights activist and a Democratic congressman.

              Politics | POLITICS

              Trump’s North Korea Bluster Scores a Win, But at High Risk - Bloomberg

              North Korea’s offer to suspend nuclear and missile tests in exchange for talks with the U.S. reflects an emerging truth about President Donald Trump’s unconventional foreign policy style: It may heighten the risk of conflict, but also the potential fo

              Politics | Law

              Complete Misdemeanor Illinois Handbook - Class A, B, C

              Your complete resource for Misdemeanor Illinois questions. Learn about the crimes, penalties and expungement options for Class A, Class B, and Class C Misdemeanors in Illinois.

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              NBA to Review 2011 Sexual Assault Allegations Against Mark Cuban

              The Dallas Mavericks owner has denied a Portland woman's allegations that he groped her at a nightclub.

                Politics | POLITICS

                We’re All Fascists Now - The New York Times

                Why are feminists and liberals getting thrown into the slop bucket with the likes of Richard Spencer?

                Politics | Politics

                Ellison Says Other Democrats Don’t Care About Ties To Anti-Semite Farrakhan

                Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison believes other Democrats don't care about his ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite. Ellison is a former Nation of Islam membe

                  Politics | Politics

                  Rand Paul: ‘A Tariff Is Simply a Tax’

                  Senator tells Reason “most of the businesses in Kentucky are quite worried about a trade war.” But will a weak Congress confront Trump?

                    Politics | Politics

                    Inside the bitter Oval Office tariff fight

                    Trump's top economic advisers fighting it out in front of him

                    Politics | Environment and Corruption

                    67 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

                    The list shows dozens of environmental policies that the Trump administration has targeted, often in an effort to ease burdens on the fossil fuel industry.

                    Politics | Politics

                    Against Trump's Tariffs | The Editors

                    The Trump administration has announced it plans to raise taxes on Americans in the form of tariffs.

                    Politics | Politics

                    Women's March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem—Maybe It's Time To Leave Them Behind

                    There’s an underlying discomfort in knowing that to leaders of many so-called “progressive” movements you’re completely negotiable.

                      Politics | Politics of Israel in the World

                      The Peace Conference You May Not Have Heard Of

                      Israellycool contributor Sharon recently attended a peace conference in Jordan, and came out of it thinking peace is inevitable

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                        DC officially renames street in front of Russian embassy after slain Putin critic

                        The Washington, D.C. city council on Tuesday officially renamed a street in front of the Russian embassy in honor of a slain critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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                        What Critics Don't Understand About Gun Culture

                        I carry a weapon—and it’s tied me closer to my community.

                        Politics | POLITICS

                        Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here's why it doesn't have mass shootings

                        Here's what the US can learn from Switzerland, which has nearly eliminated mass shootings while maintaining a high rate of gun ownership.

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                        Justin Trudeau’s Celebrity Schtick Has Finally Blown Up in His Face - VICE

                        Trudeau’s Indian misadventure was an epic misfire.

                        Politics | Politics

                        Why Thomas Friedman issued a 'code red' warning to America

                        Friedman wrote a special column about Trump that lit up on social media when it was posted on NYTimes.com on Sunday night.

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                          A Gun-Control Measure Conservatives Should Consider | National Review

                          Gun-violence restraining orders can make us all safer while empowering the individual and protecting liberty.

                          Politics | Politics

                          Fat, unhealthy Americans threaten Trump’s defense surge

                          Rising obesity numbers, drug use, criminal backgrounds and other problems mean most people at prime military recruiting age are ineligible to serve.

                            Politics | Politics

                            Lawrence Meyers - Israel Figured Out How to Prevent School Shootings 40 Years Ago-It's Time the US Followed Suit

                            They learned their lesson after enduring the Maalot Massacre in 1974 in which Palestinian terrorists took 115 people hostage at Netiv Meir Elementary School.