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Measles cases hit record high in Europe

More than 41,000 people have been infected with measles in the first six months of 2018.

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Penn lawyer who defended immigrants could face her own deportation - Philly

Esperanza Franco loved Penn - and Philadelphia. When she wasn't studying, she strolled South Street or took a seat at Rittenhouse Square to watch the world go by. - Jeff Gammage, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

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Asia Argento Paid Off Sexual Assault Accuser (Report) | Hollywood Reporter

Asia Argento paid off a former child actor who accused her of sexual assault. The Italian actress paid Jimmy Bennett $380,000 for an incident that occurred in May 2013. Argento was one of the first and most vocal accusers of disgraced movie mogul Harvey W

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Armed furniture store owner fights back would-be robber in Indianapolis | Fox News

An Indiana furniture store owner turned the tables on a would-be armed robber last month, pulling out his own firearm and forcing the suspect to bolt.

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British woman who fell off ship in Croatia credits singing and yoga for surviving 10-hour ordeal | Fox News

A British woman who was rescued 10 hours after falling from a Norwegian Star cruise ship Saturday credits singing and yoga for helping to survive the ordeal off the coast of Croatia.

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Van Rental in Toronto

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WATCH: Twitter CEO Makes Stunning Admission Of Bias During CNN Interview

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted during an interview with CNN reporter Brian Stelter that Twitter has a "left-leaning" bias, suggested that they do "shadow ban" people, and said that he has not done enough to implement his own "personal objectives" at Twi

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    Mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery

    If you happen to have a box of spaghetti in your pantry, try this experiment: Pull out a single spaghetti stick and hold it at both ends. Now bend it until it breaks. How many fragments did you make? If the answer is three or more, pull out another stick

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    Huge Wall Construction Update - 1600 Daily

    Donald Trump’s wall projects has made good progress in New Mexico. The Daily Caller reports: New Mexico is progressing on its 20-mile border wall construction west of Santa Teresa, replacing old posts and rail barriers as part of President Donald Tr

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    Special ops shoot down Brennan and his defenders: 'You put your politics before us' | Fox News

    John Brennan rallied numerous high-powered defenders to his corner over his security clearance clash with President Trump, but some well-known special ops heroes are firing back suggesting the former CIA director got what he deserves.

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    Motive in Question After Israeli Woman Killed by Palestinian Driver in West Bank | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.c

    An Israeli woman in her 40s died on Thursday night after she was run over by a Palestinian vehicle in...

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    Israel’s newest doctors hope to make an impact on overburdened medical system

    Amid a shortage of medical professionals and resources, the country’s latest immigrants are eager to help fill the gap

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    Dogs rush to help when owners cry, study suggests - CNN

    Dogs will move faster to be with their owners, on average, if the owner is crying versus humming a tune, a small study finds.

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    Far Left Attacks Vox for Reporting that Antifa Attacked Journalists | Breitbart

    HuffPost's "hate and extremism" reporter Christopher Mathias attacked a news outlet for covering Antifa violence against journalists.

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    15-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Man Choking Her Mother

    A 15-year-old girl in Forest City, North Carolina, shot and killed a man last week while he was choking her mother.

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    Two Teachers Save Eight Lives by Donating Kidneys | Breitbart

    Two separate living kidney donation chains saved eight lives, all because two Florida teachers decided to make a difference.

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    Chris Pratt to Teens While Accepting Teen Choice Award: "I Love God!"

    Chris Pratt to Teens While Accepting Teen Choice Award: “I Love God!”

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    US internet speeds increase since end of net neutrality, possibly because everyone's dead

    With everyone dead because of the net neutrality repeal, there's no one using any bandwidth.

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    OOPS: DNC Reverses Decision To Ban Fossil Fuel Donations Just Two Months After It Was Implemented

    The Democratic National Committee in June quietly passed a resolution that banned fossil fuel companies from donating to the party.

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    Trump Surprises Bikers by Inviting Them Into Golf Club, Joins Them in Pledge of Allegiance | Fox News Insider

    President Trump welcomed dozens of rain-soaked motorcycle riders at his New Jersey golf club on Saturday as part of the "Bikers for Trump" rally.

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    The Real Reasons Peter Strzok was Fired from the FBI - Sara A. Carter

    There are certainly more than just the anti-Trump text messages sent by former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok that led the second in command at the FBI to fire him. FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich actually overruled a recommendation by the bureau’

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    This Woman 'Enrolled' In Student Loan Forgiveness -- And Then Learned This

    She was depending on student loan forgiveness - and then was told this.

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    Benedict T. Palen, Jr | Techniques For Pull Scraper Operation

    Techniques For Pull Scraper Operation Pull scrapers have come into their own as an economical way to move dirt.   They offer advantages as far as capital costs and operating expenses when compared …

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    These 20 Older Toys Are Worth Way More Than You Think

    Do you own any of these older toys? With newer and shinier toys being released, older toys are getting a following, some people are even willing to pay thousands for certain ones.

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      An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes

      An 11-year-old on Friday was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website and change voting results found there in under 10 minutes.

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        Survey: Pet Owners Happier, Wealthier, More Fit Than Non-Owners - Study Finds

        If you think pets are the pits, you may not be living to your potential. A new survey finds that people who own pets are happier, earn more money, and exercise more frequently than those who don't.

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        Yosemite Closed Indefinitely As California Fires Grow To Largest In History: Map And Update

        The scope of California's fires is unprecedented and has resulted in the closure of Yosemite National Park as firefighters battle 17 large fires, one of which is the largest fire in California's history.

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        The Sleeping Beauty Problem

        This famous puzzle illuminates a deep controversy over what we mean by "probability," and how to reason when observer selection effects are in play.

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          Trump's Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans

          Trump's ban on allowing welfare-dependent immigrants to resettle permanently in the U.S. would likely save each taxpayer about $1,600 a year.

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          Ag Tech—Getting From A To Z | Benedict T. Palen, Jr.

          One of my consulting clients is a large irrigated farm located in the Middle East.  A strategic goal of the client is putting into place the latest ag tech tools, and utilizing precision farming.  …

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          Historic Cat Photos on International Cat Day - The Atlantic

          Fashions and technologies may change over time, but cats never go out of style.

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          Candidate Maria Estrada Doubles Down on Anti-Jewish Hate

          Maria Estrada’s hateful words spread fast on social media, in multiple print and online media from the local to national, and international levels.

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              The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America

              Family life looks very different across the country, depending when women first give birth.

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                Generation Shapiro | National Review

                Shapiro is someone that both Trump’s right-leaning opponents and right-minded friends respect.

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                More than 100 goats descend on a neighborhood in Boise

                The goats chowed down on flowerbeds, leaves and grass before being rounded up.

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                  Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter — ProPublica

                  The allegations against the Southwest Key youth care worker are the latest in a series of serious accusations of sexual abuse inside the government’s immigrant youth shelters.

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                    Judge demands independent audit of conditions at detention centers for migrant children

                    The monitor will oversee all three family detention centers run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement — two in Texas and one in Pennsylvania — as well as Border Patrol facilities in the Rio Grande sector along the Texas border.

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                      Airbnb is giving four lucky winners the honor of being among the first people in thousands of years to spend the night on the Great Wall of China.

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                        Bill O'Reilly: Bill's Weekly Column - General Kelly vs. the Phantoms

                        Protecting sources who disseminate false information is against the rules of journalism.  Printing and broadcasting erroneous information is a betrayal of the public trust. 

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                        Israel Warns Iran of Military Response If It Closes Key Red Sea Strait | Jewish & Israel News

                        Israel would deploy its military if Iran were to try to block the Bab al-Mandeb strait that links the Red Sea...

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                        AIPAC Hails Key Pro-Israel Provisions of Annual Defense Funding Bill Passed by Senate | Jewish & Israel News Algemei

                        The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Senate on Wednesday contains a number of key pro-Israel...

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                        Maori Group Holds Apology Ceremony Over New Zealand’s Opposition to Israel at UN | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner

                        A group representing the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand held this week a traditional ceremony of apology for the...

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                        Manafort trial continues with luxury suits, Trump tweets - CNNPolitics

                        Prosecutors on Wednesday sought to illustrate Paul Manafort's expensive taste in suits, cars and real estate -- paid for by wire transfers from offshore accounts -- while President Donald Trump took to Twitter to sound off on the trial of his former campa

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                        Illegal Alien Charged With Child Sex Crimes

                        Federal law enforcement officials arrested a Guatemalan national in Rhode Island this week for allegedly distributing child pornography on Facebook.

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                          UNFAKE THE NEWS: Twitter Shadow Bans Conservatives, But Blames Their Algorithm | The Daily Caller

                          Twitter recently changed their algorithm and it led to the "shadow banning" of many prominent Republican figures.

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                          EXCLUSIVE: Kim Dotcom Drops Bombshell on Twitter, Facebook: "Their Days Are Numbered;" Confirms He's Now Building Rival 'Free Speech' Social Media Platform – True Pundit

                          Kim Dotcom and Thomas Paine had a conversation over the weekend where the internet entrepreneur confirmed he is currently building a new social media platform to rival the totalitarian duo of Twitter and Facebook. “It’s true and it’s goi

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                            Facebook bug switches 14 million users' default sharing settings to public

                            Facebook is informing 14 million users that what they assumed were private posts could have been viewable by the public. A bug caused the users' “suggested” sharing option to be set to “public” by default, rather than basing the suggestion&he

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                              Why Israel Prefers Old F-15s to F-35s

                              The Israeli Air Force needs long-range aircraft that can carry a lot of fuel and weapons, because of Iran.

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                              ‘New York Times’ shills for ‘largely peaceful’ Gazan rioters and arsonists |

                              The role of a shill is to conceal any nefarious intent by the huckster, to protect the sheen of the product. Consistent with this, the newspaper’s highly selective attention to the facts of the Gaza story served to conceal Hamas’s own double message.

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                              Veteran commits suicide hours after being turned away at VA facility – Rest In Peace

                              A former Marine and Army National Guardsmen killed himself after being denied admittance to a VA facility in Iowa City, despite telling doctors that he was having "serious mental issues." Brandon Ketchum, 33, killed himself only a few hours after being tu

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                              Teen peace program unites Jews, Muslims and Christians

                              Three-week Hands of Peace program in Carlsbad brought together American, Israeli and Palestinian teens for dialogues and team-building

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                                Josh Namm on Twitter

                                “@MiakaKuroishi @RealJamesWoods @Twitter @jack Im the co-founder of We’re the only platform designed specifically to share, discuss & discover articles. We’re not trying to compete with Twitter (any more than IG or Pinte

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                                STUDY: Banning Straws Could Lead To Environmental And Economic Complications | Daily Wire

                                The state of California has tackled a variety of social reforms including raising taxes, lowering the standard of living, clamping down on small businesses, and of course the evil nemesis of all leftists, the straw.

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                                Netflix To Offer Documentary About Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

                                On August 1, Netflix will offer a documentary about Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who is known for his anti-Semitic views.

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                                Report: Marines lead all services in binge drinking, sex partners

                                A report by the Rand Corporation says drinking and risky sexual behavior rates in the military are higher than in the general population, with the Marines leading the way.

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                                NY Times Makes Reportedly False Claim About Israel's Founder, Refuses To Offer Retraction

                                The New York Times, caught repeating a reportedly false claim from 1987 that Israel's founding prime minister David Ben Gurion wanted Israel to give up land it had conquered in the 1967 Six-Day War, has refused to correct the error even though the 19

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                                The Decline of the Civil War Re-enactor - The New York Times

                                The 155th anniversary Gettysburg re-enactment was a snapshot of a hobby with dwindling ranks.

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                                Crews stop spread of brush fire east of Safari Park that burned 240 acres between San Pasqual and Ramona

                                A brush fire broke out east of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park between San Pasqual and Ramona on Friday afternoon, drawing a fast and heavy attack by fire crews and helicopters as it quickly charred roughly 240 acres of rugged terrain and prompted evacuatio

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                                Jack Lew Criticizes Trump Trade, Interrupted by News It's Working

                                "I'm in a little bit of a bad position to respond..."

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                                Israeli man stabbed to death in a terror attack Thursday night | The Times of Israel

                                Clashes break out as IDF enters attacker's village, prepares to demolish house; 150 protesters throw rocks and Molotov cocktails; security at settlements to be increased

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                                California city OKs jail time for defying plastic straw ban

                                A California coastal city has become the latest municipality to ban plastic straws, enacting what is potentially the strictest plastic prohibition

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                                Israeli woman wins Dog Photographer of the Year prize

                                Elinor Roizman from Ashkelon is the first Israeli to earn a first-place prize in the Kennel Club’s annual international photo competition.

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                                The Israeli saving lives in Syria

                                Despite grave risks, Israeli Gal Lusky has been going undercover into Syria to aid victims of the civil war. Now, she has revealed her identity. ISRAEL21c goes up to the border with Syria to investigate.

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                                BOMBSHELL: Liberal Publication Says Twitter Is Censoring Republicans | Daily Wire

                                Twitter is censoring prominent Republicans and conservatives in the media with a technique known as "shadow banning" that limits how many people are able to see content from the affected accounts, according to a report from a liberal publication

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                                Double whammy: Female IDF officer downs Syrian jet and drone

                                Cpt. Or Na'aman, commander of the Patriot battery of the 138th battalion, also commanded interception of Syrian drone two weeks ago

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                                President Trump's Walk of Fame star was smashed to pieces - CNNPolitics

                                President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a man with a pickax early Wednesday morning, according to Los Angeles police officer Ray Brown.

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                                Liquid Cats That Take Shape of Their Containers

                                Once you realize all cats are actually liquid, you'll never see world the same way as before.

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                                Demi Lovato hospitalized for apparent heroin overdose: report

                                Demi Lovato was ;taken to a hospital in Los Angeles after suffering what appears to be a heroin overdose according to TMZ which cited&#x

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                                Holocaust Survivor Leads Panel Discussion at Comic-Con About Art During World War II

                                A survivor of three Nazi concentration camps led a panel discussion about art and the Holocaust on Thursday at the Comic-Con International...

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                                San Diego council votes to limit Airbnb rentals to primary residences only

                                In a move that will dramatically alter San Diego’s home sharing landscape, the City Council Monday voted to outlaw vacation rentals in secondary homes, limiting short-term stays to one’s primary residence only.

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                                Experts open sarcophagus to reveal skeletons lying in soggy mess – GeekWire

                                Archaeologists have opened up a mysterious black sarcophagus in Egypt, and although they didn’t uncover an evil curse, they did uncover an evil-looking mess.

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                                Facebook’s Zuckerberg says he won’t remove Holocaust denial posts

                                Founder of social media giant says those denying Holocaust may be doing so unintentionally and should not be removed, drawing condemnation from ADL; later clarifies remarks

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                                Trump's 'incredible' Air Force One to be red, white and blue, cost $3.9 billion

                                The next generation of Air Force One will abandon the planes' traditional color scheme in favor of red, white and blue, President Donald Trump said. The Department of Defense announced Tuesday that Boeing secured the $3.9 billion contract for two pla

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                                  Starbucks' flavored drinks lose Kosher certification - CBS News

                                  A top Kosher certification company has dropped Starbucks drinks with syrups, sauces, toppings and powders

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                                  I was Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh's law clerk -- Let me tell you about the man I know

                                  During his 12 years on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Judge Kavanaugh has had many law clerks. It was my immense good fortune to be one of them.

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                                  Critics slam 'embarrassing' Mayor Sadiq Khan for feuding with Trump while London faces rising crime, knife deaths | Fox

                                  London Mayor Sadiq Khan slammed President Trump’s criticism of him as “preposterous” after allowing a giant Trump balloon at anti-Trump protests in London, while critics question whether the mayor should devote his energy to the crime problem ruinin

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                                  Gowdy: Strzok 'the Only Person in America Who Doesn't Think He Was Biased' | Breitbart

                                  Thursday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), criticized FBI agent Peter Strzok, who testified before a congressional committee | Breitbart TV

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                                  Black Pastors Call for Maxine Waters to Be Censured for Inciting ‘Mob Rule’ |

                                  A coalition of black pastors ask House Speaker Paul Ryan to censure Rep. Maxine Waters for "inciting mob rule" against Trump officials.

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                                  Peter Strzok: I Didn't Really Mean Trump Supporters Were 'Ignorant Hillbillies' | Breitbart

                                  Peter Strzok said his disparaging comments about "ignorant hillbilly" Trump supporters were not meant to disparage Trump supporters.

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                                  Someone In Ohio Called Police On A Black Family Delivering Newspapers

                                  Brandie Sharp and her two sons were out delivering the afternoon paper when a cop showed up.

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                                  Swift Gene-Editing Method May Revolutionize Treatments for Cancer and Infectious Diseases - The New York Times

                                  Scientists report that they have discovered a way to tweak genes in the body’s immune cells by using electrical fields.

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                                  Thai cave rescue: All 13 rescued!

                                  "All 12 'Wild Boars' and coach have been extracted from the cave," Thai navy SEALS say

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                                  Walk Away: Leftists Abuse St. Jude Family Who Thanked Eric Trump For Raising Millions of Dollars to Help Children With Cancer

                                  Nothing is too low for leftists; they’ll even attack a family with a precious little boy battling cancer. A Memphis, Tennessee woman was on the receiving end of abuse from leftists after she decided to thank Eric Trump for donating and helping raise

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                                  Four boys rescued from Thailand cave: What we know now

                                  Four of the young Thai soccer players trapped in a partially flooded cave for more than two weeks were rescued Sunday, and authorities said the operation went better than planned. The four were among 12 members of the Wild Boars, ages 11-16, who ventured

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                                  Hawaii to ban sale of reef-damaging sunscreens by 2021 - Distressed Mullet

                                  Hawaii has passed legislation to ban the sale of sunscreens containing two coral-harming chemicals—oxybenzone and octinoxate. Senate Bill 2571, introduced

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                                    Dogs Use 19 Referential Signals to Communicate With Humans

                                    These are the gestures our pets use to tell us they want food, toys, and love.