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Suitors Line Up to Operate ArcLight Hollywod, Cinerama Dome

Marcus Theatres CEO Greg Marcus told investors that some ArcLight Hollywood and Pacific Theatres locations are too productive to stay dark.

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Star Trek: Why Spock Limps in 'The Cage’

In the original Star Trek pilot 'The Cage,' Mr. Spock sports a limp. The episode gives the reasons why but questions have remained nonetheless.

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The best comedy movies on HBO Max

We sifted through HBO Max's vast movie library so you don't have to

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AFI Launches Virtual Gallery of Robert Osborne's TCM Intros (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

The beloved TCM host died in 2017, but will live on forever on the website of the AFI, an institution he loved.

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Billie Hayes Dies: Wicked Witchiepoo Of ‘H.R. Pufnstuf’ Was 96

Billie Hayes, who played Witchiepoo on the 1969-70 Saturday morning live-action children's classic 'H.R. Pufnstuf,' has died at 96 in Los Angeles.

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15 Must-See TV Shows for Architects and Architecture Lovers

We picked architecture shows that include interesting world-building, unique design, and even ones that feature architects as characters.

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Prince Harry gets standing ovation at Vax Live charity concert in LA | Daily Mail Online

Prince Harry was among many high profile stars - including Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez - to take the stage at Sunday night's concert taping at the So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood.

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    Michael Goodwin: Tim Scott's speech – here's what Biden, Dems can learn from SC senator's inspiring words

    There were two big speeches in Washington last week, and one was terrific. President Biden gave the other one. 

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      New scene from Disneyland's Snow White ride is prompting backlash

      Snow White is the latest Disney theme park attraction to stir controversy, following backlash for "negative depictions" of indigenous people in scenes on The Jungle Cruise attraction and for the Splash Mountain attraction's ties to the 1946 film "Son

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        Star Trek: Why Ellison Wanted His Name Off 'City on the Edge of Forever'

        It took over ten months to produce a final script for one of Star Trek's best episodes, with unpaid rewrites and changes infuriating Harlan Ellison.

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        Reliable Rubber Products Manufacturers in Massachusetts, USA - Atlantic Rubber Company Inc.

        Atlantic Rubber Company Inc. is among the leading and excellent manufacturer of rubber products in USA, which provides precise rubber and plastic products including grommets, bumpers, bellows, bushings, and gaskets. Call us today for more.

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        ‘The Flintstones’ Adult Animated Comedy Sequel ‘Bedrock’ From Elizabeth Banks In Works At Fox

        Yabba-Dabbo-Doo! Elizabeth Banks’ Flintstones sequel series Bedrock has landed at Fox. The network is developing the primetime animated adult comedy series with the Charlie Angels and Hunger Games star set to voice Pebbles Flintstone in addition to produc

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        Amanda Milius on the Oscars: Hollywood Now Culturally Irrelevant

        Filmmaker Amanda Milius told Breitbart News on Monday that Hollywood undermined its own influence over America by abandoning conservatives.

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          How Hollywood Uses State Tax Credits To Profit Off Of The People It Hates

          Hollywood is a political business that can use Georgian money back to fund leftist endeavors, warns Professor J.C. Bradbury.

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            Is Bill Maher Becoming America’s Voice of Reason?

            Is Bill Maher America's voice of reason? It's hard to ignore the words of wisdom he's been dropping lately warning about the country's direction.

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              Nolte: Woketard Oscar Ratings Plummet 58%—First Time Below 10M Viewers

              Oscar ratings collapsed 58 percent over last year's record low. Fewer than ten million tuned in for the first time ever.

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                Increasingly Woke Oscars Hits All-Time Low TV Ratings

                One Oscars producer admitted last week that the infiltration of woke politics may be turning viewers away from the once-influential show.

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                  Inside The $205,000 Oscar 2021 Gift Bag: From A Spa Retreat To ‘Poetry For Neanderthals’

                  Every year, celebrity and product-placement marketing company Distinctive Assets puts together a gift bag that the 25 nominees for best actor and director awards take home with them, whether they win or not.

                  Entertainment | Entertainment

                  Academy Awards: Depressingly Woke & Dull

                  In future years, not only will people not be watching the Oscars (last year’s ceremony hit an all-time low of 23.6 million viewers, and this one won’t approach that), but you’ll have to explain why people once thought these things were once considered fun

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                  Top 20 Best Original Song Oscar Winners of All Time - Variety

                  Best original song Oscar winners have included dozens of classics. Here are 20 of the best, from "White Christmas" to "Lose Yourself."

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                  What’s Leaving Netflix in May 2021: Movies, TV Shows

                  The best movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in May 2021, including Julie & Julia, Sherlock, Brokeback Mountain, The Blair Witch Project, and more.

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                  Best Mystery TV Shows on Amazon Prime to Stream Right Now

                  When you want to settle in for a "whodunnit," stream these mysteries on Amazon Prime.

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                  Jimmy Kimmel fails to ask Ellen about claims of her 'toxic behavior' | Daily Mail Online

                  Jimmy Kimmel failed to ask Ellen DeGeneres a single question about the allegations of her 'toxic behavior' in the workplace during her first interview since the claims surfaced last year.

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                    ‘Downton Abbey 2’ Hitting Theaters in December With Original Cast Returning

                    A sequel to 'Downton Abbey' will open in December with Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, and Dominic West joining the original cast members.

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                    Petition update · IMPORTANT UPDATE ON ARCLIGHT CINEMAS

                    Hey everyone! I received important behind the scenes information about what's going on regarding Arclight Cinemas, and a possible solution to save the chain. A source who is highly reputable sent me this.
                    "Rick Caruso is the reason Pacific Theatres decide

                    Entertainment | TNG

                    This episode of TNG would have had a bitter Chekov

                    This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) would have had a bitter Pavel Chekov portrayed by Walter Koenig from the original series

                    Entertainment | The Original Series

                    Star Trek: The Original Series' Theme Had Lyrics (And They're Terrible)

                    Though they never aired, lyrics did exist for the iconic Star Trek theme, and they're almost as bad as the history behind them.

                    Entertainment | New Star Trek!

                    Star Trek Strange New Worlds Showrunner Says it Will Mimic Original Series

                    Akiva Goldsman, showrunner for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, says the structure of the new series will be similar to that of the original Star Trek.

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                    The Night Jim Morrison and the Doors Saw ‘2001’ at the Cinerama Dome

                    The Doors’ Ray Manzarek was known as a skilled keyboardist and respected music producer (his credits include seminal albums by X), but he was also a knowledgeable movie buff, having graduated from UCLA’s film program and receiving his MFA in cinematograph

                    Entertainment | Netflix

                    The 45 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now: April 2021

                    With thousands of titles available, browsing your Netflix menu can feel like a full-time job. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, take a look at our picks for the best movies on Netflix right now.

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                    Student warns her classmates she "can't sing" but her performance has them going nuts

                    A school had an open mic where any student could do what they wanted. 

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                      PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman seen for first time as legendary Lucille Ball as she films biopic

                      Kidman, 53, who wore a shoulder-length wig, wrapped up warm on a chilly LA day in a black hooded coat as she waited between takes.

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                      LA Neighborhood Deteriorates Into Violent Gang-Run Street Slum

                      A homeless encampment in northeast Los Angeles overrun by gang activity has prompted frustrated residents to beg apathetic city officials for help.

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                      'She should be quiet!' Meghan Markle told to 'SHUT UP' as eyes turn to Prince Philip’s funeral

                      An Australian TV show host told Meghan Markle to shut up following her opting out of attending Prince Philip's funeral amid her pregnancy

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                      Delingpole: Doom Goblin Greta's TV Show Is a Massive Ratings Flop

                      Even though the BBC gave it its best shot: the primetime 9pm slot, a guest appearance from Sir David Attenborough, it tanked.

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                        Elvis made the song famous, and Andrea Bocelli's version will leave you breathless

                        Andre Bocelli brings something completely special to this memorable song.

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                          Aaron Rodgers in Disbelief After 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Miss Green Bay Packers Question

                          Aaron Rodgers was left in disbelief during a recent Jeopardy! episode after all three contestants missed a Green Bay Packers question. Rodgers has been the current guest host of the iconic quiz show, and during a new episode he read the following $400 clu

                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                          Jerry Lewis doing the Jitterbug is a classic movie moment — They don't make them like they used to!

                          According to the Internet Movie Database, it's about "An unsophisticated stationmaster from provincial New Mexico [who] fraudulently claims that he is dying in order to get a... dream tour of New York."

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                            Dad asks 3-year-old daughter to sing, when she steps up to the mic she'll blow you away

                            I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this adorable little girl's rendition of "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

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                              Looks like Disney has made a 'real' lighstaber and this is how it works

                              Disney has made many a fans dream come true by creating its very own lightsaber. The weapon of choice for Jedis has had many a toy replica, but a new patent...

                              Entertainment | Entertainment

                              Crowd begs for more after school girl choir puts a new twist on an old classic rock song

                              The audience couldn't get enough, and neither can we!

                                Entertainment | Entertainment

                                In Defense of Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino,' Now Under Attack from Left-Wing Cancel Mob

                                It was only a matter of time before the left-wing cancel mob came for Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood's 2008 movie about a bigoted retired autoworker and his Asian Hmong neighbors. The racial epithets spewed by protagonist Walt Kowalski are so prolific that i

                                Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

                                How Strong Is King Kong? And Could He Even Stand Up?

                                In physics, big things are not like small things. Here's what that means for a giant gorilla.

                                Entertainment | Star Trek News

                                A New Star Trek Movie Is Officially Coming To Theaters, Sorry Tarantino

                                Paramount has scheduled a Star Trek movie, but I have so many questions.

                                Entertainment | Entertainment

                                Don Knotts as the "nervous weatherman" will have you roaring with laughter

                                He's so funny and he can make you laugh with good clean humor. Loved him!

                                  Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

                                  What's the Deal With Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment?

                                  The internet is going wild over this layout diagram that shows why Jerry Seinfeld's apartment hallway could not exist by all known logic

                                  Entertainment | Entertainment

                                  "Let's Dance" by Chris Montez will take you back to 1962, and just look at the dance moves!

                                  Montez was a big-time singer. The Beatles even opened for him if you can believe it!

                                    Entertainment | Movies

                                    2001: A Space Odyssey: 16 Things to Look for the Next Time You Watch

                                    From ahead-of-the-curve furniture design to geeky scientific fact-check details, here’s what to zoom in on the next time you’re sitting awestruck watching Stanley Kubrick’s '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

                                    Entertainment | Entertainment

                                    Little boy steals the show when he starts dancing at a Rascal Flatts concert

                                    It's got over 8 million views and it's no wonder because this kid is simply adorable.

                                      Entertainment | Entertainment

                                      Can you spot all five differences between these two images of Elvis Presley?

                                      Click to view a larger version and see if you got them all!

                                        Entertainment | Music

                                        Dancing with the Clown: R.I.P. Dave Busacker

                                        Entertainment | Entertainment

                                        Teenager walks on stage for talent show. When friends join in, it's a routine unlike any I've seen

                                        We love this kinda stuff!

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          C'mon Tarantino, release the 20-hour cut of Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood

                                          In an interview with Variety, Margot Robbie mentioned that Quentin Tarantino has a 20-hour cut of Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood. Sounds like a potential candidate for another Netflix miniseries.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          Here’s every single one of the 53 new Netflix originals coming in April 2021

                                          Netflix subscribers actually have a bunch of big releases to look forward to this month. During 2019 and the first half of 2020, that would be a ridiculous statement because Netflix subscribers had tons of great releases to look forward to each and every

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          The Real Reason Making 'Mad Men' Was Such A Risk

                                          Even still, after the pilot was shot, neither the crew nor the cast thought the series would be picked up.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          Benefits That Rubber Products Have Brought to the Healthcare Industry

                                          Rubber is a go-to material for medical supplies because of its versatility. It’s incorporated into an endless range of popular healthcare products and plays a huge role in this field’s efficacy. Because rubber can be used in so many different medical products, it’s hugely profitable for rubber products distributors.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          Atlantic Rubber Company Inc, Leading Manufacturers of Custom O Rings

                                          Atlantic Rubber Company Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of custom O-rings for all industries and applications. Request a quote with us to know more about rubber tubing.

                                          Entertainment | The Original Series

                                          Star Trek: Why the Enterprise Was Originally the Yorktown

                                          Behind the original name for Star Trek's Enterprise is American history, though this hasn't made Yorktown a major player in the franchise's canon.

                                          Entertainment | Quarantine Life: Things To Do

                                          95 Things People Have Made Themselves During Quarantine That Are Honestly Inspiring

                                          Take a skill, add a dash of talent, pour in some patience and blend it with some spare time. Voila! Enjoy your next cool domestic DIY project idea.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          6 Shows to Stream If You Love Gardening!

                                          Whether you're looking for landscaping inspiration or simply want to level up your backyard game, here are six shows to watch if you have a love for gardening.

                                          Entertainment | William Shatner

                                          William Shatner Has Never Watched Star Trek

                                          Star Trek: The Original Series lead William Shatner has never watched an episode of Star Trek. That's what he told People in a recent interview promoting his new film Senior Moment. Discussing his role as Captain James T. Kirk that helped launch his caree

                                          Entertainment | Netflix

                                          9 Best Mystery Movies on Netflix

                                          The mystery genre is as ambiguous and varied as any in film, and Netflix has a library of films that venture into that cinematic void.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          How to Watch Local Channels on Your Roku Device

                                          There are several ways to get local programming on your Roku device. In this guide, we'll teach you how to leverage various Roku channels and OTA antennas.

                                          Entertainment | HBO

                                          Warner Bros. will return to theatrical releases in 2022, ending its HBO Max experiment

                                          Warner Bros. has signed a new deal with Regal Cinemas owner Cineworld that will see the studio’s films return to theatrical exclusivity in 2022 — meaning that the current strategy of simultaneous HBO Max releases will end for films like The Batman.

                                          Entertainment | William Shatner

                                          The Star Trek Episodes That Define Captain Kirk

                                          On March 22nd both William Shatner and Captain James Tiberius Kirk celebrate their birthday—so to mark the occasion we look back at 10 classic episodes of Star Trek that all speak to different facets of the iconic Captain of the starship Enterprise.

                                          Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

                                          Watch What The Mandalorian Looks Like Before and After ILM Adds Its Special Effects | Mental Floss

                                          Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ introduced a massive Krayt dragon and a whole host of other jaw-dropping special effects. See how ILM did it.

                                          Entertainment | Music

                                          The Tornados - Vaquero

                                          Provided to YouTube by Redeye WorldwideVaquero · The TornadoesBustin' Surfboards℗ Sundazed Music Inc.Released on: 2017-04-07Artist: The TornadoesAuto-generat...

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment News!

                                          The 29 worst mistakes in films, from Captain Marvel to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

                                          From a mix-up over breakfast in 'Pretty Woman' to a modern car in the backgroud of a battle scene in 'Braveheart', Charlotte Cripps picks some of the most famous film mistakes ever made 

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment News!

                                          Yaphet Kotto Dies: Bond Villain and 'Alien' Actor Was 81

                                          Yaphet Kotto, an actor known for his performances in "Alien" and "Live and Let Die," has died. He was 81.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          22 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

                                          Searching for a great show to watch tonight? Let's round up Amazon's best gems.

                                          Entertainment | Netflix

                                          Netflix comically tries to crack down on account sharing

                                          The video-streaming service Netflix began a test to limit password sharing, but the system has a few flaws.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          The Best Westerns On Netflix Right Now

                                          From stagecoach heists to Tarantino revenge fantasies, these Westerns on Netflix get everything right about the genre.

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment News!

                                          James Bond: Outlander Sam Heughan on replacing Daniel Craig as 007 "Don't want to jinx it'

                                          JAMES BOND favourite Sam Heughan just spoke about replacing Daniel Craig as 007 after No Time To Die. Is it second time lucky for The Outlander star, who is promoting his new movie SAS Red Notice? He previously auditioned for Casino Royale before Craig ba

                                          Entertainment | Entertainment

                                          Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Not So Much Victims As They Are Spoiled Brats | Todd Starnes

                                          I’m not a marriage counselor, but I’d be willing to bet a case of Earl Gray tea that Ms. Markle... View Article

                                            Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

                                            You Wear It Well: The Uniforms of Star Trek 

                                            The Delta Shield. The colors: red, gold and blue. The form-fitting jackets and often black trousers. Even the confining jumpsuits. Star Trek uniforms have a special place in pop culture, equal in renown maybe only by the jerseys and full kits of certain s

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment News!

                                            10 Facts About 'Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham' | Mental Floss

                                            'Outlander' stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are celebrating all things Scotland in their new travel series, 'Men in Kilts.'

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment

                                            5 Reasons Why Pulp Fiction Will Always Be Quentin Tarantino's Best Movie

                                            I asked you what the best Quentin Tarantino movie is. And after all these years, there’s only one answer, Pulp Fiction.

                                            Entertainment | Film

                                            These are the best spy thrillers to stream right now

                                            From Amazon Prime to Disney+ (yes, really), we’ve rounded up the ten best spy thrillers to take you to the edge of your seat…

                                            Entertainment | Music

                                            Surfer Joe & Band - The Astronauts Medley live in Kyoto

                                            Live at Modern Times in Kyoto, JapanSurfer Joe Japan TourRecorded on April 14th, 2018Surfer Joe / Lorenzo Valdambrini (guitar)Jonpaul Balak (bass)Vincent Min...

                                            Entertainment | Music

                                            Malaguena - The Bambi Molesters - Live CD/DVD "A Night In Zagreb"

                                            "A Night In Zagreb", directed by M.A. Littler, Slowboat Films, Dancing Bear Records- you can order the DVD + double live CD package here: www.thebambimoleste...

                                            Entertainment | Culture/Art

                                            Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and founder of City Lights, dead at 101

                                            Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet, publisher, painter and pivotal figure to the Beats and about...

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment

                                            Paramount Plus will cost $10 ad-free, $5 with ads on 'base' tier launching in June

                                            CBS All Access, the service that Paramount Plus is replacing, currently costs $6 a month with ads and $10 a month without.

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment

                                            NBC Pulling ‘Nurses’ Episode From Digital Platforms After Criticism Over Orthodox Jewish Storyline

                                            NBC is pulling the season finale of its Canadian import Nurses from its digital platforms amid backlash from national Jewish organizations regarding a scene they accuse of being anti-Semitic. A net…

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment

                                            The CW’s Superman & Lois finds a new way to solve The Superman Problem

                                            Are Superman stories boring? In the Arrowverse’s latest superhero show, Superman’s kids certainly think so. Superman & Lois returns Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch to their roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and finds them dealing with teenage sons j

                                            Entertainment | Culture/Art

                                            Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Beat Poet And Small Press Publisher, Dies At 101

                                            In 1956, Ferlinghetti published the first edition of Allen Ginsberg's Howl. According to one critic, his greatest accomplishments were fighting censorship and starting a small press revolution.

                                            Entertainment | Culture/Art

                                            Rebellion and rock ‘n’ roll: The Sunset Strip in the ’60s

                                            How go-go dancing teens—and the underage clubs that embraced them—turned the Strip technicolor.

                                            Entertainment | Entertainment

                                            Exclusive: Bombshell Investigative Book Exposes Deep Corruption Within America's Media Establishment

                                            A forthcoming book by Breitbart News Network Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow exposes the breathtaking corruption and unfathomable deception of the corporate media class, according to a source familiar with the material.  | Media

                                              Entertainment | Entertainment

                                              Sacha Baron Cohen On 'Borat' Ethics And Why His Disguise Days Are Over

                                              Baron Cohen has been chased, sued and nearly arrested while in character. A scary experience with a gun rights rally while filming Borat 2 solidified his decision: "At some point, your luck runs out."