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This Snow Sculpture of a Car Was So Convincing Cops Tried to Write It a Ticket | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Museums Free-for-All Day 2018

SoCal Museums has announced the 13th Annual Museums Free-for-All on Sunday, January 28, 2018. Dozens of museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science—will open their doors and invite visitors to attend their museums free of c

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Congress let CHIP’s funding expire 102 days ago, and it’s a national disgrace - Vox

It would cost $800 million to extend kids’ health insurance. That’s 0.1 percent of the price of the tax overhaul.

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25th Amendment: How do we decide whether the president is competent?

What do we do if the American president is senile, unhinged, dangerously impulsive, divorced from reality, suffering from short-term memory loss, likely to start a nuclear war and therefore dangero…

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Democracy is far from dead

Democracy has taken some hard hits. But before we cede bragging rights to autocrats, or persuade ourselves of the need for precipitate action to arrest a perilous strategic slide, we need perspective on what has been happening.

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Living in the White Space – Audrey Jacobs – Medium

“Mommy, please can you paint the walls white?” his sweet eyes pleading with pain.

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Why Are There Faux Stone Retaining Walls Along One Bit of the 405? - Los Angeles Magazine

The freeway gets fancy

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Free Podcast on Epigenetics with Rachel Yehuda

Great talk with Rachel Yehuda on epigenetics and how trauma impacts our bodies, brains, and how it gets passed on AND how we can heal it.

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Humira’s Best-Selling Drug Formula: Start at a High Price. Go Higher.

AbbVie’s anti-inflammatory drug Humira was never cheap, selling for about $19,000 a year in 2012. It’s gone up by 100 percent since then.

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    The Invention of Empathy: Rilke, Rodin, and the Art of “Inseeing”

    How a doctor, a philosopher, a poet, and a sculptor co-created the modern concept of empathy.

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      The 50 Best Podcasts of 2017

      The shows that kept listeners refreshing their apps this year

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        27 fascinating maps that show how Americans speak English differently across the US

        A survey of more than 30,000 people, turned into a series of maps, showcase the linguistic quirks that make American English such a fascinating dialect.

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        Made in China: New and Potentially Lifesaving Drugs

        A growing number of Chinese pharmaceutical companies are trying to break into the United States, seeking regulatory approval to offer their treatments for cancer and other ailments.

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        A popular sugar additive may have fueled the spread of not one but two superbugs

        A widely used sugar additive called trehalose may have led to the emergence of two hyper-virulent strains of Clostridium difficile, better known as C. diff.

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        Craving nostalgia? Try one of these historic L.A. restaurants

        Los Angeles architecture firm Armet and Davis designed the Googie-style Pann’s Coffee Shop for the Panagopoulos family in 1958. Featuring a sweeping roofline, stone walls, terrazzo floors, red leather booths and an animated neon sign, Pann’s has staye

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        Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco - Damn Delicious

        Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco - Amazingly refreshing, bubbly, and sweet - a perfect summer cocktail that you can make in just 5 minutes!

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        Looks Like We Made It: OU, Chabad Conquer Comic Books | Everyday Jewish Living | OU Life

        Since 1939, when the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #1, one question has plagued aficionados of four-color literature:

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        6 Big Moving Mistakes (with images) · demiistanley

        Moving from one house to another is often very stressful. Here's a way to avoid many common moving mistakes.

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        8 Tips When Moving Into New Home by Demi Stanley

        Definitely moving to a new house is very exciting, but it can be also very stressful. However, if you follow a few tips you can build a plan for the whole removal. This will ensure a smooth and easy h...

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        Useful Tips For How To Save Money When Moving

        You are planning to organise a move and the time to finalise it is coming. How much will cost to hire a furniture removal company?

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        4 Clues To Make Your Moving Easier – Demi Stanley – Medium

        Changing homes can be very stressful, but at the same time exciting. In order to make the whole moving process easier for you, ensure good…

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        5 Ordinary Things That Remove Stains

        Follow theses step-by-step instructions, with explanations and photos, on how to do this: 5 Ordinary Things That Remove Stains

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        10 Innovative Ways to Make Your Home Look Like New (with images) · demiistanley

        ​In a perfect world, your house will remain the same all the time. But over the time, the beautiful and modern decorations change and perish. And a time comes when you have to change one or two things. Check out these 10 ideas that will help you turn yo

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        Take a Look at The Incredible Adele's “Lock House" in West Sussex - Realty Times

        The community looks on celebrities as “shining example of model”. Whether they’re actors, dancers or singers – these people ar...

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        7 Alternative Methods to Clean The Oven

        7 Alternative Methods to Clean The Oven

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        World Health Organization is recognizing gaming disorder as a mental health condition

        The World Health Organization is officially recognizing gaming disorder, or video game addiction, as a mental health condition.

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        TODAY'S PROMOTION - Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

        Price slashed saving you a whopping 30%...

        Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more

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          KINNIE: Malta's Own Favourite Soft Drink

          Kinnie is a soft drink produced and sold in Malta. Whilst Cisk may hold the nation’s heart as Malta's favourite lager, the Maltese are just as passionate about their own locally produced, unique soft drink. Enjoyed by children and adults alike Kinnie can be found anywhere and everywhere you would expect to find other similar soft drinks.

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            Lego is helping physics students stay in school, 'cos it's the best

            Teachers at Flinders University in Australia are using Lego cars to help physics students understand concepts like measurement error and variability.

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            iPhone Battery Scandal: Apple Had Way Better Options Than Slowing Down Your Phone | WIRED

            The company has admitted it's been slowing the performance of older iPhones. But here's why it shouldn't have to.

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            Fire Alarm, Shots Fired At Nakatomi Plaza - WSMH19 Local News

            Trouble Tonight At Nakatomi Plaza Police, SWAT, and FBI are surrounding Nakatomi Plaza at this hour after a police officer was reportedly fired upon.

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            Mark Hamill confirms he wasn’t crazy about Luke’s arc in The Last Jedi

            Mark Hamill wasn't crazy about some of the choices director Rian Johnson made with Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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            Therapy for schizophrenia

            Nick has been on the street due to schizophrenia; He is a very bright and loving 40 year old with whom I have been having lunch with, twice a week for the past 3 months. Nick’s Heart  opened up and he is willing to receive professional help. Nick inher

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            Disney's Hall of Presidents Unveils Trump and It's... Uhhhh (Video)

            Walt Disney World unveiled its animatronic Donald Trump for its "Hall of Presidents" attraction, and the reaction has not been pretty

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            How to Party Like Twin Peaks on New Year's Eve

            Local rockers Twin Peaks gave us party tips, hangover cures and walked us through some of their wildest New Year's Eve experiences.

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            8 Things to Enjoy This Chanukah

            Chanukah is coming, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy and inspiring eight-day Festival of Lights!

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            Gifts Your Parents Would Never Buy the Ten-Year-Old You

            Every kid knows the best way to get almost every item on your Christmas list is to include one outlandish, obscenely-expensive item your parents will never go for. Out of guilt, they’ll happily deliver everything else on your list. But you’re an adult

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            Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives – Brain Pickings

            How to fine-tune the internal monologue that scores every aspect of our lives, from leadership to love.

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            3 Things People Who Served In The Military Do That Make Them Look Like Tools

            While it’s great to be proud of one’s service, it’s also the mark of a huge tool bag if he is unable to talk about anything but his time in the belly of the beast.

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            These are 15 of the best photos scientists took in 2017 — and they show the world in stunning ways

            For their jobs, scientists explore the most unique corners of our world, observing the beauty of nature. There's lots of incredible photo opportunities.

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            Generation X had the luxury of being rebel slackers, but Millennials have to be total squares

            You know Generation X. The ones who skateboarded through high school with flannel shirts and angry music during a period of economic stability. The ones who criticized the establishment while…

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            Toblerone vs. Poundland: A Food Fight With Peaks and Troughs

            After the Swiss company reconfigured its iconic Matterhorn-shaped chocolate bar, the British discount chain released a rival, Twin Peaks. (Lawyers were called.)

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            Chabad’s Massive Growth Is Pragmatic, Yet ‘Defies Logic’ | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

            JNS.org – How do you go about feeding a crowd of 5,600 hungry rabbis and other guests, many of whom have...

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            How texting has killed romance

            On the 25th anniversary of the first text message, courtship has never been less romantic.

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            The Year’s Best Baking Cookbooks, for Novices and Pros

            Melissa Clark says seven favorites from 2017 all help dispel the fear of baking.

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            The best gift ideas that record collectors might actually want

            Forget the novelty trash, here are 19 gift ideas for the record collector, DJ or vinyl enthusiast in your life, that they might actually want.

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            10 of the world's most creative cities to live, work and play | Creative Boom

            When you work in the creative industries, the world is literally your oyster, as they say. With brilliant design studios, agencies and brands at every...

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            I'm Irish and I spent a year traveling the US — here are the 17 things that surprised me about day to day life

            In this post, I'm not whining about foreign policy, economics or politics. This is entirely about my frustrations with day to day life in America.

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            A Guide to the 100 Stunning Architectural Gems of L.A. - Los Angeles Magazine

            The burnished splendor of Art Deco. The clean grace of Modernism. When it comes to architecture, our city is a wonderland

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            Tile Floor Replacement Services in Marietta GA

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              Painting Solutions For Every Marietta Home

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                Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Marietta GA

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                  Home Furniture Movers

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                  Cheap Van Removals

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                  Why You Can’t Think of the Word That’s on the Tip of Your Tongue - NYTimes.com

                  There you are in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly you draw a blank on a particular word. It’s right there … if you could just remember …

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                  10 Psychological Concepts That People Don’t Get

                  Many aspects of human psychology that are consistently difficult for students to understand. Here is a list of 10 for starters.

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                  SoKind Registry - More fun, less stuff!

                  SoKind is a registry service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help, and more. Here's to more fun and less stuff!

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                  Most Underrated Order at Every Fast-Food Chain - Thrillist

                  There's more to fast food than just famous items like Big Macs. Here are the most underrated options at every major chain.

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                  Philip Norman: Confessions of a rock’n’roll biographer | British GQ

                  Philip Norman has wrestled with icons, egos and artists (not to mention their widows) to reveal the untold tales of Britain's musical takeover.

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                  What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

                  Should Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude? Or should they mourn it as a day of guilt? Michael Medved, author of The American Miracle, shares the fascinating story of the first Thanksgiving.

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                  How To Fix a 404 Error With No Technical Knowledge

                  You don't have to be a website developer to know how to fix a 404 error. Follow these steps to correct these issues and improve user experience.

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                  25 Life Skills Every Man Should Know

                  You spend a lifetime acquiring skills, then check them on your way out — and for what? To survive in the wild? No. Here's how to Google efficiently, bet the horses, get a bartender's attention, parallel park like you're a stunt driver, and more.

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                  Dude orders 200 hash browns, gets arrested for driving under the influence

                  An Australian man was charged by police for driving under the influence of alcohol, after he apparently caused a ruckus at a McDonald's.

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                  Photographing Eastern Europe's Fading Jewish Architecture – Tablet Magazine

                  Photographer David Kaufman looks at the world through a historical lens. Quite literally, in fact, as he shoots with bellows, the folding attachment used on cameras since the Civil War. Though Kaufman is fascinated by the past, his old-fashioned equipmen

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                  Skills You Can Learn in 60 Seconds – Fun Skills That Are Easy to Learn

                  Learn how to saber a champagne bottle, cook anything over an open fire, run a faster mile, whistle loudly and more with this list of skills you can pick up in 60 seconds or less.

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                  10 best comfortable office chairs of 2017 reviewed by our experienced experts

                  Best comfortable office chairs is very much essential to run a office. As in a office you spend almost eight hours everyday.

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                  10 best pressure washer of 2017 #7 is our top pick reviewed by our experts

                  Best pressure washer will give your home a new look.which will help you to give good impression.So we give the post of best pressure washer

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                  10 best gardening gloves of 2017 #2 is our top pick

                  Best gardening gloves is necessary for every person when they takes care of their garden as it will protect their hands.

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                  10 best home theater projectors #2 is our top pick reviewed by our experts

                  Best home theater projectors is a great investment. Everyone will love this home theater projectors. Best home theater projectors for you.

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                  Best 3D Pens 2017 - 10 Best Top Rated 3D Pens Review

                  Want to purchase a 3d pens for your personal use or kids use. Then stop a bit, read our exclusive 3D pens buyers guide and review

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                    Siteground Black Friday Sale / Coupon/ Discount 2017 - 70% OFF!

                    Siteground Black Friday Sale. 70% flat discount on siteground black friday and cyber monday sale. Get the siteground black friday offer on before it ends.

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                      Hostgator Black Friday Sale 2017 - Upto 80% discount !!

                      Review of: HostgatorReviewed by: Rating:5On November 7, 2017Last modified:November 9, 2017Summary:More DetailsAre you looking for HostGator Black Friday Deals? In the event that that is a yes, how about we do an upbeat move in light of the fact that bein

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                      Best black friday hosting deals 2017 with maximum discount - AIG

                      Best black friday hosting deals 2017 with maximum discount with their exceptional Black Friday rebates. Chose Best black friday hosting package now.

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                      Hostgator Black friday deal Stunning Markdown of (65-80)% on hosting with a free area  - BestUsersChoice

                      Hostgator Black friday sale Huge discount . Snap 80% of on hostgator black friday sale. Grab this Black Friday Deal without delay.

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                      Where the Small-Town American Dream Lives On | The New Yorker

                      As America’s rural communities stagnate, what can we learn from one that hasn’t?

                      Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

                      11 great money-saving hacks in NYC

                      You may have heard the news that New York has now dropped behind San Fransisco and is only the second most expensive city in the U.S. to live in, but don't tell

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                      How to Order Starbucks Coffee with a Commodore 128

                      On Thursday, Paul DeCarlo became the first person to order a Starbucks Dark Roast coffee from a Commodore 128.

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                      Mr. Toad May Be the Odd Amphibian Out at Disneyland - Los Angeles Magazine

                      Unlike the White House, the House of Mouse doesn’t leak…much, but there has been at least a dusting of intel about Disneyland’s next big project after it wraps up Galaxy’s Edge: modernizing one of the park’s most popular areas, Fantasyland. Expect contemporary characters, rides updated with the latest technology, and easier access for the endless crowds with Hummer-size strollers.