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Mass Deportations Would Lower Housing Prices › American Greatness

Housing prices are out of control. As any economist will tell you, there are two ways to bring the price of a good down: increase the supply or reduce the…

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The #1 Herb to Decrease Inflammation

Did you know some foods have anti-inflammatory properties? Find out why dietitians recommend consuming rosemary to help decrease inflammation.

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NPR Suspends Longtime Editor after Scathing Exposé on Left-Wing Bias | National Review

NPR suspended its veteran senior business editor, Uri Berliner, for five days without pay after he wrote a critical essay on how NPR succumbed to liberal groupthink.

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What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

Research suggests a belief in oneness has broad implications for psychological functioning and compassion for those outside of our immediate circle.

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35 Summer Flowers You Don't Have to Water All the Time

These colorful summer flowers thrive in the garden without a lot of watering.

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South Carolina: Walmart to rid store part of shopping experience

Officials at Walmart said they listened to customer feedback and are taking action by removing part of a Greenville, South Carolina, store's shopping experience.

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    I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust. | The Free Press

    Uri Berliner, a veteran at the public radio institution, says the network lost its way when it started telling listeners how to think.

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    97 Facts About Generation X

    The generation born between 1965 and 1980 loves nostalgia, has a ton of student debt, and hates cooking.

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    Designing a garden from scratch in 17 steps | House & Garden

    A beginners guide to gardening and landscape design from garden designer Angel Collins, who takes us through everything you need to know when planning a garden from scratch.

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    What Is Perlite? And How to Use It in Your Garden

    Perlite's properties mean it can aid in optimal soil drainage, aeration, and healthy plant growth. Our experts share what perlite is, how it works, and how you can use it for houseplants and in your garden for happy, healthy plants.

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    Former ESPN host says her Biden interview was entirely 'scripted' by network execs: 'Every single question' | Fox News

    In an interview with Fox News Digital, Sage Steele revealed that her former bosses at ESPN ordered her to follow a "script" for her 2021 interview with President Biden.

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      From Enlightenment to Ignorance: Society’s Dangerous Embrace of Stupidity › American Greatness

      What would be the state of a society in which a will to stupidity were united with a will to power? When I first decided to study and teach literature as my life’s vocation, I foresaw the work ahead…

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        Why are giant ketchup dispensers all over Chicago?

        Heinz declares war on the city's anti-ketchup crowd by putting dispensers outside The Weiners Circle and Navy Pier.

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        Where Is the Ark of the Covenant Today?

        The Ark of the Covenant is the holiest item in Judaism. What happened to it?

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        Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles (4-1-2024 to 4-5-2024)

        This April 1-5, catch BLOOM! at South Coast Botanic Garden, Bergamot Comedy Festival, The Other Art Fair, Aristotle/Alexander at The Getty Villa Theater Lab, First Fridays at NHM, DTLA Art Night, and more.

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        This is how much a family of four needs to earn in New York to be middle class

        A family of four living in New York State needs to earn a minimum of $81,396 in order to be considered middle class, according to data.

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        Isaiah 11 NASB - Righteous Reign of the Branch - Then a - Bible Gateway

        Righteous Reign of the Branch - Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, And a Branch from his roots will bear fruit. The Spirit of the LORD

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        Remembering a Great Senator Who Put His Nation Ahead of Politics › American Greatness

        I was greatly saddened this week when I heard the news that former Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman had passed away due to complications from a fall.

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        South Korea hopes new speed train links will help boost birthrate | Reuters

        South Korea is launching a high-speed train service that will reduce the travel time between central Seoul and its outskirts, a project officials hope will encourage more youth to consider homes outside the city, and start having babies.

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          Holocaust survivor tends graves of soldiers killed on Oct. 7

          Yaakov Lubinewski, 99, "made it clear to us that there is something to live for,” said former Israeli minister Yizhar Shay, whose son Yaron was killed in combat during Hamas's Oct. 7 invasion of southern Israel.

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          How Having Synesthesia Helps This Perfumer Create Unique Scents

          When perfumer Frédéric Malle experiences a fragrance, he also perceives it as an array of colors. This is what it's like to see — and smell — the world as someone who has synesthesia.

          Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

          Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles (3-25-2024 to 3-29-2024)

          From March 25-29 in Los Angeles, you'll find Astronomy on Tap in Pasadena, friend or flame in DTLA, a fresh panel discussion from Zócalo public square, parties for the Dodgers home opener, a new exhibition at Petersen, LA County's Parks After Dark program

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          The Impact of Suppressing Puberty on Neuropsychological Function    

          UCL, Queen Square, Institute of NeurologyRunning Title: Puberty blockers and cognitive function

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            10 Inspiring Quotes from the REAL Mother Cabrini About Living a Holy Catholic Life in Jesus Christ

            With the new film about Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini releasing on March 8, it's important to understand how Mother Cabrini became a saint: by dedicating her life completely to Jesus Christ. Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first canonized saint from

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              Purim and the Betrayal of American Jewry - Chabad

              Jews feel that Western liberalism has abandoned them. This has happened before. This is what the Purim story can teach us.

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              Every subscription you can cancel by going to the library | Popular Science

              From movies to audiobooks: Your local library is a low-key, all-in-one entertainment destination.

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              Parents are hiring pricey consultants to help kids get into college

              Many high school students are starting to get their acceptance or rejection letters from colleges. While it can be a stressful time for families, it's fuelin...

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                Never Cave to the Mob

                A Big Flat Cautionary Tail

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                Worst-paying college majors, five years after graduation

                Liberal arts majors can make just $38,000 in the first five years after graduation, which is below the national median for all workers.

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                  The Moon May Have Never Had a Magnetic Field at All. So What Does This Mean?

                  For one thing, it helps us better understand how the moon formed as well as its progression over time.

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                  Larry H. Parker, famed LA accident attorney, dies at 75

                  Billed as one of the early adopters of TV advertising by lawyers, he made a name for himself, insisting that “We’ll fight for you!”

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                  The Case Against UNRWA

                  THE CASE AGAINST UNRWA How UN schools use our tax money to teach Palestinian children to hate and kill Jews  Posts Videos Social Media Reports UN WATCH LIVE EVENT International Summit for a Future Beyond UNRWA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mazb9Iiwiw&a

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                  How Muslims and westerners have spread the myth of Jewish-Arab coexistence

                  Muslims have long promoted myths about their harmonious relations with Jews that they allege had always prevailed in Arab lands. These myths strongly resemble those elaborated by elites in the American South about relations between whites and blacks. Both

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                  Heroic Firefighter Rescues Driver of Semi-Truck Hanging Off Bridge, Says 'I Prayed with Her' - CatholicVote org

                  A firefighter who saved the driver of a semi-truck that was dangling off of a bridge over the Ohio River said that he prayed with the driver.

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                    Fentanyl Is Killing American Kids. Most Don’t Even Know They’re Taking It. | The Free Press

                    Every week, more than a dozen U.S. teenagers lose their lives to fentanyl. James Fishback reports on the unwitting victims—and the parents they’ve left behind.

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                    Meet the Tower of London's new ravenmaster: Protecting the kingdom from a dark prophecy | Euronews

                    Legend has it that should the ravens ever depart the tower, catastrophe will befall the kingdom. To prevent this, King Charles II decreed that six ravens must always reside within the tower's walls.

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                      In Cyprus Halloumi war, an ex-pilot champions the old ways | Reuters

                      On a cold winter evening in a car park in the Cypriot capital Nicosia, queues are already forming before former airline pilot Pantelis Panteli arrives in a small van to sell his produce.

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                        The Possible Origins of 7 Instantly Recognizable Visual Clichés

                        Why do we expect bankrupt people to wear barrels, or bank robbers to carry money bags marked with dollar signs? Discover the origins of these odd visual clichés.

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                        Elvis Sighting! Here’s What Teenage Girl’s Bedrooms Looked Like in the 1950s

                        Pictured here are just a small glimpse into the crazy wide-spread obsession women had for Elvis Presley. These teenage girl’s bedrooms look ...

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles (2-20-2024 to 2-23-2024)

                        From February 20-23 in Los Angeles, you'll find Comedy Pole at Dynasty Typewriter, a Wellness Wednesday with Self-Help Graphics, a free film screening by Metro Art, Zine Night at The Petersen, Ballots and Beer at Angel City Brewery, a fresh panel discussi

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                        They lived inside Disneyland. Their house is still at the park today.

                        Owen and Dolly Pope lived full-time at Disneyland from 1955 to 1971, taking care of the park's livestock. Their house is still on the property today.

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                        How Do You Observe Judaism In Outer Space?

                        When to pray? When is Shabbat? What to do when time and space are not what they are on earth?

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        When a Young Hero Dies - Chabad

                        There are long lives with little meaning. And there are short lives that never cease to shine.

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                        Six Years of Team World Supporter: A Chronicle of Advocacy, Insight, and Growth

                        As we mark the sixth anniversary of Team World Supporter (TWS), we embark on a reflective journey, celebrating milestones achieved and envisioning the path ahead. In this op-ed, we'll explore TWS's accomplishments over the past year, spotlighting our init

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                        How the Prayers of Thousands of Jewish Children Are Protecting Israel

                        An injured Israeli soldier finds and thanks the American girl whose prayer was with him when he got wounded.

                        Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

                        The Best Response to Antisemitism

                        An open letter to an American Jewish college student.

                        Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

                        If Your Synagogue Is A Temple To Leftism, It’s Time To Go

                        <p>College campuses across the country were erupting in Jew-hating outbursts, and parents were rightly worried about their Jewish college-aged kids caught up in the frenzy of hate. On Facebook, a group called Mothers Against College Antisemitism (M.A.C.A.

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                        This “12-Step Cleaning Plan” Will Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

                        Read more about this bathroom cleaning plan that lays out the best methods for getting this spot sparkling clean.

                        Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

                        New Report Reveals Global Landscape Of Holocaust Survivors

                        According to the report, 48.7 percent of the total survivor population, totaling approximately 119,300 individuals, currently reside in Israel

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles (1-16-2024 to 1-19-2024)

                        From January 16-19 in L.A., you'll find free botanical garden Tuesdays, Kate Berlant's one-woman show at the Pasadena Playhouse, new exhibitions at L.A. Louver, Locals' Night at the Santa Monica Pier, All Space Considered at Griffith Observatory, the Cat

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                        Everything You Want to Know About Bicycle Gears and How They Work

                        Test editor Dan Chabanov breaks down the history, types of bicycle gear systems, how they work, and how to use them on your rides.

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                        The 9 Best Places to See the Northern Lights

                        Our aurora-chasing author knows just where to head. Here are the destinations expected to put on the show of a lifetime this year.

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                        Watch The Oldest Footage of Chicago on Film

                        Yestervid compiles silent film footage of the Windy City dating back to 1896.

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                        Addressing equity and ethics in artificial intelligence

                        Algorithms and humans both contribute to bias in AI, but AI may also hold the power to correct or reverse inequities among humans.

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                        How many times must you fold a paper to reach the Moon? - Big Think

                        Each time you fold a piece of paper, you double the paper's thickness. It doesn't take all that long to even reach the Moon.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Weekend in Los Angeles (1-5-2024 to 1-7-2024)

                        From January 5 to 7 in Los Angeles, you'll find a free Friday afternoon at Norton Simon Museum, a David Bowie's Birthday Roller Disco, the Oshogatsu Festival in Little Tokyo, The Everybody Experience in Venice, Hand Habits at Central Library, and more.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        A Big List of Things To Do This January in L.A. (2024)

                        New month. New year. Lots to do. This January 2024 in Los Angeles, you’ll find the Oshogatsu Festival in Little…

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                        Importance of Integrating Spiritual, Existential, Religious, and Theological Components in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapie

                        This Special Communication argues for the integration of spiritual, existential, religious, and theological components within psychedelic-assisted therapy based on the prevalence and importance of relevant experiences in psychedelic-assisted therapy.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do For New Year's Eve Weekend in L.A. (12-29-2023 to 12-31-2023)

                        As we close out the year that was, the list of New Year's Eve events around Los Angeles includes fireworks in Marina del Rey, a massive block party at Grand Park, Tomorrow! at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Soul Grain at Common Space, No Cover NYE at A

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                        A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore | Poetry Foundation

                        'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        Why Add a Light Each Night of Chanukah?

                        The Talmud gives two reasons: to indicate the night and because we always ascend rather than descend.

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        How to Light the Menorah - Chabad

                        Breeze through the Chanukah Menorah lighting with a step by step guide on everything from which menorah is kosher to how to arrange and light your own menorah.

                        Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Disney

                        Long Lost Disneyland Landmark Rediscovered

                        The Monsanto House of the Future lasted from 1957 to 1967 at Tomorrowland in Disneyland, but you can see it again this weekend.

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        Thanksgiving Meets Chanukah - . . . and they find they have a lot in common.

                        Hi, America, I’m Thanksgiving. And I’m also Chanukah. Hold my hand. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now say, “Thank G‑d, we’re free.” Doesn’t that feel good?

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Thanksgiving Weekend in L.A. (11-23-2023 to 11-26-2023)

                        This November 23-26 in Los Angeles, you'll find the 2023 Jazz at LACMA finale, the Nutcracker Suite, Holiday Road in Calabasas, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Los Feliz Holiday Market, Blitzen's Bar, Santa's Grand Arrival, and more.

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                        Why Do the Lions and Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving?

                        Why do the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always take to the field for a Thanksgiving football game? Because it’s tradition! But how did this tradition begin?

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Week in Los Angeles (11-6-2023 to 11-10-2023)

                        This week in Los Angeles, from November 6-10, you'll find the California Festival at Disney Concert Hall, a Literary Death Match in WeHo, Technotitlan at The Hammer, Astra Lumina at South Coast Botanic Garden, the Comedy Patio at Grand Central Market, The

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (10-27-2023 to 10-29-2023)

                        From October 27-29 in L.A., check out Metro's "Celebrating Connections" at Historic Broadway Station, a Haunted Little Tokyo Block Party, the L.A. Archives Bazaar, Revenge Of's Comic Creators Block Party, Boonion Station at Union Station, Día y Noche de l

                        Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

                        8 Everyday Things That Are Much Older Than You Think

                        Condoms, 3D movies, the name Tiffany ... All of these things have been around a lot longer than you might think. In this episode of The List Show, we're breaking down our favorite deceptively old things, from synchronized swimming to Juicy Fruit gum.

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        13 Facts About Sukkot Every Jew Should Know

                        Sukkot is a weeklong festival celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the lulav and etrog and joyous feasting.

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        Yom Kippur: What Is Kol Nidre?

                        Kol Nidre is the opening prayer of the holiest day of the year. But is it even a prayer? What is its purpose and meaning?

                        Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

                        5:01 and Done: No One Wants to Schmooze After Work

                        Office happy hours, client dinners and other after-hours work gatherings lose their luster as more people feel the pull of home.

                        Miscellaneous | Jewish Wisdom

                        What Can the Hebrew Word for “Parenting” Teach You?

                        The Latin word parente, the origin of the English word parent, means to bring forth, to give birth, or to produce, highlighting the physical role parents play in the creation of a child.

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                        How Long Can You Drive After Your Car’s Gas Light Comes On?

                        Just how many miles can you drive once your car alerts you that you're running out of gas? The answer might surprise you.

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                        Photographer Spent Eight Years Capturing Life on the Gritty New York Subway in the 1970s and 1980s

                        Willy Spiller spent 8 years photographing the NYC subway in the 1970s and 1980s, now his work is being republished in a new edition of "Hell on Wheels".

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                        6 Famous Scientists and Inventors Who Struggled With Math

                        Some of the world's greatest scientists have struggled with math—just like the rest of us.

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                        Is ‘Tipflation’ Causing a Tipping Backlash?

                        “Tipflation”—aka the increase in the percentage people are expected to tip (and the places that ask)—is on the rise. An etiquette expert shares how to navigate the controversial landscape, from when and where to tip, and how much.

                        Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

                        British vs. English: What’s the Difference?

                        First, you have to understand the difference between England and Britain (and the UK, while we’re at it).

                        Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

                        Shane, The Classic Western, Goes Woke

                        I was looking forward to the Guthrie Theater’s last performance of the season, a theatrical adaption of the novel Shane. I read and studied Jack Schaefer’s...

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                        10 Smart Car Accessories That Will Help You Upgrade Your Old Car

                        Want to upgrade your ride without dropping a small fortune on a new one? With these affordable smart car accessories, you can.

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                        Best Way to Clean a Burnt Pan | The Kitchn

                        Find out which among the five methods used for cleaning burnt-on messes off pots and pans is the most effective.

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                        Dream Job Alert: You Could Earn Over $100,000 as a 'Pizza Influencer'

                        The Slice app needs a pizza expert to oversee their social media presence. You must love pizza.

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                        3 Pieces of Advice for Selling Guitar Gear Online

                        Online marketplaces sometimes feel like both the wild, wild west and oppressive regimes all at once.

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                        Camping Trailer: On The Trail

                        From DIY haulers to fully equipped living rooms on wheels, the birth of the camping trailer gives us a unique look at American history.

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                        'Perfectly Preserved' Glassware Recovered From 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck

                        The Roman vessel may have sunk while transporting glass from the Middle East to France

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                        10 Landmarks You Didn't Know Existed In Pasadena

                        Beyond the most famous attractions in Pasadena are some of the city's lesser-known highlights. These are among the best landmarks in Pasadena to see!

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                        The Best New Groceries of July 2023 | The Kitchn

                        We tried dozens of new groceries hitting shelves this month, including a fresh lineup of buns, patties, ice cream sandos, and more. These are the 9 we’re most excited about.

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                        Someone Built a Community of Tiny Luxury Homes in Tampa. Here’s a Look Inside the Priciest Unit.

                        At $249,550, the ultra-luxe N1 mobile home at Florida's new Escape Tampa Bay the Oaks is the community's last and most expensive model for sale.