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Column: Do women regret their abortions? Absolutely not!

A long-term study finds that women are relieved right after they have abortions and are still relieved five years later.

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What 5,000 Dollars A Month Gets You In New York City

What if you could live in your dream apartment? In the city of your dreams?

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Jewish History: Who Was Amram?

Amram, son of Kehot, led the Jewish people in
Egypt and fathered three of the greatest leaders in Jewish history.

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‘We’ve Made Contact With Chabad,’ Raises a Cheer on Diverted El Al Flight

Passenger pens note of gratitude after unexpected Shabbat in Halifax

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| Why Self-Driving Cars Won't Fix Our Transportation Woes

article by Cameron Roberts  It’s 2035, and you’re going to a movie. As you walk out the door, you reach for your phone instead of the car keys because you don’t have a car. Instead, you’ve ordered your ride to come to you. The car that arrives ha

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Why Ricky Gervais’s Criticism of Hollywood Is So Satisfying | Psychology Today

Ricky Gervais’ message may resonate because he calls out entitlement, self-importance, and moral hypocrisy.

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The Narcissism and Grandiosity of Celebrities | Psychology Today

Here is a thought: Entertain us at the movies and in concert halls, and leave the science for scientists.

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Six Times The Mainstream Media Completely Botched Iran Coverage

Here are five times the mainstream media completely botched the coverage of Trump's work in Iran and the death of terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani. 

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    We believe in the power of Contagiously Inspiring Stories. As an opposing force to the torrent of negative news that leaves people numb, we put positive change makers in the spotlight. With our stories we want to inspire you to also have positive impact.

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    Why Did Non-Kosher Animals Become Jewish Names?

    This seems strange, since the sages place great significance on a
    person’s name.

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    12 Ways You Can Help Australia’s Wildfire Victims | Mental Floss

    Australia has been ravaged by fires that have devastated nearly 18 million acres of land, destroyed thousands of homes, and killed an estimated 1 billion animals. Fortunately, there are ways you can help.

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    Judaism: The Truth about Moshiach - Moshiach 101

    Why is Moshiach so integral to the Jewish belief system? It would certainly be nice to see an end to global suffering, but that is a universal ideal. Why is that a principle of the Jewish faith?

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    When Does a New Decade Actually Begin?

    Nobody can seem to agree on whether the new decade began on January 1, 2020, or if it actually begins on January 1, 2021.

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    A drive through 1940's Los Angeles!

    A Drive Through Bunker Hill And Downtown Los Angeles Ca. 1940s

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    What Is the Middle East In the Middle Of Anymore?

    Since World War II, the United States has been involved in a series of crises and wars in the Middle East on the premise of protecting U.S., Western, or global interests, or purportedly all three combined. Since antiquity, the Middle East has been the hub

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    You Can Now Buy the Teapot Jim Gave Pam in The Office

    Fans of 'The Office' can have their own replica of Jim's adorable gift to Pam, complete with a cassette tape and hot sauce packet.

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    American & British People Swap Snacks

    Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/84443 Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: https:/...

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    Podcasts | Dr. Dyan

    Podcasts on self hypnosis, the best sleep tips, favorite ways to help insomnia, alleviate anxiety, mind body healing, self care, and mindfulness

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    28 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (1-3-2020 to 1-5-2020)

    Los Angeles provides no limit of things to do, some awesome and some not so awesome. Since time is…

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    New Year's Resolution For the Mainstream Media: Stop Lying

    Commentary Ever since Donald Trump declared for the presidency, the mainstream media—apparently to protect us and themselves from ...

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      ABC, NBC Try to Sweep Away Joe Biden’s Vow to Obstruct Congress

      On Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden vowed to not comply with any subpoena to testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump. Such an action could be classified as obstruction of Congress, the same thing Trump was being impeached for.

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        January Regional Garden To-Do Lists - FineGardening

        Make sure you’re starting the new year on the right foot with the help of our regional experts. They’ve compiled detailed lists of exactly what you should be doing in […]

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          11 Treasures of the Chabad Library and the Stories They Tell

          On Tevet 5, we celebrate the Library of Agudas Chassidei Chabad - Ohel Yosef Yitzchak Lubavitch and its position as the communal treasure for all who value the teachings and ideals of Chabad Chassidism.

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          (Why) Must a Bar Mitzvah Boy Read From the Torah?

          There is a prevalent custom for boys to read
          the weekly Torah portion when they become a bar mitzvah. Here's why.

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          An Unlimited Supply Of Borrowed Cash Is Destroying Higher Education

          If college is made 'free,' there will be no reason to stop spending. We, the people who pay, must demand universities and politicians focus on education.

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            Best Instant Pot models, hacks and easy recipes

            Try these unique recipes, from popcorn to wine, in your Instant Pot.

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            The 4 Best Manly, All-American Movies Of 2019

            It goes against every liberal piety to portray the hippies as evil, but Quentin Tarantino points out that it spawned a murderous cult in Hollywood.

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            Fearing for his life, Jew secretly celebrates Hanukkah in enemy country

            A Jew living in a hostile Arab country went out of his way to celebrate Hanukkah this week, despite the

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            Indie booksellers create community to survive the age of Amazon

            The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many retailers, including the country's 2,500 independent bookstores, which, despite Amazon's growing dominance, are flourishing.

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            Shock Report Finds at Least 1000 Christians Have Been Killed in Nigeria During 2019

            A new report into the persecution of Nigeria’s Christian community has found that around 1,000 believers have been killed by Islamic militants over during 2019 alone.

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              This 88-year-old woman boarded her seven-hour flight. Then a man surprised her with his business-class ticket.

              "No fuss, no attention, literally did it out of the kindness of his own heart," a flight attendant wrote in a viral Facebook post.

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              The Vindication of Sean Hannity | The American Spectator | Politics Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously.

              They can’t stand the truth. So they can’t stand Sean Hannity. And they really can’t stand something that is now abundantly obvious. The vindication of Sean Hannity. Among the many things the witch hunt to get President Donald Trump has...

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                6 Gift Ideas Based on the Top Products on Amazon's Wish Lists | Mental Floss

                We went through Amazon's wish lists and pulled together the top items in categories like toys, kitchen, electronics, and more—just in time for some last-minute shopping.

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                8 Old and New Chanukah Traditions!

                Looking to expand beyond the bare-bones basics? Here are 8 deeply meaningful traditions
                for you and your family to personalize.

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                Liquor Taxes Could Go Up 400%, Thanks to Congressional Dysfunction - The New York Times

                A temporary cut in federal taxes on alcohol fueled the growth of American distilleries, but its expiration threatens their demise.

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                47 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (12-13-2019 to 12-15-2019)

                This weekend in L.A. from Friday, December 13 to Sunday, December 15 features Union Stations Cocoa Concerts, Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade, Echo Park Community Parade, a Gremlins Holiday Party, ThriftCon LA, Hanukkah Festival at the Skirball Cultural

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                How the Loss of the Landline Is Changing Family Life

                The shared phone was a space of spontaneous connection for the entire household.

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                Trump Shows Himself a Better Friend to the Jews Than Even Truman

                I was going to write about the hearing on the Horowitz report. I'd planned to say how the ...

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                16 Menorah Facts Every Jew Should Know!

                The word menorah is Hebrew for “lamp,” and generally refers to the eight-branched candelabra that we light on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.

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                Online Holiday Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Big | Mental Floss

                Check out these incredible shopping hacks to find out how to buy your gifts online without breaking the bank.

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                Steinsaltz Biography of the Rebbe a Hebrew-Language Best-Seller

                The Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem, the umbrella institution for the activities of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz), is a hub of publishing and disseminating Torah in multiple languages, especially Hebrew and English.

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                Why Add a Light Each Night of Chanukah?

                There are two general reasons given in the Talmud1 for why we add a candle each night:

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                Michigan boy's entire kindergarten class shows up to adoption hearing: 'Too cute!'

                A Michigan kindergarten class took a one-of-a-kind field trip on Thursday — they went to see one of the classmates get his forever home, and just in time for Christmas.

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                  New Jersey Is the Latest State to Push for Cursive in the Classroom

                  The anchor-esque Fs, loopy Js, and the rest of the cursive alphabet are staging a comeback in New Jersey.

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                  Revised Guidelines Redefine Birth Years and Classifications for Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z

                  The age ranges and birth years for Generation Z are now included with Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers in Pew Research's official generational definitions.

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                  December Regional Garden To-Do Lists - FineGardening

                  Find out exactly what you should be doing in your garden, in your region, this month. Yes, there is plenty to do in the garden in December.

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                    Are Eye Exams A Great American Scam?

                    Why is it so difficult to get a new pair of glasses or contacts in this country? It’s easier pretty much everywhere else.

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                    What Is Your Testimony? – The Late Bloomer

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                    We warned you AirPods would sell out, but 2 deals are somehow back in stock – BGR

                    AirPods are among the hottest items this holiday season, so we warned you that they would sell out when Amazon slashed prices to all-time lows. Now, we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we were correct, and AirPods with Apple's w

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                    Faith Salie on the Gen Z putdown "OK, Boomer"

                    For the young people of Generation Z, who have inherited from their elders a world full of rising waters, disappearing species, crippling debt and crumbling ...

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                    Do soldiers sometimes enjoy combat?

                    The horrors of war are well documented, but less well understood is how soldiers can get a rush or thrill from combat.

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                    Agriculture Secretary Perdue: On Thanksgiving, be thankful for the farmers who provided your feast

                    Because of our farmers, Americans are blessed with an abundance of nutritious and affordable food.

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                      A New Way of Tapping into Gratitude to Light Your Way

                      Gratitude benefits us and those around us. Read a simple, new way to connect with gratitude to lift you up and light your path forward.

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                      Arab States Are Claiming the Heritage of Their Expelled Jews

                      Iraqi Jews leaving Lod airport in Israel on their way to the Ma’abara transit camp, 1951. Photo: Israel Government Press …

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                      44 Awesome Things To Do This Thanksgiving Weekend in L.A. (11-28-2019 to 12-1-2019)

                      This Thanksgiving weekend in L.A. from Thursday, November 28 to Sunday, December 1 features Thanksgiving dining specials, Christmas in The Wizarding World, Queen Mary Christmas, Mar Vista Art Walk, Pumas in the Park, a dance workshop at CAAM, the Hollywoo

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                      New Survey Finds Big Majorities Favor Religious Freedom in Public and Private

                      Huge bipartisan majorities of people support “a broad interpretation of religious freedom” in American public and private life, ...

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                      6 Steps to Improving Your Relationship With Your Spouse - Love & Judaism

                      We have the ability to perceive any person and any situation in a positive way, if we choose to do so.

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                      When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting

                      Every time you read something from AFP and Reuters (and CNN and The Washington Post), you should be thinking, not “this is fake news” but: “What’s the agenda?” To paraphrase Chuck Schumer’s infamous, and instructive, comment on the CIA, news outlets have

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                      Questions from the Historic Chicago Walking Bar Tour - Chicago Detours

                      Answering questions that stump the guides on the Historic Chicago Walking Bar Tour. Topics range from speakeasies, to conspiracy theories, and more as we answer your best Bar Tour questions!

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                      Concorde's last flight: Is this the greatest aviation photograph of all time?

                      In 2003, Lewis Whyld took an instantly classic photograph of the Concorde on its last flight, soaring over the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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                      X doesn't mark the spot: As Millennials and Baby Boomers feud, a generation is left out

                      Generation X has largely earned a reputation for being disconnected politically, and is overshadowed by the older Baby Boomers and the younger Millennials.

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                      Clean Your Smart Phone! It's Covered in Germs

                      A new survey of 1,200 Americans and their cleaning habits finds that one in four (23%) have never cleaned their smartphone.

                      Miscellaneous | Dating & Relationships

                      Why Twitter and Instagram are the best dating apps

                      Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are great resources for vetting potential dates.

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                      Marie Kondo betrays her whole premise by launching e-commerce store full of useless junk

                      Some of us—not naming names here—really appreciated Marie Kondo’s take on clutter. Maybe we didn’t thank our sweaters for their service before donating them to Goodwill—and we’re still finding that folding method a bit tricky—but we found he

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                      We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned

                      "The whole idea from the start was to build a site that could kind of infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right," says Jestin Coler, whose company, Disinfomedia, is behind some fake news sites.

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                      The Past, Present and Future Are Subjective

                      By Emma Young. When people see the future as coming sooner, they make more far-sighted choices, the study finds.

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                      Our Favorite Dreamy Overwater Bungalows | Budget Travel

                      For the ultimate relaxing vacation, these overwater bungalows offer postcard-perfect locations to fully immerse yourself in a tropical getaway.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        35 Ultimate Things to Do in Los Angeles – Fodors Travel Guide

                        Visiting LA means you can surf on the beach in the morning and by the afternoon be snowboarding on snow-capped mountains. LA is shopping on Rodeo Drive and rock shows on the Sunset Strip, 5-star restaurants and roadside taco trucks, movies at

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                        You’re going to love our superb shakshuka recipe - ISRAEL21c

                        It’s not hard to make one of Israel’s favorite breakfast foods in your own kitchen. Follow along as ISRAEL21c’s Jessica Halfin shows you how as part of our Tayim recipe series.

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                        Could a Boeing 737 Land on an Aircraft Carrier?

                        Could a Boeing 737 land on an aircraft carrier? It seems like an absolutely crazy question...
                        An empty Boeing 737 weighs 75,000 pounds, has a wingspan of 112 feet, typically lands at 178 miles per...

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        38 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (11-15-2019 to 11-17-2019)

                        Los Angeles provides no limit of things to do, some awesome and some not so awesome. Since time is…

                        Miscellaneous | Israeli Culture

                        WATCH: Sderot Resident Gives Reporting Crew The Jewish Mother Treatment | Israellycool

                        An elderly resident of the beleaguered town of Sderot looks after a television crew

                        Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

                        Reclaiming the term ‘Zionism’

                        Ryvchin: 'It is vital that our young people understand the story of Zionism, which is not only inspiring, but is inextricably linked to every phase of Jewish history'.

                        Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

                        How Crime Scene Analysts Collect and Preserve Fingerprints | WIRED

                        A veteran analyst explains the work of gathering fingerprints that can link a suspect to a crime—even after it rains.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        33 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (11-8-2019 to 11-10-2019)

                        This weekend in L.A. from Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10 features Coco at The Hollywood Bowl, American Indian Arts Marketplace, Los Angeles Coffee Festival, Camp Flog Gnaw, Girl Gang Craft Los Angeles Holiday Market, Our Future Fest, and MUCH m

                        Miscellaneous | Judaism

                        What does Judaism Say about Transgenderism?

                        While transgenderism was once an issue that afflicted a few called gender dysphoria, it is now mainstream. What does Judaism have to say about this?

                        Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

                        Latest Antisemitic Attacks in Borough Park Underline Grim Challenges Facing Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

                        Security footage showing a group of men emerging from a car and chasing an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn’s Borough Park …

                        Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

                        14 vintage photos of Disneyland behind the scenes that will make you see the theme park in a whole new light

                        In the '60s, some photographers got behind-the-scenes looks at the California theme park, and captured their experiences through film.

                        Miscellaneous | Diaspora

                        Jewish astronaut snaps space pics of Israel, salutes late father

                        Jessica Meir posts photos of the Middle East and says it's part of the journey her Iraqi-born dad took, reaching US via Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland and Sweden

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        32 Totally Fun Things To Do in L.A. This Week You Need to Know About (11-4-19 to 11-8-19)

                        This week, from Monday, November 4 to Friday, November 8, features Coco live at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles Coffee Festival, 29Rooms and MUCH more.

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                        Fans of The Office Can Now Build Their Own Dunder Mifflin!

                        Those who love the NBC hit show can construct the reception area, Dwight and Jim’s desks, and Michael Scott’s office.

                        Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

                        54 Totally Fun Things To Do in L.A. This Halloween Week You Need to Know About (10-28-19 to 11-1-19)

                        This week, from Monday, October 28 to Friday, November 1, features Grand Park Día de los Muertos, Fantastic Planet larger than life public art piece, Scary Delicious Bug and Wine Pairing, BE KIND, REWIND 90s HALLOWEEN PARTY, Night Dive at the Aquarium of