Hello. I am a early 30's male living in tumultuous Southern California. I believe myself to be more conservative on financial issues and some social issues. I believe that the parties are so divided that I do not want to ascribe myself to any party.

Because there is such polarity amongst the constituency and stupidity in government I think that the common sense approach to politics is necessary. The government cannot continue to make bad decisions while claiming that they have our best interest at heart. They do not.

The need to give each citizen economic prosperity is more necessary than any other time in our short history. Never in our history is our public so incapable. Note the key word "prosperity" not "equality" or "Just Enough". When each citizen is prosperous the nation prospers, crime goes down, people donate to charity and the quality of life amongst all is enhanced.

If it were necessary could the majority of our population farm and survive outside of the city? Does the government give us the capability to live on our own or have we become dependent on government and what government can give us. How much does land cost compared to 30 years ago. Close to 100 years ago one could stake claim to land in America. Now no one can do that.

The government. The people of the US and the world need to make an effort to approach each issue that their country faces with a common sense approach. We have too much knowledge of the past to ignore red flags. We have too many smart and capable people that if only given the opportunity and responsibility could very much contribute volumes to the world.

A free thinking place with a common sense approach in finding the solution to the issues is what I am seeking. To have dialogue with all perspectives. To take the best qualities of each and create a common sense and compromised approach to the issue. Not trying to cram as much pork into a bill that is actually a decent plan. Just real solutions with the right outcome at the lowest cost.

No more government in your lives but government giving you your lives back. More time and less red tape. We are an independent people forced to become dependent. This cannot happen.

But I digress. That is why I am here.

I also love to camp, hike fish. Play baseball and volleyball. I love to snowboard but am not too great at surfing. I personally believe that I have had the experience to empathize with almost all people. I am a man of the people.

I love America. My grandfathers fought for this country in WWII. My ancestors came to this country just like everyone else for something better. They succeeded and I think everyone should be given that chance. Given the opportunity to come into the US lawfully and to be a good citizen and contribute in a positive manner. This is also our civic duty as Americans.

I don't believe that this country is on the way down or its "fall". I believe that if there was ever a need to come together and work together is it now. We must come home. We must be good people, help our neighbors, influence our communities, stop crime and participate in government. The government of the people for the people by the people has become a government of few who govern the many.

With dialogue and the willingness to work together we can accomplish much more than we can arguing and refusing to compromise. We also need term limits and need to get new, young thinkers into the government who understand that participating in government is a civic duty and not a career.

Also, this may sound cruel but it is true. The phrase "The world needs ditch diggers too." is true. We need people who can rebuild our roads and take care of our infrastructure. This does not mean these people are less than anyone else but that we need our youth to understand that we need skilled labor and general labor in the US as much as we need every other profession.

With hard work and faith in what you do anything can be accomplished. We have come so far, why work so hard to have it fall apart?

E Pluribus Unum.


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