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Sports | Mat surfing

surfmat Doho & Mat Reef 2019

few sessions from this year on the surfmat Jamo & Matt show off there skills. Doho & mat reef enjoy don't forget to subscribe, Like, Share, & comment. Have a...

Entertainment | Humor

Benny Hill - The Strolling Ones (1965)

Benny is a rock star who sings "Rose" as Mick Jagger. Benny is also the drummer, the guitar player, the rest of the band, a man in the audience and a screami...

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

Here’s Looking at You, Auburn, Somni: Remembering beloved restaurants that LA lost to the pandemic

A number of LA restaurants — high-end and casual — are permanently closing during the pandemic, and each closing affects families of owners and employees. The closures ripple out to all the different industries that service restaurants.

News | News

Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful future’

Third-ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab state includes embassies, direct flights; agreement “suspends” annexation, but Netanyahu says: “I will never give up on our right to our land.”

History | History

Ancient Muslim Texts Confirm the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Jerusalem Center researcher Nadav Shragai responds to modern-day Muslim and Palestinian fabrications about the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Disney+ and Lego are making a new Star Wars Holiday Special

The new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is about Rey traveling through time and learning about the holiday spirit

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram will make suspicious accounts verify their identities | Engadget

Instagram is taking new steps to root out bots and other accounts trying to manipulate its platform.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

Artist Spends 113 Days Chronicling Her Time in COVID-19 Quarantine

When COVID-19 lockdowns began, artistVik started a massive daily art project in which she completely filled a wall in her home with doodles.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

First 3 Israelis treated with new passive vaccine recover, leave hospital

Passive immunization is when you are given antibodies formed by other patients who developed them when they got the disease.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Neuroscientist Says Experimental Alzheimer's Drug May Help Kids With Autism

A new study headed by Prof. Illana Gozes of Tel Aviv University sheds light on the effects of ADNP syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum.

Travel | Travel

The World’s Last Blockbuster Has Been Transformed Into an Airbnb—and It Costs Just $4 Per Night

For the cost of a video rental, you can spend the night in the world's last remaining Blockbuster store, located in Bend, Oregon.

News | News

NC man accused of shooting 5-year-old neighbor in head at point blank range

A 25-year-old man accused of shooting his 5-year-old neighbor in the head at point blank range in Wilson, North Carolina on Sunday night has been charged with first-degree murder in the boy’s death.

Sports | Mat surfing

the real thing

a early morning surf with Paul , Neal and some dolphins. Mat riding what I love, long wall waves with plenty of speed to burn, as one fellow surfer asked me as I…

Sports | Mat surfing

Sunday On Country

This is "Sunday On Country" by adam williams on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Sports | Mat surfing


A fun Saturday morning with the SCUMM crew mat surfing down south at one of our favorite reefs and meet a new mat rider from Canberra. Tunes James Gang Collage

Sports | Mat surfing

Sunday Security

A few waves amongst the chaos of the surfing trend, mat sliders Neal & Patrick enjoying a few! Tunes Russal Thane & Three Security

Business & Finance | Business

Uber may shut down in California if forced to classify drivers as employees, CEO says

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said the company may need to shut down in California if it loses its appeal against a judge’s ruling to classify drivers as employees. Uber and Lyft are both scrambling after the judge approved a preliminary injunction.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

The race to building a fully functional quantum stack | TechCrunch

As we approach the age of quantum computing, it is no longer a question of ‘if,’ but rather one of ‘when’ this technology finally matures and ‘who’ will lead this emerging industry.

Recipes | Recipes

Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs with Whiskey Marinade Recipe - Andy Ricker | Food & Wine

At Pok Pok, Andy Ricker roasts these meaty, tender ribs for two to three hours over a low fire for a fabulously smoky flavor. In this easy adaptation,

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Near Death Experiences: Will Our Dogs be Waiting For us? | The Bark

As I raised my head up from the ground to look around, I saw my deceased dog from my childhood bounding towards me. … It was overwhelmingly wonderful. I felt completely at peace and totally happy. I was so excited to see her again, and I did not questio

Entertainment | The Original Series

We’re Gonna Put The Bag On You: Tarantino Star Trek Mobster Movie Could Reconnect The Series' Two Timelines

The mobster planet from the classic 'Star Trek' episode "A Piece of the Action" could be a sneaky link to more than one continuity.

News | Antisemitism Watch

French Jewish Man Verbally Abused, Badly Beaten Up in Paris Elevator in Antisemitic Assault

Demonstrators hold up a banner reading, ‘Stop racism,’ in Marseille, France, March 28, 2018 (Illustrative). Photo: Reuters / Jean-Paul Pelissier …

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

California salon, barbershop owners vow to reopen indoor operations next week | KTLA

Hundreds of salons and barbershops across the state are vowing to reopen indoors on Aug. 17, KTLA sister station KTXL in Sacramento reported Sunday. Currently, they are only allowed to operate outdoors if their county is not on the state’s COVID-19 monito

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The West Bank

Spreading the truth about the Palestinian Arab death ethos

Israel must ask: Is it just that people in an entity which promotes genocide get an upgrade to a state as a reward?Op-ed.

Politics | Campus Watch

Ignorance on Zionism leads to antisemitism - The Jerusalem Post

The dramatic change in campuses like USC that were previously beacons of hope for Jewish students demonstrates how severe the situation is with rise in antisemitism.

Science & Technology | Tech

Google is turning Android Phones into seismometers

Google is launching a handful of new Android features today that don’t really have a lot in common but that are all interesting in their own right. There are updates to Android Auto and Android’s emergency location service, new accessibility features than

Recipes | Recipes

Ina Garten's Devil's Food Cake Recipe on Food52

This cake is a showstopper! I bake the cakes one day and make the buttercream and assemble the cakes the next so it is not too daunting. I adore the combination of moist chocolate cake and lighter-than-air buttercream.
<br />
<br />Reprinted from Cooking

Entertainment | HBO

The Best Movies Currently on HBO Now and HBO Max

Here are all of the best movies on HBO just waiting to be streamed-- whether that's on HBO NOW or HBO Max.

News | NEWS

Hawaii seeing fastest rate of COVID-19 spread of anywhere in US

COVID-19 cases are spreading in the tropical state at a rate of 1.6, which means every person who gets sick is infecting at least one other person on average, Hawaii News Now reported.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Trini Lopez Dead: Singer and Guitarist Died of COVID-19 - Variety

Trini Lopez, the pop singer and guitarist who also acted in Robert Aldrich's "The Dirty Dozen," died Monday of complications from COVID-19.

News | News

A 17-year-old Sesame Place employee was brutally attacked after asking a visitor to wear a mask, revealing a crisis for workers across America

A 17-year-old employee was attacked by an anti-mask visitor to the theme park, as workers are tasked with enforcing mask policies.

News | Animal Links

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson's Tuesday Sleep Tip - How to ground and center throughout the day

Some quick and easy self-care strategies to help improve your sleep ???? In this sleep tip, we go over an easy way to ground and center quickly throughout the d...

Psychology | Hypnosis Information

Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson's Tuesday Sleep Tip - ABOUT HYPNOSIS: Hypnosis, the Brain, and Sleep

Some quick and easy self-care strategies to help improve your sleep ???? In this sleep tip, I discuss what happens in the brain during hypnosis and why that mak...

Health & Fitness | Sleep

Self-Hypnosis for Better Sleep: Calm and Cozy podcast with guest Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson

Looking for the best podcasts about hypnosis? Or great sleep tips? Listen to help insomnia, lower anxiety, mind body healing, & for alternative health tips.

Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

Self-Care for Anxiety, Insomnia, and Reducing Stress | Dr. Dyan

Manage insomnia and reduce stress with these easy, free, simple self care tips! Enjoy better health and a mind body conection today.

Business & Finance | Business

What is Tim Cook's net worth? See how the Apple CEO spends his fortune - Business Insider

Despite his newly attained billionaire status, native Alabaman and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't live very lavishly.

Sports | Sports

One punch, two lives altered - The inside story of Jets' 2015 locker room fight

Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the incident between former Jets players Geno Smith and IK Enemkpali; some of those who were there reveal more details.

Food & Drink | Food

Iconic Stan’s Donuts Westwood Saved By Equally-Old LA Doughnut Shop - Eater LA

Fans were sad to learn in April that owner Stan Berman was retiring after 55 years, but now 64-year-old Primo’s Donuts is on to revive the shop

Recipes | Recipes

Instant Pot Freezer Meal: Tuscan Chicken with White Beans and Mushrooms | Kitchn

This easy freezer-to-table Italian chicken dinner is made with tomatoes, mushrooms, and cannellini beans, and can go straight from freezer to Instant Pot.

Sports | Sports

Montreal Canadiens: The Rangers winning wasn't the worst, but it stings

The Montreal Canadiens avoided the worst-case scenarios with the draft lottery and Alexis Lafreniere, but the New York Rangers is a bitter pill to swallow.

Politics | Politics

David Smick, Barry Levinson: How to end America's politics of hate

Evidence suggests that a feeling of economic humiliation, which manifests as fear and a politics devoid of empathy, is at the core of our divisions.

History | History

Judea Pearl: A Lesson for Seth Rogen (and All Jews) on Early Zionists and Arabs

The Israeli flag at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Photo: Hynek Moravec via Wikimedia Commons. Seth Rogen’s interview on Marc …

Politics | Opinion

Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

From the blog of Ben Yeroushalmi at The Times of Israel

Recipes | Recipes

Simple Roast Chicken Recipe With Vegetables - Roast Chicken Temperature

For the best roast chicken, here's how long to bake a whole chicken per pound at 400, 425, and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

News | News

Uber and Lyft ordered by California judge to classify drivers as employees - The Verge

Uber and Lyft were ordered by a California judge to classify drivers as employees. The companies said they planned to file an emergency appeal to block the ruling. It is the latest development in California’s long-running fight to upend the ride-hailing c

News | News

Top Navy official: Sailor burnout a concern amid COVID-19 crisis

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday told NBC News the pandemic has forced ships to remain at sea for longer periods of time.