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Humor | Humor

Make-a-Wish Foundation Denies Child Bassist’s Wish to Play Guitar

A child bass player with terminal cancer was denied her dying wish to play lead guitar by the Make-A-Wish Foundation as it interfered with long-held institutional policies and beliefs, apologetic sources confirmed.

News | News

BREAKING: Massive Brawl Breaks out outside Glendale, CA School Board as Armenian Parents Take on the Alphabet Mob

The alphabet mob may have just found that they don't want to mess with the Armenian-American community.

Music | Music

Astrud Gilberto, “The Girl From Ipanema” Singer, Dies at 83

The Brazilian singer debuted with Getz/Gilberto’s landmark version of the bossa nova track before a troubled solo career

News | The Temple Mount

Abbas’ risible Temple denial Is no laughing matter

The specious claim that the Temple Mount is exclusively a Muslim holy site and the spurious denial that the Jewish Temple stood there is yet another example of Jew-hatred by the PA and Hamas. Op-ed.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Team Biden Mainstreams Terror Financing in Lebanon

Fifteen years of U.S. aid to ‘state security’ arms like the LAF and ISF have cost American taxpayers billions while harming Israel and strengthening Hezbollah

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

US outfit calls for end to Israel's 'mow the lawn' Gaza policy

"Disarmament of Gaza" calls on Jerusalem to disarm Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Israeli FM: Harris could not name one clause on judicial reform

The U.S. vice president called for an "independent judiciary" during a speech at the Israeli Embassy in Washington in honor of Israel's 75th anniversary.

Miscellaneous | Jewish Life

Largest Birthright Group Breaks Record at Kotel

Mayanot Israel see largest group, 800, to arrive in single day; largest group from abroad at Kotel with 1,127

Politics | Politics

Prominent Anti-Semites Launch Campaign To Stop Republican From Becoming Kentucky's First Black Governor

After they were deemed too anti-Semitic for the Women's March, controversial activists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory have their sights set on a new mission: stopping Republican Daniel Cameron from becoming Kentucky's first black governor.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Who Made G-d? - The Classic Jewish Answer in Clear Modern English

The Creator of all boundaries is unbounded by any definition. Otherwise, He too would require a creator.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

Apartment under LA bridge on market for $250,000, in high demand

This Alhambra apartment under a bridge is one of the 10 Los Angeles County properties under $250,000.

Politics | Politics

Biden’s Ambassador to Israel Approved Grant Aimed at Delegitimizing Israel, Emails Show

The Biden administration’s outgoing ambassador to Israel personally signed off on a controversial $1 million grant to a program critics said was meant to delegitimize Israel, according to internal State Department communications obtained by the Washington

Politics | Politics

Woke Fascists Censor Best Picture Winner ‘The French Connection’

People have begun to notice that the Woke Fascists have censored The French Connection (1971), which won the Oscar for Best Picture.

News | News

Target Donated Funds To Group Calling To Close Mount Rushmore: Report

Target donated funds to a group that has called for closing down Mount Rushmore because it is “an international symbol of white supremacy,” according to a new report

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel conducts first test of autonomous flying taxi

Israel hopes autonomous drones will help to ease its traffic problems, as well as give Israeli companies a competitive edge.

Politics | Debunking Lies

Four Arab-Israeli conflict myths shattered by one terror incident

The confrontation between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian Arab terrorists in Jenin on May 29th might seem to have been a routine incident.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Palestinians' Preferred Candidates: Terrorists Who Want To Kill Jews

For the 87-year-old Abbas and his Fatah faction, the victory of the Hamas supporters was not only humiliating, but also a reminder that when it comes to dealing with Israel, many Palestinians prefer terrorism over diplomacy. The Hamas-affiliated students

News | Articles By Me

Priority: Jewish Unity

Just before this year’s Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), a horrifying, and not at all surprising, report came out of Tel Aviv University (TAU) called “The Annual Report on Antisemitism Worldwide–2022.” The study found that there were roughly 3,700 attacks on Jews in the United States last year. The year before that, 2021, saw 2,717 attacks. Each set a record for attacks on our people. The incidents included beatings, being spat on, having objects thrown at people, verbal abuse, etc.