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Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Tinker U.S. Airman spotted helping elderly woman in Oklahoma City with walker get home with groceries in extreme heat —

Janice Hall was trying to carry her groceries two miles home in the extreme heat — and Jibril Jennings did not hesitate to help

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Small town moves its 1 UPS driver to tears with generous gift, party

UPS driver Chad Turns was honored by the residents of Dauphin, Pennsylvania for all of his hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Miscellaneous | Resources

The Raymond Chandler map of Los Angeles

The writer saw LA through a dark glass, but he was undoubtedly seduced and enthralled with the City of Angels.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Best Time to Take Your Supplements

Your body is a complex miracle of biochemistry. And knowing how to use it and fuel it better will help you get more out of it.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

10 Best Countries for American Expats | Travel + Leisure

Thinking about moving abroad? These are 10 of the best countries for American expats.

Humor | Humor

New Beatles Doc Gives Man Greater Appreciation For How Long 8 Hours Feels

TULSA, OK—Saying the miniseries provided fresh insight into the subject matter, local man Barry Liptak, 43, told reporters Monday that Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary gave him a much greater appreciation for how long eight hours feels. “Obvious

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Total solar eclipse 2021: When, where and how to see it on Dec. 4

Antarctica will see nearly two minutes of totality at most, with surrounding regions getting a partial view.

News | Antisemitism Watch

The targeting of Jewish teenagers on Oxford Street is a wake-up call

When a friend shared a video of drama on Oxford Street on Monday night, I knew it would go viral. The clip showed a gang of men harassing a group of Jews on a bus, spitting, cursing, making obscene gestures, and even appearing to perform a Nazi salute.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

The Heartbreaking Death Of Laverne & Shirley Star Eddie Mekka

Actor Eddie Mekka has died, as confirmed by his brother, Warren Mekjian, on Thursday.

Psychology | Psychology

Wokeness, White Allyship, and Respect | Psychology Today

Why self-declarations and niceness are inadequate responses to white supremacy.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Living robots can now reproduce using artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, the xenobots were able to replicate themselves using a process not seen in humans or any other animals.

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

Automobiles in the Soviet Union - COLD WAR SPECIAL

Our interview with @Ushanka Show ( - we discuss the cars made in the Soviet Union Support us on Patr...

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

You Didn’t Tell the Truth Before; Start | Workplace Coach Blog

Tell the truth, you didn't tell the truth before, start now

Recipes | Recipes

ATK's Chewy Brownies – My Recipe Reviews

ATK's Chewy Brownies - decadent, fudgy, chewy brownies from America's Test Kitchen. Three kinds of chocolate and a stir-together recipe.

Entertainment | Entertainment

4-Year-Old Feels Lonely In Quarantine, Sets Up A Fairy Garden, Her Neighbor Notices And Pretends To Be A Fairy Named Sap

During these stressful times, we could all use a heartwarming story about a little girl who still believes in fairytales, magic, and fairies. Kelly Victoria—a photographer based in LA, California—thought the same when she decided to share how she and her