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News | News

Jerusalem Court Rules in Favor of Jews Praying on Temple Mount

Jewish worshippers visiting Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Reuters/Ammar Awad. i24 News – The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday ruled …

News | Antisemitism Watch

Antisemitism isn't a strong enough word

  Supporters of the BDS movement against Israel claim they are not antisemitic. I have concluded that they are correct

Politics | Opinion

The world made Israel necessary by refusing to help Jews in WWII

The Evian Conference in 1938 acknowledged that there was a Jewish refugee problem, but none of the countries participating agreed to take them in.

Politics | Opinion

Did Abraham use a smartphone?

One anachronistic untruth is the same as any other. If ancient Hebron can baldly be called "Palestinian", any claim can be accepted. Op-ed.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

We Need to Talk About the 'Social Changes' Coming to Pokémon GO | Pokémon GO Hub

Yesterday Niantic announced a swathe of changes that are coming to Pokémon GO over the next few months. The features are designed to do a few things: help bring people […]

Recipes | Recipes

Dakgangjeong (Korean Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce) | Food & Wine

Georgia Song's Dakgangjeong (Korean Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce) brings together shatteringly crisp chicken wings with a spicy-sweet glaze.

Recipes | Recipes

Spinach, Potato and Cheese Frittata Recipe on Food52

If you’ve got a few eggs to hold things together, you’ve got a frittata. Scrounge around the fridge and pantry; leftover pasta, rice, grains, some stale bread… it can all work. Have some alliums? – bring ‘em on. Leftover cooked vegetables – in they go! F

Music | Music

The Jam - Made In Britain (FULL) 2002 Radio Documentary

2002 radio documentary tells the story of The Jam. Narrated by Jonathan Ross and featuring Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler with contributions from...

Sports | Cycling

1984 Coors International Bicycle Classic

The final big race before the 1984 games. Used by permission of the Race Director and Film Producer.

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘S.N.L.’ Says Goodbye to Multiple Cast Members

Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant each got to take a victory lap in a “Saturday Night Live” season finale hosted by Natasha Lyonne.

Home Improvement | In the Garden

Protecting plants in a heatwave – 10 expert tips for combatting heat

If extreme heat is playing havoc with your garden, these expert tips will protect plants in hot weather

Recipes | Recipes

Buttermilk Coffee Cake - Barefeet in the Kitchen

Buttermilk Coffee Cake topped with a heaping layer of buttery cinnamon crumb topping is a cake that any cinnamon-lover is certain to love.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

The Transit Museum's Nostalgia Trains will ride again after a two-year hiatus

Ride the rails this summer in the same machinery that New Yorkers used in the early 20th century.

Music | Music

Classic Rock Fans Pay More for Concert Tickets Than Anyone Else

A study released in May 2022 showed that concert ticket prices for classic rock artists were more expensive than any other genre.

Science & Technology | Technology

How to hide your house on every map app

Anyone can see your home if it's visible on the Google, Apple, or Bing map apps. Use these tips to blur it out and hide it from virtual visitors.

Travel | Travel

Best California Road Trips - The Most Epic Scenic Drives

The best California road trips that will take you on epic scenic drives through the stunning desert, amazing coast, and gorgeous wine country

News | News

Millennium Park Gets Metal Detectors, Security Checkpoints As New Curfew For Teens Begins

Visitors at Millennium Park said they weren't fazed by the added security measures. But some Chicagoans online called the move an "embarrassment" for the city.

History | History

10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than just a chance to get the year's first sunburn. It's a time to remember the people who sacrificed their lives for their country.

Science & Technology | Science

NASA's Voyager 1 Is Sending Back Mysterious Data From Beyond Our Solar System

NASA's Voyager 1 is continuing its journey beyond our Solar System, 45 years after it was launched. But now the veteran spacecraft is sending back strange data, puzzling its engineers.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

Explore a photographic history of San Francisco

Loved by the likes of Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck, San Francisco has always had an air of romanticism. Delve into these images of its history and arts.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

10 Shows and Movies Like Cobra Kai to Watch While You Wait for Season 5

If you like Cobra Kai from watching it on YouTube or Netflix and just finished Season 4, then check out these other shows that incorporate martial arts, coming-of-age stories, and '80s nostalgia.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help!

How to stop eating food for comfort | Psychologies

Want to learn how to stop eating food for comfort? Here are a few simple food swaps to replace your carbs.

Science & Technology | Tech

Apple releases first iOS 15.6 and macOS 12.5 public beta for testing - 9to5Mac

One day after seeding iOS 15.6 beta 1 to developers, Apple is now releasing the public beta version to users enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program. Alongside the first public beta of iOS 15.6, Apple is also making available the new versions of tvOS

Sports | Sports

Indianapolis 500 Facts

Why does the winner of the Indianapolis 500 drink milk afterward? Find out more as we run down nine facts about the greatest spectacle in racing.

Politics | Opinion

Israel is losing sovereignty over east Jerusalem

There are certain neighborhoods in east Jerusalem that would be life-threatening for Jews to step into.

Psychology | Personality

How to take things less personally | Psyche Guides

Always blaming yourself or assuming others think ill of you? A CBT therapist shares ways to break these self-critical habits

Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

How to revive your sense of wonder | Psyche Guides

That childhood urge to ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ usually fades. But we can all learn to rediscover the joys of wide-eyed discovery

Recipes | Recipes

Creamy Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Baked Chicken - Closet Cooking

An easy to make baked chicken in a creamy parmesan, spinach and sundried tomato sauce!

Recipes | Recipes

BBQ Pulled Chicken Recipe - Mom On Timeout

This easy BBQ Pulled Chicken recipe is a staple! Tender pulled chicken tossed with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce makes amazing sandwiches!

Science & Technology | Science

Boeing launches Starliner spacecraft on crucial test flight

Boeing Space and ULA have successfully launched the Starliner spacecraft from Cape Canaveral in Florida in a crucial flight test.

Recipes | Recipes

Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes - Recipe Girl

These Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes are savory pancakes with added bacon, corn and cheese and topped with maple syrup- a unique, delicious breakfast recipe.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Zoom Hiders: What Does It Cost Them? | Workplace Coach Blog

Zoom Hiders: Camera Shy or Disengaged? What it costs hiders & how managers can get the video cams on.

Politics | Politics

Elon Musk reacts to Tesla being dropped from the S&P 500’s index of woke companies with a meme

Musk says he stands accused of not adhering to the leftist agenda.

Politics | Opinion

The one-two of Elon Musk and Project Veritas might end Twitter

It turns out that Elon Musk had a good reason to put the Twitter deal on hold: it's possible that Twitter management may have misrepresented the number of actual accounts it has versus fake/spam accounts.  And in another blow to the now...

Politics | Debunking Lies

The Nakba myth hijacks Congress

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has taken to Twitter to announce that she will introduce a House resolution that calls

Politics | American Politics

'Nakba recognition' resolution submitted by Rashida Tlaib, 'squad'

The bill calls to establish an official means for the US to recognize and remember the Nakba —The establishment of Israel and the exodus of Palestinians caused by the 1948 War of Independence.