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Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Level 40 to 50 Guide: XP, Level up Tasks and Rewards | Pokémon GO Hub

A comprehensive guide to levelling up from 40 to 50 in Pokémon GO. The guide includes all Level-up tasks, XP requirements and level rewards. At the time of writing this guide, the XP requirement and rewards for each Level are known, but the exact level-u

Family & Parenting | Parenting

9 Thanksgiving Activities to Make Your Holiday at Home More Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

See fun Thanksgiving activities and things to do on Thanksgiving Day for kids and adults. From Thanksgiving games to family-friendly activities and things to do for adults, this list of ideas will help you make your Thanksgiving Day or Friendsgiving a bus

Politics | Opinion

How Trump can expose biggest lie in Middle East: Palestinian ‘refugee’ myth

The Trump administration may be on its way out, but it can still ­advance American interests between now and January.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

A Website Wants to Pay You $500 to Eat Pumpkin Pie

If you eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving like it's your job, now you can get paid to sample the dessert.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

New drive-in opens in Hollywood in December

The Arena Cinelounge Drive-In opens Dec. 1 in a parking lot behind the Egyptian Theater.

Entertainment | Netflix

Here’s Every Movie, TV Show, and Special Leaving Netflix in December 2020

December may be a festive time of year, but if your idea of a good time is settling in for another 'The Office' binge-watch, we've some bad news: Your time is running out to stream it.

News | News

It looks like your next stimulus check will be a lot bigger than the first – BGR

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to make the passage of a new coronavirus relief bill -- which includes funding to provide most Americans with a second stimulus check -- a priority once he takes office.

News | News

Are More Lockdowns Inevitable, Or Can Other Measures Stop The Surge?

The U.S. added more than 1 million cases in the past week. More than 85,000 people are hospitalized. Some states may have no choice but to lock down again. Others are trying a "surgical approach."

Sports | Cycling

How bike-friendly ‘slow streets' are changing cities

Covid-19 caused major, rapid shifts in travel infrastructure to make streets friendlier to bikers and pedestrians. Can these changes endure?

    Health & Fitness | Covid-19 News

    This one sign could mean you've already had COVID-19

    You may have had symptoms that made you think you've already had COVID-19, but short of a screening or antibody test, is there any way to tell if you've had the virus? According to doctors, there is one sign that could mean you've already been infected wi

    Business & Finance | Business & Finance

    It’s the great San Francisco exodus | Fortune

    Tech heavyweights are leaving the Bay Area for Miami, Austin, and Los Angeles.

    Food & Drink | Food!

    The History Behind 10 Thanksgiving Dishes | Mental Floss

    Even Alexander Hamilton wanted you to eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Here's the history behind the bird and nine other holiday staples.

    Psychology | Psychology

    A Dialogue on Psychosis and Trauma | Psychiatric Times

    Joining together to discuss psychosis, 3 doctors share their experiences and opinions on the various ways to respond and help patients with trauma.

    Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

    How to decode your symptoms to sleep better and reach your potential?

    Sleep symptoms show up in many different ways. Understanding what the body and our sleep is telling us can transform our lives.

    Recipes | Recipes

    Parker House Rolls with Cranberry Butter - My Baking Addiction

    Soft, buttery Parker House Rolls are a holiday classic. Serve them with Cranberry Butter to make them even more festive for your Thanksgiving table!

    Music | Music

    Jenny and the Mexicats: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    March 26, 2018 | Felix Contreras -- Jenny and the Mexicats is a discovery from South by Southwest a few years ago that I haven't been able to get out of my m...

    Sports | Surfing/SUPing

    The Truth About Surfing in Los Angeles

    Here's the truth about surfing in Los Angeles, to be more specific the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Forget the social media post. Photographers and video...

    Business & Finance | Business & Finance

    Employees Stage a Thanksgiving Rebellion - Workplace Coach Blog

    Employer policies & holiday celebrations

    Sports | Cycling

    Rapha Colorado Rapha recently visited Colorado, taking three riders on a 10-day riding trip through one of the world's best cycling lo...

    Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

    5 Israeli Innovations Feature On TIME’s 100 Best Inventions Of 2020

    TIME magazine selects 5 Israeli inventions for its annual 100 Best Inventions of 2020 list - from an automated beehive to sugar tech.

    Recipes | Desserts

    No-Bake Coconut Cream Pie - PureWow

    Don't underestimate the power of another major appliance in your kitchen: the refrigerator. As it so happens, the fridge and freezer are key in our recipe for no-bake coconut cream pie.

    Politics | POLITICS

    Will The Supreme Court Defend Religious Liberty From Pandemic Tyrants?

    A second challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s discriminatory COVID rules that targeted Orthodox Jews provides a crucial test for the new Supreme Court.