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Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Libby’s just made a big change to its classic pumpkin pie recipe

Libby's go-to pumpkin pie recipe for many Thanksgivings has been updated for the first time since XX.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Paul Rudd recalls embarrassing Jennifer Aniston moment during final episode of Friends

Paul Rudd has revealed an embarrassing moment he experienced while filming the final-ever episode of Friends.  Rudd, who starred as Phoebe Buffay’s (Lisa Kudrow) boyfriend and eventual husband Mike Hannigan on the hit sitcom, appeared on the Graham Norton

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Being Busy Is Eliminating the Joys of Shared Free Time - The Atlantic

Our unpredictable and overburdened schedules are taking a dire toll on American society.

Music | Music

The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s! | Pitchfork

The records that made the decade, starring Kendrick Lamar, Grimes, Bon Iver, Solange, Lana Del Rey, and many more

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Nvidia uses federated learning to create medical imaging AI | VentureBeat

Nvidia is applying federated learning to medical imaging, a way to protect patient privacy without the need to remove data from hospital servers or devices.

Home Improvement | DIY

29 Clever Convertible Furniture Pieces That Were Made For Small-Space Living | POPSUGAR Home

My tiny apartment fits just about everything I need, but from time to time, I wish I had the extra room for a home office or an extra bed for guests.

Psychology | Psychology

Neuroscience shows that our gut instincts about only children are right

Kids with no siblings get all their parents' attention, but are their brains different?

Family & Parenting | Parenting

Best Children’s Libraries in the USA

From special kids programming to incredible sculptures, these libraries make sure kids get a whole lot more than story time.

Science & Technology | Tech News

The Best New Features of watchOS 6

While not all of the features of watchOS 6 work on every model, some of the core features can bring new life. Let's look at some of the best new features.

Recipes | Comfort Food

Delicious Chicken Pot Pie Recipes!

From classic chicken pot pie to new chicken pot pie ideas, like making a cornbread topping, get all the best chicken pot pie recipes at Food & Wine.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Open Sukkah Offers Holiday Home To Weary Travelers, City Dwellers In Israel

'Airbnb for sukkahs' connects hosts from Tasmania to Saskatoon with those who don't have a hut in which to celebrate festival. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Tech

Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Computers (And We're Paying For It Right Now) | Inc.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can be taken over by wishful thinking. Even the great ones.

Politics | Politics

A New Dark Age: California’s Blackouts Are Self-Inflicted

Now, in large parts of California, if you want to keep the lights on during the blackouts, you better have a flashlight or a gas lamp. Twenty-first century green dreams have led to 19th-century realities.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Parkinson’s May Begin in Gut and Spread to the Brain Via the Vagus Nerve

A major epidemiological registry-based study from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital indicates that Parkinson's disease begins in the gastrointestinal tract; the study is the largest in

News | Animal Links

New Research Shows Great apes Have Abstract Empathic Thinking Like Humans

Study shows they can anticipate others’ actions, an ability thought to be uniquely human. Tanya Loos reports.

    Advice & Self-Help | Tips & Tricks

    6 Rookie Homebuying Mistakes to Avoid

    Before purchasing your first home you’ll want to avoid these potential hiccups.

    Family & Parenting | Parenting

    The 7 Best Things I Did For Myself As a First Time Mom

    Becoming a mom comes with a lot of changes, but taking care of yourself needs to be prioritized. Here are 7 ways to help set yourself up for success.

    Entertainment | Entertainment

    Robert Forster Dead: Resurgent Oscar Nominee From 'Jackie Brown' Was 78 | Hollywood Reporter

    Robert Forster, the stalwart leading man whose Oscar-nominated performance as a bail bondsman in Quentin Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown' made for one of Hollywood's most heartwarming comeback stories, has died. He was 78.

    Science & Technology | Tech

    Scam Alert: New Phone Scam Uses a Real Text From Your Bank to Trick You | Mental Floss

    If you get a call from someone claiming to be your bank, you should always be cautious. Here are some tactics one new phone scam uses to trick people.

    Food & Drink | Food

    32 Italian Desserts We Love | Food & Wine

    Italian dessert recipes, from pumpkin-gingersnap tiramisù and creamy rose panna cotta to biscotti and parfaits.

    Science & Technology | Tech

    How to Geotag a Photo in the macOS Photos App

    Geotagging allows you to add geographical identification metadata to photographs right in macOS's Photos app – even if your camera didn't. Here's how!

    Recipes | Recipes!

    Best Roasted Chicken Recipes – Baked Chicken Dishes | Food & Wine

    Roast chicken recipes include Julia Child's favorite roast chicken and juicy honey-and-lemon-glazed roast chicken. Plus more roast chicken recipes.

    Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

    How to Be Optimistic: It'll Help You Live Longer

    Pessimists may suspect this finding, but researchers who tracked the health outcomes of thousands of adults across many years found optimists were much more likely to reach 85. Optimism is teachable.

    Psychology | Psychology

    Slow walkers have slower minds, scientists reveal

    William Blake did it dreamily, Sigmund Freud languidly, and Albert Einstein almost religiously.

    Pets & Animals | Animals!

    Dog Breaks Through Neighbor's Fence - The Dodo

    “It made me happy to see them so happy. Just neighbors being neighborly.”

    Pets & Animals | Animals

    Snakehead fish that can breathe air, survive on land found in Georgia

    An invasive northern snakehead fish was found in a pond, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division confirmed.

    Business & Finance | Business

    Seven Lessons For Early-Stage Startup CTOs

    While CTOs at early-stage startups are seen as the technology visionaries, the reality is, their roles and decisions truly revolve around making the business successful. The key is understanding that technology is a tool and not the destination.

    Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

    I saved $300,000 by 26—and doing these 5 unusual things helped me save like crazy

    From switching jobs without the all the "right" qualifications to staying in hostels with up to 15 beds per room, making a few lifestyle changes made an enormous difference in my finances.

    Science & Technology | Science

    Voyager Mission Detects Unexpected Pressure At The Edge Of The Solar System

    NASA’s Voyager 1 mission scientists have calculated the total pressure from particles in the outer region of the solar system, known as the heliosheath during an opportune timing of a solar event that made the measurement possible.

    History | History

    Florida Man Discovers Original D-Day Audiotapes in His Basement

    Bruce Campbell never expected to find some of World War II’s most important radio broadcasts buried in his cluttered basement.

    Entertainment | New Star Trek!

    Star Trek: Discovery Showrunner Confirms the Federation Still Exists in the 32nd Century

    Star Trek: Discovery is warping far into the future in its third season. The trailer released at [...]

    Science & Technology | Technology

    iPhone 11 Pro Max battles the Galaxy Note 10 in a battery test, and the winner is clear – BGR

    Apple’s new iPhone 11 lineup the company unveiled in September came with a few surprises for once, with some early renders and physical designs that leaked out shown to be a bit off and allowing Apple to actually give fans a few things they weren’t ex

    Sports | Sports

    The Patriots' biggest flaws are beginning to show

    The New England Patriots are probably the best team in the NFL -- again. But they're not without their vulnerabilities.

    Science & Technology | Science

    Inbound interstellar comet Borisov has a toxic tail

    The space rock isn't from around here, but the poisons it carries are.

    Science & Technology | Social Media

    Pinterest says AI reduced reported self-harm content by 88% | VentureBeat

    Pinterest announced that it's using AI and machine learning to reduce the visibility of self-harm content on its platform.

    Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

    George ''Goober'' Lindsey was the first choice to play Spock and our mind is still blown

    From gas station worker to science officer? Can you imagine the Mayberry Mind Meld?

    Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

    Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush, and the Limits of Unconditional Kindness

    For decades, DeGeneres has been the sunny representative for a brighter world we might all live in if we were kinder to one another. But that imagined utopia seems increasingly out of touch with reality

    Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

    Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe

    The best smoked chicken wings with extra crispy skin! Easy to follow recipe.

    News | National News

    California bans hotels from using tiny plastic bottles

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Hotels in the nation’s most populous state will have to stop giving guests small plastic shampoo bottles under a new law set to take effect starting in 2023.

    Advice & Self-Help | Health & Fitness

    Pictures: 15 Herbal Supplements You Shouldn’t Try

    Not all herbs and supplements are safe, especially if you have certain medical conditions or take some drugs. Find out which ones you may need to skip.

    Science & Technology | Science

    NASA’s new Moon-bound spacesuit is safer, smarter and much more comfortable | TechCrunch

    The next Americans to set foot on the Moon will do so in a brand new spacesuit that's based on, but hugely improved from, the original Apollo suits that last went up there in the '70s. With easier entry, better mobility, and improved communications, these

    Travel | Travel

    Pictures of first-class cars on trains from around the world - Insider

    From spacious cabins to sparkling dining rooms and reclining seats, here's what top-notch travel looks like on trains around the world.

    Recipes | Recipes

    Sweet, Sticky Bourbon Chicken Is a Weeknight Winner

    No one will ever say no to this super-easy chicken stir-fry dressed in a sticky-sweet glaze of bourbon and brown sugar. Here's how to make it at home.