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Hamas sympathizers ramp up campaign against Israel with left-wing donor army

Democracy for the Arab World Now has established itself as a key cog in the anti-Israel movement — backed by left-wing donors.

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Election Jihad: Islamic Groups are Hijacking Our Elections

A Freedom Center report exposes the threat and shows how we can fight back.

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Democratic rhetoric takes a perilous turn for the Jews

Democratic movers and shakers are grafting antisemitism onto the party’s DNA.

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He Endorsed Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Then He Landed a Professorship at Columbia University.

During a Jan. 5 interview with socialist podcast Revolutionary Left Radio, Islamic scholar Mohamed Abdou declared his support for Hamas and "the resistance." The terror group's "dedicated few," he said admiringly, worked in "stealth mode" on Oct. 7 to def

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We need to talk about Gen Z’s Palestine mania

There was nothing laudable about Aaron Bushnell’s tragic suicide.

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The Don Quixote Delusion | Israel National News

What a 17th century classic can teach us about the West’s current attack on Israel. Op-ed.

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Tlaib Vote Shows That the Barbarians Aren’t At the Gates; They’re in Congress

 One of the most open-and-shut issues in the history of the United States came before Congress Wednesday, and any decent human being had every reason to expect that the vote on it was unanimous.

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The antisemitism crisis is out of control

In both Britain and America, politics is becoming increasingly distorted.

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White House Takes Heat for Courting Pro-Hamas Activist

The White House is under fire from Jewish groups for meeting with an Arab-American activist who has praised Hamas and other terrorist groups, and who claimed American lawmakers have been "bought" by the "Zionist lobby."

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At Penn, Nothing Has Changed in Wake of Magill's Defenestration

When Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, then an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed in 2019 arguing that political issues like climate change and gun control had no place in medical sch

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Dearborn mayor claims exposing Hamas support is ‘Islamophobic’

The worse the jihad, the more they shout, "Islamophobia."

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UNRWA is worse than you think

For far too long this UN agency has provided moral cover to the anti-Semitic haters of Israel.

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Pro-Hamas Protesters Sink Even Lower, Violently Harass Mourners Leaving Henry Kissinger Memorial

 The pro-Hamas, anti-Israel fanatics were at it again, this time teaming up with Henry Kissinger haters to harass mourners leaving a memorial for the late diplomat on New York City’s Upper East Side Thursday.

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Pro Palestine Primary Teachers Rewrite 'Wheels On the Bus' and the Result is Utterly Disgusting


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Pro Palestine Protestors Showed Up To Fetterman's House and He Let His Israeli Flag Fly ... Literally

 Lately, we have written a daily story about a new way Fetterman is shocking us with his good policy stances. Tonight, he basically became a hero.

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Hamas Loving Cornell University Instructor Cancels Class for 'Global Strike for Palestine'

A Cornell University instructor who once said Israelis should "rot in the deepest darkest pits of hell" canceled her first class of the semester in solidarity with a "Global Strike for Palestine," an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon shows.

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London Tube driver back to work after leading ‘free Palestine’ chants

The employee faced suspension during the investigation of his behavior and had to issue an apology to faith groups.

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Jamaal Bowman Said He Was 'Starstruck' By Anti-Israel Author Who Praised Hamas. Now He Claims He Barely Knew the Guy.

New York Democratic congressman Jamaal Bowman said he was "starstruck" by an anti-Israel author who praised Hamas's Oct. 7 slaughtering of innocent Israelis. Now, Bowman is claiming he was "unaware" of the author's comments.

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The whitewashing of Hamas

Jake Wallis Simons on how the vilification of Israel has revived the oldest hatred.

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In Ramallah meeting, Blinken calls for Palestinian state

Mahmoud Abbas demanded the secretary of state push Israel to unconditionally release all tax revenue it collects on the PA's behalf

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Protesters paid to take part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations

They’re being paid to protest. What many have suspected has now been confirmed.

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Harvard To Host Summer Program At Palestinian University Dominated By Hamas

Ivy League students set to travel to West Bank to learn how to combat “settler colonialism” at university affiliated with terrorists

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The toxic tribalism of the pro-Palestine marches

These people think they can disrupt Londoners’ lives week in, week out. They just want to signal their own self-righteousness.

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Trust Me, You'd Rather Live in a Pro-Israel America

Just as Jew-hating Palestinian terrorists united Israeli Jews, Jew-hating American populists clump the right-wing Ben Shapiro with America's overwhelming liberal Jewish community.

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SEIU Leader Participated in Palestinian Protest That Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge

A chief negotiator for the Service Employees International Union's national office who accused Israel of committing "genocide" protested the Jewish state alongside his radical wife and violent communist son, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

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Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down California Legislature

Over 100 anti-Israel protesters shut down the California Assembly on Wednesday during its first legislative session of the year, as lawmakers face a massive $68 billion deficit and crises from rising homelessness and crime.

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America’s Mainstreaming of Hamas, Antisemitism, and Terror

Hamas’s Nazification of Israel and the Jews should be taken seriously. This extremist ideology is inciting violence against Jews and Jewish institutions across North America today. - America’s Mainstreaming of Hamas, Antisemitism, and Terror

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I Saw the Children Hamas Beheaded With My Own Eyes. Shame on Queen Rania

Phrasebooks belonging to Hamas found in the Re'im area listed phonetic Hebrew commands in Arabic "Take your clothes off!"; " Spread your legs!'; "Get down!"

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Destroying Western culture, one Islamist protest at a time

they are shutting speakers down, blocking the entrances to trains, obstructing traffic by blocking roads and bridges all over North America. Op-ed.

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Anti-Israel teachers getting away with blatant antisemitism as parents, critics decry ‘double standard’

Anti-Israel teachers in NYC public schools get away with unchecked antisemitism while critics of Palestine are immediately reprimanded, critics charge.

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Obama privately lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay’s behalf amid antisemitism controversy

A new report found that former President Barack Obama privately lobbied for Harvard President Claudine Gay amid backlash to her comments on antisemtism.

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'What a Nasty Man ...' Scottish PM Humza Yousaf Exposes Himself as Hamas Mouthpiece

 It's one thing when leftwing activists spout Hamas propaganda on Twitter/X, but when it comes to elected officials around the world, it's another thing entirely.

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The Global Empire of Palestine - Tablet Magazine

The Palestinians have something better than a state. They have the backing of today’s worldwide power brokers.

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Anti-Israel Protesters in S.F. Delayed Organs from Reaching Transplant Patients

Anti-Israel protesters who blocked the San Francisco Bay Bridge also delayed ambulances from delivering vital organs to transplant patients.

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Exposed: UN Women Deputy Chief Endorsed 153 Tweets Attacking Israel & Zionism

A top official of UN Women addressed the United Nations by webcam from her home with a large “Palestine” poster and flag showing in the background, and since the October 7th Hamas massacre she has publicly endorsed 153 anti-Israel and anti-Zionist tweets,


‘He’s an American, You Idiots!’ Social Media Erupts After Protest of Jerry Seinfeld Show Over His Israel Support - 'He's

Social media users called a large pro-Palestinian protest outside Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up comedy show in downtown Syracuse, New York, "misguided" and said that targeting him for being an American Jew who supports Israel was antisemitic. Hundreds of acti

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'Vice' Arabic Article Defended Hamas Massacre, Called It 'Within International Law'

Vice News's Arabic editor celebrated Hamas's Oct. 7 massacre as "justice" and argued that it was "within international law."

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SJP and JVP At Columbia University Admit To Breaking Rules of Their Suspension

About a month ago, New York's Columbia University announced that it was suspending the activities of SJP and JVP

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The Things I Never Thought Possible—Until October 7

Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner on the many illusions shattered by Hamas’s pogrom and the orgy of antisemitism it inspired.

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George Washington University faculty ignore Hamas atrocities, defend attack on Israel: ‘Right of resistance’

George Washington University’s medical school hosted a faculty panel last Monday that declared Hamas terrorists have a “right of resistance” against Israel, according to video footage exclusively obtained by The Post.

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Columbia U. Hosts 'Palestinian Counteroffensive' Event Despite Claiming It Was Canceled

Columbia University's School of Social Work proceeded with its "teach in" on the so-called "significance" of the October 7 terror attacks against Israel by Hamas, despite claiming that the event had been canceled.

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Rape Denial + "Free Speech"

“Those who don't have truth on their side, turn to dishonesty.” It was apt that Katharine Brodsky tweeted this yesterday morning. What’s going on right now in the Israel-Hamas war is bigger than life. It should stop every serious person dead in their trac

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Just 4 Percent of American Universities Condemned Hamas Terror Attack on Israel as Anti-Semitic

Just 4 percent of America's universities condemned Hamas's October 7 terror attack on Israel as an anti-Semitic crime, and only 2 percent committed to addressing persistent Jew-hatred on campus, according to a study published Tuesday.

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Charging Jews with genocide is to (falsely) declare them guilty of precisely what was done to them

Israel’s response to the 7 October Hamas attacks has emboldened many to say the once unsayable

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Bomb threats at dozen-plus New York synagogues

The New York City Police Department is investigating the apparent hoaxes.

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Israel Trades Palestinian Terrorists for 3-Year-Old Jewish Girls. The Media See a 'Prisoner Swap.'

Israel on Sunday released from prison Israa Jaabees, a 38-year-old West Bank woman who was convicted for an attempted suicide car bombing in 2015. On the same day, Hamas released Abigail Eden, a 3-year-old Israeli girl whom the terrorist group abducted on

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Tufts University Student Group Honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'—Including Hamas Terrorists Who Died Attacking Israel

A Tufts University student group on Wednesday unveiled a campus display honoring the names of Palestinian "martyrs"—including known Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who died while attacking Israeli soldiers.

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Outrage as hard-Left group organises for children to skip school and go on Gaza marches as teachers 'wave through absences' - with thousands of kids on pro-Palestinian rallies

Hardline groups are advising parents on how to avoid fines from schools and on setting up protests, according to the Policy Exchange think-tank.

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The Jew-Movers Are Back

"We put 'em in the wrong place, so let's move 'em again!"

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Meet the Senior CIA Official Who Posted Pro-Palestinian Images to Social Media

The senior CIA official who posted a pro-Palestinian image on Facebook in the wake of Hamas’s deadly attack on Israel is associate deputy director for analysis Amy McFadden, the agency confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon.

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USC Professor Banned From Campus for Being Mean to Hamas

 In a shocking violation of free speech, a USC professor has been suspended and banned from campus after he spoke against Hamas.

Politics | The "Squad"

Fresh Off Anti-Semitism Censure, Tlaib Speaks at Pro-Hamas Ceasefire Rally

Days after a bipartisan group of lawmakers censured Rep. Rashida Tlaib for deploying an anti-Semitic slogan, the Michigan Democrat appeared at an event organized by Muslim groups with track records of anti-Semitism and support for the terrorist group Hama

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Even California Democrats Can't Quell the Pro-Palestinian Mob. Activists Take Over CA Dem Convention

 You'd think the Democrats would be golden with the pro-Palestinian crowd considering the Squad's dedication to spreading Hamas propaganda.

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Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Shut Down the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

 Governor Gavin Newsom managed to hose all of the homeless encampments off the streets of San Francisco for a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, but the communist dictator might have to find a different route out of town, as pro-Hamas demonstrators have blocked the Bay Bridge.

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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash with Police Outside DNC, Arrests Made

Several arrests have been made outside the DNC offices in Washington, DC, where pro-Palestinian protesters violently clashed with police.

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British Police Crack Down on the British Flag Being Draped Over Barriers

 Britain really is a cautionary tale for the United States. They've cracked down on free speech to the point where you can be arrested for praying silently across the street from an abortion clinic.

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Barbarians at the Gate: Shocking Video Emerges of Pro-Hamas Protesters Smearing Fake Blood on White House

 A heaving mass of pro-Hamas protesters made their way to the White House on Saturday evening and smeared the northwest gates of The People's House with fake blood. Chants of "Allahu Akbar!" were heard by observers, a chilling echo of the refrain of the Hamas terrorists that massacred more than 1,400 Israelis on October 7.

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Cornell University: Police on Scene After Jewish Students Violently Threatened

Police have been dispatched to a building housing a kosher dining hall at Cornell University after Jewish students received violent threats.

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‘This Is the Way’: Watch As Fed Up Man Confronts Hamas Hostage Poster Thief As Only a New Yorker Can

 As the old saying goes, not all heroes wear capes.

In fact, sometimes they wear flannel shirts.

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I Bet You Can Guess Which Congresswoman Employed Hamas Activists

It hasn’t been a good time to be a member of “The Squad” these days, has it? From Ed Morrissey at our sister site, Hot Air, we learn that “The independent Canary Mission released a report...

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Rather than protecting Jews, authorities are telling us to hide -- again

Lawyer Gerard Filitti holds a press conference announcing that Jewish students at Cooper Union who were hiding in a library during a pro-Palestine protest will file a lawsuit against the school.

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Watch: Jewish students locked inside library as antisemitic protesters bang on the door screaming “free Palestine”

Jewish students at Cooper Union College locked inside library for 40 minutes as anti-Israeli protesters block the doors.

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Why Jewish lives don’t matter to BLM

The Hamas apologism of Black Lives Matter activists has exposed the twisted, hateful logic of identity politics.

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Muslim Doctors in America Celebrates Hamas Massacre (UPDATE) - RAIR

What kind of medical care can Jewish and Israeli patients anticipate from Muslim doctors who openly endorse Hamas and its violence?

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London police shut down billboards showing children held by Hamas

“Who are the police protecting here,” the Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote. “Those standing up to terrorists, or those who sympathize with them?”

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They Blamed Israel for Hamas's Atrocities. Big Law Hired Them. Will There Be A Reckoning?

One of America's top law firms has hired an executive member of a Harvard Law student group that signed on to a statement blaming Hamas’s gruesome weekend terrorist attacks on Israel and its "apartheid regime."

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Exclusive Video: Pro-Palestinian Insurrectionists Occupy Federal House Office Building in Washington DC

About one hundred pro-Palestinian insurrectionists occupied a federal House office building in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, chanting "ceasefire now" and "let Gaza live." 

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Professor Dana Loesch Explains: 'That's What 'From the River to the Sea,' MEANS' Listen UP class

 Students, class is in session.

The left has a library of slogans they love to chant, but do they know what half of them even mean? Well pro-Palestinians know what 'From the river to the sea,' means even if their idiot leftwing supporters don't.

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Tom Cotton Calls for Deportation of Foreign Students Who Support Hamas

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) called for the United States to deport foreign students who support Hamas after the terrorist group killed more than 1,400 Israelis in last week's terror attack.