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Innocents in Gaza? Don’t be naive

Some will say Gazans are too afraid of Hamas to voice condemnation, but it’s clear there is massive support for the terror group

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Troops in Gaza find dozens of rockets under UNRWA boxes

The Israel Defense Forces says troops operating in the northern Gaza Strip have located dozens of rockets hidden under boxes with UNRWA markings in a residential home, and other weaponry belonging to Hamas.

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Truce fell apart after Hamas refused to release more female Israeli hostages

Israeli official says Hamas doesn’t want to release remaining women because it doesn’t want them speaking publicly about what they endured on Oct. 7 and in their time in captivity

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Why Anything Short of Total Eradication of Hamas Is Insufficient

Israel must regain the upper hand in its conflict with Hamas immediately, as it is necessary to deter Hezbollah and the Iranian regime.

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Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7 | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

The Israeli government is going to have to make some changes in the IDF General Staff if we want to win this war. And the West is going to have to make some ...

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IDF resumes combat in Gaza after Hamas violates ceasefire

The Israeli military was conducting a wave of airstrikes after Palestinian terrorists fired rockets at the Jewish state.

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IDF Finds Dozens of Rockets in Gaza Home Under United Nations Boxes

The IDF revealed it found dozens of rockets in a home in Gaza underneath boxes labeled for UNRWA, the institution for Palestinian refugees.

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Biden Admin Turns Its Back on Israel

White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby stated that the White House doesn't support Israel operating against Hamas in the southern portion of Gaza "unless or until they have factored in all those additiona

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The Red Cross has Jewish blood on its hands- and it couldn't care less

After ignoring a family’s pleas to provide their elderly mother with her medication, refusing to act or try to meet hostages during deal, the Red Cross proves that it views Jewish blood as cheap. Op-ed.

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Hamas drugged children; burned legs with exhaust for identification

Each child seized by Hamas was placed on a motorcycle. They positioned the child's leg against the bike's exhaust pipe, causing burns.

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Cruel Irony of Falsely Accusing Israel of Genocide as It Battles Genocidal Hamas

Falsely accusing Israel of the horrible crime of genocide in its defensive war with evil Hamas is a particularly cruel and odious blood libel.

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At the end of the Gaza war’s first half, Israel’s position is strong

The pause in Israel's war against Hamas provides an opportunity for assessment. While the IDF has been forced to fight Hamas on its own turf, Jerusalem has responded with overwhelming military precision and force, diplomatic support, and most importantly,

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Biden is the primary obstacle to Israeli victory

Polling shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel in this war and want it to destroy Hamas; the overwhelming majority of lawmakers from both parties share that view.

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The Casualty Figures in Gaza Are a Scam

Hamas feeds rotten data to the international media, and the world says grace - The Casualty Figures in Gaza Are a Scam

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Palestinians are the impediment to peace, not Israel's war: poll

Only five per cent of Palestinians support a two-state solution; three-quarters want Israel wiped off the map

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Hamas Is Lying About the Hostages

The news that Israel and Hamas/Qatar have agreed in principle to a two-day extension of the ceasefire means about 20 more Israeli hostages might come home in

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‘I'll stay in Gaza as long as needed—a month, a year; until we finish the job'

"Israel Hayom" reporter visits the troops on the frontline, who want Israelis to know that the war has only just begun.

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Hamas terrorists admit taking hostages to Shifa Hospital

Hamas members Adham Hawwas and Ismail Hawwas were both seen in security footage at Kibbutz Alumim and inside the Gaza City medical center.

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IDF soldier freed from Hamas in daring Gaza raid speaks out

“I hope everyone comes back, and they will come back, God willing," said Pvt. Ori Megidish.

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Now we know: Israel was right about how Hamas operates

The evidence that Israel had been correct all along about Hamas’s nefarious mode of operation began to pile up soon after the IDF began its offensive.

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Sky News Host Goes Viral After ‘Astonishing’ Hostage Swap Ratio Question to Israeli Spokesman Universally Mocked

A Sky News anchor asked an Israeli spokesperson if Israel values Palestinian lives less based on the hostage swap ratio.

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Biden’s Appeasement of Iran Continues After Hamas Attack on Israel

Incredibly, after the horrific October 7 attack against Israel by Hamas (Iranian terrorist proxy), new aggression against Israel by Yemen’s Houthi rebels (also…

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Hamas ordered hostages: 'Keep waving'

Pro-Israel activist Yoseph Haddad shows Hamas forcing prisoners to act cheerful for the camera before the exchange.

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WATCH: Emotional Reunion Between Emily Hand And Dad After Release From Hamas Captivity

After the Irish-Israeli 9-year-old Emily was released, Ireland's Prime Minister released a highly criticized tweet over a little girl being 'found' - Click the link for more details.

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Video of Massive Terror Complex Under Al Shifa Hospital Makes Media Look Ridiculous

The Israel Defense Forces brought cameras into the tunnels under Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip this week and exposed not just Hamas's sprawling operations there but also the terrorist group's enablers in the media. The footage, taken by Fox News as

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What the Terrorists Imprisoned in Israel Did After Being Released Is Eye-Opening

 The prisoner/hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas has inadvertently highlighted a harsh reality in the overall conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. It’s an issue that is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a peaceful solution between the two parties.

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WATCH: Hamas Releases Propaganda Video of Hostage Release That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

 Following an initial breaking of the ceasefire, Hamas responded to Israel's threat to resume military action in response and released another batch of hostages on Saturday. Some of those released were as young as three years old.

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Ben-Gvir to police: Prevent terrorist release celebrations

"Victory celebrations give backing to those human scum, for those Nazis," the national security minister said.

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The infernal choice behind the hostage deal

Israel is in this terrible situation principally because of America.

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13 Israeli hostages released after 7 weeks in Hamas captivity: Watch

The hostages were being brought to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula through the Rafah crossing before flying to Hatzerim Air Base near Beersheva.

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Givati Brigade raids upscale neighborhood of Hamas elite in Gaza

(i24) During the search, the brigade found small models of Israeli Defense Force tanks and the Gaza border wall The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Givati Brigade’s combat team executed a targeted raid on the headquarters of Hamas’ the northern brigade. The

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America shouldn’t let Hamas bargain its way to victory

Israel had no choice but to accept a deal to release some hostages. But Washington shouldn’t pressure Jerusalem to let the terrorists run out the clock on a just war.

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ABC News: Israel Violates Ceasefire That Hasn't Started Yet

 We're hearing that there's been a 24-hour pause on the release of the hostages held by Hamas, putting loved ones through another day of hell.

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How To Rescue All The Hostages Quickly – And Protect The West From The Islamic Terrorism Of The Crime Family That Rules Qatar

This article was first published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv on November 21, 2023. In the struggle to obtain the release of the hostages held by Hamas, there is a vitally important path to rescuing them – and it is a path that the Israeli media and th

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Bibi Capitulates to Organized Pressure on Partial Hostage Release, Hamas Wins

From this point on, we can count on Bibi to be a crowd-pleaser and not a leader.

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Israel to ‘complete the elimination of Hamas' after ceasefire

“We are at war, and we will continue the war. We will continue until we achieve all our goals," said Netanyahu • Hamas says truce will enter into force at 10 a.m. Thursday.

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Iron Beam laser intercepts Hamas rocket from Gaza

The system's interception of a rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza is the first-ever operational use of a laser defense system.

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Al-Shifa Hospital and the pathological distrust of Israel

From CNN to the radical left, why won’t people accept the truth about Hamas’s horrors at al-Shifa?

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What do the Palestinians want?

Westerners assume that the Palestinians seek a future of prosperity and freedom and peace because that is what they aspire to preserve for themselves. But this isn’t the case.

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100 Jewish youngsters make aliyah to enlist in IDF

An interview with three who left family and friends behind to defend the Jewish state.

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IDF releases footage of Hamas hiding hostages at Gaza's Shifa Hospital

Palestinian terrorists murdered captive Cpl. Noa Marciano at the hospital, according to the Israeli military.

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'Welcome to Hell': Israeli Soldiers Troll Hamas From the Ruins of Gaza

TEL AVIV—There's the Israel Defense Forces's official messaging about its war against Hamas, and then there are the photographs and videos coming from the front line. As Israeli soldiers have laid waste to Hamas's Islamist terror state in the Gaza Strip,

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Initial Lessons From the October 2023 War

Essays – As these lines are being written, the war is ongoing and may yet intensify. It is perhaps too early to posit conclusive lessons at this stage. Therefore,

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How Israel will take the fight into Gaza's maze of tunnels

The next phase of Israel's war on Hamas will be its most difficult

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Worldwide antisemitism is the Jewish people's call to action

We are a people known for resilience and ingenuity. This is our fight, and there can be no backing down. Consider this your call-up.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Poll shows yet again: Palestinians across the board overwhelmingly support the most heinous terror attacks

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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When Has War Even Been ‘Proportional?’

Proportionality in war is a synonym for lethal stalemate, if not defeat. When two sides go at it with roughly equal forces, weapons, and strategies…


Matan Meir, Netflix producer for 'Fauda,' killed fighting Hamas

A production crew member who worked on the Netflix drama series “Fauda” was killed fighting Hamas in northern Gaza over the weekend.

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Meet The American Cowboys Who Rushed To Israel To Fill In For Farmers Called Up To Fight Hamas

A group of American cowboys from Montana and Arkansas answered a call for help from Israelis in need of labor as the war with Hamas has caused foreign agriculture workers to flee, and reservists to leave their day jobs to fight in Gaza.

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Gaza After the War: Biden Needs a Reality Check

As Israel continues its systematic assault on Hamas deep inside Gaza, closing in on high-ranking targets and putting the jihadist outfit'

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Just whose side is America really on?

Biden’s early support for Israel is turning into something more ominous

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From the River to the Sea? Arab Citizens of Israel Say, No Thanks to ‘Liberation’

Palestinians and their allies have justified and even celebrated Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre in Israel as a blow against Jewish oppression. But the some 2 million Arab citizens of Israel have overwhelmingly responded by drawing closer to the Jewish state.

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Israel at War: Democrats’ Disgraceful Calls for a ‘Humanitarian Pause’ | National Review

It is a sorry sight to watch Democrats lose the nerve they summoned for only a few short weeks, but no one should feel obliged to listen to them. Israel, least of all.

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Want a Ceasefire? Tell Hamas to Free All Hostages and Unconditionally Surrender. - The American Spectator | USA News and

Just as the Israel Defense Forces encircle the Hamas stronghold of Gaza City, calls for a "ceasefire" are accelerating.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Sick Paradoxes Of Supporting Hamas

 There is something surreal, even sick about the current Gazan war.

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One Sick War › American Greatness

There is something surreal, even sick about the current Gazan war. Throughout European and American cities and campuses, tens of thousands of Middle East…

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Whoops: Hamas Just Completely Nuked All Its Pathetic Apologists

 When someone keeps telling you what they want, it's best to believe them instead of constantly rationalizing what they "really" want.

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Hamas Alone Holds the Keys to a Permanent Ceasefire

Hamas has guaranteed that innocent civilians will continue to die whether there is a ceasefire or not.

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Largest Rabbinic Delegation to Visit Israel Greeted With Gratitude … and Rockets

26 Chabad rabbis from around North America insisted that they ‘have to be here’

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Pentagon ramps up Middle East surge, 2,000 troops prep for deployment

The Biden administration's nervous about a potential broader conflict in the region.


As Biden Turns against Israel, Netanyahu Must Stand Strong

According to reports, there are "hundreds of trucks" lined up on the border in Egypt, poised to enter the Gaza Strip carrying so-called "humanitarian aid." These trucks, if permitted to enter, will not be inspected in any significant way. There is every

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Once, I Was a Peace Advocate. Now, I Have No Idealism Left. | The Free Press

After terrorists killed my cousin Daniel Pearl, my family called for peace. But after the worldwide celebration of our people’s slaughter, my hope for peace is dead.

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Israel: "I Am Captain of My Home Front" - Chabad

Following Major Ezzy Morgenstern’s report from the front lines, we contacted his wife, Michal Morgenstern, who is home with the couple’s eight children, director of a not-for-profit, and a force of goodness in a world gone mad.

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Corporate America, Outspoken on Black Lives Matter and Ukraine, Offers Muted Response to Terror in Israel 

Companies across the Western world were quick to issue statements condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the killing of George Floyd. As Israel reels from the worst terrorist attack in its history, many of those same companies are less outspoken.


Publish the Names of Students and Professors Who Support Hamas Lynching and Rapes

Student groups at many elite universities -- including Harvard, Yale and Columbia, CUNY -- have come out in support of Hamas at a time when its terrorists have raped, murdered and kidnapped women, toddlers, the elderly and other civilians, and have

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Jewish families break down at the gate at JFK airport as they proudly wave off young IDF reservists on the way to war with Hamas - as flights from Big Apple to Israel sell out for the next TEN days

Emotions ran high at JFK Airport Wednesday night as Jewish families broke down at the gate watching proudly as they wave off young IDF reservists on their way to war with Hamas terrorists. 

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Beware of fake news: Hamas and supporters promote disinformation about war

X's lax disinformation policies, together with advanced AI and animation technologies, make it easier to spread fake news.

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Was Biden’s Speech as Pro-Israel as You Think?

No. Because it was missing the only word that matters.

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How the Media Blame Israel for Being Attacked and Defending Itself

According to mainstream media reporting on Hamas's slaughter and abduction over the weekend of hundreds of Israeli men, women, and children, the Jewish state had it coming.

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‘The Babies, The Mothers, The Fathers’: Israel Shows World Aftermath of Hamas Massacre

Bodies of Israeli residents and Hamas militants lay in the grounds of the Kfar Aza kibbutz among burned out houses, strewn furniture, and torched cars, as Israeli soldiers went from house to house to take away the dead.


Inside the Kibbutz Where Hamas Barbarians Beheaded 40 Israeli Babies in Their Cribs

 In Kibbutz Kfar Aza, located a short distance from the Gaza Strip, residents have fewer than 15 seconds to take shelter when a siren sounds its warning of an incoming Hamas rocket. Shelters are spaced every few yards around the kibbutz as a result — some are painted with purple trees and cartoonish renderings of the IDF soldiers, others are covered in vibrant sunflowers.

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I Am an IDF Fighter and My Faith Will Carry Me Through

God has handed us a mission, and with your support, we will do what we need to.