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Hunter Biden Offered D.C. Access to Chinese Company in Exchange for Investments

Hunter Biden touted his family’s political clout to solicit $5 million investment from China for his U.S.-based financial advisory firm, according to a court filing by a white collar convict who claims he had an inside view into Biden’s murky foreign busi

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Fact-check: Joe Biden says if President Trump had done his job on COVID-19, ‘all the people would still be alive’

President Joe Biden would have kept COVID-19 deaths to zero.

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Video shows social distance rule at CNN’s #BidenTownHall being suspended during commercial break

"Covid can't be transmitted when the cameras aren't rolling, everybody knows that."

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Fresh Off Calling for a Nationwide Lockdown, Biden Blames Trump for COVID Lockdowns

Joe Biden blamed President Donald Trump for coronavirus lockdowns, saying, ""You lost your freedom because he didn’t act."

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A bug in Joe Biden’s campaign app gave anyone access to millions of voter files

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50+ Questions No Reporter Dares Ask Joe Biden And His Campaign

When Biden actually agrees to an interview or offers to take questions, most reporters simply ask leading, softball questions.

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Biden Fails To Condemn Antifa, Black Lives Matter By Name For Repeated Violence, Seems To Suggest Trump Supporters Responsible For Death Of Right-Wing Protester

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden failed on Sunday to condemn two far-left groups—Antifa and Black Lives Matter—for repeated violence that has happened over the summer. Biden’s failure to condemn the two far-left groups by name came as he rele

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BREAKING: Biden Vows to Defund Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Joe Biden intends to defund the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee,” as well as provide tax credits for Americans sporting C-cup “over the shoulder boulder holders” or better.

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Biden On Riots: This Is ‘Trump’s America,’ ‘He’s Rooting For More Violence’

Now that the rioting across America is reportedly beginning to negatively affect his polling numbers, former Vice President Joe Biden blamed the outbreak of violence solely on Trump, even going so far as to say that the president is “rooting”

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Grenell Hammers Obama-Biden Admin: What I Saw As Acting DNI ‘Made Me Sick To My Stomach’

Former U.S. Ambassador and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell slammed the Obama-Biden administration during his Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday night, saying that what he saw in his role as acting DNI made him sick

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BBC Fact-Checks Biden's Charlottesville 'Very Fine People' Claim and Shows What Trump Really Said

In his acceptance speech, Biden regurgitated the claim that Trump called white supremacists in Charlotte 'very fine people.'

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Biden can’t have it both ways on Sarsour and anti-Semitism

After a spokesman distanced the Democrat from a prominent anti-Semite, others apologized to her supporters. Opinion.

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Here Is Joe Biden's Worst Campaign Pitch If You Live In a State That Still Feels Like America

Joe Biden has some awful ideas if you live in states like Georgia, Florida, or South Dakota. For now, these states still feel like America despite COVID-19.

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AP FACT CHECK: Michelle Obama and the kids in 'cages'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump on Monday for ripping migrant children from their parents and throwing them into cages, picking up on a frequent and distorted...

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Newt Gingrich: Biden-Harris ticket will collapse between now and election due to these 3 factors

I am confident in predicting that this week’s Democratic National Convention will be the high-water mark before the collapse of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket. 

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Jill Biden’s First Husband: Here’s The Real Story Of How Jill and Joe Met

According to Jill Biden’s first husband, Bill Stevenson, the story she and her present husband, prospective Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, tell of how they met after she divorced Stevenson is not true. Stevenson claims Joe Biden was having a

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After Historic Israel-UAE Peace Deal Brokered By Trump, Biden Tries To Take Credit

On Thursday, following the announcement of the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made the astonishing claim that the Obama administration was partially responsible for pr

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WATCH: Biden Says Black People Are Not As Diverse As Hispanics. Trump Responds.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made yet another racial gaffe this week on par with his “you ain’t black” and his “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids” comments. Speaking with NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navar

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Biden Staffers Donate Money to Pay Bail of Rioters That Minnesota Officials Claim Are White Supremacists

Minnesota officials are blaming white supremacists for the destruction in Minneapolis. So, why are Biden staffers donating money to pay their bail?

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Biden, Caught Up In ‘Unmasking’ Scandal, Says If Elected He Won’t Pardon Trump

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, who this week was revealed to be caught up in the Obama administration’s “unmasking” scandal, said during an interview on Thursday night that if he is elected he will not stop the Department of

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Obama-Biden Ambassador To China: ‘China Bashing’ Over Coronavirus ‘Like Hitler In The 30s’

Max Baucus, who was the U.S. Ambassador to China during the Obama-Biden administration, defended the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during a CNN interview on Wednesday, saying that strong “rhetoric” criticizing China for its alleged lies over the coronavir

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Usama bin Laden wanted to kill Obama so 'totally unprepared' Biden would be president, declassified docs show

Osama bin Laden wanted to assassinate then-President Barack Obama so that the "totally unprepared" Joe Biden would take over the role and plunge the United States "into a crisis," according to documents seized from bin Laden's Pakistan compound when he wa

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Biden Falsely Claims: 45 Nations Blocked Chinese Nationals From Entering U.S. Before Trump Did

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a series of confusing and contradictory remarks on Sunday during an interview on ABC News about the coronavirus outbreak. Appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” Biden attacked President Trump

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Biden makes a mockery of Sanders' main argument for his campaign - POLITICO

The scale of his rout has no comparison.

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Biden Leads in Tight Texas Race

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Biden nabs Klobuchar, Buttigieg backing on Super Tuesday eve

HOUSTON (AP) — Rivals no more, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg united behind Joe Biden's presidential bid on Monday as the Democratic Party's moderate wing scrambled to boost the former vice...

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Impeachment Whistleblower May Be Implicated in Biden-Burisma

On Wednesday night, Trump lawyer Patrick Philbin warned that the whistleblower who got the ball rolling on impeachment may himself be implicated in the Joe Biden-Burisma conflict of interest. America doesn't know because Schiff won't let Republicans ask t

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Daniel Turner: Biden’s pledge to destroy coal jobs could destroy his presidential hopes | Fox News

Hillary Clinton's pledge to destroy the American coal industry led to her defeat in 2016. Now Democrats are making the same pledge. History repeats itself.

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REPORT: Joe Biden Denied Holy Communion At Catholic Church Over Abortion Support

A Catholic priest in South Carolina reportedly enforced the church’s code of canon law by denying former Vice President Joe Biden the sacrament of Holy Communion due to his stance on abortion. “Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communi

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Biden Lied for Years About the Driver Involved in His Wife & Daughter's Death

While it's impossible to measure the grief of a man who loses his young wife and infant daughter in a car collision, it's both possible and necessary to take the measure of a man who spent years falsely claiming the other driver may have been drunk. Durin

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“You F*cked Up!” – Joe Biden Blasted Ukrainian President After Politico Report – Reveals Biden’s Role in 2016

Warren's anti-corruption plan would not prevent a scenario where a vice president's child serves on the board of a foreign corporation.

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5 Questions the Media Won’t Ask Biden | The American Conservative

Corruption? Tax fudging? Hypocrisy over military service? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Biden Leads Dems, Minorities Favor Most Electable Candidate Vs Trump

Joe Biden maintained his lead for the Democratic presidential nomination as minorities gravitated toward the former vice president and his top rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, in search of the safest bets for beating President Donald Trump i

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Victor Davis Hanson: Biden and Booker threats to punch out Trump no laughing matter

Those who brag of wanting to violently attack the president should worry about where their boasts will lead.

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Report: Line in Biden's Paid Speaking Contracts Shows He's an Elitist to the Core

Joe Biden likes to portray himself as 'Middle-Class Joe' to voters, but contracts for his paid speeches reveal he demands perks like a wealthy elitist.

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Virginia 1984: Biden Called Jesse Jackson 'Boy'

Former Vice President Joe Biden referred to Rev. Jesse Jackson as “boy” in 1984 when discussing his impact on the Democrat Party.

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Biden Was More Than 'Civil' With Segregationists. He Was An Ally

Leading presidential contender Joe Biden was far more than 'civil' with segregationists; they were some of his biggest early allies.

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Free Beacon: MSNBC Mangles Facts on Trump's Rally, Biden's Segregationist Pals

The Washington Free Beacon reported two fact-manglings at the scene of MSNBC on Wednesday. Reporter Vaughn Hillyard weirdly claimed President Trump didn't mention abortion in his re-election campaign launch in Orlando on Tuesday night. MSNBC host Kasie Hu

Politics | Election: 2020

Hey Joe Biden, Here Are Some Scandals You Forgot About

Perhaps Joe Biden feels 'most proud' of his mythical years of non-scandals because it’s the only thing in his past he isn’t going to be forced to abandon.

Politics | Election: 2020

Biden jokes he's only 'real Irishman' running for president. Delaney searches for 'civil' response

Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney suggested they settle the matter civilly, "over a pint of Guinness."

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Here's What Biden Thought About Using An 'FBI Report' To Clear Clarence Thomas

Then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) said during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991 that FBI reports were useless because the "FBI explicitly does not, in this or any other case reach a conclusion, period."

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Oscars Traffice Nightmare As Joe Biden’s Back To Attend Academy Awards | Deadline

With Vice-President Joe Biden in town for the weekend, the Oscars are on lockdown and there are road closures galore by the LAPD

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Here's what a Biden campaign would look like

The VP launches a stimulus tour to deliver a very different kind of Democratic message.

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WaPo accidentally publishes Biden candidacy story, abruptly yanks | Report says Biden ready, paper: ‘This file was ina

Embarrassed Washington Post editors were left scrambling earlier today after a story was accidentally published that declared Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy.

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Joe Biden Wades Further Into ’16 Bid - NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is vacationing on Kiawah Island off South Carolina’s coast, riding bikes and walking the beaches with his family. But on Wednesday night, he called one of his most outspoken political supporters and wrestled with the question looming over his future: Should he run for president?

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Biden To The Navy: 'Our Forces Will Have To Be Ready' For Climate Change - Breitbart

In Annapolis, Vice President Joe Biden directly quoted President Obama’s Coast Guard Academy address warning of more extreme storms as a result of climate change.

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Joe Biden’s Israel stunner: American Jews should let Israel protect them - Salon.com

"No matter how deeply involved you are in the U.S. … there’s only one guarantee ... and that's the state of Israel"

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Biden Lectured Ayaan Hirsi Ali On Islam | Truth Revolt

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali discussed the “real war on women” being conducted by adherents to radical Islam and the need for the American left to acknowledge that reality. During the conver

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Biden: U.S. will follow ISIS to the gates of hell - CNN.com

Talking about ISIS militants, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday "we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice."

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Why Democrats insist on lying about how 'poor' they are

Hillary Clinton claimed that, at the moment she and her husband were signing up for $18 million in book deals, that they were “dead broke.” Harry Reid (who lives in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel) said lib...