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Israel Implemented More Measures to Prevent Civilian Casualties Than Any Other Nation in History | Opinion

Israel has taken more measures to avoid needless civilian harm than virtually any other nation that's fought an urban war.

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Sheldon Schreter: An Agonizing Decision

Sheldon Schreter: An Agonizing Decision Like almost everyone in Israel, I am agonizing over whether we should subordinate our military campaign against Hamas to a negotiation to free our 136 kidnapped hostages, an unknown but growing number of whom are de

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PODCAST | He’s Hitting The Mark…Too Bad The Media Is Ignoring Him

In recent days, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has made some very dangerous statements for someone in his position. He is speaking the truth and the establishment, Deep State political apparatus doesn’t like it. How can they? They hat

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel at War 12/24/23

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel at War 12/24/23 It’s clear in last week’s positive news that Israeli forces are steadily clearing Hamas terrorists from Gaza. We learned that on Oct 7, another Israeli hero gave dozens of survivors a clear e

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Ending the War | The Washington Institute

Laying the groundwork for an eventual Hamas surrender would break the current binary choice between more destructive conflict and an ineffectual ceasefire.

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CTECH-Latest Innovation & Technology News: Israel at War 12/22/23

CTECH-Latest Innovation & Technology News: Israel at War 12/22/23 Construction giant Lennar acquires full control of former proptech unicorn Veev. Veev, valued at $1 billion in March 2022, recently entered insolvency in the United States due to an inabili

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CTECH: Latest Innovation & Technology News Israel at War 12/14/23

CTECH: Latest Innovation & Technology News Israel at War 12/14/23 Israel’s wartime tech brilliance and the cost of innovation. The mobilization of high-tech to aid in the challenges of war, from locating missing people to treating post-trauma, is a

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IDF says Hamas firing rockets from Gaza safe zones as civilian scramble for shelter | The Times of Israel

Military says terror group launched projectiles from next to tents housing civilians; troops push further into Khan Younis, Jabaliya; 5 soldiers killed, taking ground op toll to 89

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Biden: "It's on all of us" to "condemn the sexual violence of Hamas terrorists"

Biden said survivors of the attacks have shared "horrific accounts of unimaginable cruelty."

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Israel at War: CTECH Israeli Innovation & Technology News 6/12/23

Israel at War: CTECH Israeli Innovation & Technology News 6/12/23 VAST Data raising hundreds of millions of dollars at more than $9 billion valuation. The Israeli-founded startup unveiled earlier this year the VAST Data Platform, a global data infrastruct

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Israel at War: This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 3, 2023

Israel at War: This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 3, 2023 American Israelis (and other Anglos) celebrated Thanksgiving just over a week ago. In Israel last week there was much to be thankful for – the release of many hostages, temporar

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Israel at WAR-This Week’s Sanity Report Nov. 19, 2023

Israel at WAR-This Week’s Sanity Report Nov. 19, 2023 This week’s Positive Israel newsletter highlights that despite the ongoing war, Israel’s citizens, its organizations, and its many global friends are steadfast in their desire to reco

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PODCAST | Are Tinfoil Hats Becoming A Fashion Statement?

Listen now (32 mins) | As a precursor to today’s segment on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, I wanted to mention two things. First, please take some time to read The Anti-Freedom Movements Aren’t So Different, the featured story at Undergroun

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The Anti-Freedom Movements Aren’t So Different

As misinformed and indoctrinated college students continue to fall prey to the poison of Islamic totalitarian propaganda regarding the victim status that has been bestowed on Hamas, it would be prudent to push back against the false narratives flooding ou

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Michael Shine – ‘What Happens During Wars?

Michael Shine – ‘What Happens During Wars? Many people, including some world leaders, are trying to chastise Israel for responding to the barbarous, terrorist atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli civilians (and others) when they

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel at War Nov. 12, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel at War Nov. 12, 2023 The highlights include: Hamas got more than they bargained for at Kfar Maimon. Israeli migraine relief device works immediately and long term. 200 of the world’s best-known multinationals

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HOWARD EPSTEIN – ON THE ORIGINS OF WORLD WARS For professional historians, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 did not mark the start of the war in the Pacific. The Japanese, who took over Manchuria (now Northeast China)

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PODCAST | In An Official Capacity, It’s Irresponsible & Actionable

Listen now (29 mins) | Before we get into this morning’s segments on America’s Third Watch, in which we discuss not only Squad member and US Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI), incendiary X post published Friday but some of the lesser-known violent directi

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It’s Can’t Be A Same-Old-Same-Old Response This Time

Listen now (31 mins) | Before we get into Friday’s segment of Amerca’s Third Watch in which Kyle Warren and I discuss a variety of subjects – from the worthlessness of the United Nations in the Middle Eastern conflicts, to the very real fact that re

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David Young – In Israel ” Sitting and Waiting”

David Young – In Israel ” Sitting and Waiting” The world has not moved on. It has not changed. If anything, it has got worse. In 1941, George Orwell in an essay called, England Your England wrote, ‘As I write, highly civilized human be

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How About We Enforce The Laws We Have…Everywhere?!

Listen now (30 mins) | In this episode of America’s Third Watch, Kyle Warren and I discuss a variety of topics including how retailers – especially in California and up the West Coast – are lobbying Congress to create federal law that would combat t

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UNPACKED: Watch-Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas | Explained

UNPACKED: Watch-Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas | Explained Even as we condemn the atrocities Hamas committed on October 7th, 2023, many are now asking, “Why should the Palestinians of Gaza have to pay?” and “Why is Israel making them suff

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The Death Of Mainstream Media Credibility

If the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war has reiterated any one point – besides the fact that the Arab world will never leave the Israelis to enjoy peace in the land the international community codified to them in 1947 – it is this. No one, anywhere, believes

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PODCAST | The Cancerous Metastasizing Of The Neo-Axis Powers

Listen now (30 mins) | Before we get into this morning’s segment on America's Third Watch, in which we talk at length about the coalescing of a new neo-Axis power joining Iran, Russia, China, South Korea, and a gaggle of lesser satellite nations to

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Jonathan Feldstein: Israel, Hamas & War

Jonathan Feldstein: Israel, Hamas & War When to Believe Islamic Terrorists Watching the war against Hamas, a terrorist subsidiary of Iran, an ideological clone of the Muslim Brotherhood, there are many questions. One that’s been burning for me is when i

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Rules of Warfare? Lessons from WW1 & WW2

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Rules of Warfare? Lessons from WW1 & WW2 How should the war in Gaza end? Although history never exactly repeats, important lessons can and should be gleaned from the past. The months leading to the end of both world wars in the 20

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PODCAST | Ineptitude, Opportunism & Corruption vs. Some Common Sense

Listen now (52 mins) | After our regular segment on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, we’re going to try something a little new. This is what I was referring to in my last mailout about trying something a little different; a little unique.

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Company Leaders Speak Out Against Hamas – Workplace Coach Blog

Your Tuesday post, https://workplacecoachblog.com/2023/10/the-israel-hamas-conflict-rocks-our-workplace/ went viral in our workplace. Several managers found copies of your article on their desks, accompanied by post-it notes asking that we take a stand as

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PODCAST | There’s Something Happening Here…What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear

Listen now (25 mins) | As we watch the atrocities committed by Hamas play out, it is hard not to believe that there is something much more nefarious underway. It is obvious that Iran is playing a significant role in the mass murder that has taken place in

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The Israel/Hamas Conflict Rocks Our Workplace – Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I supervise a tight-knit team of professionals that work hard and play hard. To describe them as intense would be an understatement. They all care about current events and their heated discussions add spice to the workday. Even more important, t

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The Cowards Of The Collegiate Left: Ignorant & Entitled

In the aftermath of the Hamas terror attack on Israel last weekend, the Leftist university population protested in support of Hamas. Student groups at Arizona State University and Indiana University took to their school's commons

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Barry Shaw – Israel is going to war. Which side are you on?

Barry Shaw – Israel is going to war. Which side are you on? The most moving and poignant picture ever. These baby twins were rescued by Israeli soldiers because their parents hid them in the closet, and they were found by the IDF forces 14 hours lat

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HOWARD EPSTEIN –  WARS TO END ALL WARS After the “War to End All Wars”, that itself ended at 11:00 hours on 11/11/1918, the next world war erupted just 21 years later. It may be that the war to end all Israeli-Arab wars was the one that occurre

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PODCAST | Sudan: Afghanistan 2.0?

LISTEN NOW | I'd like to expound a little bit on the primary topic of that interview today and that has to do with what's happening over in Sudan. The Biden administration ensured that 80 government employees were evacuated from the US Embassy i

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The Important Difference Between Economic Globalism & Political Globalism

The idea of globalism is often demonized because it is misunderstood. It is misunderstood because two different demographics with incredibly different mindsets on the concept pursue two very different goals. One of those demographics uses the clouded, dua

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PODCAST | Too Many White Construction Workers…And Then There’s Buttigieg

Listen now | Before we get into this morning's segment in which we discuss how incredibly unqualified Pete Buttigieg is for the position of Secretary of Transportation – and the fact that he bald-faced lied about his experience when he was mayor of

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Setting The World Stage For War

As the Biden administration executes every diplomatic blunder to inch the world closer to global conflict, it would serve us well to recall the history of the major conflicts of the United States and who was at the helm at the genesis of each. An accurate

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PODCAST: The Buffoonery of the Biden's & The Awakening of Gabbard

Last week, former US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat from Hawaii, stunned her party by rejecting them, announcing that she had left the Democrat Party because of their intolerant and extremist ideology; an ideology centered in divisive racism and se

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PODCAST | Biden Saber-Rattling DefCon 2?

As conditions continue to devolve in Ukraine - and as Russian Vladimir Putin slowly positions himself to the Cat-Bird seat, the idea that all is not as it would seem comes into play. Recently, we had a former head of the Joint Chiefs opine that Putin was

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Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: A War, a Vacation, and a Teachable Moment

Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: A War, a Vacation, and a Teachable Moment It was the end of the summer of 2006, and my wife and I had plans for a much-needed family vacation. Within several weeks of each other that year, each of our mothers died necess

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PODCAST | Whether At Home Or Abroad It's All About The Guns

The epidemic of mass shootings in the United States recently says less about the lawful availability of guns and ammunition and more about our societal failure. From our governments' failure to address mental health issues that lead to things like Bu

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The Biden Administration’s Pathetic Attempt To ‘Wag The Dog’

The US House of Representatives advanced a bill that would send an additional $40 billion in aid to Ukraine – $7 billion more than what President Biden requested. That raises the total amount of emergency aid issued to Ukraine from the United States alo

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PODCAST: Russia, Insurrection, It All Leads to Klaus Schwab

Our country faces a litany of societal challenges. We have the false narrative of January 6th, the c

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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Russia, Ukraine & Chechen Strongman Ramzan Kadyrov

A contingent operating on behalf of Vladimir Putin and the Russian military in Ukraine and especially the Donbas region comes out of Chechnya and is headed by Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov. Kadyrov is an Islamofascist sycophant of Vladimir Putin’s; a n

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PODCAST: From Mass Graves to No Man's Land

As more mass graves are discovered in Bucha, Ukraine along with proof the atrocities are being perpetrated by Russian soldiers, we must return at least a portion of our attention to the US Southern border as the Biden administration prepares to re-open th

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The Mass Graves of Bucha

As the Biden administration waffles on whether or not to label what Vladimir Putin is doing to civilians in Ukraine genocide, Human Rights Watch has interviewed survivors and captured chilling images of mass graves in Bucha, just outside of Kyiv, mass gra

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Diving into the Biden Administration's Rolodex of Blame

It's a legitimate question. Has the Biden administration taken responsibility for anything they have launched or affected since it took the helm in Washington, DC? From the energy crisis to Afghanistan, the devastation of the economy to the deepening

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We Must Move Away from the Cult of Personality in Politics Before It's Too Late

The transformative Left, or the fascist left (same thing), has done a great job of duping the country into believing that our political system is simply the clash of cult titans; the politics of cult personalities. Moving forward in these very dangerous t

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RAV KOOK ON WAR! Part1 & Part 2: ISRAEL MUST FIX THE WORLD “”מלחמה-MILCHAMA-WAR. This word is so terrible. It evokes a spiritual agony that saddens the heart of every person of integrity. War has a stranglehold on humanity.  We are very unable t

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The Failure of Globalism: It's Not About Isolationism; It's About Self-Reliance

As the leaders of the European Union scramble to figure out how to wean themselves from Russian energy dependence we, too, in the United States are feeling the kneejerk repercussions of the energy market’s upheaval, warranted or not. This is leading a r

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PODCAST: Putin Recruits Islamofascist Mercenaries; The Atlantic Focuses on Nuclear War's Effect on the Climate

While Russian despot Vladimir Putin continues to target civilians in his unprovoked war in Ukraine, the fascist-Left darling publication The Atlantic features an article panicking about how a nuclear war would be harmful to the climate. Honestly, you can

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Soros Calls for Regime Change; Wants a Culled Field for the Great Reset

In an eyebrow-raising moment, George Soros – a fascist, globalist, and a habitual supporter of the radical Left in the United States, has penned an opinion editorial that calls for regime change in both Russia and China. His declaration comes as Vladimi

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PODCAST: Biden Ignores His Policy's Roll in High Gas Prices; Blames Oil Companies, Putin

As the American people continue to have their household budget’s decimated by the costs of gasoline

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Biden Ignores His Policy's Roll in High Gas Prices; Blames Oil Companies, Putin

As the American people continue to have their household budget’s decimated by the costs of gasoline and fuel oil, the Biden administration has launched an egregious gaslighting campaign to deflect from their transformative and opportunistic energy polic

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SUNDAY DIGEST: US Meets with Venezuela in Effort to Cajole the Socialist Nation Away from Russia

US Meets with Venezuela in Effort to Cajole the Socialist Nation Away from Russia A delegation of senior US officials is in Venezuela for meetings with President Nicolas Maduro's government in a bid to peel Caracas away from Russia amid Moscow's

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The Political Class and Mainstream Media Have Destroyed the People's Ability to Divine the Truth

We have all heard it and many of us have said it. We live in a moment in time when accurate, unmanipulated, and truthful information is at a premium. We cannot trust our mainstream media nor can we trust our elected class. Even advocates and activists are

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The Distrust of Politicians & Mainstream Media Facilitate Western Support of Putin?!

In a perfect example of how an opportunistic and manipulative political class and a disingenuous and agendized media has endangered the world, some on the Right in the United States are so jaded to the consumption of information they are refusing to accep

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What Good Is International Law If Is Is Always Ignored?

In the days after Russia launched its invasion into Ukraine, there is accumulating evidence that Vladimir Putin has ordered warfare tactics that facilitate the commission of war crimes with deadly attacks on civilians and the use of banned munitions.

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PODCAST: We Must All Guard Against Mass Formation Psychosis as the Powers Propagandize About Ukraine

Every military and societal conflict - throughout the history of man - has seen adversaries utilize the tool of propaganda to advance their causes. The conflict in Ukraine is no exception. But the thing that makes this conflict unique is that we have a di

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PODCAST: When the Possibility of a Global Conflict Looms It's Important to Get the Facts Straight

What is happening in Ukraine - the Russian invasion and the West's global response - is not only serious but ultimately very dangerous. With Russian President Vladimir Putin saber-rattling about his nuclear weapons cache, those at the helms of the wo

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News Feb. 28, 2022

CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News Feb. 28, 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict presenting Israeli tech with real-world challenges. While the world’s eyes are glued to the news, Israeli high-tech companies with centers in the Ukraine a

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Sunday Digest: Anonymous Launches Attacks on Russian Targets; Hacks Gazprom, Russia Ministry of Defense

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Underground USA’s Sunday Digest; a digest of the day's most pressing and interesting headlines and why they are important. Please ‘like’ the post, leave a comment, and share us with your family and friends. A

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Crisis in Ukraine: Without Sanctions That Have Real Teeth The World Is Facing a Very Dangerous Future

President Biden took to the podium and declared that the package of sanctions the United States has crafted in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine exceeds “anything that’s ever been done.” But that package of sanctio

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PODCAST: With Putin's Invasion of Ukraine, What Is the World To do Next?

Many, me included, thought that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was saber-rattling to extort the West for favorable actions that would further strengthen Russia on the global stage (and his new friend China, too) while helping the West, led by an impotent

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For Israel, victory gives us a future | Israel National News

We are loathe to hit the enemy hard enough to break its will to continue fighting and so have only another war to look forward to. Op-ed.

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Woke Biden US Department of Defense Scrapping Merit-Based Military for 'Diversity' & 'Inclusion'

As the Biden administration does the unthinkable in stoking the flames of conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin, one would think the leadership at the Pentagon would be fully focused on planning a response to worst-case scenarios. But a tweet exp

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33 Of The Most Epic War Movies Of All Time

From "Saving Private Ryan" to "Apocalypse Now," these must-watch war movies of all time capture the true devastation and anguish of combat.

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China Preparing to Build Naval Base on Africa’s Atlantic Coast

China is seeking to build a military base on the western coast of Africa, its first permanent military presence on the Atlantic Ocean...

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US Special Forces Quietly Training Taiwanese Military At Threats From China

Some two dozen members of US Special Operations and a Marine contingent have been conducting the training of small special units in the...

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China's latest weapon against Taiwan: the sand dredger

TAIWAN-CHINA/SECURITY (GRAPHIC, PIX):China's latest weapon against Taiwan: the sand dredger

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David Hunt – Anti-Semitism – This is War, Start Treating it Like One

David Hunt – Anti-Semitism – This is War, Start Treating it Like One If we Jews merely shake our heads in disapproval but don’t treat this seriously – including diving into the slime to know our enemies and their interlinked yet distinct motiv

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Victor Rosenthal – Getting Respect

Victor Rosenthal – Getting Respect In New York City, smacking a Jew in the face for the hell of it is OK. Oh, you will get arrested if a cop sees you doing it, but in a larger sense, it’s OK, because everyone knows that Jews are racists, and you c

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Mounting Syrian War Crime Cases Raise Hopes For Justice Against A Brutal Regime

An unprecedented legal battle against the regime is playing out in European courts, where large refugee communities and prosecutors can bring cases even for suspected crimes committed abroad.

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December 1941: How did Pearl Harbor affect Hitler? The Second World War's Most Important Month

From the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to Hitler's declaration of war on the US, historian Laurence Rees explains why December 1941 was such a significant month during World War II.

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UNPACKED - What is Deir Yassin?

UNPACKED – What is Deir Yassin? This week, we’re examining one of the most controversial events connected to the establishment of the State of Israel – Deir Yassin. On April 9, 1948, Jewish forces, from the Irgun and Lehi paramilitary organi

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The 9 Most Overrated Battles in British History (and One Underrated One) - History Extra

What are the most overrated battles and wars in British history? From Bosworth to the Battle of Britain, Sean Lang examines the most exaggerated clashes…

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Victor Rosenthal - Living in the Shadow of the Next War

Victor Rosenthal – Living in the Shadow of the Next War War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. William Tecumseh Sherman The recent tension between the US and Iran is being watched very clo

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Trump, the Big Winner in Iran

Commentary In a surprise move not recognized by many, President Donald Trump has turned a corner in his ...

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The Best War/Military Movies On Netflix Right Now

From historical war dramas to comedies on the battlefield, here are the best war movies on Netflix right now.

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WATCH: The Heartbreaking Story of a Father Lost at War, Brought to Life with Sand Art

WATCH: The Heartbreaking Story of a Father Lost at War, Brought to Life with Sand Art h/t United with Israel Imagine learning that the father of your unborn child has been captured in Syria, behind enemy lines. This story has a surprising twist! One doesn

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Trump Continues to Prepare the Battlefield

People claiming Trump needs urgency and to move quickly right now as if Trump's in any real danger are misreading what's actually happening.

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Trump's promised winnings in Korea are on the horizon | TheHill

It is appropriate to recall the words of Lord Salisbury, “The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.”

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Moral Injury in the Context of War: National Center for PTSD

Describes moral injury and its aftermath in the context of war. Explains the relationship between moral injury and PTSD and presents treatment implications.

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‘If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die’

A World War II hero saved the lives of rebels and refugees. Now it’s our turn.

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'Shots fired' at Berlin university hospital

Police said shots were fired at a university clinic in Steglitz, a southwestern district of the German capital

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Pluto Generation Planet in Capricorn | March 2023 | Uranus Aries Aspect

Pluto has been traveling through the sign of Capricorn since January 25th 2008. The change of signs created a formal emergence of the economical crisis we saw manifest in 2008. Most importantly, pl…

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This dogfight between 200 Israeli and Syrian jets was one of the biggest of all time

The Israeli pilots had benefited from great training and a lot of combat experience, but the Syrians had also screwed themselves.

History | History

7 Ingenious Weapons From History That Should Never Have Worked

Human ingenuity has a way of triumphing over basic logic, and weapons design is one area where impractical ideas and designs have actually worked out.