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Toxic Femininity? Study Shows Schools Award Girls and Women Better Grades Regardless of Merit

Recent research has shone light on the current state of academia vis-à-vis “gender equality.” Unsurprisingly, it’s not looking up for the ungentler sex.

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Woke Biden US Department of Defense Scrapping Merit-Based Military for 'Diversity' & 'Inclusion'

As the Biden administration does the unthinkable in stoking the flames of conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin, one would think the leadership at the Pentagon would be fully focused on planning a response to worst-case scenarios. But a tweet exp

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Biden Places Onus on ‘Diversity’ Over ‘Merit’ in First 11 Judicial Nominations

The Biden White House announced the President’s first judicial nominations Tuesday. The announcement unveiled a slate of nominees heavily...

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The War on Merit Comes to Suburbia

What happens when working hard to succeed doesn't matter? Or doing well in academics is actually considered wrong or bad?