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Who we are…

Josh and Moptu Josh & Moptu Moptu was founded, and is run, by Josh Namm and Charles Haspel and we’ve known each other since we were kids. We have always been a little news/information obsessed, which means we read a lot. Like everyone: we get our news from the web. We realized that there was no social site designed for articles only. We were tired of all of the posts on other platforms about what people ate for breakfast, how long the line at the coffee shop was, and almost anything else that people like to vent about. That’s all good: but it gets in the way of all of the amazing articles that people post each day!

So what exactly is Moptu?

We’re the first social media platform designed exclusively to post/share/organize links to articles about ANYTHING quickly and efficiently. We do three basic things:

1. Posting links – post, organize and share links to stories from the Web. No “feed” means that they stay up and are easily accessible for as long as you want them to be! If you don’t have time to read a story – post it on Moptu and get back to it later. Keep links organized by posting them under topics that you create. Whether it’s today’s news, a helpful story, an article about your favorite team, a travel tip or just something that you find fascinating, Moptu gives you one convenient place to post it all, and one central place for your friends to see it all!

2. Following other pages – Moptu users can follow other people’s pages! That’s why we’re “social” media!

3. Discussion – The other element that put’s the “social” in “social media” is talking to other people! We make it easy to discuss the articles/issues YOU are passionate about!

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Write us at support@moptu.com. We absolutely promise to get back to you!

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