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Under Trump, Juneteenth was marred by controversy — with Biden, it's a federal holiday

The contrast between former President Donald Trump's final Juneteenth in the White House and the lead-up to President Joe Biden's first is stark.

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Fulton Co. Georgia Election Marred by Double Counting, Serious Integrity Issues

Everyone who was watching knew there was massive fraud in the 2020 General Election, especially in the five critical states that didn’t...

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Portland Riot Police Squad Resign en Masse After Officer Charged in Riot Response

The entirety of the Portland Police Department’s highly trained Rapid Response Unit resigned this week after the indictment of one of...

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Obama-Era Ethics Chief Excoriates Biden Administration for Nepotism Hires

The Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics under President Obama is going on record saying that the Biden...

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Palestinian activists in NYC: ‘We don’t want two states. We want ALL of it’

"Finally, the truth."

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US Nuclear Weapons Contractor Hit by Ransomware Attack

A defense contractor linked to the US nuclear sphere has been compromised by the REvil ransomware cyberterrorist group, sharing snippets...

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Biden Provides Putin with a First Strike Hit List for Cyberattacks

Confounding foreign policy and military strategists alike, President Biden told reporters he gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list...

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SCOTUS Again Invokes ‘Standing’ to Dodge a Constitutional Question

In a stunning abdication of its constitutional charge, the US Supreme Court upheld – by a vote of 7 to 2 – the Affordable Health Care Act...

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Police break up antisemitic Seattle "#BlockTheBoat" protest

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Ex-Obama Doctor Torches Biden In Brutal Letter, Demands Biden ‘Submit To A Cognitive Test Immediately’

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House physician for former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, sent a letter to Democrat President Joe

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LOSING IT: Read Lori Lightfoot’s DERANGED Emails to Staff

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went through Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's deranged emails to her staff.

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Elite School Celebrates the ‘Tarring & Feathering’ of White Women

Taking race-based hate to an all new level, one of Manhattan’s most prestigious schools, the Spence School, has come under fire for...

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We Can’t Abandon Afghan Interpreters, But We Don’t Have to Absorb Them

As the Biden administration winds down the US military presence in Afghanistan, US Sen. Angus King (I-ME), is pressing President Biden to...

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'Obamacare' survives: Supreme Court dismisses big challenge

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court, though increasingly conservative in makeup, rejected the latest major Republican-led effort to kill the national health care law known as “Obamacare” on Thursday, preserving insurance coverage for millions of Ame

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‘Juneteenth’ Should Not Be A Federal Holiday

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously to make “Juneteenth National Independence Day” a federal holiday. Until recently, few Americans had even heard of “Juneteenth,” and for good reason: relative to other events in history, the date does not much

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When Marxist Activists and the Media Get in Bed Together

The anti-conservative media watchdog group started by Clintonite David Brock, Media Matters, has scored a coup in landing one of its...

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NATO Will Treat Cyberattacks Against Organization Countries as Armed Attacks

A statement issued by governments attending the North Atlantic Council meeting in Brussels warned that NATO is prepared to treat...

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

#StopAsianHate? Victoria’s Secret MODEL (really?) Megan Rapinoe apparently thinks making jokes about Asians is AOK

Megan. Stop the hate.

News | Israel Around The World

‘Every Oxygen Concentrator We Provide Can Save 20 Lives’: Israeli Aid Continues as India Faces Possible Third COVID Wave

Shipments of medical equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic arriving in India. Photo: Israeli Embassy to India As India prepares …

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Patriarchal, sexist Victoria’s Secret replacing the Angels with soccer star Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the ‘VS Collective”

Victoria's Secret is doing a major overhaul of its patriarchal lineup.

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VIDEO: Pink Floyd’s Waters Pushes Back Against Social Media Censorship

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, had strong words in his rejection of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s request to use one of his...

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The UN Abandons a Whistleblower to Appease Communist China

A whistleblowing lawyer for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is being thrown under the bus by Sec-Gen...

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Biden Administration Appoints Yet Another Marxist Radical, This Time to the UN

The Biden administration is exhibiting its fidelity to radicalism with yet another far-Left nominee. Gay McDougall, President Biden’s...

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Gender-Identity Activists Rebrand Sex Changes As ‘Gender-Affirming Medical Care’

Far-Left activists are actively attempting to rebrand sex change surgeries as “gender affirming medical care.” This definition is being...

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EU Countries Refuse to Condemn Communist China’s Forced-Slave Labor

The cowardice of European Union leaders was on full display during the G7 Summit where they reportedly blocked attempts from the US...

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Manchin urged big-money donors with No Labels to talk to Sen. Roy Blunt about flipping his vote on the commission in order to save the filibuster.

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Will the Great Reset Lead to ‘Climate Lockdowns’?

As the United States and the world recovers from the questionable global emergency that was the China-facilitated COVID outbreak, one...

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Israel Scraps Indoor Mask Order as COVID-19 Infections Wane

A healthcare worker takes a swab sample from an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test, after returning …

Politics | Election: 2020

Georgia Election Official Admits Chain of Custody Docs Are Missing for 2020 Absentee Ballots

A Fulton County election official has admitted in writing that "a few" chain of custody documents are missing for thousands of absentee ballots deposited in…

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House Lawmakers Finally Go After BigTech But Don't Address Social Media Censorship

Moving at a snail's pace amid a years-long outcry, lawmakers in the House unveiled an antitrust package of legislation aimed at enabling...

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American Universities Being Used for Antisemitic, UnAmerican Propaganda

Students and faculty at American universities satellite campuses in Qatar issued awkwardly similar condemnations of Israel during last...

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McConnell's Telegraph on the Supreme Court Justifies a Leadership Change

In a move that would confound even a fledgling political activist, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), telegraphed that he...

Politics | Joe Biden

Biden makes several gaffes at G7, at one point world leaders openly laugh at his forgetfulness

President Joe Biden gaffes at the G7 summit, world leaders laugh at his forgetfulness at conference as seen in videos.

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The Federal Reserve Falls to Wokeness

In yet another move by the radical Left to “reimagine” our historical culture, the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors issued an edict...

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James Murdoch of FOX Fame Gave $20M to Marxist Groups & Causes in 2020

James Murdoch, the son of billionaire Rupert Murdoch who developed FOX News, funneled $100 million into his Marxist-aligned Quadrivium...

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Biden Nominee for Bureau of Land Management Is an Eco-Terrorist

The litany of radicals being appointed to the Biden administration never seems to end. This time Mr. Biden’s handlers are advancing an...

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Biden Administration’s Racist Farm Debt Relief Bill Halted

Striking a blow for equal opportunity, a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order stopping payments in a federal farmer...

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Ned Beatty of 'Deliverance' and 'Superman' dies at 83

Actor Ned Beatty, star of film and stage, has died at the age of 83. "Ned passed away from natural causes Sunday morning, surrounded by his family and loved ones," Shelter Entertainment Group Talent Manager Deborah Miller told CNN in an email.

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The Media Didn’t ‘Get It Wrong’ On Lafayette Park, They Lied To America — And They’re Still Lying

On June 1, 2020 and afterward, corporate media didn't simply get it wrong, they flagrantly and shamelessly lied to Americans in order to hurt the president.

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Israel set to swear in government, end Netanyahu's long rule

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is set to swear in a new government on Sunday that will send Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into the opposition after a record 12 years in office and a political crisis that sparked four elections in two years. 

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To Kill Marxism in America We Need to Empower the States

There can be no doubt that Marxism is on the move in the United States. Those who have been paying attention to history understand that...

Politics | Donald Trump

Media Now Admits Trump Was Right About Pretty Much Everything in 2020

A new message from Pres. Donald J. Trump to supporters: "Have you noticed that they are now admitting I was right about everything they lied about before the election?"

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Portland’s Bended-Knee to Antifa Sees Cops Moving Out of Neighborhoods

The union that represents the law enforcement officers of Portland has announced that after continued targeting of its headquarters by...

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Google’s YouTube Suspends Senator for Discussing Study on COVID Treatment

US Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), was suspended by YouTube from uploading any videos for seven days and had one of his videos removed by the...

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Author of 1619 Project Accepts Payment from Fund Dedicated to Underserved Children

Oregon’s Department of Education diverted money from a program for disadvantaged children to pay speaker fees for the New York Times’...

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DoJ Acknowledges No Sedition Executed on January 6th

With trials underway for many involved in the January 6th event at the US Capitol Building, the charges aren’t anywhere close to...

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The Institutionalized Call for ESG Scoring Is Upon Us

As the Right in Washington exists preoccupied with whatever the Marxists put in front of them (and admittedly it is a lot), the financial...

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Annual Inflation Rate Soars to Levels Not Seen Since Obama

As expected, inflation exploded in May seeing the consumer price index surge by 5 percent over the past twelve months. This represents...

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California governor signs orders to roll back virus rules

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — It's official: Most of California's coronavirus rules governing public gatherings will disappear on Tuesday after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Friday afternoon that heralds the end of the pandemic's hold on much of

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Why Are Blackrock, Wall Street Gobbling Up Houses?

Wall Street, including its 500 pound gorilla Blackrock, is engaged in a house-buying spree that is – as the cost of constructing a new...

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Backed by Soros, Marxists in America Telegraph Their Plan

A Marxist group called the Poor People’s Campaign has launched what has been described as a yearlong campaign to advocate for social...

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Hate-Spewing Black Man in New York: ‘Blacks Can’t Be Racist’

A quintessential example of “privileged racism” was on display in New York City and caught on video as a Black man continuously spewed...

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El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender

The Central American country of El Salvador has broken the cryptocurrency seal in announcing that the nation will recognize Bitcoin as...

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Chinese Fishing Ships Illegally Encroach Sovereign Waters in South America

Never one to play willingly by international rules, a full fleet of Chinese fishing boats has been discovered switching off their...

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A Shot Across the Bow: Ohio Wants Court to Declare Google a Public Utility

In a move that can only be seen as a shot across the bow with more to come, Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, has filed a lawsuit...

Miscellaneous | Interesting

Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study

A new study has found that the use of weight-adjusted hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin (AZM) improved the survival ...

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Harris Disingenuously Blames Climate for US Southern Border Surge

On her first public relations-centered jaunt outside the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris (D), incredulously attempted to...

Politics | Politics

Squad Member Wannabe Showcases Her Arrogance in Attacking Manchin Over S1

Almost as if on cue, the Marxist members of “The Squad” took to castigating US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), because he rightly identified the...

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

India Takes Action Against WHO Scientist for Spreading Disinformation

In yet another validation of established medicines in the fight against the COVID virus, Indian authorities have initiated legal action...

News | Antisemitism Watch

Elder Of Ziyon - Seward, Alaska city council laughs as member says "Jew them down" (video)

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

NYT's Mara Gay: Seeing American Flags on D-Day Anniversary Was 'Disturbing'

It’s not very often you hear this kind of blanket honesty from a journalist about how even the simple image of an American flag triggers them. 

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The Changing of a Long-Used Rubric for Classifying Mortality Boosted COVID Numbers

As with all things COVID, the reality of the matter is not as it appears. This now relates to the overall mortality rate which has been...

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Antisemitism Spikes, And Many Jews Wonder: Where Are Our Allies?

After turning out for racial justice and other movements in the U.S., they are frustrated by the response to attacks and hatred directed at Jews following the latest Mideast violence.

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Biden Pulls a Kerry: He’s Against It But Will Push For It

Those people who are protected by the United States as citizens of its territories are not included in many of the social safety net...

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Manchin Drives a Stake into the Heart of S1 Voting Reform Bill Power Grab

Barring any last-minute reason for him to join his colleagues in voting with them, US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), has all but dashed the...

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Wisconsin father sets new pushup world record to raise money for family of fallen first responders

A Wisconsin father of three accomplished one of his greatest goals – completing 1,500,231 push-ups to set a new world record for most push-ups done in a year. The best part though? It was all to raise money for the families of fallen first responders.

Politics | The "Squad"

Democrat Ilhan Omar: The United States And Israel Commit ‘Unthinkable Atrocities’ Like The Taliban, Hamas

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) demonized the United States and Israel on Monday, claiming that the two democracies commit "unthinkable atrocities" just

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Twitter Defeats Its Own Argument for a ‘Moderation Policy’

In the row between the Nigerian government and Twitter, it appears that Twitter stepped on its own tail in how it responded to Nigeria’s...

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CA County Cuts COVID Death Toll By 25% After Reevaluation: Deaths ‘Clearly Not’ Caused By Virus

A county in California has revised their COVID-19 death total down 25% — by 411 cases — after initially counting all deaths with a positive COVID-19 test as a COVID-related death.

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First Amendment Under Siege from Both Government and the Private Sector

In a move that should raise eyebrows across the board, the Department of Justice, at the behest of the FBI, was granted a subpoena to...

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Those Colluding on the Great Reset Must Explain How Climate Threatens the Economy

In recent months we have heard both the US Treasury Secretary and now the Federal Reserve bank Chairman advance the idea that climate...

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A New Nevada Law Bans Racial Mascots In Schools And 'Sundown Sirens'

The measure prohibits racially discriminatory mascots, images, sounds or songs in schools. And counties can no longer sound sirens that once signified it was time for certain people to leave town.

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Post-lockdown summer: Americans out for fun and with money to spend

As Covid vaccination rates rise entertainment events and rental homes and cars are selling out but companies are struggling to fill job vacancies<br>

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

‘Sociopath’: Kamala Harris handed out Kamala Harris cookies to the press on AF2

What happened to her face?

News | Pallywood

BEFORE AND AFTER: Al Jazeera journo who accused Israeli police of breaking her hand makes a stunning recovery

"So the Al Jazeera reporter whose arm was broken by Israeli police can lift two children after her release from custody?"

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Apparently, In Minneapolis, It’s Always Time to Loot and Riot

The justification bar for protesting, rioting, setting fires, destroying property, and looting is, evidently, set at the lowest position...

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San Francisco's Teacher Union Outs Themselves as Anti-Semitic

In a move that has nothing – zero – to do with education, the United Educators of San Francisco’s voted to endorse the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, accusing Israel of committing “apartheid and war crimes.” The m

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Why Facebook’s Fascist Ban of Trump Is an Attack on the American Political System

In an action that begs the question of whether Facebook has any fidelity to the spirit of the First Amendment at all, the social media...

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State Department Shuns Term ‘Abraham Accords’

The State Department prohibits employees from referring to the historic peace agreements signed by Israel and its Arab neighbors by its official name, the Abraham accords, according to one source with direct knowledge of the Biden administration’s interna

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DoJ Investigating Burisma-Linked Democrat Firm for Illegal Lobbying

The Biden Justice Department has placed a Clinton-connected Democrat consulting firm in its sights for illegal lobbying activity on...

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Biden’s DoJ Finally Starts to Take Cyberattacks Seriously

In what could be a hopeful start to the federal government actually executing its duties, the Biden Justice Department announced it will...

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Yellen Attempts to Sneaks the Great Reset's ESG Scoring into a 'New Normal'

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told a meeting of the G20 member states that a clear standardized system of measuring green investments...

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News.

CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News. Gong valuation surges to $7.25 billion in new $250 million funding round. The latest round means that the conversation analytics startup has become the highest valued private tech company in the

Sports | Mixed Bag

Why Is Biden Even Allowing the Chinese to Build a Wind Farm in Texas?

Tacit approval through the Biden administration’s silence on a proposed Chinese wind farm on Chinese-owned land in southwest Texas is...

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Will Ohioans Stoop to Adding Another Marxist to Congress?

With twelve candidates to choose from, the question for Ohioans in one congressional district is this. Are you going to send a Marxist...

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

California Teacher Union Activist: U.S. Is An ‘Evil Empire’ That Funds ‘Ugly Zionism’

An anti-Israel activist within UTLA called Zionism a “sick bourgeois” ideology and claimed that Israeli committed “war crimes.” 

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New Israeli Gov't Prospect Includes Arab Islamist Party Linked to Muslim Brotherhood

The prospects for a new coalition government in Israel, displacing the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, brings with it some unlikely...

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Dark Money PACs Connected to Schumer Deceived Voters, Target Filibuster

Dark money groups with ties to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), are appearing at the tip of the Democrat’s political spear...

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US government found no evidence that Navy UFO sightings were alien spacecraft: report | TheHill

U.S. government has found no evidence that the unidentified flying objects observed by Navy pilots are alien spacecraft, but intelligence officials said that they are still unable to explain the strange moving phenomena. 

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu May Be On His Way Out. What Happens Next?

Israeli politicians from the right and left and an Arab party say they've reached an agreement to form a new government that casts out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But it's not yet a done deal.

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Biden Digs Up ANWR to Make an Issue After Zero Environmental Impact

In yet another move to address a ‟problem” that simply doesn’t exist, the Biden administration has suspended oil and gas leases in...

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Putin Turns Tables on Biden Questioning Human Rights of January 6th Detainees

Proving once again that the Biden administration is playing checkers while Russia is playing chess, Russian President Vladimir Putin is...

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Senate Dems Confirm Anti-Israel Activist To Top Spot at US Postal Service

Just before the Memorial Day weekend, Senate Democrats quietly confirmed a longtime anti-Israel activist to serve on the United States Postal Service’s Board of Governors, raising further questions about the Biden administration’s embrace of those who ser

News | Antisemitism Watch

Google Diversity Head Said Jews Have 'Insatiable Appetite for War'

Google’s head of diversity strategy said in a 2007 blog post that Jews have an "insatiable appetite for war" and an "insensitivity to the suffering [of] others." The comments were part of a longer meditation from Kamau Bobb, now head of diversity strategy

Politics | The China Threat

Chinese State Media After Biden Calls For Pandemic Probe: China Must Prepare For Nuclear War With U.S.

The editor of China’s state-run Global Times has reportedly warned that communist China needs to prepare for nuclear war with the United States after President Joe Biden ordered the U.S. Intelligence community to redouble their efforts in investigating th

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Syria Elected To World Health Organization Executive Board Despite Human Rights Abuses

Human rights activists across the world were shocked, Saturday, when Syria was selected to serve on the board of the World Health Organization despite

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Gavin MacLeod of 'The Love Boat' and 'Mary Tyler Moore' dies at age 90

Gavin MacLeod, known for his roles on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Love Boat," died Saturday, his nephew Mark See told Variety. He was 90 years old.

Entertainment | Entertainment

AMC, Regal Cinemas to drop mask mandate nationwide

Major movie theater chains are ditching their face mask requirements. AMC, Regal, and Cinemark all say fully vaccinated customers no longer have to wear a mask inside their theaters.

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Man dies after being struck by electric scooter in Venice

The victim died at the scene, according to the coroner’s office, which is still working to identify him.

Politics | Donald Trump

Donald Trump Honors Fallen Heroes—Not the 'Long Weekend'

Donald Trump released a Memorial Day statement on Monday, honoring those who have fallen in service of our country.
“On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen heroes who took their last breat...

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

‘Kill everything white in sight’: Speaker at National Black Power Convention calls for ‘death to capitalism’ and maybe more

The mainstream media seems to have missed the National Black Power Convention in Tulsa.

Science & Technology | Science

Space Debris Has Hit And Damaged The International Space Station

The inevitable has occurred. A piece of space debris too small to be tracked has hit and damaged part of the International Space Station - namely, the Canadarm2 robotic arm.

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Hat Shop Apologizes For Selling Yellow 'Not Vaccinated' Stars

A shop owner in Nashville is apologizing after outrage over the store selling "not vaccinated" yellow star fashioned after the insignia Jews were forced to wear

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Israel Seen: This Week’s Daily Reports

Israel Seen: This Week’s Daily Reports Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Israeli Security, Regional Diplomacy, and International Law News Resources – North America, Europe, and Asia: Secretary of State Blinken: Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise a

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BOMBSHELL: Fauci Pushed for 'Gain-of-Function' Research in 2012, Said It Was Worth the Risk of Pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director and medical advisor to Joe Biden, defended controversial “gain-of-function” research in 2012, and said the...

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Apple Employees Demand Company Stand With Palestinian Muslims

A group of Muslim employees at Apple are pushing the tech giant to publicly condemn Israel's "illegal occupation" of the Gaza Strip amid violence in the region caused by terrorist group Hamas.

News | The News

LA Times Writer Angry “Friends” Reunion Wasn’t More Diverse

The Los Angeles Times would like the show “Friends” to go back in time and retroactively feature a more diverse cast. “It should have been subtitled, 'The

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Maryland School District Indoctrinates Students Into Believing MAGA Is ‘Covert White Supremacy’

What else are schools teaching your children without your knowledge?

Politics | The Decline Of America

‘CRINGE ALERT’! Kamala Harris’ ‘woke joke’ for Naval Academy grads bombs (cue nervous laughter)

Also advises grads to use "wind energy" for "combat power."

Politics | Politics

Hunter Biden brought VP Joe to dinner with shady business partners

Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of his son's at a dinner in Washington, DC, while he was vice president, records on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show.

News | NEWS

Ocean explorer discovers 5 sunken WWII subs, giving closure to hundreds of families

Ocean explorer Tim Taylor received the Navy’s top civilian honor for discovering five submarines that sank during World War II.

News | Antisemitism Watch

ADL Reports 75% Surge In Anti-Semitic Attacks, Calls On Biden Administration To Act | The Daily Wire

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), there has been a 75% rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the last two weeks, sparking concern and calls for President Joe Biden’s administration to take action.

Politics | Politics


Secretary of State Tony Blinken met in Ramallah with Issa Amro, a Palestinian activist with a history of radical, even antisemitic rhetoric.

Politics | Politics

Correcting 1619’s Falsehoods About the American Founding

A new book published by Robert Woodson’s ‘1776 Unites’ debunks the project’s dubious claims.

Politics | Politics

John Cena issues apology to China in Mandarin after calling Taiwan its own country in 'F9' interview

John Cena apologized to the people of China after mistakenly referring to Taiwan as a country.

News | Iran

Report: Facility in Iran Used for Drone Manufacturing Hit by Explosion That Injured Nine, Days After Israel Downs Iranian UAV

Drones are seen during a large-scale drone combat exercise of Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in Semnan, Iran …

Miscellaneous | Opinion

The Costly Success of Israel’s Iron Dome

The country’s missile-defense system tells a national story.

News | Good News

Woman gets back $1M lottery ticket she had thrown away

A Massachusetts woman who accidentally tossed out a $1 million lottery ticket eventually collected her winnings thanks to the kindness and honesty of the owners of the store where she bought it

News | News

Greenwood, 1921: One of the worst race massacres in American history

In 1921, a thriving Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, burned, leaving hundreds dead.

Politics | Politics

China Laughably Orders Uyghurs to Make Videos Denying Human Rights Violations

The Communist Chinese government has taken great interest in promoting a series of videos featuring Uyghur men and women deny...

Politics | Politics

White House Announces It Will Use ‛Holder Model’ to Spy on Journalists

The Biden White House has declared that it will embrace the ‟Holder Model” of how to engage with journalists and journalistic...

News | In The News

WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Car on the Streets of London

BNigel Farage declared that "London in 2021 is not a safe place to be" following footage showing pro-Palestinian activists attacking a car.

Politics | PC Culture

San Francisco Seeing an 'Epidemic' of Shoplifting

San Fransisco, once one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in America, is being destroyed by an ideology that promotes "permissiveness."

Politics | Covid 19

New Study on Texas Reopening Puts the Nail in the Coffin of Fauci's Credibility

Two and a half months ago, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott axed the state’s mask mandate and other COVID-related restrictions on businesses and people, Joe Biden called the move a “huge mistake” and “...

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Tucker Carlson Loves Cops Unless They're Fighting Off MAGA Rioters

According to Carlson, Capitol Police who support a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection are launching “a new war on terror.”

News | News

Inside the Battle for Jerusalem

Israel’s bombing of Gaza has killed 213 people and Hamas rockets into Israel have killed 13. The latest violence between Israel and Palestine came after week...

News | The News

PA County Reports Voting Machine Issues Affecting Republican Ballots; Dominion Releases Statement

Voting machines in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, caused concern this week when registered Republicans and independent voters were seeing Democrat-labeled ballots on primary day.

News | News

US seeing wave of 'textbook anti-Semitism' amid Israel-Gaza tensions

From New York and California to Illinois and Utah, the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza has generated a disturbing backlash against American Jews – who have found themselves the targets of death threats, hate speech and violent physical attacks.

Politics | Opinion

As Pogromists Activate, Chuck Schumer Cowers - John Podhoretz, Commentary Magazine

On 47th Street in Manhattan, the famous "Diamond District" where so many Jews work, someone set off an incendiary device this afternoon. A car caravan

News | Antisemitism Watch

Jews Attacked On Streets Of New York City, In Restaurant By Alleged Pro-Palestinian Extremists: Reports

Jews were attacked in a heavily Jewish business district in New York City on Thursday night following the announcement of a ceasefire in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

‘We Need Accountability’: Omar And Tlaib Say Ceasefire Isn’t Enough, Accuse Israel Of ‘War Crimes’

The ceasefire wasn’t enough for outspoken pro-Palestinian activist, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who implied that Israel was guilty of crimes against humanity, and that the U.S. is failing to “end the occupation.”

Politics | Politics

The myth of the Al-Aqsa 'siege' continues to ignite Palestinian violence | TheHill

Hamas saw the need for a pretext to elevate its standing among Palestinians and proclaimed the Mosque to be under attack.

News | News

LA Jewish man chased by 2 vehicles waving Palestinian flags: 'They were yelling Allahu akbar'

Chilling surveillance footage obtained by Fox News shows the moment a Jewish man in Los Angeles was chased by two cars bearing Palestinian flags near his home earlier this week as they chanted "Allahu akbar" in an apparent attempt to run him over.

News | The News

The Queen Mary in Long Beach in danger of capsizing if vessel isn't repaired soon

A new report shows the Queen Mary is in urgent need of repairs, and if it's not done in the next two years, the historic vessel might even capsize.