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NYT: Scientists Studying Privilege, Inequality in Animal Kingdom

Scientists, the experts we rely on to tell us how to live our lives, have been studying privilege and inequality among squirrels and other animals, according to the New York Times.

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Airlines warn of 'catastrophic' crisis when new 5G service is deployed | TheHill

U.S. airlines and cargo carriers on Monday warned that the new 5G wireless service set to deploy Wednesday could ground flights, potentially stranding thousands of Americans overseas and delaying the delivery of key goods.

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‘Are you kidding me with this?’: MSNBC assembled quite the panel to discuss the hostage situation at Texas synagogue

They needed an expert in targeting Jews and found Al Sharpton.

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Democrats Begin Pushing a Major Elections Lie

After a year of appropriating Joseph Goebbels's "Big Lie" language, they do this?

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Chicago woman reports being carjacked just days after getting car back from previous carjacking

A Chicago woman who reported being carjacked on Saturday night had just gotten her car back after she was carjacked three days earlier, according to a local report.

Politics | Election: 2020

Recent breakthroughs in 2020 election probes undercut narrative that legal avenues are exhausted

Mounting evidence of irregularities and rigged rules has emerged through state and local investigations, court decisions, financial disclosure, and audits in the 14 months since the election.

Politics | Big Tech vs Conservatives

Larry Elder: Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies

In an article last February headlined “Do Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor conservatives? Claims 'not supported by the facts,' new research says,” USA Today's Jessica Guynn wrote, “Despite repeated charges of anti-conservative bias from former Preside

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Newspaper Calls for Using the National Guard AGAINST the Unvaccinated

The left-wing Salt Lake Tribune took COVID-19 authoritarianism to new heights in an editorial posted Saturday that called for the deployment of U.S.

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Maybe Dem Mich. AG and MSNBC guest Dana Nessel shouldn’t’ve suggested that Texas synagogue hostage situation was white supremacists’ doing [video]

"There are a lot of problems with cable TV, but among the worst is having partisan guests on to speculate about breaking news events."

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Fauci's Financial Disclosures Made Public by Senator

Dr. Anthony Fauci's two most recent financial disclosures have been made available for public perusal by a senator. ...

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Hostages Freed at Texas Congregation After 10-Hour Standoff

People around the world prayed and dedicated mitzvahs in the merit of those held

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Obsessed with Israeli settlements, Americans and Europeans turn blind eye to Palestinian violence

“Instead of focusing on all the obstacles and identifying the most important ones, they are singling out the settlement issue and defining it as the most critical,” says Professor Eytan Gilboa of Bar-Ilan University and a senior fellow at the Jerusalem In

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Clueless: Woke FBI Downplays Anti-Semitic Aspect of Hostage-Taking at Texas Synagogue

The jihadi who stormed the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas and took hostages Saturday is dead. Now comes the whitewashing.

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Congressman On Synagogue Hostage Situation: Now ‘An International Investigation,’ ‘There’s Something More Here’

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told CNN on Sunday that the hostage situation that unfolded on Saturday at a synagogue in Texas has turned into an international investigation that there was “something more” to the events that happened.

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Fauci’s Financial Disclosures Made Public by Senator

Dr. Anthony Fauci's two most recent financial disclosures have been made available for public perusal by a senator. ...

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Microsoft's woke word filter a new 'mechanism of mind control'

Vivek Ramaswamy sounded off Friday on “Fox & Friends” on Microsoft introducing a new software to correct some terms seen as not politically correct.

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Alec Baldwin turns over cellphone in investigation of fatal 'Rust' shooting: DA - ABC News

Alec Baldwin has turned over his cellphone as part of the investigation into the fatal "Rust" shooting.

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Lost Letter From WWII Soldier Finally Gets Delivered 76 Years Later

When U.S. soldier John Gonsalves wrote a letter to his mom during WWII, it never made it. In 2021, it was finally delivered—76 years late.

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Maya Wiley cites Confederacy in argument to allow noncitizens to vote

MSNBC and NBC News legal analyst Maya Wiley noted that the Confederacy allowed noncitizens to vote, essentially calling for modern America to be more like the Confederate States – at least when it comes to voting rights. 

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

‘Sooo … he wants to go out of business?’ Penzeys Spices sends hateful email advertising ‘Republicans Are Racists Weekend’ sale; Update: It’s REAL

Penzeys. Never heard of them. But seems he has issues with people who disagree with him politically.

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Sinema Wraps Filibuster Dagger in Dem Talking Points, Then Sticks It In

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) took to the Senate floor on Thursday and delivered a speech that could be described as having a little something for everyone. There was, however, one little something th...

Politics | Covid 19

Minneapolis mayor: Kids between 2 and 5 need to show a negative COVID test done in a lab to enter restaurants

Minneapolis is trying to kill off any family restaurants that survived the first wave of lockdowns.

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SCJ Sotomayor Unvaccinated - Real Raw News

As most know, the Supreme Court is currently entertaining arguments as to whether the criminal Biden Administration’s Covid-19 vaccination mandates are lawful and constitutional. Conservative Justices have either withheld an opinion or said that both Se

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Whole Foods defends prohibiting employees from wearing masks with slogans including 'Black Lives Matter' | Fox Business

Whole Foods Market is defending its longstanding policy against political slogans in its dress code, saying it has the constitutional right to prohibit employees from wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) masks

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Goldfish taught to drive on land for Israeli animal behavior study : NPR

An experiment involving a robotic tank on wheels and six trained goldfish may offer insights into animals' ability to navigate unfamiliar environments.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

How Likely Is A New U.S. Civil War? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Author Barbara F. Walter warns in her new book that the country is closer to a civil war than it has been for more than 100 years. She joins Mehdi to discuss...

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Ted Cruz Can't Run the Country – He Can't Even Keep His Kid Off TikTok!

Dear Sen. Cruz – I get it. It's tempting to let your kid have access to places her friends are, like Instagram and TikTok. But at what cost?

Politics | Big Tech vs Conservatives

Twitter Allows Iranian Threats To Assassinate Former President Trump

Twitter is allowing official Iranian government accounts to issue death threats against former president Donald Trump and other Trump administration officials.

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Tom Elliott takes a look back at the COVID vaccine narratives that media and experts would prefer we forget [videos]

These days, media are fine acknowledging that the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent illness or transmission. But it wasn’t always that way.

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The Likely Cause of the Media Blackout on Imploding Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Once upon a time in America, a high-profile federal prosecution imploding amid credible accusations of FBI entrapment would earn wall-to-wall headlines in the…

Politics | Covid 19

UPDATE: US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology

Bombshell report also reveals that the government covered up the lab leak and suppressed information about known curatives ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

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Report: More Than 600K People Leaving New York And California For Lower-Taxed States

A new report released on Monday revealed more than 600,000 people have left New York and California during the pandemic for lower-taxed states as the two Democrat-led states continue to extend strong COVID-19 restrictions.

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Gavin Newsom Proposes Universal Healthcare ‘Regardless Of Immigration Status’

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom proposed providing universal healthcare to all low-income residents, regardless of immigration status, living in the Golden State on Monday.

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Covid: The Path not Taken - DarkHorse Podcast with Peter McCullough

Listen to this episode from Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast on Spotify. Dr. Peter McCullough is an academic internist, cardiologist, and a trained epidemiologist located in Dallas, Texas. He speaks with Bret regarding what a wise response to Covid woul

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COVID Omicron Updates: Experts say US nearing omicron's peak - ABC7 New York

The COVID surge fueled by the omicron variant continues, but experts say we're nearing the peak.

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Judge sentences the 3 men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

Travis and Gregory McMichael are sentenced to life without parole while Willliam Bryan was sentenced to life with parole.

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How historians view Trump – and how Trump sees himself

A panel of historians is releasing its third collection of essays assessing the accomplishments and failures of a presidential administration – and for the first time, a former president spoke to the group to offer his own take on his time in office

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor just keeps racking up the hot takes over Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate

Sotomayor might wish that the federal government held all the power.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

You Won't Believe Why California Is Considering Raising Taxes

There’s a certain type of architecture from the mid-20th century called “California Crazy.” Think of a donut shop shaped like a big concrete donut or a restaurant shaped like a hat....

Politics | Covid 19

A Pandemic of The Uneducated: COVID "Logic" From the left

Omicron is the Stephen Baldwin of the China flu family. People say, “Aw, how cute,” and then no one really expects much.
Hospitalizations and deaths from omicron are low. How low? Hard to...

Politics | The War On Gender

War on Women: Woke Fox News Corp Drinks the Trans Kool-Aid. Anoints Man as Top *Female* Jeopardy Winner of All Time

“‘Jeopardy!’ champ Amy Schneider hits $1 million, becomes first woman to land accolade," screams a fake headline at Fox News.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden Admin Blasted Online For Graph Claiming Biden Created Most Monthly Jobs Ever

Twitter users excoriated the Biden administration after the White House posted a graph claiming that more jobs were created under President Joe Biden than any other president in history.

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Supreme Court seems skeptical of Biden's vaccine mandates - Axios

A majority of the justices appeared to believe that the Biden administration’s rules are too broad.

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Sidney Poitier, Oscar-winning actor and Hollywood's first Black movie star, dies at 94 - CNN

Sidney Poitier, whose elegant bearing and principled onscreen characters made him Hollywood's first Black movie star and the first Black man to win the best actor Oscar, has died. He was 94.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Real Estate Websites Remove Crime Data Citing ‘Racial Bias’

Realtor.com and Redfin both announced they would not include neighborhood crime data.

Politics | Leftist Lies

‘Because of #January6th’: Nancy Pelosi holds a moment of silence for officer killed in April in separate attack

Pelosi and other Democrats keep honoring police officers who died since the riot, not because of the riot.

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Nikole Hannah-Jones to Critics on Her Error Tweeting Incorrect Year for Start of Civil War: ‘It Is What It Is’

The "1619 Project's" Nikole Hannah-Jones said of her failure to provide the correct year for the start of the Civil War, “It is what it is.”

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Peter Bogdanovich Dead: Film Director Was 82 - Variety

Peter Bogdanovich, the iconic director who helmed “The Last Picture Show” and “Paper Moon,” has died. He was 82.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Astronomers Witness a Dying Star Reach Its Explosive End – W. M. Keck Observatory

The Keck Observatory telescopes on Maunakea in Hawaii, are the world’s largest optical and infrared telescopes. Keck Observatory's vision is to advance the frontiers of astronomy and share our discoveries with the world.

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LIVE: Jan. 6 Attack Anniversary Commemorated At U.S. Capitol Events | NBC News

Events to mark the anniversary of the January 6 attack take place at the Capitol, including remarks from President Biden, lawmaker testimonials, and a prayer...

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5 takeaways from the Capitol riot criminal cases, one year later

NPR has been tracking every criminal case related to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. One year after the riot, here are some of the key patterns that have emerged from the cases.

Politics | POLITICS

The Democrats' Exploitation of January 6 Gives Away Their Game

This year, Jan. 6 will be commemorated with all the ballyhoo and rigmarole Democrats and their media allies can muster.

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Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers who failed to comply with Covid vaccine mandate

The Mayo Clinic fired roughly 700 employees who failed to comply with the nonprofit medical center's mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Horowitz: 6 important COVID data points that destroy the prevailing narrative

“When you get vaccinated, you not only protect your own health, that of the family, but also you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community. And in other words, you become a dead end to the virus.” ~D

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Liberals Blame Glenn Youngkin for Winter Traffic Nightmare—as Opposed to Their Actual Dem Governor

As Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia dealt with the traffic jam of the century, which left some drivers stuck on the road for over a day because of heavy snow, liberals on Twitter decided to blame Re...

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Georgia Authorities Open Probe into Possible Illegal 2020 Ballot Harvesting

Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday he initiated a probe into possible illegal ballot harvesting in the 2020 election.

Health & Fitness | Covid

Doctors Finally Get Real About Covid Hospitalizations Amid Omicron Spike

Now that Dr. Fauci has made some much-needed admissions about Covid, other frontline doctors are chiming in to agree.

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Ex-Chabad of Poway rabbi sentenced to 14 months of custody in fraud case

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was also ordered to pay nearly $3 million in restitution to victims, which include the IRS and companies that matched donations their employees made to the Chabad.

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Feds Finally Admit Secret DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests With “Shoot To Kill” Mission

What many believe about January 6 has finally been revealed to be true. There were federal 'commandos' at the Capitol on that day, and before. The commandos had been granted 'shoot to kill' authority, and the FBI was running the operat

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Without Citing Clinical Trials, FDA Approves Emergency Use Of COVID-19 Boosters For Children 12 And Up

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that COVID-19 boosters for children between the ages of 12 and 15 have been approved for emergency authorized use based on “real-world” data from Israel.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter permanently

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter, again. This time it is permanent, the social network said.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Betty White, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland Star, Dead at 99

'Even though Betty was about to be 100, I thought she would live forever,' Betty White's agent and close friend Jeff Witjas tells PEOPLE in a statement.

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Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how.

The variant has changed how we get from "pandemic" to "endemic," but that doesn’t mean we’re back to square one.

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

Here are the 9 most interesting conversations I had in 2021

The conversations that challenged me the most and got me thinking about a difficult problem or provocative idea.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Over 200 Marines Kicked Out for Not Taking COVID Vaccine

More than 200 Marines have been kicked out of the Marine Corps for choosing not to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

In The Name Of Equity, Virginia County Wants To Ban Homework Grades And Other Standards

Arlington County, Virginia, recently introduced a proposal for a new grading system, based on the idea of equity, that would allow an unlimited number of retakes on assignments, ban extra credit, and would block grading on homework assignments, Fox News reported on Thursday.

Politics | Malfeasance

Pelosi, Husband Buy Millions In Call Options Days After She Defended Congress Being Allowed To Buy Stock: Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and husband Paul Pelosi bought millions of dollars worth of call options for stocks just days after she defended members of Congress being able to buy stocks.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

New York Times Seizes on Tutu Death to Push Israel-Apartheid Narrative

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu attends the unveiling ceremony of a statue of Nelson Mandela at the City Hall in Cape …

Politics | Media Watch

‘It Flipped Overnight’: Glenn Greenwald Points To The One Moment That Changed The Pandemic And Destroyed Trust In Media

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said in a Tuesday Twitter thread that there was one single moment that changed media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic — and that when it “flipped overnight,” it destroyed trust in media.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Failing President Hit From All Sides After Biden Claims There Is ‘No Federal Solution’ To COVID

The White House tried to fix Democrat President Joe Biden’s statement yesterday when Biden said that there was “no federal solution” to the dealing with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, which came in stark contrast to the message that he ran on while campaigning for president, including his promise to “shut down the virus.”

News | Antisemitism Watch

Biden Cabinet Member Backs NJ Congressman’s Charge That Progressive Hecklers Shouted ‘Jew!’ at Event

US Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.). Photo: Kristie Boyd, US House Office of Photography. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has corroborated Rep. …

Politics | PC Culture

Victor Davis Hanson: California Is a Confederate Society with 'Sick Fixation' on Race

California is a neo-Confederate state with a "sick fixation" on ethnicity and race, Victor Davis Hanson said.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Florida Banned Critical Race Theory, But Can’t Define What It Is

Florida's Board of Education has banned Critical Race Theory. But it's not all that clear if officials know what they voted for...or if activists understand ...

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Hannah-Jones: Parents Shouldn’t Decide what’s Being Taught In Schools — ‘Leave That to the Educators’

Nikole Hannah-Jones, 1619 Project creator and professor, said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that parents should not be in charge of deciding what is taught in schools. | Clips

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

The Bribery and Sex Party Scandal in the US Navy | Investigators

This is the inside story of the Fat Leonard corruption Scandal – a shocking tale of bribery and corruption at the core of the US Navy. Leonard Glenn Francis...

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A biblical rest from farming in Israel could help Gaza's growers. They are waiting

For Orthodox Jews during a yearlong agricultural sabbath, Israel pledged to lift some restrictions on produce from the Gaza Strip. Palestinian farmers in Gaza are wondering what's taking so long.

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US swimming official quits after trans athlete shatters women's records

On Friday, Millan, said that she had resigned "days ago," saying "I can’t do this," and "I can’t support this."

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Burlington Coat Factory incident: 14-year-old girl fatally hit by stray bullet from police

Two people are dead, including a suspect, after a shooting occurred at a Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood Thursday afternoon. 

Politics | PC Culture

‘Bachelor’ Fans Say It’s ‘Infuriating’ That The Next Bachelor Isn’t Black — ‘They’re Privileging White Men’

The end of Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette” is still fresh in everyone’s minds, but fans have already moved on to discussing the next season of the “Bachelor” franchise, which will debut in January. Some viewers, however, are not thrilled that producers chose Clayton Echard as the leading man.

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Kim Potter is found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright

The former Minnesota police officer appeared to accidentally draw her firearm instead of her Taser when she fatally shot the 20-year-old Black man during a traffic stop in April.

News | Antisemitism Watch

DC Librarian Who Made Children Reenact Holocaust Is Failed Dem Candidate, Convicted Fraudster, and Animal Abuser

The Washington, D.C., public school librarian who made third graders reenact graphic scenes from the Holocaust is a Democrat who claims she ran for office in New Jersey, where she was convicted of defrauding the state through a tutoring scam and charged w

Health & Fitness | Covid-19 News

South Africa’s omicron coronavirus outbreak subsides as fast as it grew

In less than a month, the country's omicron outbreak has gone from a near-vertical rise to a near-vertical fall.

Politics | The "Squad"

AOC Says She Represents As Many People As Manchin. Not Even Close.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) may have graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both international relations and economics, but numbers apparently aren’t her strong suit.

Politics | The "Squad"

AOC Posts Photo Of Her ‘Glaring’ At Joe Manchin: Not ‘Obligated’ To Smile At People Doing ‘Hurtful Things’

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday posted a photo of her glaring at Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) during a past State of the Union address, commenting that she doesn’t have an “obligation” to “smile” at people doing “hurtful things,” apparently referring to Manchin.

Politics | Politics

New Videos Capture Pennsylvania Officials Hiding Evidence Of Alleged Election Fraud

Pennsylvania county election officials were caught on tape plotting to hide alleged violations of state election law.

Politics | Covid 19

About That Guy in Texas Who Supposedly Died of Omicron...

“Public officials and media reported that a man in Texas became the first American to die from the Omicron,” reporter Dan Cohen reminds you, but it “turns out that’s not true....

Politics | Covid 19

FOIA Emails Reveal Doctors Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins Worked to Smear Anti-Lockdown Scientists

Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins launched a smear attack against a group of scientists who warned about the health dangers of public lockdowns.

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Hot Dog on a Stick reportedly nearing demolition

The legacy business will expand in its current location near the Santa Monica Pier, with construction set to begin this winter.

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Woman shares the story of why her kid wanted to share their nonbinary identity in their holiday card

"I obsessively checked Facebook and Instagram, fearing the worst. Surprisingly, I saw the best."

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

A dinosaur embryo has been found inside a fossilized egg. Here's what that means. - CBS News

The egg was acquired in 2000, but put in storage. It was later identified as a dinosaur egg, and an embryo was found hidden within it.

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Man Dies of Heart Attack After Paramedics Allegedly Refuse to Go Inside

A 56-year-old man was stricken with a heart attack, but paramedics allegedly refused to enter the acute-care facility where he was taken, out of fear of COVID-19. Police bodycam video shows a cop going into the facility in California while paramedics rema

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Americans Fled 'Woke' States in 'Historic' Numbers in 2021

The communist Chinese-inflicted COVID virus and reactions by American Democrat politicians created devastating changes in the U.S. population in 2021, according to statistics revealed by the U.S. Cens...

Politics | Covid 19

Biden's Claims About Omicron Transmission and South Africa Are Demonstrably False

He blasts those promoting "fake news" about the virus, then goes on to spread more of it himself.

Politics | Interesting Links

Nancy Pelosi’s S.F. event interrupted by the loudest ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shout we’ve ever heard

This one must still be echoing around the City by the Bay.

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Millions push to reduce a truck driver's 110-year sentence after a deadly accident

Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos was 23 when his semi crashed on a Colorado interstate, causing a fiery pileup that killed four people. More than 4 million people are petitioning to reduce his sentence.

Politics | Covid 19

Dr. Fauci says we may need masks on planes FOREVER

"I think when you’re dealing with a closed space… you want to take that extra step."

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“It's like a horror movie”: Americans lacking access to proper sewage disposal

Bill Whitaker reports from Alabama, where a public health crisis has, by some estimates, left more than half the impoverished, rural residents in one county with raw sewage running onto their property.

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Leftist millennial wins election as Chile's next president | AP News

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A leftist millennial who rose to prominence during anti-government protests was elected Chile’s next president Sunday after a bruising campaign against a free-market firebrand likened to Donald Trump.

Politics | The "Squad"

Ilhan Omar Launches Profane Tirade On Joe Manchin During MSNBC Interview: ‘Complete Bulls***’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) launched into a profane tirade on Sunday in response to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) once again indicating that he will not vote to advance President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better Act.

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The Civilian Casualty Files

The New York Times is making public hundreds of the Pentagon’s confidential assessments of reports of civilian casualties resulting from U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

Politics | Covid 19

New York Reports Highest Daily Coronavirus Case Rate Despite Vaccine, Mask Mandates

New York on Friday reported the highest daily coronavirus case rate to date, despite the prevalence of vaccines and mask mandates.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Arizona Mom Threatened With Prison, Placed on Secret Blacklist For Letting Kids Play At the Park

"The market was asking that anyone who didn't need to go into the store to please stay outside," she says.

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No U.S. Troops Will Be Punished for Deadly Kabul Strike, Pentagon Chief Decides

The military initially defended the strike, which killed 10 civilians including seven children, but ultimately called it a tragic mistake.

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‘Please Do Not Break Glass’: San Franciscans Leaving Car Trunks Open To Prevent Smash-And-Grab

In the robbery-infested areas of San Francisco and Oakland, California, some residents are so fearful of having their cars broken into that they are deliberately leaving their car trunks open so robbers won’t shatter the windows.

News | In The News

Ingraham guest arrested for defying vax mandate

Jo Rose: I'm an American citizen, but I can't work and I can't eat in New York City.

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New JFK files bring more frustration than enlightenment

The disclosure of the 1,491 documents by the National Archives about the assassination follows an executive order from President Joe Biden.

Politics | PC Culture

There’s a card for asking your doctor not to weigh you unless it’s (really) medically necessary

Weighing you could cause unhealthy stress and contribute to weight stigma.


Israeli Military Leaders: Biden Nuclear Deal Poses ‘Significant Threat to Israel’s Security’

A group of nearly 3,000 Israeli military leaders, soldiers, commanders, and intelligence officials are warning the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress that a new nuclear deal with Iran poses “a significant threat to Israel’s security.”

Politics | The China Threat

NFL ‘Caves To Communist China’ As It Releases Map Falsely Claiming That Taiwan Belongs To China

The National Football League (NFL) faced backlash on Wednesday afternoon over a map it published that showed Taiwan belonging to China.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Blue-check shocked that apparently people don’t know that racism against white people ‘is NOT a thing’

We can agree that "reverse racism" is NOT a thing — it's just racism.

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Los Angeles shopping center The Grove adds coil fencing to deter smash-and-grab robberies

As a recent wave of mob-led store robberies has put retailers, mall operators and communities on edge, one popular shopping center is keeping an unusual security measure in place through the holiday season.

Politics | American Politics

AOC goes full Jeremy Corbyn

For a party whose members hear supposed racial dog whistles in even the most mundane language, it’s amazing Democrats never seem to notice their own actual dog whistles.

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California To Reimpose Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate, 18 Omicron Cases Detected

California is set to reimpose an indoor mask mandate on Wednesday in an apparent response to the Omicron coronavirus variant.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News

CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News Fintech unicorn Tipalti quadruples valuation to $8.3 billion in $270 million Series F. The Israeli company currently processes over $30 billion in total annual payments volume — growing 120% ye

News | In The News

Federal vaccine rules remain blocked as first deadline passes : NPR

By the end of the month, workers in New York City must be vaccinated against COVID-19, but nationwide, federal vaccine rules are on hold due to numerous legal challenges.

News | Iran

How Israeli intel saved hundreds of US soldiers from Iranian attacks

New report reveals how last-minute warnings from Israeli intelligence and security agencies repeatedly saved American soldiers.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

The National Endowment for the Humanities Spends $250K to Fund a 1619 Project for Israel

“To say that Jews were subject to restrictions that would not allow them to prosper and live in the Middle East is just nonsense.”

News | The News

Sen. Bob Dole, WWII Veteran and Former Senate Majority Leader, Dead at 98

America lost an icon Sunday morning, with the passing of former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole.

News | Antisemitism Watch

The targeting of Jewish teenagers on Oxford Street is a wake-up call

When a friend shared a video of drama on Oxford Street on Monday night, I knew it would go viral. The clip showed a gang of men harassing a group of Jews on a bus, spitting, cursing, making obscene gestures, and even appearing to perform a Nazi salute.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Living robots can now reproduce using artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, the xenobots were able to replicate themselves using a process not seen in humans or any other animals.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News

CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News Crypto giant Coinbase acquiring Israel’s Unbound Security. “We’ve long recognized Israel as a hotbed of strong technology and cryptography talent,” Coinbase said after securing the ac

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CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo For Advising Brother On Sexual Misconduct Scandal | HuffPost Latest News

"The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions," the network said.

Politics | Trump Politics

UK sees 44% increase in child deaths after jab rollout for young teens, data shows - LifeSite

Deaths among 10-14-year-olds have been consistently above the national five-year average since the shots started being administered to children, according to a report.

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Smithsonian's new FUTURES exhibit asks visitors when we'll see 'single global government'

Another question on a screen at the exhibit asks the public if "shared world government" would unite people effectively.

Politics | Politics

Fauci Blasted For Remarks About Cruz, Calling GOP Senators Liars: ‘Something A Cult Leader Would Say’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the president, faced backlash on Sunday over attacks that he launched against Republican senators.

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Ahmaud Arbery l 20/20 l PART 1

Ahmaud Arbery's family members share what he had hoped for his future: Part 1An athletic young man with NFL dreams, Arbery had left college and moved home. "...

Politics | Opinion

Richard Gere et al, thanks for the reminder to bless Israel

Richard Gere and more than 100 other movie notables signed a letter not to bless, but to curse the precious land and its holy people. Op-ed.

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Lawsuits Opposing California School District Mask and Vaccine Mandates Show Who Is On the Side of Right

California's push to mandate vaccines for children are running into legal roadblocks and unraveling.

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Liquor Company Asks Consumers Not to Buy Its ‘Rittenhouse Rye’ Brand To Celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

In an odd marketing move, whiskey and bourbon distiller and distributor Heaven Hill posted a statement to its official Twitter account Sunday asking people who are buying its ‘Rittenhouse’ branded rye not to purchase the drink if they intend to use it to cheer the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.