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Artificial Retina Implants: Seeing Is Believing | The Health Edge

Things are really looking up for people who suffer from vision loss. Scientists from Sweden and Israel teamed up to develop the thinnest retinal implant in the world. The wireless device is layered wi

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Do Synthetic Thyroid Hormones Work?

Depression is sometimes the result of a complex but common condition that develops when two key hormones produced by the thyroid are in short supply.

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Cricket Juice Healthier Than Orange Juice? Many Insects Loaded With Antioxidants, Study Finds

A new study out of Italy has found one more reason to consider eating insects; certain types are absolutely packed with antioxidants.

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Why So Many of Us Don’t Lose Weight When We Exercise - The New York Times

Most of us eat more when we exercise, and though it may be just a few extra bites a day, the result is weight gain.

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Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.

As the infections become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, some standard treatments no longer work for an ailment that was once easily cured.

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Is Bayer on the Brink of Financial Ruin?

Is Bayer on the Brink of Financial Ruin? by Wellness Editor. Bayer is likely suffering from major buyer’s remorse over its decision to purchase Monsanto last year. Just months after the buyout, the German drug manufacturer started getting hit with lawsu

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'Targeted Hygiene' Embraces Some Dirt and Germs

Targeted hygiene means intervening with kids and their environment, but only when you can stop the risk of infection

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Pictures: Foods That Fight GERD

It goes by many names: indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, GERD. Whatever you call it, it happens when stomach juices flow in the wrong direction, back toward your throat. Find out from this WebMD slideshow which foods may help with it.

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Low T Slideshow: Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Find out from WebMD what you can do to raise your testosterone levels naturally, including changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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18 Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke, a Deadly Condition

Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition with symptoms of high body temperature, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, confusion, and coma. Heat stroke is caused by an elevated body temperature, usually with a fever. First aid for heat stroke are to call

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Journey with Joan Baez | Gokhale Method Institute

Feeling happy after a lesson. If you ask Joan Baez what keeps her in good enough shape to do worldwide musical tours at age 78, she will hand you a little brown card that says “Esther Gokhale, Creator of the Gokhale Method.”My wooden business card.

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Medicare Going In ‘Right Direction’ On Opioid Epidemic | Kaiser Health News

A new report by the inspector general for HHS shows prescriptions to treat opioid addiction are way up in recent years, while prescriptions for the painkillers have fallen.

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Pictures: Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Most of us like the ritual -- not to mention the caffeine boost -- that comes with a cup of tea or coffee. WebMD explains how it can be good for your health, too.

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Pictures: How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Your liver helps break down every single thing you put into your body. That includes toxins that could hurt you. WebMD guides you to the best way to take care of this essential organ.

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Judge rules against Trump on drug pricing disclosures | TheHill

A federal judge on Monday sided with a coalition of drug companies and blocked the Trump administration from implementing a policy that would require prescription drug manufacturers to disclose list prices in TV ads.

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Eye Injury Quiz: How to Treat Scratches, Blows, Chemicals, Burns, and More

What’s the best way to treat a black eye, a scratched cornea, or other eye injuries? Take this quiz from WebMD to see how much you know.

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Pictures: Sudden Health Problems After 50

After you hit 50, those aches and pains can suddenly turn serious. Here are a few things to watch out for in middle age.

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Outdoor season is already here so save your kids from mosquitoes! The Child Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch is an easy and affordable solution against mosquito bites. It is engineered from natural herbs that annoying insects hate and is 100% chemical

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Trump 'favored-nation' drug pricing order could hammer profits | Fox Business

The move could force drugmakers to offer treatments in the U.S. at the lowest cost offered elsewhere in the world.

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Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods and How to Follow this Diet - Dr. Axe

In an anti-inflammatory diet, we move away from processed diets of the West and toward ancient eating. Here are the best anti-inflammatory foods.

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Best Types of Nontoxic Cookware Nonstick Cookware Dangers - Dr. Axe

Toxic cookware like nonstick cookware contain dangerous chemicals that can damage our bodies, studies show. It's time to buy nontoxic cookware.

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14 Ways to Stay Healthy: Checklist With Pictures

You hear lots of advice about what it takes to live well. Let's break it down into a few simple, easy-to-remember ways for adults to stay on a healthy path.

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Sex and Aging Quiz: Beyond Menopause and Erectile Dysfunction

Take this WebMD quiz to see how much you know about aging and sexual activity.

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Study identifies protein that causes 'exhaustion' of immune system cells | The Times of Israel

Understanding role of TOX protein could pave way to restoring normal function in systems weakened by chronic disease, say researchers from Israel's Bar-Ilan University and others

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Pres. Trump to issue executive order on drug prices | One America News Network

Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from OANN.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports.

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Research Shows Chili Peppers May Slow Progression of Lung Cancer

A new study finds that chili peppers may have a much more important benefit than making your dinner taste better: the ability to fight lung cancer.

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Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos

Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from FOXNews.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports.

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How to Sit on the Floor, Part 2: Squatting | Gokhale Method Institute

This is the second post in our multi-part series on floor sitting. For Part 1 on floor sitting, click here.Why squat? Squatting isn’t something we do much in industrialized societies beyond childhood, but if you can do it healthfully, it is an eminently

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Slideshow: Below the Belt: Rashes, Bumps, and Lumps

Wondering about that unusual bump or rash? WebMD shows you what's going on down there and whether it could be a genital wart or cyst, skin tag, or herpes.

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Sally Pipes: How much does your health care cost? Trump wants you to know and save money | Fox News

By shining a light on prices, President Trump's executive order will tilt the competitive landscape back in favor of consumers.

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Risk for Dementia May Increase With Long-Term Use of Certain Medicines

Here’s what research suggests about a class of drugs called anticholinergics, which treat a wide range of ailments, from depression to bladder issues.

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New research shows Parkinson's disease origins in the gut - Neuroscience News

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that Parkinson's disease may start in the gut. Researchers found gut-to-brain propagation of alpha-synuclein spread via the vagus nerve. The study provides a more accurate model of Parkinson's progression a

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Pictures of Common Toxic Foods

Could a common food poison you? Find out which foods may be home to hidden toxins.

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COPD in nonsmokers, smokers share similar prevalence by US region

There is a strong correlation between the state-level incidences of COPD in both nonsmoking and currently smoking populations, indicating that in certain U.S. regions, nonsmoking adults are more likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke, according to a stu

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You're Probably Not Drinking Enough Water—Here Are Two Simple Ways to Check | Real Simple

Experts weigh in on how much water you should drink every day, plus two telltale signs you’re not hydrated enough.

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Coffee could help burn fat, new study says

A new study from the University of Nottingham has found that coffee can stimulate fat fighters in the body.

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You cannot be 'too clean' health experts warn, in bid to debunk myths

You cannot be "too clean", millennials are being told, as public health experts attempt to debunk myths around hygiene. The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) said incorrect theories which became popular in the 1990s were fuelling confusion

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Quiz: Do You Know Your STDs?

From herpes to HPV, test your STD knowledge with this WebMD quiz.

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Cannabis Compound Could Be Latest Weapon in War Against Superbugs

CBD could prove to be a useful antibiotic, according to a study in which the cannabis compound effectively killed several strains of bacteria.

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These common prescriptions may increase risk of dementia, study finds

A study published Monday found a link between dementia and certain medications, including antidepressants, antipsychotics and antiepileptic drugs.

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4 Shocking Truths About Supermarket Shampoos - CEL MD

Bad hair days should be a thing of the past, so why are we finding ourselves getting more frustrated in our search for the perfect shampoo? Walking up and down the aisles in the drugstore, trying to find the best deal on a shampoo could be a complete wast

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The horrors of the diseases that vaccines prevent

While I hope no one ever has to see a child suffer and die from any illness, I do think people should know the real risks of the diseases that vaccines prevent.

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New drug to boost women's sex drive approved in US

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. women will soon have another drug option designed to boost low sex drive: a shot they can give themselves in the thigh or abdomen that raises sexual interest for several...

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When Trauma Gets Trapped in the Body

If we don't face our pain and acknowledge our trauma, it continues to haunt us from the shadows where we let it reside.

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'Living drug' offers hope to terminal blood cancer patients - BBC News

Doctors say some lymphoma patients are being completely cured in a way "never been seen before".

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In Pictures: Common Walking Mistakes

Walking is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, but you can make some missteps. Find out how to avoid common walking mistakes.

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Bug Bites - Pictures to Identify Bug Bites and Bugs

Learn to identify ticks, poisonous spiders, fleas, chiggers, and other bugs in this WebMD slideshow. See what their bites and stings look like -- and how to find relief.

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Heat Exhaustion: Symptoms, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention

WebMD explains the symptoms and treatment of heat exhaustion, a heat-related illness that can develop after several days of exposure to high temperatures and inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids.

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Want to Avoid Tick Bites This Summer? Here Are 5 Cheapest Tips You Should Know

It's summertime and the woods are calling! A walk in the forest or a camping trip with friends ...

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Pictures: Use Exercise to Help Depression

When you’re depressed, it can be hard to do anything. But if you can get yourself to exercise regularly, you may find you feel a bit better. Get information you can use from this WebMD slide show.

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Mosquito Repellents That Work Explained With Pictures

Mosquito bites are itchy, annoying, and can even make you sick. Find out what works (and what doesn't) to protect you from these blood-sucking bugs.

Food & Drink | Recipes and Food Related

4 Sugar Alternatives That Won’t Poison You

Sugar can be a problem. The sugar in our foods from highly-processed genetically modified corn is even worse. Fortunately, there are nutritious alternatives.

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Learn to Age Well From the Real ‘Experts’

Some people age better than others. That's often because they've lived better than others thanks to wisdom and habits passed down for generations.

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Vitamin D Deficiency is Growing Worldwide and Overuse of Sunscreen Contributes

A recent study finds that nearly a billion people worldwide suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Too much sunscreen use may be a major reason why, researchers say.

Family & Parenting | Parenting

Childhood Illnesses Every Parent Should Know With Pictures

Croup, strep, glue ear, and Kawasaki disease are among 24 illnesses parents must know. Symptoms and pictures from WebMD help parents know when to call the doctor.

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The most promising uses of psychedelic drugs that were once illegal - Business Insider

There's been a resurgence of interest in psychedelic drugs' potential to treat conditions like depression. Research is beginning to yield new treatments.

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Health Trends That Are Hurting Your Teeth

These health trends may seem promising, but they could be taking a toll on your dental health.

Health & Fitness | Health

'Zoonotic' diseases that can pass between animals and humans - Business Insider

Illnesses that people can get from their pets and wild animals are known as zoonotic. They're also alarmingly common.

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Are Collagen Supplements Helpful for Arthritis? - Living With Arthritis

Can collagen supplements or bone broth really help your arthritis? Learn more about types of collagen supplements and how they work.

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Why Does the Oldest Chinese Buddha Figure Slump? | Gokhale Method Institute

 The oldest surviving Chinese Buddha figure shows surprisingly slumped posture. Note the forward head, absence of a stacked spine, and tucked pelvis. He would not look out of place with a smartphone in his hand!This surprisingly hunched Chinese Buddha fi

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Do Mindfulness Apps Really Help Your Health?

Technology can bring nonstop, alarmist news alerts, online arguments, and

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Glyphosate: Breakfast cereal still contains levels of the Roundup chemical, study finds - CBS News

An environmental group says its test results show many glyphosate levels above what it considers safe for children

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9 Extremely Subtle Signs You Have Too Much Inflammation In Your Body

If you're experiencing signs your body has inflammation, it can crop up in the form of various symptoms, and be a sign of a number of different health concerns. Usually, inflammation is associated with joint health, since arthritis is one of the top…

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Sinus Infections and Asthma: Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments

As many as half of all people with asthma also have chronic sinusitis, or sinus infections. WebMD explores the connection.

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21 Facts About Daily Vitamins No Ever Tells You

More than a third of all Americans take a multivitamin daily, according to the National Institute of Health, and it's possible to get virtually every vitamin the human body needs in supplement form. Many of us include them in our daily routines in…

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Weight-Gain Shockers: Stress, Medications, and More in Pictures

WebMD explains the possible causes of sudden weight gain, when there are no changes in diet or exercise. Learn about the effects of certain medications, some medical conditions, sleep issues, and more.

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Cases of deadly sepsis more than doubles in two years, NHS figures reveal | Daily Mail Online

There were 350,344 cases of the life-threatening blood poisoning condition in 2017/18, up from 169,215 in 2015/16, according to NHS England statistics.

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Women are spending up to £1,200 on vaginal rejuvenation treatments to boost sex life | Daily Mail Online

The Mail On Sunday's Eve Simmons investigates why women across the UK are spending up to £1,200 on vaginal rejuvenation treatments for their intimate areas to boost their sex life.

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Cinnamon Health Benefits With Pictures

Could the jar of cinnamon on your spice rack be the secret to better skin, a healthier heart, lower blood sugar, and more? Find out if the claims hold up.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Family First Aid Kit List

Here's your list of what every family should have in their home First Aid Kit.

Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

Even 40 minutes per day of exercise significantly slows cellular aging

A new study finds that running for 40 minutes a day five times a week may have a "fountain of youth" effect on people, slowing the aging process of cells.

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Study: Seniors’ Physical and Mental Health Linked to Optimism

Traits like optimism, resilience, wisdom, and self-compassion are found to be protective, while loneliness seemed to be a risk factor.

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What Do the New Aspirin Guidelines Mean for You? | US News

These four questions can help you figure out if aspirin use still makes sense for you.

Health & Fitness | Sleep

Be More Productive At Work If You Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

Getting less sleep on a regular basis doesn’t necessarily mean you'll get more done with all that extra time on your hands. A recent study reveals that people who battle sleeping problems may actually be less productive on the job. 

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

NASA’s Twins Study reveals effects of space on Scott Kelly’s health | Science News

Ten research groups studying the twin astronauts found long-term spaceflight can alter a person’s physiology and gene activity.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Tuning in to Microwave Sickness

As the amount of electronic radiation hitting our bodies increases, so too does its effect on our bodies' own electrical systems, especially our brains.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

The Red Cross Is in Dire Need of Type O Blood. Here's How You Can Help | Mental Floss

Owing to school breaks and end-of-semester activities, blood drives are down. The Red Cross has developed an urgent need for type O blood.

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"I Found I Could Defeat Sciatica:" Norm's Story | Gokhale Method Institute

Photo courtesy Norman Crawford.Norm, a hydrologic analyst and author now 82 years of age, originally hails from Alberta, Canada. When Norm was 16 years old, he accepted a summer job in Lake Louise (also known as Lake of the Little Fishes by the local Ston

Health & Fitness | Health

Can the Damage of Alzheimer’s Be Undone?

With epigenetics, there’s new hope for doing just that.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

Easy Exercises to Help You Eliminate Annoying Aches and Pains | Real Simple

A single move can make you feel miles better. Try one of these to meet a health goal—or combine them for your new favorite workout.

Science & Technology | Israeli Inovation

Israeli startup uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors | The Times of Israel

Tirat Carmel, Israel-based Insightec got FDA nod in 2016 after clinical study showed treatment is effective and safe

Travel | Israeli Culture

Here’s why, despite it all, Israelis live longer

An average lifespan of 82.5 puts Israel in the top 10 countries for longevity -- ahead of the US, with its 78.7 years

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

The Makeup Industry’s Darkest Secret Is Hiding In Your Makeup Bag

Nine thousand miles away, in a remote village in India, children are risking their lives to bring you the shimmer in your makeup.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Just how effective is hypnosis at relieving pain?

Can hypnosis treat pain? A recent meta-analysis combines the findings of 85 studies and concludes that it could be an effective option for pain relief.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Turns Out, Thinking About Coffee Is Actually Just As Good For You As Drinking It

If we ever dared to add up the amount of money we've dropped on takeaway coffee over the course of our highly caffeinated working lives, we'd likely fall into a deep pit of despair and probably wouldn't make it out in time to figure out why Emilia Clarke says we should be even more worried than we already are about episode 5 of Game Of Thrones.

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Uncovering the Mysteries of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia may be one of the most painful side effects of the overuse of antibiotics, one theory goes. Understanding this could be key for finding a cure.

Health & Fitness | Health News

FDA Found Listeria at 21 Percent of Ice Cream Factories, It Says

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on April 24 that it found harmful bacteria in 21 percent of ice cream manufacturers.

Advice & Self-Help | Tips & Tricks

Pictures: Don’t Make These Morning Mistakes

Your morning routine can set the tone for the rest of your day. So don’t do these things when you get up!

Health & Fitness | Health News

Is Belly Breathing Good for You? | Gokhale Method Institute

It’s common for students to arrive at our classes with strong notions about breathing. Among these is “Belly breathing is good breathing; chest breathing is bad breathing.” I disagree with this widespread belief and present varying amounts of pushba

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Babies with 'bubble boy disease' cured using HIV in gene therapy

The rare genetic disease called severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome, or SCID, often kills children, mostly boys, in the first year or two of life.

Psychology | Psychology & Psychological Research

10 Amazing Benefits of Hugging—According to Science

Hugs are a powerful expression of trust and affection. They are also surprisingly impactful thanks to their effect ...

Health & Fitness | Health News

Short, Brisk Walks Reduce Knee Osteoarthritis Related Disability: Study

A new study found seniors who engaged in one hour of moderate-to-vigorous exercise a week could reduce the risk of mobility disability by up to 85 percent.

Health & Fitness | Health News

8 Everyday Cancer-Causing Chemicals Hiding at Home That You May Have Overlooked

We are surrounded by toxins in our daily lives. The air we breathe, the plastic world that surrounds ...

Politics | Healthcare

Thousands Of Elderly Patients Go Blind In Britain Due To Eye Surgery Rationing | Daily Wire

Healthcare rationing is a regular part of the United Kingdom, which has nationalized healthcare in a way Democrats in America want to bring here.

Psychology | Psychology & Psychological Research

Survey: Average Person Has Just 4 Hours, 26 Minutes Of Free Time Per Week! - Study Finds

How much free time do you get to enjoy each week? If you're like the most people, it's hardly enough to even be excited about. A new survey finds that the average American logs just four hours and 26 minutes of time to themselves in a given week.

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A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs.

Health & Fitness | Health News

The wonder drug that could reverse the ageing process

Sarah Knapton visits the Mayo Clinic to report on how US scientists are trialling senolytics, which target the zombie cells that cause age-related diseases

Psychology | Hypnosis Information

Are My Allergies All in My Head? - The New York Times

Allergies exist. But emotional factors can make them better or worse.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Exercising for 10 minutes-a-day is enough to save off disability from arthritis 

Arthritis sufferers can stave off disability with less than half of the weekly recommended exercise, a new study has shown.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

How to Get the Freshest Meat and Seafood From Wherever You Shop | MyRecipes

These simple tips will help you secure the freshest possible cut of meat or piece of fish every time

Health & Fitness | Health News

Biggest Mistake Dieters Make? Not Enough Water

Thirst is easily mistaken for hunger. Drinking a glass of water a great way to avoid eating too much and stay hydrated. Water also helps you lose weight.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli study: Pregnancy over 50 not a greater risk than during 40s | The Times of Israel

BGU researchers cite technological developments in recent decades for women's ability to give birth at more advanced stage: 'It seems that 50 is the new 40'

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Eating mushrooms can cut cognitive decline risk, study finds | Fox News

Eating mushrooms could reduce the risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease this month found.

Psychology | Psychology & Psychological Research

This Morning Routine will Save You 20 Hours Per Week

The traditional 9–5 workday is poorly structured for high productivity. Perhaps when most work was physical labor, but not in the knowledge working world we now live in. Although this may be obvious…

Health & Fitness | Health News

Morning Neck Pain: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It - The Atlantic

After waking up with a searing pain that radiates down to my shoulders, I hunt for the culprit.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Baby Massage, Traditional Indian Style | Gokhale Method Institute

My students sometimes lead me to particularly juicy nuggets that enrich my understanding of posture-related practices in other cultures. Sometimes they simply send me a link to an article; sometimes it is an introduction to a special person. Recently, my

Health & Fitness | Health News

How to Sit on the Floor, Part 1: Cross-legged Sitting | Gokhale Method Institute

Sitting cross-legged on the floor is common in many cultures around the world, and has become popular in some segments of modern Western societies. This Druze woman who I met in Israel has sat cross-legged all her life. She runs a hospitality business �

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Study: High-Energy Breakfast Less TV Time = Healthier Heart, Arteries - Study Finds

A two-part study gives strong evidence that spending more time eating high-energy breakfasts plus less time watching TV equals less plaque and stiffness of arteries. This means a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Health & Fitness | Health

7 Experts Reveal How to Lose Belly Fat Once and For All

Belly fat seems to be the most common spot people want to target when they lose weight. And it's not just for aesthetics; too much belly fat can be dangerous.

Psychology | Relationships

Mindful Eating 101: 8 signs you're a mindless eater

We all exhibit signs of mindless behaviour such as mindless eating on a regular basis. Here are 8 signs you are a mindless eater, and some tips on how to learn mindful eating.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Baking Soda and 4 Other Wonder Tonics That Fight Inflammation and Pain

Diet and inflammation are deeply linked. For people with autoimmune diseases, reducing inflammation through food and drink can be a winning strategy. We asked natural medicine experts for their top tonic recipes and ingredients, especially for those deali

Health & Fitness | Sleep

Why You Can’t Think Straight When You’re Sleep Deprived | Psychology Today

It’s difficult to identify a cognitive skill that isn’t affected by sleep, and compromised by sleep deprivation.

Health & Fitness | Sleep

How Your Stomach Could Be Impacting Your Sleep | Psychology Today

We’ve learned a staggering amount about the microbiome and its relationship to sleep in recent years.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Could this bra detect breast cancer?

A teenager in Mexico invents a bra to detect breast cancer. But does it work? And if so, how?

Health & Fitness | Health News

An Exercise Regime Everyone Can Squeeze In

New research finds that any exercise—no matter how brief—can have a meaningful impact on our overall health if repeated often enough.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Breakfast Increases Carbs Burned During Exercise, Improves Metabolism For Lunch - Study Finds

Researchers in the United Kingdom found that eating breakfast "primes" the body to burn more carbohydrates during exercise and metabolize food more efficiently after working out.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Intuitive Eating: The Diet That Tells You to Quit Dieting - The Atlantic

“Intuitive eating” encourages people to eat whatever they want. It might be great advice.

News | Interesting Stuff

Do Hangover Patches Work? | HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks looks at whether hangover patches can really prevent hangovers.

News | News

Israel Ranked 10th Healthiest Country in the World

Israeli breakfast at a cafe in Tel Aviv, May 30, 2008. Photo: Or Hiltch/Flickr. JNS.org – Israel has been listed as …

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

Teens and Sleep: The Cost of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of adequate sleep is linked to moodiness, risky behavior and injuries

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Study: Strawberries Improve Colon Health, Reduce IBD Symptoms - Study Finds

Strawberries are more than scrumptious. Researchers have found that eating just a few of them each day may improve gut health and relieve inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Health & Fitness | Sleep

Sleep: A simple way to improve wellbeing

The Simple And Essential Way To Improve Your Wellbeing And Live A LONG Time

Health & Fitness | Health News

Self-Induced Disease: Why the #1 Killer of Americans May Surprise You

Most modern illness comes from bad behaviors that that can be hard to change. But with focus and motivation, we can avoid self-inflicted suffering.