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Israeli Doctors Develop Method of Using 3-D Printers to Simulate Operations

Doctors perform a cardiac surgical procedure (illustrative). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Israeli doctors have developed a method of using a 3-D …

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Researchers Take Steps Towards an Iconic "Trek" Medical Device

How've you been treating yourself lately? Any cuts or abrasions? Have you had to kiss any skinned knees? Gotten a scratch from a temperamental cat?


Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel’s Zebra gets Europe nod for AI-tech that finds brain bleeds, gas in chest

The technology reduces the time it takes radiologists and ER staff to spot acute conditions in scans and X-rays by 80%, kibbutz-based startup says

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel: World's 1st Patient With Lab-Grown Bone Implant Competes In Israman Triathlon | Health News

Danny Yaakobson was the first patient to benefit from breakthrough technology developed by Bonus BioGroup to grow bones in a lab from an individual's own fat cells.