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These Israelis are fighting Hamas on the war's emerging 'deepfake' cyberfront

Generated by artificial intelligence, false footage of the Israel-Gaza war has been inundating media outlets around the world since the October 7 Hamas massacres

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New NASA moon rocket carrying Israeli experiment lifts off 50 years after Apollo

First mission in Artemis project carries mannequins -- one of them nicknamed Zohar and wearing Israeli protective suit -- ahead of planned manned mission expected as early as 2025

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Israeli Cell-Based Drug Offers Hope Against COVID-19 Variants

Bonus BioGroup says its innovative use of mesenchymal stromal cells offers a protection layer for patients prone to respiratory distress.

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Israel Tests ‘Breakthrough’ Airborne Laser Defense System to Take Down Drones

A drone downed by the Israeli laser defense system in a test. Photo: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office Israel has …

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Can Solar Energy Be Cleaner? Israeli Researchers Develop Process To Reduce Solar Panel Waste

Solar tech may be revered as the future, but its emission-free functionality overshadows solar panels’ improper disposal when they expire.

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Israel plans 2024 moonshot after first unmanned lander crashed

Israel is planning to launch another unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2024. Last year, Israel's Beresheet spacecraft crashed while attempting a lunar landing.

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9 Israeli Companies Among Top 100 Emerging Market 'Tech Challengers'

These 'tech challengers' are driving the next generation of innovation in emerging markets, says a new Boston Consulting Group report.

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Program Trains Ex-Soldiers In Cybersecurity, Wins IDF Innovation Award

The program, Cyber4s, trains newly discharged soldiers for entry-level positions in Israel's lucrative cybersecurity industry.

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Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones

'Sound beaming' 3-D technology from Noveto Systems tracks ear and sends it audio using ultrasonic waves, creating personal listening pockets

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Israeli Scientist's New Alzheimer's Treatment To Head For Clinical Trial

If the Alzheimer's treatment is successful, it could be a game-changer for the disorder, modifying its course and preventing its progression.

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Israel: Vital-sign scanning offers a way to travel, dine out again

Binah’s AI-powered software scans skin to read vital signs identified by epidemiologists as being associated with a likelihood of Covid-19 infection.

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New Israeli App Alerts Users If They've Been Exposed To Coronavirus

Track Virus crosschecks a user's paths with those of confirmed COVID-19 patients as listed by the Health Ministry.

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14 Israeli Companies Among Fast Company's 'Most Innovative' Firms In 2020

The US business magazine listed over 400 companies and organizations across 44 sectors and regions.

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FDA clears Israeli robotic standing wheelchair for US sales

UPnRIDE's mobility system allows quadriplegics to move around indoor and outdoor environments, while standing upright

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IDF Foils 'Sophisticated' Hamas Attempt To Hack Into Soldiers' Phones Using Fake Profiles

The Israeli military says Hamas created six fake online personas to lure soldiers into interacting with them and downloading malware.

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WATCH: Israel Unleashes New Laser Weapon That Shoots Down Drones

A military defense company in Israeli released video this week that shows off a new laser weapon that it has developed that is able to shoot down small drones, which are increasing terror threat in many parts of the world. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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As threats grow, NYC launches $100 million Israeli-run cybersecurity hub | The Times of Israel

City picks Jerusalem Venture Partners to manage new tech hub in downtown Manhattan, with hopes to create thousands of jobs to boost online security for companies and individuals

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Israel techies to brainstorm ideas for tackling Australia bush fire challenges

15-hour hackathon hopes to find solutions to water contamination, monitoring air quality, caring for displaced animals and fireproofing for crucial infrastructure

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Migraine-Zapping Device Developed By Israeli Biomedical Firm Offers Hope For Sufferers

Founded in 2016, Theranica developed a wearable device that uses smartphone-controlled electrical pulses to create a Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) response.

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Israel’s SpaceIL Gets $1 Million Grant From Blavatnik Foundation For New Spacecraft, 2nd Moon Mission

The foundation said the grant would support SpaceIL's Beresheet 2 program and advance the goal of landing an unmanned Israeli spacecraft on the lunar surface.

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Israeli tech exits jump 72% to record $21.74 billion in 2019, report says | The Times of Israel

In 2010-2019 there were 1,210 Israeli tech M&As and IPOs, for a total value of $111.29 billion, according to IVC-Meitar

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Israel unveils breakthrough laser to intercept missiles, aerial threats

Technology expected to take down a variety of aerial threats including rockets, drones, anti-tank missiles.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

As Year Turns, 'Top Nine' Instagram Collage App, Developed by Israeli, Hits #1 in US Store

‘Top Nine’ is listed in the app store. Photo: Courtesy of Beta Labs. From classmates and coworkers to the Kardashians, …

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Israeli search & rescue squad expands across the Americas

ZAKA volunteers perform rescue and recovery in Israel and abroad; new units are starting in key Western cities.

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Israeli algorithm aids safe landing if plane engine fails

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology developed software monitors a plane’s trajectory and guides it to the best alternative landing strip.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

These Israeli Companies Are Finding Innovative Ways To Improve Diabetes Care, Treatment

A number of Israeli firms are tackling diabetes with AI, stem cell therapy, and other cutting-edge methods to manage the disease. | NoCamels

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Israeli Radiation Protection Space Vest To Make Debut On International Space Station | News Brief

A prototype of the AstroRad vest, developed by US-Israeli startup StemRad, will be sent to space on November 2 for feedback on its ergonomic features. | NoCamels

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Israel In Numbers: Snapshot Of A (Largely) Happy, Healthy, Educated Nation

The annual report released every year by the Central Bureau of Statistics provides a fascinating picture of Israel in numbers. | NoCamels

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Open Sukkah Offers Holiday Home To Weary Travelers, City Dwellers In Israel

'Airbnb for sukkahs' connects hosts from Tasmania to Saskatoon with those who don't have a hut in which to celebrate festival. | NoCamels

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Israel's Taboola, Outbrain To Merge In Bid To Compete With Google, Facebook Ad 'Duopoly'

Adam Singolda, founder of Taboola, will serve as the CEO of the merged company which will employ over 2,000 people in 23 offices globally. | NoCamels

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Israel's Trigo Vision Raises $22M For Checkout-Free Shopping Tech

Founded in 2017, Trigo Vision developed a computer vision platform that allows customers to grab items and go - and retailers to automatically charge them. | NoCamels

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Israeli Health Startup Taps Into Behavioral Science - And Texting - To Help Combat Tuberculosis

Founded in 2014, Keheala developed a 'low-tech' solution to help motivate treatment adherence and get patients to take their medications on time. | NoCamels

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Israel's High-Tech Workforce Sees Promising Growth, Says New Report

Tech workers make up 8.7 percent of the national workforce, up 0.4 percent from 2017, according to a new report by the Israel Innovation Authority. | NoCamels

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Israeli Scientists Develop Genetic Test To Identify Cells That Protect Against Zika Virus

Working with international colleagues, Israeli researchers used a genetic screen to identify genes that protect cells from Zika viral infection which they say may one day lead to the development of a treatment. | NoCamels

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Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Aims For More Secure Future By Eliminating Passwords

From hardware tokens to biometric methods, Israel's alternative authentication solutions are pushing weak passwords out of style. | NoCamels

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A Medical 1st In Israel: 3D-Printed Ankle-Bone Implants Allow 2 Women To Walk Freely Again | Health News

Two women, one of them a teen, underwent the country's first (and second) talus replacement through 3D printing surgeries at Beilinson Hospital this month. | NoCamels

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Israel's Amos-17 Satellite Successfully Launched Into Space, Will Provide Fast Internet Service To Africa, Mideast

The launch comes almost three years after a spectacular launchpad explosion destroyed Spacecom's Amos-6 satellite and the SpaceX rocket it was on in September 2016. | NoCamels

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Israel researchers develop MRI technique to detect molecular changes in brain | The Times of Israel

Math model developed by Hebrew University team could pave the way for physicians to see beginnings of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's

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'Highly Developed' Tech Hub Tel Aviv Ranks 6th In New Startup Ecosystem Report

Tel Aviv is among the top 10 international cities in the annual report published by Startup Genome in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. | NoCamels

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Israelis identify genes that protect cells from Zika virus | ISRAEL21c

Specific genes found to safeguard against infection as well as resuscitate infected cells, Israeli researchers say.

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Delicious Headline of the Day (But Not If You Are An Israel Hater) | Israellycool

...has to be this from The National Interest, an American bimonthly international affairs magazine published by Washington DC-based public policy think tank the Center for the National Interest (founded by Richard Nixon)

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Orthodox female students develop wireless oxygen monitor | ISRAEL21c

An all-female hackathon for Jewish religious women in Jerusalem produces innovative medical products and services.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israelis develop haptic vests for rescue and service dogs | ISRAEL21c

Painless vibrating vest created at Ben-Gurion University enables delivery of remote commands to four-legged assistants.

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Texas Aerospace Firm Firefly To Use SpaceIL's Beresheet Lander Tech For NASA Moon Missions

Firefly is set to build a new lunar lander based on the Israeli spacecraft's blueprints as part of a NASA program to deliver science payloads to the moon. | NoCamels

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SpaceIL Abandons 2nd Moon Mission, To Seek 'Significant Objective' For Beresheet 2 | Technology News

The non-profit behind Israel's journey to the moon says embarking on a similar journey would not be setting the bar high enough. | NoCamels

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Ride & Fly: US-Israeli Startup To Begin Testing Flying Vehicle In 2020

New Future Transportation, based in California and with an R&D center in Israel, recently unveiled the design of its electric, autonomous flying vehicle, the Aska. | NoCamels

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Israeli company claims it can unlock any iPhone up to iOS 12.3 for police

Israel-based forensics firm Cellebrite claimed that its UFED Premium service can unlock iPhones and iPads up to iOS 12.3 and high-end Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The device will be sold as an on-premises tool, which means that the p

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Driverless Systems & Flying Cars: Israel's Mobility Sector Talks Trends At EcoMotion | News Brief

Bill Ford kicked off the annual event which drew over 4,000 participants from across the automotive and mobility worlds. | NoCamels

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Israel's Accelerating Brain Drain Should Be Ringing Alarm Bells, Says New Report

The country's most educated population is leaving at an alarming pace, according to a new study called 'Leaving the Promised Land' by the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research. | NoCamels

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The Israeli device that aims to clean up your air | ISRAEL21c

Israeli home device Aura Air checks for dangerous gases and particles, and purifies the air of tiny particles of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and pollen.

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Strong Start: Israeli Companies Raise $1.55B In 1st Quarter Of 2019 | Technology News

A new IVC and ZAG-S&W report says this year's first three months were marked by an increase in later-stage deals. | NoCamels

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Meet the female alums of the Israeli Army's elite tech training school - Fortune

It’s no secret that women can have a hard time breaking into the tech sector. But when Nofar Diamant and Dana Gutkind interviewed for their jobs at Perion Network, a Holon, Israel-based technology company, they were snapped up immediately.

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Alibaba Invests In Israeli Startup Visualead For Its QR Code Technology

To many U.S. consumers, QR codes already seem like a quaint tech relic, but they continue to be very popular in China. So it’s not a huge surprise that..