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Australia’s Descent Into Jew-Baiting Chaos

When I was younger and my family would playfully debate where we’d go if Jews suddenly needed to flee America, Australia was always one of the top answers. We could

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Gaslighting 101: Australian Police Deny Any Protestors at Sydney Opera House Chanted 'Gas the Jews'

 Back in 2021, internet history was made when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing auto racer Brandon Brown, who had just won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race.

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More Antisemitism and Terror Support at Australian "Palestine" Rallies

Naturally, at yesterday's rally in Melbourne, we saw examples of antisemitism and terror support from more than "10 or 15 people"

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Should Israel refer to Australia as occupied Aboriginal territory?

Australia’s Labor Party government ought to take a look in the mirror before hurling false and insulting accusations at Israel.

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Explorers find WWII ship sunk with over 1,000 Allied POWs

Explorers have announced they found a sunken Japanese ship that was transporting Allied prisoners of war when it was torpedoed off the coast of the Philippines in 1942, resulting in Australia’s largest maritime wartime loss with a total of 1,080 lives. Th

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Anti-Semitism Runs Rampant at an Australian Literary Festival

The way organisers of the partly taxpayer-funded Adelaide Writers’ Week have been defending extremist invitees... offers a prime example of the way antisemitism is excused and even defended in “woke” progressive culture, as long as it is conflated with cr

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Australia drops recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Australia has reversed a previous government’s recognition of west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital Australia drops recognition of Jerusalem as

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Australian Bank To End Loans For New Gas Cars, Pushes Electric Vehicles Instead

Bank Australia will no longer offer loans for new gas-powered cars and is encouraging customers to buy electric vehicles, the company announced on Friday.

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The world made Israel necessary by refusing to help Jews in WWII

The Evian Conference in 1938 acknowledged that there was a Jewish refugee problem, but none of the countries participating agreed to take them in.

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Fortress Australia Lowers Drawbridge to the World: Reopens After Two-Year Isolation

Australia's borders reopened on Monday as tearful Aussies embraced at airports some seeing loved ones for the first time since March 2020.

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No Let-Up to ‘Epidemic’ of Antisemitism in Australian City of Melbourne

An excerpt from an antisemitic leaflet circulated to homes in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: ADC Dozens of handwritten antisemitic leaflets have …

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How Deep Chinese Influence Pushed Australia Into Astonishing Covid Tyranny

Australia's compromised elite is responding to a virus likely juiced up in a Chinese bioweapons lab by adopting unprecedented, Communist-style controls.

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WATCH: Australia Embraces a Two-Tiered Society of Tyranny

There are apparently no lines these lunatics won't cross.

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Dennis Prager: Crisis in Afghanistan & Tyranny in Australia | PragerU

Pulling our remaining 2,500 troops out of Afghanistan? Dennis was against it. And he was against it for the reasons we are now witnessing today. Also in the news: chaos, mandates, and tyranny in Australia. Dennis, as always, provides needed perspective an

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Australian rescue dogs shot dead over COVID-19 restrictions

Several dogs, who were slated to be rescued, were shot dead in rural Australia due to a local council’s interpretation of the country’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

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After Melbourne lockdown breach, hospital intern says send Jews to 'gas chamber'

Royal Melbourne Hospital 'working to rectify this situation,' as footage from Jewish engagement party that violated Australia's virus orders sparks antisemitic backlash

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Communist Chinese Mouthpiece Saber-Rattles Australia

An editorial from a usual suspect Communist Chinese state-connected publication issued a blatant threat to the Australian government...

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Australian Regulator Examine Google’s Dominance in the Search Browser Market

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a public comment campaign seeking input from stakeholders...

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Facebook to pay news industry $1 billion over 3 years - Axios

The pledge comes as Australia passes a new media law designed to make tech giants pay for news.

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Canada to Follow Australia; Takes on Facebook on Payment for Content Issue

Canada is joining Australia in taking on Facebook, following Australia's move to craft legislation demanding payment for content not created by the company. Facebook as "unfriended" the entire country of Australia, denying Australians access to the Facebo

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Fox News’ Parent Company Strikes Lucrative Deal With China-Adjacent Google To Profit Off Australia’s Big Tech Ban

NewsCorp, the parent company of Fox News, has struck a wide-ranging three-year deal with internet giant Google to provide news

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Previously Unheard Music From Late AC/DC Singer BON SCOTT Officially Released After 50 Years

A box set containing previously unreleased music written and sung by Bon Scott has just been made available via Cherry Red Records. Founded in Aus...

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Tasmanian devils return to Australia for 1st time in 3,000 years, with help from Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky partnered with conservationists to help release the animals into their new homes.

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Pregnant Woman Arrested In Australia For Wanting To Protest COVID-19 Lockdown

Australian police arrested a pregnant woman and confiscated a cellphone after she encouraged others to attend an anti-lockdown protest this weekend. Zoe Buhler, 28, live-streamed her arrest on Wednesday in a video that has been viewed nearly nine million

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Israel techies to brainstorm ideas for tackling Australia bush fire challenges

15-hour hackathon hopes to find solutions to water contamination, monitoring air quality, caring for displaced animals and fireproofing for crucial infrastructure

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Restoring eucalyptus trees to secure a future for koalas

IFAW and Bangalow Koalas held a eucalyptus tree planting event to secure habitat for koalas.

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Devastation in Australia | My Rick Springfield crush

The recent news in Australia is so horrifying, it's incomprehensible that a country is experiencing so much devastation. According to recent reports, since September 2019, this season's fire season have burned 24 million acres, killed at least 28 people,

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Environmentalists Caused Australia’s Fires, Not ‘Climate Change.’ This is why.

“These greenies and the government don’t want to burn s— off. We’re going to lose all our houses and properties because of you useless pieces of garbage will not burn off when its supposed to, through the winter time like we used to do years ago out in th

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How to Use Your Crafting Skills to Help Animals Displaced by Australia's Fires

Rescue groups in Australia are looking for handmade nests, blankets, and joey pouches to provide to the animals whose homes have been destroyed by wildfires.

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12 Ways You Can Help Australia’s Wildfire Victims | Mental Floss

Australia has been ravaged by fires that have devastated nearly 18 million acres of land, destroyed thousands of homes, and killed an estimated 1 billion animals. Fortunately, there are ways you can help.

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Jerusalem Zoo sends money to help fire-injured animals in Australia | The Jerusalem post

The money collected will be used to buy medical supplies in Australia, which will be sent to volunteers currently helping wildlife.

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Qantas Is Selling $100 One-way Tickets to Australia — but You Better Act Fast | Travel + Leisure

Qantas is celebrating its 100th anniversary by offering 100 tickets to Australia for $100 each starting November 18.

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Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A 'Dirty Jew': Antisemitic Bullying Exposed at Australian Schools

The picture posted on Instagram showing a Jewish boy forced to kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate at the …

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An Australian Doctor’s Dream: Curing America’s Opioid Curse

Dr. George O’Neil has implanted a device he invented into thousands of Australians who abuse opioids. But is it an answer for America’s addiction crisis?

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University of Sydney Says No Current Threat After Convicted Terrorist Said He Planned to Kill Jewish Students With Machete

University of Sydney Photo: Jason Tong. The University of Sydney in Australia expressed support for its Jewish community this week …

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Deadly snake spotted devouring huge lizard on Australian beach | Fox News

It’s not what you expect to see on a walk along the beach. But visitors to a popular Western Australian beach made a terrifying discovery after coming across a hungry snake making a meal of a massive lizard.

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Australian-Israeli startup creates water-based fuel for electric vehicles

Electriq~Global presents technology at Tel Aviv's Smart Mobility Summit; touts zero emissions, longer range and lower price

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Australian experiment wipes out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes - CNN

In an experiment with global implications, Australian scientists have successfully wiped out more than 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes in trial locations across north Queensland.

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Australia stops direct aid to Palestinians, fearing it funds violence

Australia will discontinue direct aid to the Palestinian Authority because it suspects the money is freeing up funds used to support political violence.

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Farrakhan Supporter Tamika Mallory Booted Out of Major Australian Conference After New Antisemitic Outburst | Jewish &am

Tamika Mallory — a co-organizer of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, DC, and outspoken supporter of antisemitic Nation of...

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Kangaroos High on Carrots Are Attacking Tourists

Addicted to sugar, the animals have been hitting and slashing at tourists who tease them with the surprisingly harmful snacks.

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A Sydney suburb bans construction of a synagogue because of terrorism fears

Jewish leaders said the decision, “effectively placed in jeopardy the future of Jewish life in Australia."

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Mary Poppins Crosswalk Lights Installed in the Hometown of P.L. Travers | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Alcohol to blame for Australians funny accents: expert | New York Post

Aussies with funny accents should blame it on the Foster’s, says a Melbourne-based language expert. Dean Frenkel, of Victoria University, believes the quirky Australian dialect stems from early settlers’ booze-filled conversations. “The Australian a

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Australia spider may be new species of deadly funnel-web

Australian scientists have discovered what could be a new species of the deadly funnel-web spider, after finding a large specimen living in a national park. The 50-millimetre (two-inch) spider found in Booderee National Park near Jervis B

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Aussie surfer rides 60-foot wave, breaks leg and has no regrets

A surfer has survived to tell the story, after riding what can only be described as an epic wave off the coast of Western Australia on Friday.

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Why are Australian women still obsessed with skinny jeans? | Fashion | The Guardian

Flares are dominating the spring/summer 2015 runways but Australian women are finding it hard to give up their tight jeans

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27 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move to Australia! | Ripbird

Australia may seem like a nice place and it truly is, there are quite a few things that you may want to know about it first before thinking of moving there, such as it having some of the most extreme climates out there. It’s also a country known to have some of the most dangerous creatures in the world!

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Australia's approach to border security is badass [pics, video]

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Australian police move against pending terror attack

Australian police on Thursday disrupted what they described as a pending attack "on a member of the public," part of a sweeping counterterrorism operation

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Australian thugs threaten to slit throats of Jewish schoolkids | The Times of Israel

Five teens arrested for hopping schoolbus, shouting 'Heil Hitler' and 'Free Palestine,' terrifying children aged 5-12

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Bolt Hits The Nail On The Head by Aussie Dave | Israellycool

With a lot of ugliness coming out of the Australian media, it is great to have people like Andrew Bolt talking good old fashioned truth and common sense