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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 13 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 13 2019 The highlights include: First patient trials show new Israeli ALS treatment slows disease significantly. Surgeons have used Israeli virtual reality system to treat thousands of patients. Three typic

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Why global brands need to be in Israel if they’re serious about innovation - ISRAEL21c

Digital marketing expert Jonathan Frenkel went to some of Israel’s biggest tech conferences and discovered an international thirst for new ideas.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Forbes Lists 10 Israeli-Founded Firms Among 50 'Most Promising' AI Companies In US | Technology News

The Israeli companies listed span categories such as insurance, healthcare, cybersecurity, and Big Data. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel's Trigo Vision Raises $22M For Checkout-Free Shopping Tech

Founded in 2017, Trigo Vision developed a computer vision platform that allows customers to grab items and go - and retailers to automatically charge them. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Researchers Unveil New Coding Technique To Store Data On DNA

Researchers at the Technion and the IDC Herzliya suggest DNA could be part of a viable, long-term solution to storing the incredible amounts of data we produce every day. | NoCamels

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Water detected on potentially 'habitable' exoplanet for first time, scientists say

Scientists have detected water vapor in the atmosphere of a “super-Earth” exoplanet with potentially habitable temperatures. The discovery, which is being touted as a milestone, could have major implications in the search for life outside the Solar System

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LinkedIn CEO Says Tech Regulation Risks Stifling Innovation - Bloomberg

The combative relationship between Silicon Valley and global regulators has been at the center of attention for much of the past two years. Technology companies like Facebook Inc. and Google have drawn ire from lawmakers who say they may be abusing their

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Bye Bye, Trash: Israeli Startup Pilots Breakthrough Waste Conversion Solution In US

An Israeli company is helping rid the world of its plastic problem with a solution that coverts waste into new materials. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli startup uses AI to find best depression treatment - ISRAEL21c

Predictix by Taliaz aims to help psychiatrists match each patient with the most effective prescription.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel's High-Tech Workforce Sees Promising Growth, Says New Report

Tech workers make up 8.7 percent of the national workforce, up 0.4 percent from 2017, according to a new report by the Israel Innovation Authority. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Scientists Develop Genetic Test To Identify Cells That Protect Against Zika Virus

Working with international colleagues, Israeli researchers used a genetic screen to identify genes that protect cells from Zika viral infection which they say may one day lead to the development of a treatment. | NoCamels

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No Camels - Israel Innovation News Top Stories This Week

No Camels – Israel Innovation News Top Stories This Week Laptops And Drones Instead Of Shovels And Hoes; Remote Workers To Lead Kibbutz Revival Israeli startup Gather is a new entrepreneurial project that wants to attract remote workers to Israel’

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel's 10 'Hottest' Startups In 2019, According to WIRED Magazine

Zebra Medical, AppsFlyer, Deep Instinct were among the Israeli startups selected by the renowned American tech magazine for its Europe's 100 startups annual round-up. | NoCamels

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Auguat 18 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Auguat 18 2019 The highlights include: Israeli scientists have developed a new treatment for melanoma. Israel gave free sports footware to Kenyan lacrosse players. Israeli space technology is out of this world.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Aims For More Secure Future By Eliminating Passwords

From hardware tokens to biometric methods, Israel's alternative authentication solutions are pushing weak passwords out of style. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

A Medical 1st In Israel: 3D-Printed Ankle-Bone Implants Allow 2 Women To Walk Freely Again | Health News

Two women, one of them a teen, underwent the country's first (and second) talus replacement through 3D printing surgeries at Beilinson Hospital this month. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

5 promising Israeli treatments for migraine headaches | ISRAEL21c

From devices to pharmaceuticals, Israeli approaches offer hope to the millions of migraine sufferers worldwide.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel eyes next-gen satellite launch to scrutinize universe under new light | The Times of Israel

Micro-satellite weighing 160 kilos has projected 2023 launch; it will operate in ultraviolet light to answer 'some of the big questions in astrophysics'

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Too Noisy? An Israeli Company Developed Personal Sound Bubbles For Some Quiet Time | Technology News

Silentium developed Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) technology that seeks out unwanted noise and counters it with proprietary algorithms. | NoCamels

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Israeli Study Shows Promising Results For Melanoma Nano-Vaccine Development | Health News

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say they developed an effective treatment for melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, that proved encouraging in a study on mice. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel researchers develop MRI technique to detect molecular changes in brain | The Times of Israel

Math model developed by Hebrew University team could pave the way for physicians to see beginnings of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

'Highly Developed' Tech Hub Tel Aviv Ranks 6th In New Startup Ecosystem Report

Tel Aviv is among the top 10 international cities in the annual report published by Startup Genome in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli companies chosen for MedTech Innovator Showcase | ISRAEL21c

Medasense for pain management and Vectorious for heart-failure monitoring were among 50 companies selected from a field of 800 applicants.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Orthodox female students develop wireless oxygen monitor | ISRAEL21c

An all-female hackathon for Jewish religious women in Jerusalem produces innovative medical products and services.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israelis develop haptic vests for rescue and service dogs | ISRAEL21c

Painless vibrating vest created at Ben-Gurion University enables delivery of remote commands to four-legged assistants.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Texas Aerospace Firm Firefly To Use SpaceIL's Beresheet Lander Tech For NASA Moon Missions

Firefly is set to build a new lunar lander based on the Israeli spacecraft's blueprints as part of a NASA program to deliver science payloads to the moon. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Rescue Tech Saves Lives With Just A Tap - Or Shake - Of A Cell Phone

SayVu Technologies was conceived in Israel in the wake of the 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | ISRAELI TECH

Ride & Fly: US-Israeli Startup To Begin Testing Flying Vehicle In 2020

New Future Transportation, based in California and with an R&D center in Israel, recently unveiled the design of its electric, autonomous flying vehicle, the Aska. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Google Express offers brands Israeli compostable packaging | ISRAEL21c

‘These products will offer retailers and customers an eco-friendly option for shipping and receiving packages.’

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Ford Launches Research Center In Tel Aviv To Tap Into 'Remarkable' Ecosystem | Technology News

The Ford Research Center aims to tap into Israel's vast wealth of innovative mobility startups and tech. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Driverless Systems & Flying Cars: Israel's Mobility Sector Talks Trends At EcoMotion | News Brief

Bill Ford kicked off the annual event which drew over 4,000 participants from across the automotive and mobility worlds. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Doctors Develop Method of Using 3-D Printers to Simulate Operations

Doctors perform a cardiac surgical procedure (illustrative). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Israeli doctors have developed a method of using a 3-D …

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Over 40 Big European Corporations Operate Innovation Outposts In Israel | Technology News

Half of the innovation centers have been set up over the past three years, according to a new survey mapping the activities of 41 European corporations | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

The Israeli device that aims to clean up your air | ISRAEL21c

Israeli home device Aura Air checks for dangerous gases and particles, and purifies the air of tiny particles of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and pollen.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli entrepreneurs less prone to 'tantrums' than Americans: Tusk Ventures CEO | The Times of Israel

Bradley Tusk, often called the 'fixer' as he helps startups navigate the quagmire of regulation to grow their businesses, is recording a podcast on Israeli startups

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WATCH: Israeli Company Provides Simulation Training to Medical Professionals

WATCH: Israeli Company Provides Simulation Training to Medical Professionals Thanks to United with Israel An Israeli startup is now a world leader, providing simulation and training for medical professionals from the field of computer graphics – and sav

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel At 71: Why Are Israelis Missing Out On Some Of Their Best Home-Grown Innovations? | Social Awareness

Some of the best-known startups and companies emerging from Israel have little to no commercial activity in the country. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli technology at heart of Samsung’s innovation push | The Jerusalem post

“I think the Israeli start-up ecosystem is extremely important and that’s why we do this event every year, bringing together Israeli entrepreneurs and venture capitalists,"

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Is Israel At 71 A Scale-Up Nation? VCs Talk About The Good, The Bad, And The Promising

To mark Israel's 71st Independence Day, NoCamels spoke to leading VCs about the future of Israeli entrepreneurship. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Turning 71, Israel can look with pride at the tech firms it has generated | The Times of Israel

From Mobileye and Mellanox to Mercury and Mazor, blue and white companies have won accolades upon their successful exit

Science & Technology | Israeli Inovation

Israeli startup uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors | The Times of Israel

Tirat Carmel, Israel-based Insightec got FDA nod in 2016 after clinical study showed treatment is effective and safe

Science & Technology | Israeli Inovation

539 multinationals operate in Israel, view nation as go-to place for ideas

Report by industry tracker maps activities of global firms and tracks evolution of their activities in Startup Nation

Science & Technology | Israeli Inovation

Strong Start: Israeli Companies Raise $1.55B In 1st Quarter Of 2019 | Technology News

A new IVC and ZAG-S&W report says this year's first three months were marked by an increase in later-stage deals. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Tech teams at Alyn Hospital hack big health ideas for small patients

At medical center's annual make-a-thon, tech experts, entrepreneurs and medical professionals work to develop assistive technologies for children with disabilities

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Better Juice: Israeli Food Tech Startup Cuts The Sugar For Healthier Fruit Drinks | Health News

Founded in 2017, the Israeli startup Better Juice developed an innovative process that reduces sugar in fruit juice by up to 80 percent.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Intel Capital president: Israel generates better ideas than Silicon Valley

Israel is one of three tech hubs that Intel Corp.'s investment arm is intently focused on, says Wendell Brooks

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli startup, Indian hospital join forces to bring AI imaging to India

Zebra Medical and HealthNet Global will collaborate on developing Zebra's tech for the Indian market to screen for illnesses, including TB

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

US gaming firm Nvidia to buy Israeli chip maker Mellanox for $6.9 billion

Deal is second largest for Israeli tech, after Mobileye; founded in 1999 by Eyal Waldman, Mellanox makes high-speed servers and storage switching solutions

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

As Japan scouts for tech, interest in Israeli innovation is rising

Japanese manufacturing giants are looking to Israel for cutting-edge tech solutions, says Yoav Ramot of Million Steps, a firm that matches Israeli startups with these firms

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

5 Questions With 10 Inspiring Israeli Women Innovators | Social Awareness

These powerful women smashing the glass ceiling in cybersecurity, data science, tech policy, blockchain, health-tech, ed-tech, investing, and social impact tech arenas.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

OurCrowd to set up Israel pet health tech hub with Australian partner

Innovation lab will aim at growing field of digital health technologies for pets, a global market worth billions

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

7 Israeli Companies Punching Above Their Weight In The Sports Tech Industry | Health News

In the fields of AR, video analysis, movement sensors, and broadcasting, the number of Israeli startups active in the sports tech sector has increased sharply.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Meet The Top Israeli Startups Protecting Cars From Cyber Attacks | Technology News

The amplified complexity of modern cars makes securing them harder and hacking them potentially easier - but Israeli companies are meetings these challenges head-on.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel: World's 1st Patient With Lab-Grown Bone Implant Competes In Israman Triathlon | Health News

Danny Yaakobson was the first patient to benefit from breakthrough technology developed by Bonus BioGroup to grow bones in a lab from an individual's own fat cells.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Are you being served? Israeli-founded startup creates robot butler on wheels

Temi says it will integrate Amazon's Alexa personal assistant to further expand its droid's capabilities

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel Launches $4M Environmental Tech Innovation Lab | News Brief

The new project is aimed at supporting environmental protection and sustainability initiatives.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Company Develops Goggles Allowing Surgeons to See Right Through You

Surgeons performing an organ transplant. Photo: Wikipedia. CTech – Ever chose “X-ray vision” as your choice of a hypothetical superpower? …

Business & Finance | Business

This millennial's company makes millions buying from Walmart and reselling on Amazon

How a 30-year-old was able to flip products from Walmart's clearance aisles on Amazon to the tune of $6 million a year.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Startup Wants to Lower Motorcyclist Fatalities by Providing an Extra Set of Eyes

Ride Vision’s co-founders Lior Cohen (left) and Uri Lavi. Photo: Ride Vision. CTech — As city roads become more congested, …

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Intel showcases new 3D camera for robot, drone navigation sired by Haifa team

Camera uses an inside-out tracking system that frees it from reliance on external sensors or GPS to navigate obstacles, US tech giant says

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5 Simple Ways to Identify Business Ideas That Could (Really) Change the World

Want to come up with a world-changing business idea? First step, think locally. What exactly does your community need?

Science & Technology | ISRAELI TECH

Facebook Acquires Israeli Messaging Platform Startup Redkix For $100M | Technology News

The Israeli company will join Workplace by Facebook, the tech giant's answer to popular collaboration service Slack.

Science & Technology | ISRAELI TECH

Former Israeli soldiers use AI to wage war on convenience store lines

We spend two years of our lives waiting in lines. Enough is enough! Trigo Vision, an AI startup with a team of warriors at the helm, is here to kill queues.

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The comic book artists that fuelled a century of science innovation

In 1905, Scientific American ran an intriguing advertisement from the Electro Importing company. “Everything for the Experimenter,” it boasted. “We give you the opportunity to tick yourself up to the head of a future wireless telegraph company as di

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US veterans get smoother wheelchair ride with tech twist from Israeli startup

US Department of Veterans Affairs signs deal with Tel Aviv's SoftWheel for 2,000 shock-absorbing wheels over three years

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How 2 former college roommates are helping people to get cheap lunches with their MealPal app

Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli launched MealPal in New York last year. It has been backed with $35 million (£26 million)

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This Startup Wants to Neutralize Your Phone—and Un-change the World

Yondr restricts smartphone use in places where the people in charge don’t want it. But in allowing this, we may be compromising something about ourselves.

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The best ideas show up after the dip - walter vandervelde

If there is one word that has been hot in the business world the last few years, then it is creativity. We like to state with alacrity how important we think it is. A life necessity even, in these...

Business & Finance | Business Creativity General

The best ideas show up after the dip

In the last decennia, the process of change has been speeding up exponentially. And still, as an organisation, you want to be a step ahead of both market and competition. Sure, creative thinking will...

Business & Finance | Business Creativity General

The best ideas show up after the dip

Not that long ago, a somewhat mysterious cloud shrouded creativity on the work floor. Everybody seemed to have their own definition and understanding of the word. The connotation with more artistic...

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

What #Babies Know About Physics and Foreign Languages

Our kids don’t need to be taught in order to learn.

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Why Managers Are So Bad at Recognizing Good Ideas - The Atlantic

In most settings, criticism tends to dominate. For any idea or book or movie or what have you, the question that people discuss is what’s wrong with it, why it didn’t live up to expectations.

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Get the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle with this relieving invention

Researchers from The Ohio State University are on a mission to remove one tiny frustration from our lives with their latest invention.

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The Workplace Of The Future: Brought To You By Art, Education, Travel, And Startups | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

For offices to be places that young people want to work, companies need to look outside the business world for design ideas.

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What Was the Greatest Era for Innovation? A Brief Guided Tour - NYTimes.com

Which was a more important innovation: indoor plumbing, jet air travel or mobile phones?

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This young director is helping one of the world's biggest media agencies to engage with startups

Hannah Blake is open innovation director at MEC Global, which employs 5,000 people worldwide and sits under the WPP umbrella.

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Israel Goes Underground For Protection

Israel has an underground hospital and is building an underground blood bank. Israel's enemies have been allowed to point thousands of destructive rockets at her.

Science & Technology | Technology

Samsung makes big trucks transparent in the name of road safety

Back in 2009, Russian design house Art Lebedev introduced the dramatically titled Transparentius concept for improving road safety. It was remarkably simple: put a camera on the front of large,...

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This Pizza Hut box turns into a movie projector | The Verge

Pizza Hut thinks it can do more than just bring food to your front door. It wants to deliver your entertainment for the evening, too. At least, that's the case in Hong Kong, where the pizza chain...

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

7 Takeaways for Senior Talent Leaders from the White House Upskill Summit

In late April, nearly 200 employers, labor leaders, foundations, nonprofits, educators, workforce leaders, and technologists came together at the White House Upskill Summit, dedicated to helping develop and promote frontline employees.  

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2 –Watch it Grow | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Digital Business

Business & Finance | Business

A Kickstarter-Like Program From Adobe Funds Employee Projects | Re/code

Under the program, known as Kickbox, workers have only to raise their hand and they are given customized red boxes, each of which includes a prepaid credit card and other tools designed to help turn an idea into a shippable product.

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The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at the age of 57 has an idea for a new one at 92 - Quartz

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The chances are you have never heard of—nor, until looking at this page, ever seen—John Bannister Goodenough. But you know his work. In fact, you almost certainly own some. Consider the last six or seven decades of technological and s

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The Last Generation of Kids That Played Outside | Nate Hanson

Consider the iPad -- The iPad was invented and built by grownups who had to play outside when they were kids. Fast forward to this current generation where the majority of kids sit inside staring at... an iPad....

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

How To Know If Your Dumb Idea Will Change The World | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Box SVP Sam Schillace shares how he quickly and cheaply experimented on an app no one wanted--that became the basis for Google Docs.

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11-Year-Old Makes An Unbreakable, Spill-Proof Cup For Her Ailing Grandfather

When Lily Born noticed her grandfather, who suffers from Parkinson's, was spilling his drinks, she decided to design him a better cup. The young...

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Documentary Orchestra without Conductor from 1972 - New York

Documentary Orchestra without Conductor from 1972 - New York