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Yair Lapid – This is What Leadership Sounds Like

Yair Lapid – This is What Leadership Sounds Like Put aside for one moment your likes or dislikes of Yair Lapid and listen to his words at a very critical time in our country. Yair Lapid – יאיר לפיד:   “I would like to begin

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The Competent Jerk: Managing a Top Performer Who Alienates His Coworkers - Workplace Coach Blog

Managing the competent jerk, getting him to change

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Former Manager Says "Fire Them All"; Separating Fact from Fiction - Workplace Coach Blog

Toxic workplace; former manager slings mud; decide for yourself

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5 Action Steps for Regaining Trust - Workplace Coach Blog

When employees or coworkers no longer trust you, they don’t tell you. Why would they? They don’t trust how you …

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Governing Elites Are Destroying the Nation They're Supposed to Run

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Donald Trump: Here’s To The Man On The Balcony

Perhaps the moment of the Trump presidency I will remember most fondly was the moment Trump stood on the White House balcony and stripped off his face

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Employees Stage a Thanksgiving Rebellion - Workplace Coach Blog

Employer policies & holiday celebrations

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Sticking My Neck Out & Asking You To Say What You Want In This Book - Workplace Coach Blog

A how to guide for managing for accountability

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Dueling Managers Clash; Everyone Else Is Caught in the Cross-fire - Workplace Coach Blog

Mediating clashing supervisors

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Employees Push Back Against Returning to Work, Choosing Unemployment - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: We didn’t expect the pushback we got from two of our furloughed employees when we called them back to …

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6 Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture for Remote Teams

Company culture may have an organic component, but there are ways CEOs can foster positive engagement -- and boost morale.

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Your Company's Culture - Truth or Lie? - Workplace Coach Blog

You feel it the moment you enter the organization. Ask employees “what’s it like around here?” and they confirm the …

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Employees Could Take A Company Down During COVID - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Our small business is hanging on by a shoestring. Three of our employees attended a fourth of July barbecue. None of them wore masks. Another barbeque guest was COVID-infected. One after another each of our employees became become ill, forcing m

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Cyberbullying & And The Return Takedown - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: Several months ago, a new employee in my wife’s workplace downloaded a free Amazon.com app called Burn Book. After that, more and more of her coworkers downloaded the app and joined a Burn Book twitter account.  They started posting nasty ran

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Can My Employer Fire Me For Going to a Bar or Do I Have Any Freedom Left? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer sent a two-part email to every employee last week. “As you know we’ve had a local spike in COVID-19 infections. The health department has provided a list of the establishments, primarily bars, where COVID-19 individuals spent ext

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Fatal Attraction: Possession Becomes Obsession - Workplace Coach Blog

She seemed like any other employee, but she wasn’t. She was an employer’s worst nightmare. Within a three months period, four employers called me reporting run-ins with “fatal attraction” employees. In each case, the store plays out like a televis

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The Workplace Ted Bundy: stopping a serial killer - Workplace Coach Blog

You’ve met him–the workplace Ted Bundy. Initially he’s charming, both to men and women, and especially in the presence of the boss. He’s friendly and confiding. He extends himself on your behalf—out of all proportion to anything you’d expe

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Employee Fakes COVID To Get 2 Weeks Off - Workplace Coach Blog

When your employee or coworker calls to let you know he tested positive for COVID, you respond immediately with sympathy and worry, and then spring into action and offer what help you can. If you are his employer, you tell your employee to take care of hi

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COVID-19: How to Create a New Normal | Workplace Coach Blog

Join Dr. Lynne Curry as she helps explain how to create a new normal in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5 Ways to Lead During the Coronavirus Crisis

The world needs strong people to lead during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

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The 3 Core Elements of Dr. Martin Luther King's Transformational Leadership

These leadership traits are just as applicable today, as they were during the Civil Rights Movement.

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10 Ways Introverted Leaders Can Master Social Media

Social media allows even the most introverted of leaders to connect and build a genuine foundation with their audience.

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How to Become a Leadership Influencer

Executive brands are evolving through the power of expertise, authority and trust.

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How To Avoid A Common Confusion That Sinks Leaders And Stifles Startups

Do you know the differences between projects and processes? More importantly, do you know how to lead the kinds of very different people who are attracted to each?

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The Psychology Of Smarter Leadership: Principles Executives And Managers Must Understand

These principles can be successfully applied in almost any business environment to strengthen relationships and improve performance.

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The Rules for Leading a Navy SEAL Team Are the Same as Leading a Startup. I Know, I've Done Both.

Alden Mills, creator of Perfect Pushup and former military commander, outlines the mindset and tactics for success.

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Michael Goodwin: Media Ignore Trump Leadership

In the effort to chronicle the events that take place in the era of a Donald Trump presidency, the media fails to acknowledge the "unique" characteristics that set him apart and, in the process, ignore his leadership, New York Post columnist Michael Goodw

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1 Sign to Immediately Know Someone Has the Gift of Leadership | Inc.com

This is what will promote a work culture void of backstabbing, gossip, and throwing people under the bus

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10 Literary Classics Every Business Leader Should Read | Inc.com

If you only stick to business books and biographies, you're not learning as much as you could.

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Effective Leaders Know the Science Behind Their Behavior | Daniel Goleman | LinkedIn

Lynn had dreaded this meeting with her team. Frowning, she looked around the conference table and said, “I’ve got bad news. Upper management told me this team’s performance is unacceptable. We have to

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6 Things Great Leaders Do Differently - Forbes

Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that leadership skills are natural traits that belong only to a lucky few. Great leadership is a matter of choice, and you can improve your leadership skills today.

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16 Instagram Accounts That Can Teach You to Be a Better Leader

400 million monthly active users, forecasted to bring in $2.81 billion in ad revenue by 2017, can't be wrong.

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How Leaders Create and Use Networks

Successful leaders have a nose for opportunity and a knack for knowing whom to tap to get things done. These qualities depend on a set of strategic networking skills that nonleaders rarely possess.

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How To Figure Out When And What You Need To Delegate | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

It may seem like it's easier to do things yourself rather than teach someone else, but it's a surefire way to ruin your work environment.

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Kotter's 8-Step Change Model - Change Management Tools from Mind Tools

Learn how Kotter's Change Model can help you prepare for change thoroughly so that you can implement it successfully.

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24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World

From structured individualism in the U.S. to ringi-sho consensus in Japan, different cultures can have radically different leadership styles.

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Genes may influence leadership in the workplace, research finds

The right genes may help you become an organization's next president or CEO. But the same genes may also hinder your leadership path, according to Kansas State University psychological sciences research.

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Patti Taylor, GCDF, RMT |

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Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2 –Watch it Grow | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Digital Business

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How to Be Emotionally Intelligent

What makes a leader? Knowledge, smarts and vision, but also the ability to identify and monitor emotions and manage relationships.

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Getting People to Believe in Something They Can’t Yet Imagine - HBR

What would you do if you had a working prototype of a revolutionary tablet computer that was receiving rave reviews well before Apple came out with its iPad? Cancel further funding for the project in favor of developing an updated version of an existing company product? In hindsight that seems crazy, but it’s exactly what Microsoft did with its prototype “Courier” tablet.

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7 ways to instill work-life balance at your startup

Building a startup culture with good work-life balance. When I started AppLovin, creating a strong family culture that instilled a good work-life balance was a priority for me and my co-founders. I have three young daughters, so balance and family is of the utmost importance to me, and I want to ensure that my employees are able to create the same balance.

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The Most Powerful Person In Tech At Every Age!

From Marissa Mayer's two-year-old son Macallister to 95-year-old VC Henry Hillman, it's clear that influence in tech comes in all ages, shapes, and sizes.

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The Steve Jobs guide to manipulating people & getting what you want | VentureBeat

Steve Jobs didn’t launch two of the most valuable companies in modern times by following the rules all the time.

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The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing To Become A Great Communicator

Caroline Kennedy was making a run for the US Senate in 2008. The daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy was a front runner to represent New York. After being accused by the media of dodging questions, Kennedy agreed to a sit down interview. The re

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The 5 Signs of a Bad Leader

 Not all leaders are created equal.   There are great ones, good ones, okay ones, and downright awful ones.  It's okay, we've all said it before, either aloud or in our own minds,

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6 Tips for Leading People As If Their Lives Depend on You

Using techniques developed over years of experience as a mountain climbing guide, Art Mooney can make anyone feel comfortable following him.