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Purim and the Betrayal of American Jewry - Chabad

Jews feel that Western liberalism has abandoned them. This has happened before. This is what the Purim story can teach us.

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Israel has become a partisan issue. Do American Jews care?

While Trump is impatient for a complete victory over Hamas, Biden and Schumer wave the white flag in their party’s civil war against Democrats who loathe the Jewish state.

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From Seinfeld to Ben-Gvir, Antisemites Attack Jews | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus

Jewish businesses or anybody who supports Israel in any way are being attacked across the world by far-left and Islamist mobs. Is this causing an awakening a...

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Are American Jews Prepared for the Return of History?

Probably the most famous line from the HBO series True Detective is: “Time is a flat circle.” The line, spoken by Det. Rust Cohle (played by Matthew McConaughey) in the

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It’s time for American Jews to toughen up

We must teach our children to defend themselves by themselves.

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Support for Israel is stronger than we think - The Jerusalem Post

Jews in Israel and across the world, are taking constructive action driven by our despair and rage. For now, the center holds.

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It’s time for an American Jewish rethink

We thought we were at home in America, but no such luck. Opinion.

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1 in 4 hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants

A ResumeBuilder.com survey finds that 26% of hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants.

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Going woke has endangered American Jews

Troubling poll numbers among young voters point to a future where American exceptionalism ends and Jew-hatred is mainstreamed.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Legally Varda (Judean Rose)

A legal change of name means a lot when you're a Jew in Israel, changing your legal English name to your true Hebrew name, for good.

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Joe Biden’s Anti-Jewish “Antisemitism Strategy”

American Jews deserve better

At the beginning of summer, in a “private” letter to U.S. Antisemitism Envoy Deborah Lipstadt, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called Joe Biden’s plan to fight antisemitism (the so-called “national strategy to combat antisemitism”) “a historic moment deserving of recognition and gratitude. … The formidable language of the report contains a sound strategy, well-defined pillars and concrete, viable goals that will help create more tolerant and open societies.”

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Giving ‘progressive’ antisemites the benefit of the doubt

Both mainstream Jewish groups and their allies in the Biden administration are determined to avoid taking on left-wing Jew-haters and the ideas that drive them.

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The New U.S. National Strategy To Counter Antisemitism Reveals Ignorance About The Reality Of Antisemitism In America

On May 25, 2023, the Biden administration published the first-ever U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism,[1] a 60-page document full of calls to Congress and "Whole-of-Society" calls to action. Notably, the strategy includes several instances of

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Biden’s antisemitism program defends antisemites

More significantly, the administration made no commitment of money to this new strategy.

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Asking the wrong question about Biden’s flawed antisemitism plan

Cheers from failing Jewish leaders enabled the administration to pose as a defender of the Jews even as its policies enable a toxic ideology that spreads Jew-hatred.

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New study: Visibly identifiable Jews most targeted by antisemites in West

  On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a new report shows a sharp increase in the number of antisemitic

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Guardian blames Amercian Jews for...fill in the blank

The Guardian's Chris McGreal blamed "far-right American Jews" for "enabling Netanyahu's court take-over" in a March 24th article focusing on the alleged


How Americans can save Israeli democracy

Israeli elites have mobilized to attempt to essentially overturn last November’s Knesset election results. Foreign friends who help them shouldn’t pretend it’s about democracy.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: The Secret Jewish History of "Gilligan's Island"

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Jewish Dems defend Ilhan Omar following removal from House committee

Jewish Democrats jump to protest Ilhan Omar's removal from her House of Representatives committee assignment despite her history of repeatedly giving voice to antisemitic tropes.

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The Ilhan Omar vote is a turning point for American Jews

Partisan split on booting the congresswoman from committees is more than a symptom of political civil war. It illustrates the normalization of anti-Zionism.

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Anti-Semitism worst among blacks and young adults in poll released ahead of MLK Day

The two groups were far more likely than Republicans or conservatives to believe negative stereotypes about Jews.

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82% of Israelis believe diaspora Jews should make aliyah

Israelis perceive antisemitism as a worse threat, as 82% believe that the safest place for Jews is Israel in today’s climate.

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Number of Americans believing antisemitic stereotypes nearly doubled since 2019

Poll finds that 85% of people in US agree with at least one racist trope about Jews, while 20% believe at last six; 20% think Jews have 'too much power'

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Podcast: 'Antisemitism is now a form of entertainment - and that's new'

Kanye West and Dave Chappelle are not isolated incidents of 'performative' Jew-hatred, says Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld, head of IU's Center for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism

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US Jews battle 'mainstreaming' and normalization of antisemitism | The Times of Israel

After Kanye West voices 'love' for Nazis and ex-president Trump dines with white supremacist, Biden says 'silence is complicity'

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Antisemitism should test America’s conscience

Antisemites appear to be “testing the waters” to see what they can get away with before upping the ante of hostilities in. America. Op-ed.

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How not to fight Antisemitism | Israel National News

Jewish organizations want to fight antisemitism but have they isolated themselves from the people they claim to represent. Op-ed.

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Alarming rise in US Jewish children’s complaints of antisemitism

Most of the Israeli-American community sends their children to public schools and this is exactly where the hate is coming from.

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Why I think the Golden Age for Jews in America is coming to its end

The decline in the favorability of mainstream American views toward Israel has coincided with a rise in antisemitic violence, particularly in large metropolises, promoted by Islamo-Leftist groups.

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History Lessons: America’s New Antisemitism Begins with Cultural Erasure of American Jews

As a Muslim woman committed to combating radical Islam, also known as Islamism, I research contemporary antisemitism, particularly Islamist antisemitism.

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Being Jewish in an Unraveling America - Common Sense

The bad guy was killed. The good guys were saved. But the reaction to the hostage-taking in Colleyville, Texas, should alarm American Jews.

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Daniel Gordis – American Jews and Israel: Shifting Sands, Again?

Daniel Gordis – American Jews and Israel: Shifting Sands, Again? For years, the story has been about what American Jews were saying about Israel. Now, Israelis are talking about American Jews. And what they are saying may surprise you. Visit Daniel

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How to - and how not to - fight antisemitism

This week there were two news stories that do not bode well for the American Jewish community.

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Ilhan Omar is a wakeup call for American Jews

A new generation is upon us; people who know and care nothing about Judeo/Christian values. They keep coming and are getting elected.Op-ed

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Faced with a tsunami of anti-Semitism, Diaspora Jews still cling to their bubble

A neo-pogrom is being facilitated by Western elites who, if they aren’t taking part in this war against the Jewish people either on the streets or in the media, are piously wringing their hands but not taking the necessary action to stop it. Op-ed.

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Elder Of Ziyon - The Poisoning of American Jewry is Complete (Judean Rose)

An encounter with the author's relative underscores the schism between American and Israeli Jews.

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Rise in antisemitism dispels the myth of American Jewish exceptionalism

What has transpired so many times throughout history – pogroms and officially condoned attacks on Jews – never came about overnight.

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Throwing Israel Under The Bus Will Not Save American Jews

Israel and her people support every Diaspora Jewish community always, no questions asked.

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American Jews Voted for This: The Story of a Nation, Amcha (Judean Rose)

A one-woman mantra campaign that aims to drive home the import of the Jewish vote for Biden.

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Democrats and Republicans circle the wagons around their own antisemites. Jews are on our own.

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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American Jewry's fateful hour

Almost all the polls say that US President Donald Trump is heading towards defeat at the hands of his Democrat

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American Jews should reject Joe Biden - The Jerusalem Post

Biden does not get to tell us what a Biden administration would look like; we have already seen it.

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Jews who hate Trump and do not know why - Opeds

Some Jews in an act of colossal memory loss sponsor Antifa and BLM. Their ancestors financed the Bolsheviks, then faced firing squads.Op-ed.

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Wake Up America, and Smell the Anti-Semitism

Americans of all races and political outlooks revile and attack Jews with unprecedented glee, while American Jews would rather talk about anything else

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Elder Of Ziyon - The shtetl mentality is alive and well with liberal American Jews

European Jews were conditioned over generations to not make waves because of fears of deadly antisemitic responses to the slightest perceived provocations. This is the shtetl mentality, and it is one that Zionism worked hard to eradicate in Israel.

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Too many American Jews are turning a blind eye to Antisemitism

No Jewish organization in the USA (exceot the ZOA) has the fortitude to publicly confront egregious acts of antisemitism. Opinion.

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You Know The Talk Black Parents Have With Their Sons; You Never Heard Of The One Jews Have

Jew In The City makes engaging and meaningful Orthodox Judaism known and accessible to Jewish people, reversing negative associations about religious Jews.

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Victor Rosenthal - The 800-Pound Gorilla of American Judaism

Victor Rosenthal – The 800-Pound Gorilla of American Judaism I won’t write about Peter Beinart’s latest obscene appropriation of Jewish concepts in the service of putting an end to the third Jewish commonwealth and returning the Jewish people to

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Rather than drifting away, over two-thirds of US Jews feel tie to Israel -- poll | The Times of Israel

8 out of 10 survey respondents say they are pro-Israel; Netanyahu's support of Trump tops list of reasons Jewish Americans are critical of Israeli policies

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Anti-Semitic stereotypes persist in America, ADL survey shows

Amid the worst outbreak of anti-Semitic violence in decades, a new survey released today from the Anti-Defamation League found more

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Should American Jews Speak Hebrew? – Tablet Magazine

Before 1948, David Ben-Gurion used to joke about Zionism’s future: How will we know when we have become a real country like the rest of the world? When Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew—and Hebrew-speaking policeme

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Herman Wouk’s Calling Card | Jewish Week

What ‘This Is My God’ meant to traditional Jews in mid-century America.

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Where Are America’s Jewish Leaders?

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). Photo: Screenshot. Israel is once again facing major new international military and political challenges. Yet despite …