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Anti-Israel Protester at UCLA Encampment: ‘We Don’t Like White People’

A pro-Palestinian woman outright denounced “white people” at the UCLA encampment in Southern California. 

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‘It’s a moral issue,’ Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik says of new pro-Israel anthem

In interview with JI, Ondraskik discusses new single 'OK,' which reckons with the terror of Oct. 7 and the antisemitism unleashed in its wake

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: The Progressive Racist: An All Too Real Oxymoron

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: The Progressive Racist: An All Too Real Oxymoron Is it possible to be a “progressive” and a racist at one and the same time? Unfortunately, yes. Three questions should be asked when someone protests against war and humanitaria

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How Anti-Zionist Faculty Captured a University of California Campus and What It Means for the Future of Jews in America

“Let’s make it clear – zionism is not welcome on our campus” read a recent Instagram message, which was followed by raised fist and Palestinian flag emojis. At first blush, this posting appeared to be one more bullet in the barrage of vitriolic ha

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Cambridge, Mass., Funds Theater Performances for ‘Exclusively Black Audiences’

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced tens of thousands of dollars in grants aimed at tackling racial justice through the arts. Included in the taxpayer-funded effort are theater performances for "exclusively black audiences," the city said in a

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Rice University unveils 'Afrochemistry' class that will 'explore the intersection of racial justice and chemistry' - dubbing it 'the study of black-life matter'

The course description explains students will 'apply chemical tools and analysis to understand black life in the US' and 'implement African American sensibilities to analyze chemistry'.

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'Squad' lawmaker explains 'creative' way to pay $14 trillion in reparations: ‘Moral and legal obligation’ | Fox News

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., wants the federal government to acknowledge the harm of slavery and push a $14 trillion reparations measure to aid descendants of enslaved people.

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PODCAST | He’s Hitting The Mark…Too Bad The Media Is Ignoring Him

In recent days, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has made some very dangerous statements for someone in his position. He is speaking the truth and the establishment, Deep State political apparatus doesn’t like it. How can they? They hat

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The Federal Home Loan Bank Of Atlanta Is Using 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion' To Determine Loans

 'Diversity, equity, and inclusion' is just code for 'government/corporate mandated racism' and you can't convince us otherwise.

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Virginia Student Suspended After Reporting Antisemitic Incident at School, Parents Say | United with Israel

Parents and local leaders expressed outrage at the school for disciplining a student for reporting antisemitism, arguing it will deter others from coming forward to expose such bigotry.

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Reporting Anti-Israel Antisemitism to Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Social Media Guidance by American Jewish Committee

Antisemitism is a deeply pervasive issue affecting the wellbeing of the Jewish community. In the wake of Hamas’ murderous terror attack against Israel on October 7 which left over 1,400 Israelis dead, thousands wounded, and over 240 hostages into Gaza,

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Damage of the ‘White Privilege’ Smear

One of the many satanic paradoxes of the Third Reich’s architecture of the Final Solution was the requirement—mandated after the 1939 outbreak of the war—that…

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How Jews Became the Last Minority It’s Acceptable to Hate

The wave of anti-Semitism is not confined to America. In Sydney, Australia, a Jewish man was recently assaulted by a mob of what Sky News calls “Palestine supporters” and severely beaten; he is now recovering in a hospital. In the same city, a mass protest occurred on October 9 where demonstrators chanted “gas the Jews.”

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'Never Again' Is Right Now as Missing Posters Are Defaced in NYC

Amid the myriad of things to loathe about the American educational system, news media, entertainment industry, and social media are the erasing and twisting of history until things such as Kristallnac...

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'At least 40 babies killed': Foreign reporters taken to massacre site in Kfar Aza | The Times of Israel

With terrorists' bodies still lying in the grass, international press witnesses firsthand the shocking aftermath of Hamas's slaughter of Israeli civilians

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Joshua Namm: Nazis in the Jacuzzi

For Some, Antisemitism Is Shockingly Casual

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Democrats Are Intolerant Racists and We Know Why

By now, pretty much everyone has heard the Democrats’ incessant claim that they are the (only!) party of true tolerance and inclusion. But have you noticed lately how their well-crafted facade i...

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Segregation Makes a Comeback: Florida Elementary School Holds Assembly About Black Students' Test Scores Only

When you hear the word “segregation,” it likely conjures images dating from the Jim Crow era that depict water fountains saying “Whites Only” or bathrooms and diner counters sp...

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Massachusetts School Districts Roll out 'Anti-Racist' Struggle Session Groups for White Teachers

 Of all the ridiculous ideas progressives are pushing in the education space, the idea of racial "affinity groups" has to rank among the top five.

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So, What The Hell Is Wrong With The Message?

It’s irrelevant whether or not you like country music – which for all intents and purposes is the equivalent of Top 40 music just decades ago. It’s also irrelevant whether or not you care for Jason Aldean’s music. If you care about free speech, fa

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Democrats Are the Real Racists, and They're Proving It Yet Again

Democrats love to push the narrative that they are the party of tolerance and acceptance. They’ll frequently boast about how diverse their coalition is, and accuse Republicans of being racist for — we...

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‘Woke or KKK’: NYU Hosts Whites-Only ‘Antiracism’ Workshop for Public School Parents

New York University hosted a whites-only "anti-racism" workshop for public school parents in New York City, barring minorities from a five-months-long seminar that legal experts say was a brazen violation of civil rights law.

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The Party of Civil Rights | National Review

This magazine has long specialized in debunking pernicious political myths, and Jonah Goldberg has now provided an illuminating catalogue of tyrannical clichés, but worse than the myth and the cliché is the outright lie, the utter fabrication with ...

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California: Person of Color™ Torches College Students, Doesn't Even Get Probation

A California DA has let a Person of Color™ convicted of literally setting UC Berkeley students on fire skate without prison or even probation.

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Real Systemic Racism Was On Full Display In Chicago

The 2023 Mayoral Election in Chicago, perhaps the bloodiest and most lawless city in the United States, is in the books. Astonishingly, and I use the word literally, the anti-law enforcement candidate prevailed over someone who was honest enough to say th

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‘Next Level Chutzpah’: US State Stalls in Adopting World’s Leading Definition of Antisemitism | United with Israel

Bill reportedly halted after amendment replaces IHRA definition of antisemitism as a 'certain perception of Jews' with a 'negative perception of Jews.'

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‘Horrifying, Antisemitic, Campus-Sponsored’ Programs at CUNY; Students Get Academic Credit for Participating

'Students are actually offered official credit, which will appear on their BMCC transcripts, for participating in these anti-Israel events,' a professor told United with Israel.

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Antisemitic Hate Crimes Increased 20 Percent in 2021, Updated FBI Report Says

Hate crimes against American Jews increased by twenty percent and were the leading religiously motivated hate crime in 2021, according to a new, supplemental report issued by the FBI on Monday. According to the new data, there were 817 antisemitic hate cr

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PODCAST | In Washington There Is No Truth And No Consequences

Listen now | I wanted to talk a little bit about honesty and government. It makes me cringe to use those two words in the same sentence, especially when we're talking about the federal government.

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Yahoo News runs op-ed: White Americans 'just don't care' about mass shootings, believe in 'cartoonish version' of 2nd Amendment

A recent opinion column published by Yahoo News calls white Americans "worse" than racist, saying they "just don't care" about the victims of mass shootings.An article titled "Dear white Americans: You’re not racist about guns. You’re worse" aggregated by

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Antisemitism dramatically undercounted in 2022, AJC report says

Nearly half of American Jewish respondents approved of President Joe Biden’s response to antisemitism; 56% disapproved of Congress’ record in that regard.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Race Everywhere

Recently an unarmed 29-year-old African American, Tyre Nichols, was brutally beaten to death by five black Memphis police officers. They were charged with…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Reckless Reparations Reckoning

The last time racial reparations made the major news was on the eve of September 11, 2001 attacks. The loss of 3,000 Americans, which for a time fueled a new…

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PODCAST | Is The Dream Still Alive?

Listen now (23 min) | Before we get to this morning segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's important that we start circling back – and I hate to use that term b

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Number of Americans believing antisemitic stereotypes nearly doubled since 2019

Poll finds that 85% of people in US agree with at least one racist trope about Jews, while 20% believe at last six; 20% think Jews have 'too much power'

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White Students Are Prohibited From Applying to This UNC Fellowship

The public university dragged into court over its race-conscious admissions policy is now advertising a research fellowship that bars white applicants from applying.

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Popular Left-Wing Racists On ‘Dr. Phil’ Expose The Hostility Of Democrats Who See Skin Color As Everything

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson Turner bring the vitriol of identity politics to the 'Dr. Phil' show.

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Katie Couric Wasn't the First: FDR, Truman and the Jews

Couric joins a growing list of authors who have altered the unflattering words of individuals whom they admire, in order to shield them from embarrassment.

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Why Won't Stacey Abrams Just Go Away?!

Listen now (27 min) | One would think that after losing high-profile elections twice in a row, Stacey Abrams - a two-time failed candidate - would go quietly into the mist, especially after claiming that the first election was stolen from her. Alas, that

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A House GOP Opportunity: A Resolution Calling on Biden, Democrats to Apologize for Dem Support for Slavery - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Well. Democrats and the media have made much about former President Donald Trump unknowingly hosting a white supremacist and anti-Semite at a Mar-a-Lago dinner. The guy was brought along as an unannounced guest of Ye (as Kanye West now calls...

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UCSB Black Student Union asks white peers not to attend free ‘Wakanda Forever’ screening

We ask that our non-Black allies support our intention of creating a Black affinity and celebration space.'

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James Baldwin, Ye, and the Lesson the Jews Will Not Learn

The Baldwin theory of black antisemitism is that it's really anti-whiteness. The NY Times gave him 3820 words to say so in 1967.

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Affirmative action policies are 'un-American' and 'racist,' Nikki Haley says as Supreme Court hears arguments

Nikki Haley, who has embraced her Indian heritage, is speaking out against Harvard and UNC's "racist" admissions policies in a case before the Supreme Court Monday.

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Todd Bowles To Woke Whites: Stop Yapping About Skin Color

NFL Coach Todd Bowles' response to an ESPN reporter perfectly shows how race-speak can caricature, demean, and infantilize blacks.

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White Students Banned from Black History Month Events at UK University

White students have reportedly been banned from attending Black History Month events by the students union at Westminster University.

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Tufts University event series separates 'white' faculty from 'BIPOC' colleagues

A Massachusetts university is hosting separate events for faculty and staff this fall tailored for either "BIPOC" individuals or "white participants."

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Exclusive: Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers’ Dept. of Public Instruction Told White People to Wear Wristbands as ‘Reminder of Your Privilege’

White people in Wisconsin were told to wear a wristband as a reminder of their privilege by WI Dem. Tony Evers’ Department of Public Instruction. 

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Dumb Asphalt: Biden Starts Handing Out Grants to Rid Us of Racist Highways

Joe Biden has now officially taken his overcompensation for being an old white guy to the next level by handing out the first federal grants to dismantle our nation’s racist highways....

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Defense Department’s equity chief has taken her account private after racist anti-white tweets were discovered

Part of achieving equity is getting rid of all the white "Karens."

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Will I Ever See the $36 Million Oberlin College Owes Me?

My family was falsely accused of racism by a powerful school in a small town. Our business was destroyed. We won our case. But the school is refusing to pay.

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White teachers would be laid off first under Minnesota teachers contract

Minneapolis teachers of color will have additional job protections under a new contract for this upcoming school year.

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TV station puts out a casting call for people of ‘diverse and cultural backgrounds’ to interact with reporters

The station wants to showcase the diversity of its news team.

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Watch: Mother Nearly Killed by Tekle Sundberg Rages at BLM Protesters

Arabella Yarbrough raged at Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters after the group hailed Tekle Sundberg as another victim of police brutality. 


Shocking Holocaust denial: Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

  Anne Frank trended on Twitter over the weekend, but not because of her world-famous diary, writing talent, or death

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Los Angeles public schools training teachers that 'merit,' 'individualism' rooted in 'whiteness'

Los Angeles public schools mandated all employees to undergo "implicit/unconscious bias training," which teaches that "merit" and "individualism" are rooted in whiteness.

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PODCAST | Why I've Changed My Mind On The Need For A Convention Of States

Whenever someone I knew brought up the convening of a Convention of the States my fear centered arou

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PODCAST | From D-Day To The Convention Of States Rubicon

Looking back at the monumental achievements of the Greatest Generation during World War II and especially the D-Day landings, it has become clear that our current federal government has abdicated its obligation to perform for anyone but themselves; our tw

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Why I've Changed My Mind On The Need For A Convention Of States

I have been wary about the call for a Convention of States, an option in the US Constitution under Article V that allows two-thirds of the states to call for a convention to propose amendments to the US Constitution. My reasoning has always been one seate

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PODCAST | Is Making It Hard To Travel Part Of The Plan?

While the mainstream media complex does everything it can to not report on the fact that former US Attorney General has led an effort to gerrymander the reapportionment of congressional districts through the courts, the Biden administration's policie

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Biden administration implements a racial spoils system

[This piece has been published in Restoring America to highlight how the Biden administration is pushing discriminatory, unfair policies in the name of diversity and equity.]

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If You're Reading This, Karine Jean-Pierre Probably Hates You. Here's Why.

Joe Biden’s new check-the-woke-boxes press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is a Democrat, and so it is no surprise that she sees racism absolutely everywhere.

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Liverpool anti-racism festival omits antisemitism, prompting accusations of double standards

A Liverpool-based anti-racism festival has come under fire after it failed to plan any events or discussions about antisemitism. Liverpool Against Racism consists of a series of cross-city events. There will be performances by musicians Rebecca Ferguson,

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This Woke Promotion Could Cost Uber Millions

Uber's decision to waive delivery fees from black-owned restaurants during the George Floyd riots could cost the company $91 million.

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MSNBC's Cross: White People Don't Fully Understand Will Smith Slap -- 'There's a Nuance to What Happened'

MSNBC "The Cross Connection" host Tiffany Cross on Sunday attempted to explain the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock at last week's Oscars to white people, who she claimed did not understand why black people wanted them to refrain from opining on the incident

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College Newspaper Pulls Article Because It Quoted Too Many White People

They've uncovered systemic racism.

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Washington Post: Freedom Convoy 'Explicitly Racist'; 'Freedom Is a Key Component of White Supremacy'

It goes without saying that The Washington Post is all in on the Woke agenda. They have continuously championed far-Left subjects like Critical Race Theory (CRT), gender fluidity, and equity of outcomes as opposed to equality for all. But the increasingly

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Whoopi Goldberg Said What Progressives – Including ADL – Are Thinking About Racism

When Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust wasn’t about race, because Nazis and Jews were both white, she voiced what has become unquestioned truth in today’s progressive circles. The ADL, an organization founded to fight Jew-hatred, is complicit.

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‘What Fresh Propaganda Hell Is This’: New Showtime Docuseries ‘Everything’s Gonna Be All White’ Sparks Debate

There’s a new show about systemic racism premiering on Showtime.

Politics | Opinion

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand antisemitism

Of course the Holocaust was about race. But it’s no longer surprising that there’s some dispute about that.

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ADL, Founded To Combat Anti-Semitism, Goes Woke, Changes Definition Of Racism

The Anti-Defamation League, an international Jewish organization that is now headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, has changed the definition of racism on its website to read, “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

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PODCAST: Employing a Racist Litmus Test to Qualify for the US Supreme Court?

With the announcement that US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is stepping down -- once his replacement has been confirmed, President Biden declared that he will take a knee to the political ultimatum issued by US Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), that his n

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PODCAST: Let's Move Away from Gayle King and Get Back to Dr. Martin Luther King

Whether people care to believe it or not, before the Obama administration came into existence, the overwhelming majority of the American people were learning to get along with one another. The 1960s, 70s, and 80s found a great majority of Americans shunni

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Student Leaders Petition University to Evict 'Wealthy and White' Attendees, Give Their Houses to LGBT and Others

Rob from the rich, give to the poor.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

New York Covid Testing and Treatment: White People Need Not Apply

Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when people would be judged not by skin color, but by the content of their character. That day has not come to NY.

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Real Estate Platforms Push ‘Racial Equity’ By Removing Neighborhood Crime Data

In what can only be viewed as a blatantly racist move, two of the larger online real estate search platforms have decided to remove any...

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Blue-check shocked that apparently people don’t know that racism against white people ‘is NOT a thing’

We can agree that "reverse racism" is NOT a thing — it's just racism.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

‘Separate But Equitable’: Denver Elementary School Hosts Racially Segregated Family Playground Night

Centennial Elementary School in Denver, Colorado, is taking us back to the days of state-sanctioned racism a la their segregated “Families of Color Playground Nights.” The surprising event put on in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion was flagged by Manhattan Institute senior fellow and City Journal writer Christopher Rufo on Tuesday.

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A Dose of Reality on Race in America - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

If one subject is a sure conversation stopper in today’s America, it is race. Following decades of interracial upheaval, the...

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Wokeness, White Allyship, and Respect | Psychology Today

Why self-declarations and niceness are inadequate responses to white supremacy.

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Preppers LIVE: NSFW with Frank Salvato of Underground USA

I was asked to comeon the Preppers Live podcast on the Prepper Broadcasting Network to talk about a few of my articles on the topics of...

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In the Aftermath of the Rittenhouse Trial, the Activist Left Shows Its True Colors

The country was braced for an eruption of violent protests and rioting in the many urban areas after the not guilty verdict in the trial...

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There's No ‘Medium’ When It Comes to Calling the Black Community Out on Bad Behavior

It goes without saying that the epidemic of censorship in the United States is at an incredible, alarming, and intolerable level. Across...

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No Mainstream 'Journalist' Is More Racist Than MSNBC's Joy Reid

Joy Reid is at it again. She continues her anti-white bigotry each day, including Tuesday night.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Global Investment Firm Forces Executives To Snub White Men In Light Of Race Hiring Quotas

The new policy reportedly states white men may only be hired after a non-white panel has evaluated job candidates of different races and ethnicities first.

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The Podcast: The Over-Baked Claim of Racism & Fefe Lala | Underground USA

In the echo of President Biden desecrating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a speech he turned into a racist screed, we witness Vice President Kamala Harris insult the French people by culturally appropriating a poorly executed French accent in lament

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Man punches woman who told him to take a 'chill pill' on NYC subway

The disturbing incident, initially posted on TikTok and reshared on Twitter Wednesday, where it's received 2.4 million views, unfolded on a D train, though the exact date and location are unclear.

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The rise of hate hoaxing

Last week, some racist graffiti was found at Parkway North and Parkway Central schools in the Midwest American state of Missouri. Somebody had scrawled 'HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE' and the n-word across the bathrooms.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Leftist ASU Groups Voice Support for Forcing White Students Out of 'Multicultural Center'

Several student groups at Arizona State University reacted to a viral video that shows two white students studying in the school's "multicultural center" being harassed over a laptop sticker, which read, "Police Lives Matter," claiming the white students

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1619 Project Author: Privately Funded Black History Program Won’t Teach CRT

The New York Times’ “1619 Project” creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, said her free after-school literacy program recently launched in her...

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No, Jews Aren’t White - Liel Leibovitz, Commentary Magazine

Many years ago, I moved from my native Israel to New York, and because I had no cash and no clue, I spent my days helping out at a friend’s hardware store.

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American Express Or Anti-American Express?

American Express, which made a $2.3 billion profit last quarter, invited Khalil Muhammad, the great-grandson of the Nation of Islam’s...

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West Point Curriculum Includes Elements Of Critical Race Theory

Future officers at the US Army‘s military academy at West Point are being taught several Leftist courses that an active-duty military...

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NAACP Bastardizes Texas Law To Ask DoJ To Interfere in State Process

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) urged the Department of Justice (DoJ) to launch an investigation...

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Black Mother Sues Segregating School in Atlanta | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

A black mother has sued an Atlanta public school for segregating her black child from white children and placing her...

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Senate Passes Amendment to $3.5T Budget To Deny Funding For CRT Education

The Senate passed an amendment that bans federal tax dollars from being used to promote or teach Critical Race Theory (CRT), a Marxist...

Politics | Politics

Racial Segregation Implemented In Atlanta School

Late last year, Kila Posey met with the principal of Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta because she wanted her child with a teacher...

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Minnesotans File Lawsuit Claiming Discrimination, Harassment Due to CRT

The purveyors of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Minnesota have overreached to the point of litigation with three separate lawsuits being...

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Schools Give 'Equity Survey' to 4th Graders, Tell Them Not to Tell Parents

A fourth-grader in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in Minnesota said her teacher administered an "equity survey" in class and...

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PayPal Goes Woke; Partners to Spy on Transactions to Find 'Extremists'

The online payment system PayPal has not only gone woke, it has gone all-in on the campaign to frame anyone who doesn’t agree with the...

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New Far-Left Dem Talking Point: 'CRT Is Not Being Taught in Schools'

In an attempt to move a new far-Left narrative into the mainstream, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), complained about grassroots...

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London Mayor Hails Statue of Activist Who Beheaded Father in Front of Children

In a move that questions the state of humanity, London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, defended the upcoming placement of a statue celebrating John...

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Biden Administration Invites UN to 'Investigate Systemic Racism' in the US

In a move that opens the door for the corrupt United Nations to judge the internal issues of the United States, President Biden’s...

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In Texas, Dems Play the Tired Refrain of 'Black People Can't Vote'

The Republican-led Texas Legislature inched towards passing several critical voting reform bills that prompted Democrat legislators to...

Politics | Politics

Second Teachers’ Union Embraces Critical Race Theory

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the largest teachers union in the United States, is going all-in on Critical Race Theory (CRT)...

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Tsvi Bisk – Racism is worse than Immoral – it’s Stupid!

Tsvi Bisk – Racism is worse than Immoral – it’s Stupid! Nothing undercuts the fortunes of nations more than racism. From the Spanish Inquisition, to American slavery and Jim Crow, to Nazi Germany, we witness the self-defeating nature of ethn

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NEA Votes to Push Critical Race Theory Curriculum K-12

The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in the United States, has voted to not only include but emphasize...

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File Under You Can’t Make This Up: Now Traffic Accidents are Racist

Spotlighting the fact that nothing is immune from the disingenuous label of systemic racism, an NBC News report stated that Black people...

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LA County Health Officials Blame Rise in STD Cases on ‘Racism’

A program launched in Los Angeles County states that one of the primary reasons reports of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise...

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Cal State Faculty Bribed to Train in Expunging ‘Whiteness’ from Society

The faculty at California State University East Bay is being offered $1,200 bribes – or “cash incentives” – to undergo professional...

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Classroom Book Cited in Lawsuit Talks of ‘Stolen Land’; Revoking Wealth

A lawsuit filed by a Chicago-area educator charges, among other things, that a book mandated for the classroom says Whites have benefited...

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National Archives Abdicates Responsibility of Safeguarding History from the Woke

In a complete abdication to their duty to accurately safeguard history from the destructive eye of time, a questionably empowered “task...

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Portland police issue tweet to assure protesters that person shot by cops was a white male

Portland police wanted to tamp down rumors that it was a person of color who was shot.

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DeSantis Shoots Yet Another Shot Across ‘Indoctrination’ Bow

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis (R), signed legislation that requires all public universities and colleges in the State to survey...

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Democrat Insists Racism, Exclusion Is Bad But Not When It’s ‘Tradition’

In a condemnable act of “do as I say, not as I do,” US Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), defended his family’s decades-long membership to...

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Elite School Celebrates the ‘Tarring & Feathering’ of White Women

Taking race-based hate to an all new level, one of Manhattan’s most prestigious schools, the Spence School, has come under fire for...

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Biden Administration’s Racist Farm Debt Relief Bill Halted

Striking a blow for equal opportunity, a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order stopping payments in a federal farmer...

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Black Power Activists Foresees Killing ‛Everything White in Sight’

The ugly reward for stoking the flames of racism was on full display in Oklahoma over the weekend when a Black activist told a crowd that...

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden: Black Entrepreneurs Just As Capable As Whites ‘But They Don’t Have Lawyers’ Or ‘Accountants’

President Joe Biden faced criticism on Tuesday over remarks that he made while speaking in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on race-related issues, saying that black

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‘Not with MY children. It’s not gonna happen.’: WATCH the best video we have seen YET opposing Critical Race Theory (and get tissues, trust us!)

Children don't need Critical Race Theory because children love everybody.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

You Can Sue for Anything. Even When You're in the Wrong. - Workplace Coach Blog

Ex-employee sues her employer for firing her for racism after she acts in a racist manner

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Montana AG Shoots First Constitutional Shot Over Critical Race Theory’s Bow

Montana’s Attorney General has taken a strong stance, executing a shot across the bow to the purveyors of the Marxist-based Critical Race...

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Federal Reserve Goes Woke; Threatens Financial Stability of Country

With the advent of the Obama-Biden Era, we have seen the continual politicization of departments, agencies, non-government organizations...

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Florida Makes Example of Racist Teacher Who Refused to Follow CRT Ban

A teacher in Duval County Florida was terminated for refusing to abide by an executive order issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), that...

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Massachusetts School Segregating Students Based on Race

In yet another attempt by the education system to cultivate racism among students, a Massachusetts school district has come under fire...

Politics | Politics

Chicago Mayor Slams Media’s ‘Overwhelming Whiteness,’ Defends Decision to Limit Interviews to Minority Journalists

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended her policy of only accepting interview requests from “black and brown journalists” on Wednesday.

Politics | Politics

Biden Administration Plan to Racial Discriminate in Grants Blocked in Federal Court

A federal judge in Texas has thrown a wrench into the Biden administration’s race-based discriminatory awarding of grants under the COVID...

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US Military Commander Relieved of Post for Opposing Marxism, Racism

Imagine a moment in time when a Lt. Colonel in the US Military would be relieved of his command because he spoke out about Marxism and...

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Biden Seats Yet Another Hyper-Ideologue at the Dept. of Education

President Biden’s handlers have once again picked a hyper-ideologue for a position that will ultimately affect every child’s education..

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In the Midst of ‛Racial Justice’ Racism a Voice of Reason

A violent and obstinate Black Lives Matter protester, who bashed in the windshield of a Mobile, Alabama police car while the officer was...

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More States Join the Push Back Against Critical Race Theory

South Dakota’s governor has signed a pledge to re-institute accurate US history education in that state’s public schools. South Dakota...

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Yet Another Black-on-Asian Attack; When Will the Black Community Act?

In yet another race-based and unprovoked attack, an Asian man, who was walking his 1-year-old child in a stroller, was attacked by a...

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Black Communists Smear Anne Frank; Book Burn with Her Diary

A woke Black communist movement in Colorado has exhibited its core value of hate in a social media post that calls Anne Frank a...

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Op-Ed: Critical race theory is about to face its day(s) in court

As recently as last summer, few people outside academia had heard of critical race theory, whose central claim is that racism, not liberty, is the founding value and guiding vision

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Victor Davis Hanson: The New Antiracism Is the Old Racism

What will be the future of the mass hysteria spawned last summer? No one knows. But its destination, if unchecked, will be ethnic tensions and sectarian strife…

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Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It

No longer simply an academic matter, critical race theory has become a tool of political power. To borrow a phrase from the Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, it is fast achieving “cultural hegemony” in America’s public institutions. More and mor

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Is One Boston Hospital Implementing Systemic Racism into Medicine?

A Boston hospital appears to have been infected with “woke-ism.” Brigham and Women’s Hospital has announced it will offer “preferential...

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Hate Crime Hoax: Outrageously Racist Graffiti Sparked Days Of Protests. A Black Student Wrote Them.

The absurdity of the messages should have been the first hint that these were not written by someone who genuinely believed them. Graffiti messages that

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Group Trying To Convince Asians That America Is Oppressive Has Ties To Chinese State Media

At least two journalists who worked for Chinese state-controlled media came to America as visiting students and became organizers for a progressive activist group behind the "Stop AAPI Hate" movement, running outreach efforts to shape the politi

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Notorious Anti-Trump doctor claims black-on-Asian crime occurs because of 'white supremacy'

Prominent anti-Trump doctor Eugene Gu claims that black-on-Asian crimes only occur because of "white supremacy" in America.

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Parental Enemies List in Hand, School Committee Vows to ‘Silence Opposition’ on Critical Race Theory

A non-sanctioned group of public school officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, public schools has secretly pledged to “silence the...

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Why Didn't the Man Wearing Body Armor with 6 Guns and Ammo at Grocery Store Get Coverage?

An Atlanta man was arrested after entering a major chain grocery store carrying an AR-15, five other weapons, and an extensive cache of...

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Minnesota Theater Cancels ‘Cinderella’ Production Citing Too Many White Cast Members

A Minnesota suburban theater canceled its production of Cinderella citing that the cast had too many white actors.