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This family owns a 'princess cottage' in Disney's gated community—where homes sell for $12M: Look inside

Cristie Anne Cabrera and her family purchased a house in Disney's Golden Oak, a gated community where homes sell for up to $12 million. Just four miles from Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, here's a look inside their four-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot "princess

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Goldman Sachs-backed firms buy entire Florida community for $45M

Fundrise Interval Fund and Growth eREIT VII picked up 87 single-family properties in Brevard County as part of an ongoing southern spending spree.

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First-time homebuyers sidelined by higher mortgage rates

Rising mortgage rates are piling onto record-breaking home prices, locking even more potential buyers out of the red-hot housing market.  The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate jumped to 5.3 percent last week, according to data from Bankrate, up fro

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Real Estate Platforms Push ‘Racial Equity’ By Removing Neighborhood Crime Data

In what can only be viewed as a blatantly racist move, two of the larger online real estate search platforms have decided to remove any...

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The Podcast | Underground USA | United States

With China saber-rattling against the West - and freedom - around the world, news that a Chinese company with direct ties to the Communist Chinese Party is buying up land in Texas to erect a wind farm present as something we should pay attention to, and a

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Texas Congressman Wants to Prohibit China from Buying Up America

In a common sense move that should spark a deeper debate, US Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has proposed legislation to block members of the...

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Wall Street’s Single-Family Home Buying Spree Continues

Yet another deep-pocketed Wall Street investment firm has joined the stampede to buy single-family housing. The Blackstone Group...

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Why Are Blackrock, Wall Street Gobbling Up Houses?

Wall Street, including its 500 pound gorilla Blackrock, is engaged in a house-buying spree that is – as the cost of constructing a new...

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I bought a foreclosure in San Francisco. Here are six tough lessons I learned.

With the real estate market just now beginning to take a breather after a years-long sprint, it's a good time to remember that a decade ago the Bay Area was not immune to the foreclosure crisis facing the rest of the nation. After the financial collapse o

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$95,000 to Fix Up a Studio Apartment, but It Was All a Scam, Officials Say

Rents were jacked up on hundreds of New York City apartments in a kickback scheme, a lawsuit contends.

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Tiny Homes in This Palm Springs Community Start at $155K

Palm Canyon Mobile Club is a community of prefabricated tiny homes that takes the headache out of zoning and utility hookups for good.

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Real estate mogul taunts ex-wife with 12-metre photo of new one

By James BarronMarch 11, 2019 — 10.48amNew York: They measure 7.3 metres wide and 12.8 metres high, which makes them taller than a telephone pole but one metre

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The rules of estate sales

Estate sales are the ultimate tease. They show a little leg when the estate sale organizers start posting delectable photographs of the contents on the website weeks in advance.

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Owning your home doesn't make you rich. Owning somebody else's does - Los Angeles Times

In the United States more than almost anywhere else, wealth and income are concentrated among business owners and landlords. That club, blessed by capitalism, is becoming increasingly difficult to join.

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5 Best Actions to Increase Your Credit Score in 60 Days - HOMEiA

Learning how to improve your credit score? Poor credit can hurt you financially, but these 5 tips from HOMEiA may help you improve and maintain better credit.

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5 Steps to Buying a Single-Family Home to Rent Out | HOMEiA.com

Here are 5 key items that will help you find the right house to purchase for an additional income stream. Learn more about how to buy a single-family home to rent out.

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6 Steps for Doing Final Walkthrough when Selling Your House - HOMEiA

One thing that is often overlooked is the importance of the buyers’ final walkthrough. These 6 steps will help you over that last hurdle.

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Buy this $85M N.Y. condo and get a free trip to outer space

The swanky 45th floor condo in New York comes with a pair of Rolls-Royces and a lot more. For a mere $85 million, not only can you pick up a home with breathtaking views, but a yacht, a chef and butler for a year and, yes, a trip to outer space.

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4 Creative Ways You Can Become a Homeowner (Even If You Have Bad Credit)

Bad credit can happen to just about anyone for any number of reasons. However, it happens to most people due to mistakes made when they were …

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San Francisco street sells for $90K. Neighbors aren't happy

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — These days, the price of a San Francisco home can easily top a million dollars. But one savvy investor has bought up a whole street in the city's most exclusive neighborhood for a mere $90,000.

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The Psychology of Buying and Selling a House

How our emotions influence the homes we choose and the prices we pay

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Austin Powers-style Chicago condo untouched since the 1970s hits the market | Daily Mail Online

The penthouse, built in 1972, was first put up for sale in 2012 but only received moderate interest at the time. Its original wallpapers and furniture have now caught the eye of potential buyers.

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How a Realtor with a Snow Shovel Showed Me Exactly What Hustle Really Looks Like | Inc.com

When I was growing up, The Hustle was a dance made famous by Van McCoy. Today, hustle means a different kind of moving, as it relates to building your business. It means you are willing to do whatever you need in order to break through your barriers and make things happen.

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The World's Most Expensive Billionaire Homes

Billionaires have been trading multimillion-dollar real estate with tremendous zeal in recent years, slapping down record sums for trophy homes while quietly floating other properties in their portfolios through brokers in unofficial, off-market offerings

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Bunker-Like Underground Mansion Is One Way to Dodge Zoning Rules

Real estate developer and rugby team owner Steve O’Connor wanted to build a mega-mansion in the English countryside. The only problem: Local zoning codes wouldn’t allow a space as large as he envisioned to be built above-ground. So he went underground

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The $1 million parking spot may be just around the corner - MarketWatch

At least two new condominium developments in Manhattan are asking $1 million for a single parking spot.

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Be the Second Owner Ever of This Groovy Mid-Century Mod in Sherman Oaks - New to Market - Curbed LA

Hitting the market for the first time since being built in 1964 is this mid-century modern in the Royal Woods neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. While the five-bedroom, three-bath residence is...

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Where the Dude abides: Jeff Bridges' $30 million home, built by Kenny Loggins | Spaces - Yahoo Homes

From Yahoo Homes: In 1994, Kenny Loggins sold Bridges the Tuscan-style Montecito mansion that he'd helped design.

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Almost Every Inch of This Crazy House is Covered in Stones

This crazy house has a solarium built onto it, allowing the owner to sit and survey the neighborhood and all those curiously passing by. Photo: Edina Realty

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Amazing 'Spinning Home' Takes a Sad Turn

This was the dream of a New York commodities investor, Shiva Vencat, and with the help of inventor Patrick Marcilli it became his reality. "You leave your car in the sun, it becomes a furnace," Vencat told The New York Times. This spinning home

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The salary you have to earn to buy a home in 15 major US cities - Business Insider

The mortgage website HSH.com has updated its estimate of how much annual income a household would need to buy a home in major cities in the US according to first-quarter 2015 data.

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Mad Men Real Estate Update: Don Has a Crappy Broker - Flipped - Curbed National

Things are finally looking up for Don Draper's sick Upper East Side penthouse, no thanks to his real estate agent Melanie and her no-good attitude. We meet Melanie for...

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Guide to Selling Your Home for Maximum Value | Banking Sense

How well you prepare your home for the market can alter a buyer's perception and send the message that your home is well-maintained and ready for new owners.

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Just Starting in Real Estate? Barbara Corcoran’s Tips for | Connect.homes.com

Just Starting in Real Estate? Barbara Corcoran’s Tips for Success (2013-10-22 11:53:28): I’m asked all the time for advice about starting one’s own business, and when it comes to launching a real estate business, my ideas aren’t much different tha

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Top Apartments for Sale in Chennai

Checkout the best apartments in Chennai within your price you are looking. See floor plans, available types, nearby facilities and other specifications.

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21 Hot Housing Trends for 2015 | Realtor Magazine

This time of the year, we hear from just about every sector of the economy what’s expected to be popular in the coming year.

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The Real Values of 15 Movie Homes | Mental Floss

It’s hard to imagine Steve Martin grappling with his daughter’s extravagant wedding in a ranch house, the Tenenbaum family coping with their stressed relationships in a free-standing beach house, or Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak falling in love in a modern high rise.

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'Mad Men's' Kevin Rahm sells 1950s home in Studio City - LA Times

Actor Kevin Rahm has sold his house in Studio City for $900,000. Set on a cul-de-sac and surrounded by mature trees, the 1951 Traditional-style home features an open floor plan, two brick fireplaces, a formal dining room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The single-story house, with a porch-sheltered front door, retains a midcentury charm throughout its 1,521 square feet of living space.

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15 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

You may think you know the basics when it comes to getting your home ready to sell: remove any clutter or personal effects, fix what’s broken, and stage your rooms. But buyers are a fickle lot, and they can fall in — or out — of love with a home [..

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Real Estate in NYC: Do You Speak Gentrification?

I've remarked at how many people I overhear at open houses doing linguistic backflips in order to gather the crucial demographic info they need from a real estate agent while trying not to sound like a total xenophobic monster. It's a pretty amusing ...

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CrowdStreet grabs $800K for its real estate crowdfunding site | VentureBeat | News Briefs | by Kia Kokalitcheva

Crowdfunding has opened up new funding models for everything from hardware gadgets to philanthropy. So why not real estate?

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Chicago Named 'Big City Bargain' by Money Magazine

Chicago is one of the most affordable big cities in the country, Money magazine says.

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Live at the Old Playboy Mansion—For $3 Million

Condos don’t turn over every day at the storied seven-unit building, but this sublime ground floor space has outlived its usefulness to a family of six.

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NYC's smallest private plot of land isn't much bigger than a pizza slice

Tiny apartments are all the rage lately, but tiny real estate has always been a historically hilarious tradition. Case in point: Hess's Triangle, the smallest piece of private property in New York City. It's not too much bigger than the city's largest sli

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Hey, NYC and L.A., check out these $2,000 Chicago apartments

We're cluing our coast-dwelling friends into what Chicagoans already know: While our apartments aren't cheap, they're freakin' palaces compared to NYC and L.A.

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Living in a Mies van der Rohe Building Costs a Lot Less Than You’d Expect

Get a beautifully designed space for about $100,000 at Hyde Park's Promontory Apartments, the famed architect's first residential high-rise.

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Inside the Pink Palace of the Edgewater Beach Apartments

The Roaring 20s grandeur meets contemporary simplicity at the Edgewater Beach Apartments.

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Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller finally sells for $1M

After five years on the market, the house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off finally sells - for less than half its original asking price.

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Here's The Salary You Have To Earn To Buy A Home In These 12 Major US Cities

Ever wonder who exactly can afford to buy a home in the country's biggest cities? We take a look.

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VERY Trekked-Out Boca Raton Estate For Sale!

News - A 27,000 square-foot estate, which features plenty of Star Trek touches, is for sale in Boac Raton, Florida, and you won't believe the asking price!