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4 Houston Police Officers Fired Over Fatal Shooting Of Nicolas Chavez

"You don't get to shoot somebody 21 times," Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said of the deadly encounter in April. "I cannot defend that."

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Multiple boats sink during Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis

A parade for President Donald Trump gets dicey when multiple boats sink on Lake Travis. According to first responders, nobody was injured. At around 2:50 p. m. the TCSO confirmed via tweet that they had responded to multiple calls made about boats being i

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Austin Protesters Storm Police HQ, Haul Down American, Texas Flags. They Also Burned Them.

This incident happened in Austin, Texas Friday evening.

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Dallas Love Field removes Texas Ranger statue, citing racism concerns amid George Floyd anger

The city of Dallas on Thursday removed the statue of a Texas Ranger in the main hall at Dallas Love Field because of the conduct of the man celebrated by it.

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A Notorious Trailer Park Mogul Once Roasted by John Oliver Just Got Owned By His Tenants

What if tenants got together and bought their property back? That’s what happened at this trailer park in Texas.

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Masks, Gloves, Temperature Check: Texas Restaurant Opens Despite Order

On Friday evening, the 8731 Katy Freeway location of Federal American Grill in Houston, Texas, opened up its doors for in-dining room customers despite an ongoing order from state and local lawmakers to remain closed except for take-out. Owner Matt Brice

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Biden Leads in Tight Texas Race

View the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com.

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There’s a New Sheriff In Town—and He’s Wearing a Kippah

San Antonio sheriff’s deputy visibly displays his Judaism at graduation

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Armed churchgoer takes out shooter during deadly attack in Fort Worth, Texas

Shooting at church in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Democratic House candidate: Palestinians like African-Americans under Jim Crow

A Democrat running in Texas for the US House of Representatives next year has compared the situation of the Palestinians

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Texas Gov. Abbott opens homeless campsite on state land in fight with Austin | Fox News

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday he would create a temporary homeless campsite on state land in the capital city of Austin, after sparring with city officials over the clean up of camps throughout the city’s downtown area.

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Texas Republicans Hide From Saving Kids Like James Younger From Trans Insanity

Despite Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s assertion that “we won” on the bathroom bill, evidence grows that Republicans are failing in “social issues.”

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The real reason Amber Guyger was convicted

It’s the rare case of a police officer being held accountable for taking a black life. And it tells us a lot about juries.

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Ex-Dallas Officer Who Killed Man In His Own Apartment Is Found Guilty Of Murder

Amber Guyger, who is white, had testified that she entered Botham Jean's unit after a long day at work, thinking it was her own home and mistaking the 26-year-old black accountant for an intruder.

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Slow Cooker Spicy Brisket with Texas Caviar Recipe - Marcia Kiesel | Food & Wine

You've never had Texas brisket like this before, but it may change the way you enjoy it forever. More Brisket Dishes ...

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Joaquin Castro backfire: one business targeted by Texas Congressman is seeing booming sales

When Joaquin Castro tried to impact Trump donors at least one has seen a benefit in the end.

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Heroic Man Saves Children at Horrific El Paso Walmart Shooting

At least 18 people have been shot or injured inside a Walmart at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas.

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Austin Goes from Harmlessly Weird to Dangerously Stupid by Legalizing Camping on City Streets

Austin has long been the weird, liberal capital of Texas. The rest of Texas just sort of shrugs and puts up with it. Austin is quirky. Austin is odd. Austin lives in its own little world. Austin is also home to some of the best live music joints anywhere

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The Jewws - Heartbreaker (Full Album)

Remedial Records (1999) 1. Heartbreaker 00:00 2. Don't Try Me 01:40 3. The Shakes 03:33 4. Fast Cars, Fast Girls, Fast Food 04:41 5. Punk Rock Girls 06:43 6....

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The 25 Happiest Cities in America | Mental Floss

With high salaries, healthy environments, and more, these U.S. cities are home to a lot of happy citizens.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The 25 Happiest Cities in America | Mental Floss

With high salaries, healthy environments, and more, these U.S. cities are home to a lot of happy citizens.

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Lime just pulled its scooters out of Lubbock ahead of tonight’s NCAA game, in a maneuver that could usher in similar moves

Fans attending tonight’s NCAA Men’s National Championship basketball game between the University of Virginia and Texas Tech will have numerous ways to get back to their homes and hotels when one team or the other has won, but Lime -branded electric sc

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Consequences Of Anti-Semitism: University Of Texas Faculty No Longer Able To Use Airbnb On School Business

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro reported last November, home rental company Airbnb recently instituted a

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Houston Public Library Apologizes For Allowing Sex Offender To Read To Kids During ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

'We deeply regret this oversight'

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Days N' Daze - Rogue Taxidermy (Full Album)

Formed in 2008 in Houston by Whitney Flynn and Jesse Sendejas as a duo, Days N' Daze is a band from Houston performing a unique type of Folk Punk that they h...

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Days N Daze - Post Party Depression [Official Music Video]

Filmed by Jak Kerley/ShibbyPictures in Houston, TX on 1/1/16. From the album Rogue Taxidermy. https://daysndaze.bandcamp.com/album/rogue-taxidermy For more f...

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Days N Daze - Damaged Goods [Official Music Video]

Filmed by Jak Kerley/Shibby Pictures in Houston, Texas. For more visit www.shibbypictures.com or facebook.com/shibbypictures. From Days N Daze/Broken Bow/Bra...

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WATCH: This 'Beto For Texas' Flash Mob Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You'll See All Day

Beto O'Rourke may be running at least 7 points behind in his bid to unseat Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, but his legions of adoring fans are no less enthusiastic.

Politics | Election: 2020

Beto O'Rourke's Mother, Who He Says Is A 'Lifelong Republican,' Donated To Obama, Voted In 15 Of 17 Democratic Primaries

Rep. Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, a Texas Democrat running against Sen. Texas Cruz in this November's election, has a curious relationship with the truth.

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Alejandro Escovedo on what brought him back from the "depths of darkness" - CBS News

His new album, called "The Crossing," is an apt title for a man whose life has had many crossings of its own

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Austin, Texas, Considers Changing Its OWN NAME Amid Concerns About Confederate Monuments

A report from the city of Austin's Equity Office reportedly suggested that to scrub the Texas capital clean of any mention of the Confederacy or the practice of slavery, the city itself would need to change its name.

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Texas city to fly 40,000 flags on Independence Day | Fox News Video

Flags will be displayed in front of every home, business and place of worship in Irving; Nell Anne Hunt, founder of The Great Flag Caper, details the operation on 'Fox & Friends.'

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Texas Supreme Court strikes down Laredo's plastic bag ban, likely ending others

The state's highest civil court has ruled that Laredo's ban on plastic bags violates state law.

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Three More Border Patrol Agents Assaulted in South Texas

Illegal immigrants attempting to avoid capture assaulted three more Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents over the weekend. One of the incidents involved alleged drug smugglers.

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Austin Bombing Suspect Kills Himself In Explosion As Police Move In For Arrest

Police say they followed the suspect from a hotel and confronted him once he pulled over into a ditch. As Austin SWAT officers approached, the suspect detonated a bomb in his car.

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Holy Wave - Relax (Full Album)

http://holywave.bandcamp.com/ 00:00 - Do you feel it 3:34 - Psychological Thriller 6:13 - Night Tripper 11:15 - Sol Love 13:45 - Star Stamp 17:18 - Son of So...

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Israeli aid group rushes to help flooded Houston | The Times of Israel

IsraAID mission aims to help out with coordination of relief efforts in storm-battered city

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How Hurricane Harvey Became So Destructive

Scientists say the effects of Hurricane Harvey, which has been stalled over the Texas Gulf Coast since Friday and dumped more than 20 inches of rain in some areas, were worsened by a lethal confluence of meteorological events: warm water in the Gulf of Mexico that intensified the rainfall, and a lack of winds in the upper atmosphere that could have

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A Look At The Role Race Plays As West Dallas Gentrifies

West Dallas is a neighborhood in the early stages of gentrification. Low-income residents are being edged out — almost all of them are Latino or black.

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'I'm done': Fed up with California, some conservatives look to Texas

Fed up with life in liberal California, some conservatives want out. So they turned to Paul Chabot, a Republican who says he’s discovered the perfect place for them: Collin County in north Texas.

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Yacht Surfing - 2016 Boarders Big Boat Wakesurfing Invitational

Yacht surfing with some of the best wakesurfers in the world on the Brazos River in Waco, TX behind a 53' SeaRay! Song: Ballin' by Logic ft. Castro Surfers: ...

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Allah-Las - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Allah-Las performing live on the KEXP from Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin during SXSW 2013. Recorded March 13, 2013 Songs: Don'...

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Texas beats No. 10 Notre Dame 50-47 in 2OT thriller

Get a recap of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Texas Longhorns football game.

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How Do Texans Beat the Heat? With Water From Mexico

Bottles of fizzy Topo Chico are a favorite in restaurants, bars and stores, even though marketing is minimal.

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Sorry, Texas, but there's probably no way you can secede from the US

This debate was settled in the 1800s.

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People in the UK have been recreating the American Wild West for more than 30 years

Laredo, UK, is the only living, breathing Wild West town around. It was not created as a film set, but rather for people to live the experience and commit to the lifestyle.

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Erykah Badu and the Black Bikes Matter movement!

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Northern Iowa beats Texas on instant-classic half-court heave at buzzer | The Dagger - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Northern Iowa had only 2.7 seconds to try for the win and Paul Jesperson delivered an all-time great shot.

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Texas declares independence - Mar 02, 1836 - HISTORY.com

During the Texas Revolution, a convention of American Texans meets at Washington-on-the-Brazos and declares the independence of Texas from Mexico.

Miscellaneous | Random shit

“Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties”: Meet the looniest politician in Texas (and that’s saying something)

Bat-shit nuts candidates are everywhere in Texas -- and sometimes even win. This year, there's a special case

Politics | The circus we run our country with

For Cam Newton, Adding Super Tax Insult to Super Bowl Injury

He'll be paying about $101,000 of extra tax simply because the game took place in California.

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Charles Bradley - Why Is It So Hard (Live on KEXP)

Charles Bradley, backed by The Menahan Street Band, performs

Miscellaneous | Truth

Grand jury in Texas indicts activists behind Planned Parenthood videos | Fox News

A grand jury in Houston investigating undercover footage of Planned Parenthood allegations of misconduct instead indicted two anti-abortion activists who made videos of the organization on Monday.

Music | Music



Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Texas House Panel Approves Full Legalization Of Marijuana In 'Unprecedented' Move

A proposal which would make Texas the fifth state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana use was approved in a bipartisan House panel vote – with the bill’s author citing his Christian values as cause for his support.

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

15 Awesome Things That Are Only Found in Texas

Even in the information age, there are still a few things that are only found in Texas.

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Governor Abbott Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Governor Greg Abbott today met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Texas and Israel's historic bond and how he can further solidify their relationship.

Humor | Because we all need a laugh

Two Texans Roped Some Runaway Cows Then Gave the Most Texas Interview Imaginable | Michael Berry | KTRH

Read about Two Texans Roped Some Runaway Cows Then Gave the Most Texas Interview Imaginable | Michael Berry | KTRH

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Who wants to live in Texas? Literally everyone, studies say | All Ablog Austin

As the Lyle Lovett song goes: That's right, you're not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway. Even if we don't want you, you're still coming, apparently.

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

How Open Carry Forced Businesses In Texas To Take A Side In The Culture War - Texas Monthly

Open carry businesses or not, the new law has forced Texas to take a side.

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Texas Grocery Magnate Opposes School Choice, Supports Sanctuary Cities

Charles Butt, the Texas billionaire magnate behind the H-E-B supermarket chain which forbid the open carry of firearms law that went into effect January 1, 2016, opposes school choice, funds anti-school choice lobbyists, and is even credited for his role

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Gun-Friendly Texas Is Getting Even Friendlier

On Friday, a new law took effect that allows Texans with permits to carry concealed weapons to openly carry those weapons.

Politics | The circus we run our country with

Mary Blue Rogers: In Search of Blue Texas

A new book from Mary Beth Rogers hopes to show Texas Democrats a path out of the wilderness.

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Texas #snowpocolypse 2015 update

Much of the Texas panhandle is now under a Blizzard Warning which goes into effect Saturday evening at 6pm and continues until Noon on Monday.  Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Storm Watches are also in effect across across the region as confidence incr

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

Post-Christmas storm to slam central US with flooding, severe weather and snow

A major snow will cause travel disruptions and could threaten lives and property over the south-central United States during the days following Christmas.

Travel | The Republic - all things Texas

How Prepared Is Texas Law Enforcement For Open Carry? - Texas Monthly

The new open carry law goes into effect in 2016, and law enforcement is trying to meet the changes head-on.

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Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician

Tracklist : 01 - Sweat Loaf 00:00 02 - Graveyard 06:11 03 - Pittsburgh To Lebanon 08:40 04 - Weber 11:11 05 - HAY 11:49 06 - Human Cannonball 13:42 07 - U.S....

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Video | Inaugural Harvest Moon Paddlefest | SUP Magazine

A video recap of the Harvest Moon Paddlefest in Texas that included everything from SUP races to Samoan fire knife dances.

Science & Technology | Search Engine Optimization

Thrive, A Professional SEO Company Serving Mansfield, Texas

Thrive Internet Marketing is a SEO company in Mansfield, Texas that provides search engine optimization services to all sizes of businesses. Contact us for a free site evaluation.

Science & Technology | Search Engine Optimization

Thrive, A Professional SEO Company Serving Plano, Texas

Thrive Internet Marketing is a SEO company in Plano, Texas that provides search engine optimization services to all sizes of businesses. Contact us for a free site evaluation.

Science & Technology | Search Engine Optimization

Thrive, A Professional SEO Company Serving San Antonio, Texas

Thrive Internet Marketing is a SEO company in San Antonio, Texas that provides search engine optimization services to all sizes of businesses. Contact us for a free site evaluation.

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SUP ATX Wake SUP! Stand Up Paddle Wake Surfing with SUP ATX - Double Wake SUP Surfing

SUP ATX releases their Wake SUP Board line. Check out double boat wake surfing on SUP boards! Check out the article on how to double boat wake surf: http://b...

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Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura fight anniversary -- 13 things you should know

ESPN.com unearths little-known facts about one of baseball's most famous scuffles -- the Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura mismatch of Aug. 4, 1993.

Politics | Malfeasance

Garland Terrorist Bought Gun Under Obama’s Fast And Furious Program

Nadir Soofi, one of two Muslim terrorist killed attempting to slaughter attendees of a

News | The News

Texas Liberals Sign Petition to Remove 'Racist' George Washington Statue -

“It’s so bad….it’s like having a statue of Hitler” Liberals at the University of Texas signed a petition to remove a statue of George Washington and memorials to other founding fathers in another illustration of the politically correct insanity

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IsraAID sends team to Texas flood relief

Israel-based humanitarian relief agency has experience in US disaster relief from floods in Denver, Detroit; Hurricanes Sandy, Katrina; wild fires in Washington.

News | The News

ISIS claim responsibility for shooting at Texas Muhammad cartoon contest | Fox News

The Islamic State terror group Tuesday issued a claim of responsibility for Sunday's attack on a Texas cartoon contest featuring images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

News | Fun With Islam

Geller: Conversation on Freedom of Speech 'Morally Inverted' - Breitbart

Geller: Conversation on Freedom of Speech 'Morally Inverted'

Sports | Archived Articles

All five teams from state of Texas eliminated on first day of NCAA tournament

SMU and Baylor suffered stinging defeats while Texas, Stephen F. Austin and Texas Southern couldn't pull off upsets

News | Fun With Islam

Journalist Denied Entry Into 'Stand With The Prophet' Conference in Texas

Watch Jesse Watters, who paid for a ticket and was credentialed, try to get into the "Stand With the Prophet" rally in Garland, Texas.  They freaking simply wouldn't let him in. So Watters, doing what he does, interviewed all sorts...

Politics | Illegal Immigration

EXCLUSIVE: Breitbart Texas Verifies ISIS Border Threat With Leaked Doc

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Breitbart Texas has exclusively obtained a leaked document warning federal agents about an ISIS-related terrorism threat across the entire US-Mexico border. Though the document focuses on the Texas-Mexico border, Breitbart Texas has conf

Politics | Politics

Rick Perry booked by authorities, then goes for ice cream - The Washington Post

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), under indictment on two felony counts, was booked by authorities Tuesday afternoon, where he declared his innocence and vowed to fight the charges he faces.

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Phil Collins gives collection of Alamo artefacts to Texas

Musician described as 'true Texan' as museum welcomes 200 historic items amassed with trainspotter enthusiasm

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The Zakary Thaks-Live Video-1967, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Nine Song Set-Color With Sound (C) Cicadelic Records/The Zakary Thaks

Music | Music

The Zakary Thaks - Bad girl

The Zakary Thaks - Bad girl

Music | Music

The Zakary Thaks - I Need You

All tme killer garage legendary texas band Mercury - 1966