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The Japanese Abraham – Commentary Magazine

There’s a bestselling book by the psychologist Robert Cialdini titled Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. In one point in this largely non-Jewish book, we are shown a

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Jerusalem bridge displays Japanese flag in solidarity after assassination of ex-PM

'The city of Jerusalem sends its condolences to the Japanese people and mourns the death of a friend of Israel, a great leader of his people and the entire world,' mayor says

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PODCAST | As One Country Mourns Another Seeks to Reaffirm Its Control Over Government

As the people of Japan mourn the assassination of their former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, the people of the United States stand with them in prayer for their loss. And at the same time, a movement is growing in a very potent way; a movement that seeks to

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A Palestinian Celebration of ‘Empress of Terror’ Fusako Shigenobu

In 1969, members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group are pictured flaunting their weapons …

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Sunk: Why Japan Never Recovered from the Battle of Midway

Fortune granted the USA its favor at Midway, as Bismarck might have prophesied. But it was sound doctrine and strategy, entrepreneurship among naval aviators, and shrewd senior leadership that positioned the U.S. Pacific Fleet to harvest the opportunities

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Communist Chinese Officials Talk of Nuking Japan in Taking Taiwan

Existing in ground substantially beyond saber-rattling, China has threatened the use of nuclear weapons should the Japanese interfere in...

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Surfer Joe & Band - The Astronauts Medley live in Kyoto

Live at Modern Times in Kyoto, JapanSurfer Joe Japan TourRecorded on April 14th, 2018Surfer Joe / Lorenzo Valdambrini (guitar)Jonpaul Balak (bass)Vincent Min...

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PHOTO TOUR: I visited one of the coolest convenience stores in Japan - Insider

I visited Lawson in Tokyo, Japan, and it seems like Japanese convenience stores do everything better, from the food to the prices to the variety.

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Did Japan Just Beat the Virus Without Lockdowns Or Mass Testing? - Bloomberg

Japan’s state of emergency is set to end with new cases of the coronavirus dwindling to mere dozens. It got there despite largely ignoring the default playbook.

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Did Japan Just Beat the Virus Without Lockdowns Or Mass Testing?

Japan’s state of emergency is nearing its end with new cases of the coronavirus dwindling to mere dozens. It got there despite largely ignoring the default playbook.

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Lulufin the woo hoo 2018年4月12日 @難波Mele

2018年4月12日、難波Meleにて行われた 「Surfer Joe Japan Tour in Mele」 でのライブ

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LULUFIN THE WOO HOO - Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2018

LIVE Surfer Joe Summer Festival, June 22, 2018 ( Livorno )

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As Japan scouts for tech, interest in Israeli innovation is rising

Japanese manufacturing giants are looking to Israel for cutting-edge tech solutions, says Yoav Ramot of Million Steps, a firm that matches Israeli startups with these firms

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The story of this Japanese woman changed her country forever

This powerful woman became Japan’s first college-educated female and changed the lives of Japanese women forever, sacrificing her own happiness. Read on to find out more about this inspiring story.

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Japan Finds 'Semi-Infinite Supply' of Rare Earth Minerals in Its Territorial Waters

Contents: Japan finds 'semi-infinite supply' of rare earth minerals in its territorial waters; Japan's rare earths discovery represents a defeat for China - Japan | National Security

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What Uber's Crash Tells Us About Japan's Silent Strategy For Driverless Cars

Japan has been quietly rolling out and testing autonomous vehicles. The approach has been more subdued than their U.S. counterparts, but the technology is more advanced and closer to deployment than many industry watchers realize.

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Japanese volcano erupts, dozens of flights grounded | Fox News

A volcano in southern Japan that appeared in a James Bond film has erupted, shooting smoke and ash thousands of meters (feet) into the sky and grounding dozens of flights to and from a nearby airport.

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One of the most mysterious games ever made has suddenly returned from the void

I have never beaten Yume Nikki, but that was also sort of the point. I half-suspected that upon completion a candy-colored demon girl would reach out of my monitor and pull me into it. It’s a game about dreams that plays like one, with inscrutable puzzl

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Trump claims F-35s flew over Japan undetected: 'Pretty cool, right?'

US President Donald Trump thinks the F-35 fighter is "pretty cool," but he seems to be a bit confused over what the newest US warplanes have been up to in Japan.

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Scientists Measure Highest Radiation Levels Yet Inside Fukushima's Damaged Reactors

The latest measurements are over seven times the previously measured high—enough to fry a robot in two hours

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‘I Have No Choice but to Keep Looking’

Five years after the tsunami that killed tens of thousands in Japan, a husband still searches the sea for his wife, joined by a father hoping to find his daughter.

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'Pokémon Go' is making some Japanese priests nervous, but this rap song might help

As Pokemon Go hits Japan, parents worry about child safety, Shinto priests worry about playing in temples.

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Everyone Needs to Start Making Pancakes Like They Do in Japan!

Japan is doing something very, very right in the breakfast department. If you think our pancakes in America are to die for, you HAVE to see how these traditional Japanese hotcakes are made. Twice as thick, fluffy, and tall, these pancakes are everything..

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Japanese Burgers With Wasabi Ketchup Recipe

In 2011, Alex Witchel got this recipe from the chef Tadashi Ono, who made it for a pairing with rose Champagne, during an interview with the restaurateur Rita Jammet “The burger was its own eureka,” she wrote “Half beef, half pork, it stayed uncanni

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How to get a box of really cool Japanese snacks and toys delivered every month

There are some people who can spend an entire afternoon in a Japanese market, wandering through the aisles of green tea-flavored candy, rice crackers,  togarashi , flavored seaweed and salad Pretz. 

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Japan's cat island finds purr-fect solution to food crisis

An army of cats ruling a remote Japanese island are licking their whiskers after a plea for food aid triggered a flood of donations from across the country. More than 140 cats occupy the tiny island of Aoshima in southern Japan -- outnumbering humans by e

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Raccoon dogs are a thing and the Internet is freaking out

A raccoon dog photo was recently posted on the internet and now the world is obsessed.

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What travelers should know before visiting Japan

“In Japan, there are many rules, so don’t forget your manners when traveling there."

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United States crush Japan for first WWC title since 1999 - ESPN FC

Carli Lloyd scored a first-half hat trick as the United States crushed Japan for first their WWC title since 1999.

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Robot Vs. Samurai | Five amazing Challenges with Sword

Robotics engineers at the Yaskawa Electric Company in Japan have trained one of their Motorman industrial robots to use a Samurai sword. By studying the move...

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Shaving Dogs Into Cubes Is A New Japanese Craze And We Can't Stop Staring | MTV

Dog lovers in Japan have taken grooming to a whole new level of strange by styling their dogs into perfectly trimmed and symmetrical cubes.

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Explore the New Sawtelle Japantown

The newly named Japantown has cool shopping, great eats and a killer park nearby. It's just the kind of hip and happening hood that you'll enjoy exploring every bit as much as the kids.

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The Eshima Ohashi Bridge In Japan Looks Absolutely Terrifying

We've seen truly terrifying bridges before, but nothing quite as scary-looking as the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan. The bridge, which connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato, appears to go

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Robotic probe releases new video from Fukushima plant - CNN.com

A robotic probe into the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has retrieved crucial information on conditions inside the damaged reactor.

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In Japan, People Are Flipping Out Over The Flip-Phone: What's Old Is New Again

Everything that’s old is new again---and the flip-phone—the anti-smart phone & the Galapagos like replica of a time when Japan once dominated the world in mobile phones is making a comeback in this island country. For those of you who don&

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Born In 1898: World's Oldest Living Person Celebrates Birthday : NPR

Misao Okawa of Japan is now 117. She has reigned as the world's oldest living person since 2013, when Guinness World Records certified that she was 115.

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Japanese Army Uses 3,500 Tons Of Snow To Create Massive Star Wars Sculpture

Some dedicated Star Wars fans in Japan have just created what may be the most epic pieces of Star Wars art that I've ever seen. The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces' 11th Brigade used bulldozers to move 3,500 tons of snow into a pile that they then car

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85 Percent of Music Sales in Japan are CDs

It’s a well known fact that CD sales have been going down, and fast, for some time now. Ever since people got the internet in their homes and learned what it could do, the downfall of the physical disc has been on it’s way, whether it be by piracy or

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You can literally sit amongst the clouds at this Japanese resort - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, in the Yūfutsu District of Japan, is a multi-complex family resort that is open all year round. It is popular for its expansive slo