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On Israel and ‘Root Causes’

According to today's Hamasophiles, Gaza's leadership is justified in their terror attacks against Israel because "Zionists stole their land." Before that…

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There Is No Such Thing As 'Palestinians'

(This column is Part 1 of a series of articles explaining the fallacies that have led to the world’s leftists supporting Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas’ horrors)
The patterns of the anti-Semitic/Marxist/”...

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The essence of the Palestinian heritage

UNESCO's decision to declare Tel Jericho a 'heritage site in Palestine' contributes to a great lie and the erasure of Jewish history. Op Ed

News | Antisemitism Watch

Antisemitism is an ancient hatred, merely its expression changes

Motivations ranged from economic oppression to suspicions of Jewish thinkers, as well as psychological biases that fueled fear and xenophobia.


We must reassert Jewish ties to 'Palestinian' land

The most outrageous part of UNESCO’s designation is its collusion with Palestinian efforts to not only erase the city’s Jewish heritage but claim it as their own.

News | The UN

Israel Slams UNESCO Decision to Label Tel Jericho as ‘Palestinian Heritage Site’

Israel slammed the decision, which it said was made “despite the many and sincere efforts of the Secretary-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, to balance the decision."

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The Palm Frond and the Sword - Meir Y. Soloveichik

Striking archeological discoveries are a constant in Israel, but they can still occasionally inspire wonder. That is the case with the uncovering of a weapons

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Archaeologists find 'mystery' ducts near biblical Jerusalem relics

The channels may have been used to prepare a commodity "connected to the economy of the temple or palace", said archaeologist Yuval Gadot in the statement.

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Four 1,900-year-old Roman swords found in Judean Desert, likely from Bar Kochba revolt | The Times of Israel

Apparently stolen by Jewish rebels, the incredibly well-preserved weapons are 'an extremely rare find, the likes of which have never been found in Israel'

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Destroying Jewish History: Palestinian Authority building neighborhood on Joshua's Altar site

A construction vehicle was confiscated after an inspector found that the Palestinian Authority had begun paving roads on the ruins of the historic site.

News | The Temple Mount

Elder Of Ziyon - What is the Waqf doing on the Temple Mount? The Israel Antiquities Authority says it is "classified.”

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Settling every inch of the land in the historic Land of Israel

Any division between Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel is artificial and not reflective of history, justice, or truth.

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National Geographic Deprecates Jewish Theology and Ignores Archeological Fact

The article does not ignore Jewish claims to the Temple Mount, but it subtly denies their credence while privileging Muslim theology.

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20 Amazing Converts to Judaism You Should Know - Chabad.org

Throughout history the Jewish nation has been enriched by
converts—upstanding men and women who opted to enter the covenant and become
part of the Chosen Nation.

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Op-Ed: Funded by the EU, Palestinians Abuse the Environment and Erase Jewish History

By helping the Palestinians dilute Israeli sovereignty, the European Union is only creating further conflict.

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The Mystery Convert of Jerusalem

The Rabbinic Controversy of Warder Cresson's Circumcision.

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World Indigenous Day: Recognizing Jews' ties to the Land of Israel

It is crucial that we have a deep understanding of our own identity so that we can proudly declare, “I am a Jew, and I am indigenous to the Land of Israel.”

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Israel: Who Are the Indigenous People?

The Land of Israel has changed hands many times over the centuries. But it has always been the homeland of one particular people. Noa Tishby, author of…

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Don't let the Palestinians erase the Jewish history of Israel

Joshua’s battle over Jericho is ancient history but there is an important battle to fight today – combating the replacement of Jewish history by the Palestinian narrative in UNESCO

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The colourful Twitter history of Palestine

A look at the Twitter history of Palestine. And how across social media a lack of real evidence led to a colourful (but very fake) creation

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American Archeologists Unearth New Mosaic From 1,600 Year Old Synagogue In Israel

Excavations reveal mosaic artwork near the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq, in the Israeli Lower Galilee, led by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Click the link for more details.

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'Exodus' immigrant's diary shows hardships of post-Shoah refugees

Miriam Sternberg Wechsler was 19 when she boarded the ship alone.

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The Chassidic Member of Parliament Who Stood Up to the Soviets

When the Sixth Rebbe was arrested, Latvian MP Mordechai Dubin took action

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Why the Palestinian authority hates archaeologists

Those pesky archaologists keep turning up proof that Jews lived in Israel in ancient times, but have found nothing on 'Palestinians.' Op-ed.

Politics | Judea & Samaria

Palestinians Build A Mosque, Destroying An Ancient Jewish Fortress In Samaria

Over the weekend, the Palestinian Authority buried the ancient Hasmonean fortress "Tel Aroma" under thousands of tons of dirt and destroyed many antiquities.

News | The Temple Mount

Abbas’ risible Temple denial Is no laughing matter

The specious claim that the Temple Mount is exclusively a Muslim holy site and the spurious denial that the Jewish Temple stood there is yet another example of Jew-hatred by the PA and Hamas. Op-ed.

News | The Temple Mount

Will Israel Retake the Temple Mount? | Jerusalem Day Special

Purchase the “75 Hebrew Words You Should Know” book here: https://cutt.ly/W6uq8UG\Watch the moment when one of the Israeli soldiers who fought for Jerusalem ...

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Why Are There So Many Kosher Chinese Restaurants?

Here’s what we know: Jews eat Chinese food. North American Jews did so in the early 20th century, when Ashkenazi ...

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Ancient ruins obliterated: PA Arabs pave road over First Temple relics, burial caves

Sebastia National Park in Samaria once again targeted by those seeking to deny ancient Jewish presence in Israel.

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15 Facts About the Jews of Greece

Descendants of the first established Greek Jewish Community are known as Romaniotes. They were joined by Ladino-speaking Sephardim.

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First Came the Zionists, THEN Came the Palestinians...

The Palestinians like to tell everyone they lived in "Palestine" since dinosaur times then the bad Zionists came from Europe and displaced them. This is a ve...

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What Is the Authentic Ancient Hebrew Alphabet? - Ketav Ivri vs. Ketav Ashurit

I recently read about some ancient writings that were in a
script called Proto-Hebrew, which the Jews supposedly used to write in before
the current Hebrew script.

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No! The Jews were not 'living happily' in Arab lands

Those that say Jews used to live in harmony in Arab lands are rewriting history and denying a brutal persecution that went on for centuries.

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HRC Op-Ed In The Hill Times: History Doesn’t Support Giving Israel An ‘Occupier’ Label

HRC’s Op-Ed entitled: “History Doesn’t Support Giving Israel An ‘Occupier’ Label” was published in The Hill Times on Wednesday, January 25,

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Are Jews Indigenous to the Land of Israel? Yes.

Discover the archaeology, genealogy, and history that supports Jewish claim as the indigenous peoples of Israel.

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From the River to the Sea, Palestine is already free

‘Palestine’ derives from ‘Israel’, and has nothing to do with the word ‘Philistine.’ Debunking a myth. Op-ed.

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Jerusalem's Jewish majority has been restored after 100 years

Jerusalem has been the center of Jewish national and spiritual existence since time immemorial.

Politics | Debunking Lies

The Israeli-Palestinian fight for Jerusalem's history continues

What is going on here is not so much a battle over Jerusalem’s history as much as a battle over historical narratives.

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Even the PLO knows the Jews are indigenous to Israel

PLO knew they could not erase history, so they chose instead to rewrite history.

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New exhibit on DP camps showcases ‘extraordinary energy’ of the Jewish people

“You see this extraordinary power of their will to live, to create a future for their children and themselves that is connected to their heritage to their traditions,” said Jonathan Brent, YIVO CEO and executive director, of the exhibit at United Nations

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Researchers verify written records of biblical King David found off Dead Sea coast

The Mesha Stele, a basalt stone slab discovered in 1868 east of the Dead Sea that has provided historians the largest source of the Moabite language to date - Click the link for more details.

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Jewish Soldiers Helped Liberate Palestine From the Ottoman Empire

Tombstones in the Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv. Photo: Ovedc via Wikicommons. A recent article from National Library of Israel …

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Israel at 75: The ancient love story between the Jewish people and their homeland

History has not always been kind to the Jewish people, but the ongoing Israel adventure feels downright miraculous, writes Gil Troy

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Discovery on Par with Qumran Scrolls: King Hezekiah’s Inscriptions

The discovery presents a breakthrough in the study of the history of Israel in the biblical period.

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Chilling, newly discovered photos show Nazi Kristallnacht up close

Yad Vashem says images are first to show pogrom from indoor vantage point; indicate German public was aware and that violence was coordinated by authorities

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The Not-So-Dead Sea Scrolls

How the Dead Sea Scrolls, considered by many to be the most significant archaeological discovery of the 20th century, speak to Jews in the 21st century.

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The Temple Mount: The Astonishing Israeli Concession of 1967

In a triumphant moment, Israel’s flag was hoisted over the newly conquered Temple Mount—then quickly taken down.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

It Is NOT Israel Independence Day But Israel REESTABLISHMENT Day

Israel did not become independent from anyone. Jews waited for the British to leave

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

As Palestinians Destroy Jewish Holy Sites, Media Focus On Fake ‘Attacks’ on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian rioters this week twice damaged Joseph's Tomb, a Jewish holy site under Palestinian Authority control.

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20 years before the Holocaust, pogroms killed 100,000 Jews - then were forgotten

'In the Midst of Civilized Europe' by Jeffrey Veidlinger revisits the brutal violence in 1918-1921 that portended a genocide of Europe's Jews, and was soon overshadowed by it

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Jews in the Wild West

10 surprising facts about Jews in the American Frontier.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Last Known Survivor of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Leon Kopelman, Dies at 97

A Polish soldier lays a wreath during the commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, amid the …

Miscellaneous | Chabad

11 Russian Chassidic Songs That Uplift the Soul and Enliven the Spirit - Jewish History

Russian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian peasants
were a source for beloved songs, sometimes with Hebrew or Yiddish added.

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The Jews who fought back during the Holocaust

Our communal sense of history and peoplehood give us the strength to continue while our enemies fall by the wayside. Op-ed.

Miscellaneous | Chanukah

Why Insist on Depicting a Straight-Branched Menorah? - Questions & Answers

Despite the depiction of the Temple menorah on the Arch of Titus, Chabad makes a point of depicting the menorah with straight, diagonal branches. Why?

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Modern Maccabees: Scope of Jewish resistance to Nazis highly underestimated

Display at London’s Wiener Holocaust Library from December 8 reveals often underestimate rescue efforts and armed uprisings, as Jews fought back against their persecutors

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Special vessels show Jewish continuity in Israel after Roman destruction

The use of chalkstones vessels did not stop with the destruction of city in the second century CE as previously thought, but continued in the Galilee for at least two more centuries.

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It’s Time to Recognize the Contribution of the Jewish Resistance to the Rescue of the Jews of France

Léon Blum, the Jewish socialist politician who served as Prime Minister of France, led the efforts of the “Vichy 80” …

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When George Washington Met Moses

Scholars of religious freedom have called Washington’s letter to Moses Seixas and the congregation a milestone in human rights. For the first time, members of religious minorities were granted full partnership in the nation they inhabited as a matter of p

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Why Seth Rogen’s Anti-Israel Rant Matters

Seth Rogan told Marc Maron that support for Israel is outdated thinking. His opinion rests on a deep ignorance of the history of Israel and the Jewish people.

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How Two-and-a-Half Tribes Ended Up East of the Jordan - Jewish History

Learn how Moses gave the land east of the Jordan to Reuben, Gad, and half of Manassah, on one condition.

Miscellaneous | Chabad

The Coin Toss Was Not Random - Jewish History

While he was talking,
the future rebbe took out a coin and began to flip it up into the air

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Steve Kramer - Will Jewish History Repeat Itself?

Steve Kramer – Will Jewish History Repeat Itself? The Torah portion (parsha) for the week of June 13, Shelach lecha (Go up there), is well known to contain “the sin of the spies.” Moses had ordered leaders from each of the twelve tribes of Israe

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Holy Jewish site of Esther and Mordechai set ablaze in Iran - reports - The Jerusalem Post

'Disturbing reports from Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight,' ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted.

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Jewish History: Who Was Amram?

Amram, son of Kehot, led the Jewish people in
Egypt and fathered three of the greatest leaders in Jewish history.


The Lesson Of Chanukah Is Deeply Relevant In 2019. Here’s Why.

The Jewish holiday of Chanukah — that’s properly spelled “Chanukah” and not “Hanukkah,” by the way — began last evening. At some point over the past century, as American Jewry grew in both rank and number and as a politically

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Historian: New evidence shows FDR's bigotry derailed many Holocaust rescue plans

In his book about Franklin Roosevelt and the Holocaust, Rafael Medoff finds links between the US president's anti-Japanese stances and his policies against Jews fleeing Hitler

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A Young Girl's Yom Kippur Under Nazi Rule - Contemporary Voices

Slowly the shelter came to life. My mother got up and prepared breakfast—a few crackers with some jam we still had left. But neither my two sisters nor my mother touched the food . . .

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Milano Comes Under Fire After Comparing Pence to Himmler

Actress Alyssa Milano came under fire on Sunday after comparing Vice President Mike Pence to the architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, with side-by-side pictures on Twitter.

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Concentration Camps? Stop Hijacking Jewish History | The Jerusalem post

US media has now joined the debate about concentration camps.

Politics | The "Squad"

Fake history: Rashida Tlaib’s grotesque distortion of the making of Israel

Everyone’s heard of Holocaust denial, but there’s a ­related phenomenon, Holocaust distortion, that ­involves taking undue credit for rescuing Jews, claims often made by nations that played a role …

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Elder Of Ziyon: Vile: US Rep @RashidaTlaib pretends Palestinians helped Jews after the Holocaust

This is unreal.

History | Archeology

2000 Year Old Jewish Settlement Unearthed in Beer Sheva | The Jewish Press | 28 Adar II

The excavation discovered for the first time evidence of Jewish daily life in the ancient city.

History | Archeology

Recently uncovered Jewish Revolt coin shows rebels aware of impending disaster

Minted on the eve of the destruction of the Second Temple, coin discovered in City of David excavations reads, 'For the Redemption of Zion'

History | Archeology

Archeology is changing the (sur)face of Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post

Archaeology provides the most powerful proof of the authenticity of Jewish history and the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and particularly, Jerusalem.

History | Archeology

ToI asks the experts: What are the most important finds of Israeli archaeology? | The Times of Israel

From Dead Sea Scrolls to space-age tech, the dramatic history of the ever-developing field is indelibly entwined with that of the nation itself

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Notre Dame’s Surprising Jewish Treasures

The destroyed cathedral still retains priceless art depicting Jewish heritage in France.

History | History

Who Are the Israelites?

For all practical purposes, Israelite is synonymous with Jew or Hebrew.

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Arabs are torch-bearers for Nazi anti-Semitism | JNS.org

The myth of the Arabs as innocent bystanders, who had no responsibility for the Holocaust—and indeed, paid the price for a European crime when Israel was established—is widely believed.

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The Jewish History of the Tower of London - Jerusalem Post

Site acted as both haven and prison for medieval community members.

History | History

FDR wanted Jews ‘spread thin’ and kept out of U.S., documents reveal

New documents revealed by the FDR library shows the president's secret plans to resettle Jews out of Europe.

History | HISTORY

Why this Holocaust survivor still wears his concentration camp uniform | New York Post

Ed Mosberg’s hands stay steady as he slips into the striped cotton jacket and matching cap — an outfit identical to one he was issued 75 years ago, as a...

History | History

When a Jewish man was lynched for murdering a little girl, the Klan was reborn

On Thanksgiving night in 1915, Joseph Simmons and 15 men gathered at the peak of Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, Georgia. Their faces lit by a flaming cross, they declared that the Ku Klux Klan was…

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Passed over by Nazis and Communists, remnants of Ukraine's last shtetl prepare to celebrate | The Times of Israel

Numbering just 50 today, the Jews of Bershad have managed to protect their 200-year-old clay synagogue through successive despotic regimes

History | History

The Holocaust's Great Escape | History | Smithsonian

A remarkable discovery in Lithuania brings a legendary tale of survival back to life

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Jewish Actor Dustin Hoffman Weeps After Discovering Great-Grandmother Escaped Soviet Concentration Camp (VIDEO) | Jewish

Famed actor Dustin Hoffman was reduced to tears on Tuesday after learning that his great-grandmother had escaped a Soviet concentration camp before starting a life for herself in America, People magazine reported. The Oscar-winning star, who is Jewish,

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Correcting Mistakes About Hanukkah - The Michael Medved Show

Despite extensive media coverage and rising levels of public partying, the holiday of Hanukkah still causes confusion among both Jewish and non-Jewish Amer

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Morocco’s Rich Jewish History Analogue | Nurit Greenger | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

One of the miracles of the nation of Israel is that Jews from all over the world, with different......

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Auschwitz prisoner No. A7733 finally finds his family - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews

Jewish Scene: Menachem Bodner, a twin survivor of the Mengele experiments, lost his entire family when he was just a little boy. He is still searching for his twin brother, but recently found his first cousins in California thanks to a persistent genealo

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Iron gate bearing Nazis' 'Work sets you free' slogan stolen from former Dachau concentration camp in Germany

Security guards at the site, near Munich, discovered that the gate, measuring 75 by 37 inches and bearing the words 'Arbeit macht frei' was missing yesterday morning.

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Clinging to Judaism: Centuries after Mallorca was declared Jew-free, some still struggle to remain connected

PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain – Sixty-five year old Miguel Sigura held the prayer book in his hands with the care of a child. Reading the Grace After Meals from the transliterated Hebrew, he stumbled on some of the words and the unfamiliar Hebrew sounds but he was not to be deterred.

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20 Photos That Change The Holocaust Narrative | Pop Chassid

It's time that we looked at the Holocaust differently. Here are twenty pictures to help us do just that.