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Gaza: Truths Behind All the Lies

“Occupied Gaza.” Prior to October 7, there were roughly two million Arab citizens of Israel but no Jewish citizens in Gaza. Gazans in 2006 voted in Hamas to…

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The Fraudulent Case Against ‘Violent Settlers’

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Israel’s counterclaim against South Africa - and its claims against UNRWA and Iran

South Africa brazenly brought an absurd case before the ICJ while the sordid role of UNRWA in this horrible tragedy also puts into question South Africa’s continued commitment to funding UNRWA - a group which can now be considered a terrorist organization

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Israel's Righteous Response to the 'Genocide' Charge

A courtroom drama may not seem too exciting to Israelis right now, considering the fact that they’re at war. But there is nonetheless something cinematic

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What You Need to Know About Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Joel Pollak provides a quick run-down of the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has erupted into a full-scale war in Gaza.

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Five lies US young adults tell themselves about Israel

Here are five misconceptions held by some American young adults that a survey revealed and the necessary information to set the record straight.

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The Deadly Palestinian Public Relations Scam That Dupes the Left

Top O’ the Briefing
Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Klebwinz was slow to admit that Beverly Hills wasn’t a good target market for his Cheetos-encrusted bacon balls ven...

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Is Israel Really an ‘Apartheid State’?

As pro-Palestinian demonstrations take place on campuses all across the nation, the idea is persistent and pervasive: yes, the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 were terrible, but Israel had it coming because i...

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There Is No Such Thing As 'Palestinians'

(This column is Part 1 of a series of articles explaining the fallacies that have led to the world’s leftists supporting Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas’ horrors)
The patterns of the anti-Semitic/Marxist/”...

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I Have a Right to Live in Judea and Samaria

Israeli ‘settlers’ should not have to justify their existence

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When a Congresswoman's Apology Isn't Really an Apology at All

Jayapal's non-apology apology gives us a great insight into the "progressive" mindset of the Democrat's extremist left wing.

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Challenging the false anti-Israel narrative with facts

They demonise Jews for telling the truth while they spread fake narratives. This is our history. We must defend it or it will be stolen away.

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The Truth About Israel

Interestingly, VICE News shows concern for the civilians on only one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wouldn't a true humanitarian be equally worrie...

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Learn the facts: Countering the sham Amnesty Report with truth

Spencer’s, The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the ME Peace Process counters the sham Amnesty Report with truth. Op-ed.