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I Have a Right to Live in Judea and Samaria

Israeli ‘settlers’ should not have to justify their existence

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When a Congresswoman's Apology Isn't Really an Apology at All

Jayapal's non-apology apology gives us a great insight into the "progressive" mindset of the Democrat's extremist left wing.

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Challenging the false anti-Israel narrative with facts

They demonise Jews for telling the truth while they spread fake narratives. This is our history. We must defend it or it will be stolen away.

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The Truth About Israel

Interestingly, VICE News shows concern for the civilians on only one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wouldn't a true humanitarian be equally worrie...

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Learn the facts: Countering the sham Amnesty Report with truth

Spencer’s, The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the ME Peace Process counters the sham Amnesty Report with truth. Op-ed.