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Last Updated: February, 2023 The IDF’s Humanitarian Aid Through the Years

The IDF values human life and helps those in need, regardless of their location. No matter the disaster, time and time again these humanitarian missions have been carried out quickly and effectively, saving thousands of lives. Over the years, the IDF sent 31 humanitarian missions around the world.

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'I want progressives in the US to understand that the Palestinians are oppressed by Palestinians'

  With the enormous media pressure facing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government over the proposed judicial reform, new Public Diplomacy

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Hezbollah blinding Israeli drivers, pedestrians nightly with lasers

The cross-border harassment aimed at Metullah residents has been going on for weeks.

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Israel a world leader in volunteering, ahead of the US, Switzerland, study finds

The ultra-Orthodox sector, in particular, reports the highest volunteering rate, with as many as 60% engaging in such activity on a regular basis.

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Poll: Israelis remain proud of identity, youth identify more as right-wing

The survey found a shift to the political right among younger Israelis.

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82% of Israelis believe diaspora Jews should make aliyah

Israelis perceive antisemitism as a worse threat, as 82% believe that the safest place for Jews is Israel in today’s climate.

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“Temple Mount Crisis” Awash with Misinformation

In the Middle East, the culture and language of power, honor, self-confidence, and resilience are concepts that Israel's adversaries and new regional allies understand. - “Temple Mount Crisis” Awash with Misinformation

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Where are the Gulf's tourists? Israel's hopes fall short

  When Israel struck an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to open diplomatic ties in 2020, it brought an

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Young Palestinian Arab terrorists are not innocent children

In America, minors who commit heinous crimes are tried as adults, Israel should not be criticized for doing the same.

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Mossad reveals how Syrian intelligence tracked down Israeli spy Eli Cohen

  Israel sought to lay to rest on Monday a decades-old debate about one of its most famous spies, Eli Cohen,

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The Mossad's Top 10 Operations | Honest Reporting

From capturing Eichmann to rescuing Ethiopian Jews, a guide to the top 10 operations undertaken by Israel's notorious spy agency, the Mossad.


Jewish UFC Fighter to Kanye West: ‘If You’ve Got a Problem with Me or My People, Come See Me, Bro’

Following his Saturday night victory against Genaro Valdez at UFC Orlando, Jewish Israeli UFC lightweight Natan Levy slammed rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West’s recent antisemitic rants, stating, “If you’ve got a problem with me or my people, come see me

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Elder Of Ziyon - Palestinian news site extols bomb attacks against Jewish civilians over the past decade

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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One day’s headlines reveal the entire Israeli-Arab conflict

You can only live in the Middle East if you accept reality.

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The Gat Brothers - The Sound Of Silence

מופע התנדבות - מתוך המשדר "לתת" - ערב ראש השנה התשע"ה

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‘The New York Times’ demonstrates why Israelis have turned right

Israel doesn’t control Gaza, but the “paper of record” claimed it does for purposes of defamation.

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Israel Votes 2022: Turnout as of 12 p.m. highest since 1999

Nearly 30 percent of some 6,788,804 eligible voters had cast a ballot in elections for the 25th Knesset, according to the Israeli Central Elections Committee.

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Yom Kippur War: Why Israelis haven't made fictional films about it

Why have Israel's most successful filmmakers, all of whom have made serious (anti-)war films, not made fictional accounts of the Yom Kippur War?

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The numbers are in: What’s in store for Israel’s population?

According to the nation’s bureau of statistics, Israel currently has 9,593,000 residents, with that number expected to cross 10 million at the end of 2024 and 15 million at the end of 2048.

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Israel's 'Peace Partner' Is Slaughtering Israelis

These two bodies [Palestinian Authority (PA) and its ruling faction, Fatah] are headed by one man: Mahmoud Abbas, who has zero compunction about his loyalists murdering and wounding Israelis. On the contrary, he encourages it and pays generously for it

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'She was out shopping for the Rosh Hashanah when she was murdered' | Israel National News

Victim was out shopping for Rosh Hashanah when terrorist beat her to death with a metal pipe. 'She was going to have the whole family over.'

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The latest BBC reporting on the Munich Olympics terror attack

All but one of five BBC radio and written reports relating to the Munich Olympics massacre carefully avoided the words terror and terrorist.

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Online Platform Could Face Lawsuit for Selling Video Game That Lets You Slaughter Israelis

The online gaming platform Steam could be taken to court for its refusal to take off the market a video game that allows players to slaughter Israeli soldiers and perform acts of terrorism, an international legal group told the Washington Free Beacon.

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Identifying with the invisible residents of southern Israel

The government in Jerusalem constantly calls for unity. What might help in this virtually impossible endeavor would be a heavy dose of empathy for those bearing the brunt of the enemy’s will—and repeated attempts—to annihilate the entire Jewish state.

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Biden needs to share intel, get out of the way and let Israel end Iran nuclear threat

President Biden’s private meeting Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid will likely become one of the most consequential conversations of his presidency. The president should use his time in Israel to chart a coordinated course to destroy or sev

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Israelis or Palestinians: Who’s More Tolerant?

According to the left, “oppressor Israel” bad; “oppressed Palestinians” good. So you would expect, under this formula, that the Palestinians would be very…

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The Israeli Moment

If anyone is going derail the Islamic Republic’s regional ambitions, Israel is really the only local counterweight that counts.

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As Israelis, we should march proudly in our capital

  Someone has to stop the insanity. Just like every other capital around the world, Jerusalem hosts mass marches. Of

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Spanish Advocacy Group Weighs Legal Steps After Violent Attack on Visiting Israeli Basketball Fans

Basketball Champions League Final 4, MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg vs. Hapoel Holon. Photo: IMAGO/Pressefoto Baumann via Reuters Connect A pro-Israel advocacy …

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why are Israelis So Happy?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why are Israelis So Happy? It’s been a rough week for Israel with several terrorist attacks – similar to many such in the past. All the more reason to ask a seemingly perplexing question: why does Israel continually sco

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Elder Of Ziyon - How to Survive in the Middle East (Vic Rosenthal)

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Ukraine Trusts in Israeli Mediation, Denies Bennett Advised Caving to Russia

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett attends a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, November 21, 2021. Photo: Abir Sultan Pool via REUTERS …

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Israeli Humor Kicks Into Survival Mode When Crises - And Rockets - Hit

Israeli comedians hold nothing sacred to keep the laughter going amid an unprecedented wave of civil unrest and rocket barrages.

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New Zealand Soccer Team Bans National Flags After Israeli Player Celebrates Goal With Shema Prayer, Israeli Flag

Israeli soccer player Tomer Hemed saying the Shema prayer after scoring a goal for Wellington Phoenix. Photo: Screenshot. Israeli soccer …

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Voices From Israel: Bruria Efune, a Mother of Four From Be’er Sheva

‘Your heart is racing, but you need to show your kids that you’re calm. . . ’

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Cobra Kai and the Jewish State

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Haredi paratroopers drill home raid in Yiddish

An all-Haredi company in the IDF Paratroops Brigade has conducted several drills recently, after a deployment to the Syrian

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UNPACKED – Who Are Israelis, Really?

UNPACKED – Who Are Israelis, Really? What you may not know about the vibrant society that makes up Israel is that day to day life in Israel is so much more than the narrow keyhole view that much of the world understands! Israel is a democratic state

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'What Am I, A Goat?' Gal Gadot Teaches Viewers Hebrew Slang

Gal Gadot appears in Vanity Fair's latest episode of Slang School where she breaks down some hilarious terms commonly used by Israelis.

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In historic first, Israel Air Force flies above Dachau camp in Germany

A joint drill by the Israeli and German air forces on Tuesday included a historic flyover above the Dachau concentration

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Secular Jews are starting to understand the haredi Orthodox — thanks to Israeli television

Cracks in the secular-religious divide have begun to appear, and I believe much of the credit for the happy fissure belongs to Israeli television, writes Rabbi Avi Shafran.

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What Israel can teach the world about beating a pandemic

Instead of falling victim to the Covid-19 crisis, Israel faced it head on. Now as corona wanes in Israel, we look back on how it achieved victory over this first outbreak with relatively few deaths.

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Dear Europe – the Israelis are not your Jews

It is revealing how they address their complaints against Israel, doing so in terms of “punishment,” as to a misbehaving child. Opinion.

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Israeli Sovereignty, Not Appeasement, Is the Key to Lasting Peace

It is long past time for Israel to apply sovereignty to large swaths of Judea and Samaria.

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Israelis Adjust To New Normal With Creativity, Digitization, And Cautious Optimism

In Israel, one of the first countries to lock down and then reopen, there is a common desire for a familiar routine.

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For first time, Israelis recovered from coronavirus outnumber those still sick

Over half of the 15,782 people diagnosed with COVID-19 have regained their health; death toll climbs to 212, including Bnei Brak rabbi; condition of girl, 11, improves

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Hamas Arrests Palestinians in Gaza for Zoom Video Chat With Israelis

Palestinian police officers loyal to Hamas march during a graduation ceremony in Gaza City, April 29, 2019. Photo: Reuters / …

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Elder Of Ziyon - An Israeli Arab, and proud to be a Zionist

From Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Israel Arabic" Facebook page:

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Israeli Orthodox Jewish Female Runner Wins Miami Half Marathon, Her First US Race

Beatie Deutsch, center, receiving her first place award after the Life Time Miami Half Marathon. Photo: Facebook. Beatie Deutsch, an …

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Israelis Are Under Attack, Media Is MIA

  Israelis have just suffered at least three terror attacks in under 24 hours. Details are still coming in, but here's what we know so far: In the

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UNPACKED - Why Do Israelis Love EDM?

UNPACKED – Why Do Israelis Love EDM? In this final episode of Israel Phenomenology, Chloé takes another look at Israel’s music scene and asks why Israelis are so hardcore about electronic dance music (EDM). With its repetitive beat, it can seem l

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Steve Kramer - Who Are the (Jewish) Israelis

Steve Kramer – Who Are the (Jewish) Israelis There is concern today by many in Israel that some Israelis are unappreciative of their Jewish heritage. Author and journalist Shmuel Rosner has challenged this by suggesting a new paradigm for most of us

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Should American Jews Speak Hebrew? – Tablet Magazine

Before 1948, David Ben-Gurion used to joke about Zionism’s future: How will we know when we have become a real country like the rest of the world? When Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew—and Hebrew-speaking policeme

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Man Allegedly Flashes Female Jogger. She's A Former Israeli Soldier. Then This Happens. | Daily Wire

Last Thursday morning, a single mother of two was jogging along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was allegedly flashed twice by a man running the other way, who didn’t know one crucial fact about the 6’1” woman:

She was a former soldie

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel June 2 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 2 2019 The highlights include: Israelis are testing a new treatment for incurable blood cancer. Surgeons at an Israeli NGO have saved their 5,000th non-Israeli child. Jews in Hebron hosted an Iftar feast fo

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Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda

Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda h/t Israelfirst Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda; Two young Israeli female students Selda Edris and Mayes Morad build purification device for

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BBC Erases Non-Israeli Jews from Entebbe Hostages | HonestReporting

The BBC's story of the Entebbe crisis counts 94 Israelis, erasing the non-Israeli Jews also held hostage. Rather than correct, the BBC doubles down.

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18 Little-Known, Amazing Things About Israel As It Turns 71!

From the largest dog cemetery to kosher stamps, we rounded up some more obscure but fascinating facts about the country ahead of Independence Day

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Taking Care Of Business: Essential Tips On How Best To Work With Israelis | Technology News

Organizational consultant Osnat Lautman wrote the book on Israel's unique business culture and how to navigate it.

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Here’s why, despite it all, Israelis live longer

An average lifespan of 82.5 puts Israel in the top 10 countries for longevity -- ahead of the US, with its 78.7 years

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Israelis Stand in Silence to Remember Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism

An IDF soldier and a friend stand still as a one-minute siren marking Memorial Day is sounded across Israel, at …

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Arabs Throw Stones at Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Murdered Boys

According to multiple reports, Arabs stoned the IDF ambulance that was carrying the bodies of the murdered Israeli teenagers. The ambulance was forced to stop, its windshield shattered. According to The Algemeiner: