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What Can the Hebrew Word for “Parenting” Teach You?

The Latin word parente, the origin of the English word parent, means to bring forth, to give birth, or to produce, highlighting the physical role parents play in the creation of a child.

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What Is the Authentic Ancient Hebrew Alphabet? - Ketav Ivri vs. Ketav Ashurit

I recently read about some ancient writings that were in a
script called Proto-Hebrew, which the Jews supposedly used to write in before
the current Hebrew script.

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7 best ways to learn Hebrew

Want to start learning Hebrew? Find out what are the most efficient ways to learn Hebrew, plus - seven of the best ways to get started!

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Shelly Schreter – How Hebrew Interacts with Other Languages

Shelly Schreter – How Hebrew Interacts with Other Languages Like every other living language, Hebrew contains many foreign words and expressions. My purpose here is to collate some of these “imports”, for our amusement and interest, and to refle

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‘Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land’ - Meir Y. Soloveichik, Commentary Magazine

On July 4, 1976, in honor of the bicentennial and during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Philadelphia, the government of Great Britain decided to present a

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Israel TV broadcasts clip of John Lennon singing 'Oath to Jerusalem' in Hebrew

On 40th anniversary of his murder, journalist and songwriter Akiva Nof recalls interviewing Beatle in Amsterdam, teaching him words to his song about never abandoning the holy city

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'What Am I, A Goat?' Gal Gadot Teaches Viewers Hebrew Slang

Gal Gadot appears in Vanity Fair's latest episode of Slang School where she breaks down some hilarious terms commonly used by Israelis.

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Earliest known stone carving of Hebrew word 'Jerusalem' found near city entrance

Unearthed in what was an artisan’s village 2.5 km from ancient Temple, inscribed column from 100 BCE features Aramaic, Hebrew, two of the languages used by Jerusalemites of the era

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Steinsaltz Biography of the Rebbe a Hebrew-Language Best-Seller

The Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem, the umbrella institution for the activities of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz), is a hub of publishing and disseminating Torah in multiple languages, especially Hebrew and English.

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UNPACKED - The History & Revival of the Hebrew Language

UNPACKED – The History & Revival of the Hebrew Language This week, we’re looking at the revival of the Hebrew language. While the Bible and some religious texts were written in ancient Hebrew, it hadn’t been spoken in daily life for centuries. I

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Should American Jews Speak Hebrew? – Tablet Magazine

Before 1948, David Ben-Gurion used to joke about Zionism’s future: How will we know when we have become a real country like the rest of the world? When Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew—and Hebrew-speaking policeme

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Archaeologists unearth 2000-year-old Hebrew 'Jerusalem' inscription - Jerusalem Post

The find is the first written evidence of the name "Jerusalem" found on a column drum dating from the Herodian period.

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How do you say fake news in Hebrew? - Israel News

Academy of the Hebrew Language also gives officials translations for driverless cars and chocolate truffles.

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Israeli diplomat kicked out of Uber after speaking Hebrew: 'Can't believe this is happening in America' - Chicago Tribune

An Israeli diplomat took to social media to report that an Uber driver kicked him out of a vehicle in the middle of a busy Chicago street after hearing him speak Hebrew on the phone.

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What Does “Oy Vey” Mean? - Questions & Answers

Oy and vey are two very old Jewish interjections which both mean “woe.” Oy is found many times in the Bible (see Numbers 21:29, I Samuel 4:7 and Isaiah 3:11 for a few examples). Vey is newer than oy; it is oy’s Aramaic equivalent..