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Wikipedia Editors Deliberately Distorted Holocaust Articles

For over a decade, a group of nefarious editors has been distorting Holocaust entries.

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Discover the Magic of Living in Israel: Exploring Its Rich History, Vibrant Culture, and Deep Connections to Nature and Religion

Steve Ornstein – Why Live In Israel? Living in Israel is a unique and special experience that cannot be compared to living anywhere else in the world. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, there is something truly magical

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20 fascinating photos of Merseyside markets through the decades

These photos capture stallholders and shoppers at various Merseyside markets between 1958 and 1988

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The Last WWII Veteran on Active Duty Served for Nearly 55 Years After the War

Dr. Earl Russell Fox spent most of his life in and around the military. The son of an Army officer, he was born in an Army hospital in 1919. He joined the Navy during World War II, stayed in the Naval Reserve after the war and then joined the Coast Guard -- at 55 years old.

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The Jewish History of Baileys | The Nosher

As it turns out, Baileys Irish Cream liqueur does not have deep roots in Ireland, but was actually invented by a South African Jew.

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Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence

Abstract. The high case-fatality rate—especially among young adults—during the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic is incompletely understood. Although late deaths sho

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Explore Israel: A Unique Blend of History, Culture & Natural Beauty

Explore Israel: A Unique Blend of History, Culture & Natural Beauty Israel is a country that offers a unique and exciting travel experience. With its rich history, beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and vibrant culture, it is no wonder that Israel i

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These Seven 19th Century Jewish Inventors Changed Your Life

And there’s a reason why you probably haven’t heard of them.

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Traute Lafrenz Page, member of White Rose anti-Nazi resistance dies at 103.

She helped print and distribute leaflets warning of the Nazis' genocidal plans.

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Precise characterization of a corridor-shaped structure in Khufu’s Pyramid by observation of cosmic-ray muons - Nature Communications

Khufu’s Pyramid is one of the largest archaeological monuments in the world, and still contains unexplored voids. Here, the authors use cosmic-ray muon radiography in multiple positions to precisely characterize one of these inner structures called the

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MIT-educated Rep. Thomas Massie vs. John Kerry on climate change

MIT-educated Rep. Thomas Massie asking. John Kerry about CO2 levels in the past.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Intifada Intel: What the IDF Knew in July 2000 (Judean Rose)

In which the common myth that Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount provoked the Second Intifada, is busted

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Vintage Drive-In Intermission

A fun-tastic 10-minute long Vintage Intermission sequence! Featuring the dancing ice creams, hot dog gymnastics and a juggling bag of popcorn!!!!!

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Why that Ohio town is named 'East Palestine'

Towns such as East Palestine, Ohio, were established by 19th-century religious Christian settlers; they chose those names to express their spiritual attachment to the land and people of the Bible, not today's Palestinian Arabs.

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George Washington and the Jews | My Jewish Learning

Washington's famous letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport.

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Was George Washington Really Offered a Chance to Be King of the U.S.? | HowStuffWorks

How close did America come to having a monarchy? HowStuffWorks finds out whether George Washington could have been King of the U.S.

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15 Facts About the Jews of Greece

Descendants of the first established Greek Jewish Community are known as Romaniotes. They were joined by Ladino-speaking Sephardim.

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Just where on earth was 'Palestine'?

Exposing the media myth: Palestine - a land of authentic 'splendour' filled with indigenous Palestinians. Or was it? Have a read inside.

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Shiloh Musings: Book Review: Deceit of an Ally, by Bruce Brill

Israel, Zionism, Judaism, politics, Shiloh, Judea, Samaria, Jewish rights, settlement, peace, sovereignty, Bible, Tanach, History, archaeology.

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The Perils of Historical Ignorance › American Greatness

A while back, I came across an interesting, and disturbing, article written by the personal physician to the late David McCullough, a noted historian and author. The article was entitled…

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History’s Last Battleship vs. Battleship Battle Was Truly Epic

Surigao Strait would prove to be a bit of sweet revenge for the USN battleship community, as five of Oldendorf’s six battleships employed in the engagement had been sunk or damaged during the Pearl Harbor raid and subsequently raised or rebuilt.

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Open letter to Joe Rogan on antisemitic tropes

Please consider this letter in the spirit it is written—as the correction your guests should have made.

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The Constitution: The Civil Rights Amendments | PragerU

After the Civil War ended in 1865, Americans began the business of reconstructing their country, and along with it, their Constitution. Kurt Lash, Professor…

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27 Untold Facts about the Declaration of Independence

The declaration of independence is a document that changed the course of U.S history forever. In the year 1776, the continental congress declared the independence of 13 US countries from Great Britain. Here are 27 facts about the declaration of independen

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A Letter to Volodymyr Zelenskyy the President of Ukraine from a Jew - NewsBlaze News

A letter to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, master of public relations, Churchill for your country, a true patriot from a Jewess, daughter of Holocaust survivors.

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Burns’ CIA resumes war on Israel

The current director, Bill Burns, a longtime employee of the State Department, brought his ill-informed and destructive views to the CIA.

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Here's What We Know About Lockheed Martin's Mysterious SR-72

In 2013, Lockheed Martin announced development of the the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.

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Bob Born, Jewish maker of Peeps marshmallow candies, dies at 98 | The Times of Israel

Son Ross hails father as 'real mensch' and innovator who sped up marshmallow production process, created Hot Tamales from misshapen Mike and Ikes

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P-51 Mustang: The World War II Fighter That Changed Everything - 19FortyFive

During the Second World War, P-51 Mustang pilots shot down a total of 4,950 enemy aircraft while more than 250 pilots achieved “ace” status. 

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No! The Jews were not 'living happily' in Arab lands

Those that say Jews used to live in harmony in Arab lands are rewriting history and denying a brutal persecution that went on for centuries.

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Treasured artifact from 2,800 years ago reveals written references to the biblical King David

Researchers have confirmed that a stone artifact from more than 2,800 years ago has written references to King David in the Bible. The Mesha Stele, also known as the Moabite Stone, dates back to approximately 840 BC. The 3-foot tall stone slab of black ba

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AJC survey: Half of Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust

Those with more years of school tend to know more about the Shoah.

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Are Jews Indigenous to the Land of Israel? Yes.

Discover the archaeology, genealogy, and history that supports Jewish claim as the indigenous peoples of Israel.

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The Palestinian myth explained and analyzed

Are Palestinian historical claims to the geography a lie? Read and decide for yourself. Opinion.

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80 years later the echo of Wannsee persists

Today's Iranian regime is pursuing the project begun by Hitler, declaring plans to wipe Israel off the map and even adopting the phrase 'the final solution'

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Meet the F6F Hellcat: One of the Best Fighter Planes of World War II

It was the F6F Hellcat fighter plane that finally gave U.S. Navy aviators the upper hand against Imperial Japan's Zeros.

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In memory of World War II veteran Lester Tanner: 'We are all Jewish'

World War II veteran Lester Tanner passed away last week at age 99 — and during his funeral, an American flag was given to his family in his honor. Here's his story.

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From the River to the Sea, Palestine is already free

‘Palestine’ derives from ‘Israel’, and has nothing to do with the word ‘Philistine.’ Debunking a myth. Op-ed.

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Jerusalem's Jewish majority has been restored after 100 years

Jerusalem has been the center of Jewish national and spiritual existence since time immemorial.

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The Israeli-Palestinian fight for Jerusalem's history continues

What is going on here is not so much a battle over Jerusalem’s history as much as a battle over historical narratives.

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Supermarine Spitfire: I Sat in One of the Best World War II Fighters

Of all the fighter planes in the illustrious history of Great Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF), there is little doubt that the WWII-era Supermarine Spitfire is the most famous of the bunch

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Why and when were the Palestinian people invented?

Why and when were the Palestinian people invented? We answer this question using mostly Arab sources and lots of maps. Please like and subscribe. This helps ...

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New exhibit on DP camps showcases ‘extraordinary energy’ of the Jewish people

“You see this extraordinary power of their will to live, to create a future for their children and themselves that is connected to their heritage to their traditions,” said Jonathan Brent, YIVO CEO and executive director, of the exhibit at United Nations

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Jewish Soldiers Helped Liberate Palestine From the Ottoman Empire

Tombstones in the Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv. Photo: Ovedc via Wikicommons. A recent article from National Library of Israel …

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Israel at 75: The ancient love story between the Jewish people and their homeland

History has not always been kind to the Jewish people, but the ongoing Israel adventure feels downright miraculous, writes Gil Troy

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'The great unpunishment': How, why so many Holocaust perpetrators got away with it

Fewer than 600 of those who enacted the Holocaust received heavy sentences after WWII. David Wilkinson's docu explores how the mass of Nazi criminals, collaborators escaped justice

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Podcast: 'Antisemitism is now a form of entertainment - and that's new'

Kanye West and Dave Chappelle are not isolated incidents of 'performative' Jew-hatred, says Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld, head of IU's Center for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism

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U.S. Military Begins Multi-Million Project Renaming Army Bases, Navy Ships Linked To Confederacy

The Department of Defense said last week that Pentagon officials began working on renaming military infrastructure tied to the Confederate States of America by the start of 2024.

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Eileen Sheridan - Wonder Wheels -

Wonder Wheels is the autobiography of British cyclist Eileen Sheridan. Originally published in 1956, it was republished in 2009 by Mercian Manuals. Eileen Sheridan was a female cyclist who turned professional in the 1950s and successfully broke all 21 lon

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Our Current House Fight Doesn't Hold a Candle to the 1855-56 Speaker Vote

 As I’m writing this, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) just lost his eighth vote to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming speaker of the House. For all of the weeping and gnashing of teeth, the whole situation is kind of funny — as long as your name isn’t Kevin McCarthy.

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Long Beach’s Site of 1938 National Surfing Championship Nominated as California Historic Point

From Save Our Heritage Now – Jan-Feb 2023 Newsletter The nonprofit Sea of Clouds (a San Diego preservation group) together with Surfrider Foundation, Long Beach Chapter, have nominated Long B…

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When Howard Hughes Helped the CIA on a Top-Secret Mission

In 1968, when the CIA needed help with an audacious Cold War operation, officials decided that eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes would be the perfect man for the job.

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The Mossad's Top 10 Operations | Honest Reporting

From capturing Eichmann to rescuing Ethiopian Jews, a guide to the top 10 operations undertaken by Israel's notorious spy agency, the Mossad.

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The Spiteful Was Better Than the Spitfire, But Even That Wasn't Good Enough

The Supermarine Spiteful was fast, but it arrived too late for World War II.

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A Brief History of "Auld Lang Syne"

"Auld Lang Syne" is the song that makes you cry, even though you don’t understand it and know almost none of the words.

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The 4 Bloodiest US Civil War Battles

General Grant’s campaign in Virginia included four Civil War battles, which he called, “no advantage gained to compensate for the heavy losses.”

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Israel War of Independence veterans protest 'defamatory' Netflix movie

Five ex-soldiers demand streaming service immediately remove film depicting them and their comrades killing Palestinian children and babies in cold blood

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5 Lesser-Known Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some were well-known, but many others were not. Who were these other men, and why were they important?

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Making sense of the great Mizrahi exodus

The history and memory of the Jews expelled from Arab countries has been suppressed in order to demonize Zionism.

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Canceling History Doesn’t Erase It Or Change It

Having just finished yet another Christmas holiday it goes without saying that as we went about our festivities, a large part of those festivities; those celebrations and remembrances, were recollections of the past and people who have gone before us. Whi

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Challenging the false anti-Israel narrative with facts

They demonise Jews for telling the truth while they spread fake narratives. This is our history. We must defend it or it will be stolen away.

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A Photo Worth a Thousand Years - A Chanukah Message

Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson is the rabbi of Beit Baruch and executive director of Chabad of Belgravia, London, where he lives with his wife, Chana, and children.

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Discovery on Par with Qumran Scrolls: King Hezekiah’s Inscriptions

The discovery presents a breakthrough in the study of the history of Israel in the biblical period.

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RFK Jr: ‘CIA’s Murder of My Uncle Was a Successful Coup D’état From Which Our Democracy Has Never Recovered’

We have seen the CIA meddling worldwide, and the Russian Collusion hoax. It’s not inconceivable that the CIA would have had a hand in taking out a president.

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Ungrateful France's 'national narrative' ignores the Jews

France has had Jews for over 2,000 years, and their contributions to the economy, politics, culture and science cannot be denied. But the journalist and blogger Veronique Chemla notes that Judaism and the Jews are virtually absent from the “national narra

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Proof of biblical kings of Israel, Judah deciphered on rock inscriptions

Detailed inscriptions of 8th-century BCE Judean King Hezekiah discovered in ‘monumental’ archaeological discovery.

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The Evil of Holocaust Denial | PragerU

Why would anyone deny the single most documented genocide in history? This week, Dennis responds to strong opposition he received from his recent column, If…

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A detailed account of the restoration of B-26 Marauder ‘Flak-Bait’, the Only US warplane to Survive 200 Bombing Missions

A detailed account of the restoration of B-26 Marauder ‘Flak-Bait’, the Only US warplane to Survive 200 Bombing Missions during World War II

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The secret JFK assassination files are finally here

President Biden on Thursday authorized most of the remaining records to be released.

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Japan’s Zero: The Absolute Best Fighter Plane Of WWII?

Today, there are fewer than twenty surviving Zeros in the world and only a handful in factory original condition.

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December 7, 1941: Recalling the Heroes of the 'Day of Infamy'

Wednesday will be a day of remembrance at Pearl Harbor but without a single, USS Arizona survivor.

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Katie Couric Wasn't the First: FDR, Truman and the Jews

Couric joins a growing list of authors who have altered the unflattering words of individuals whom they admire, in order to shield them from embarrassment.

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Franklin Roosevelt: The Great Depression | PragerU

To rescue America from the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to steer the country on a new economic course. He called his plan the New…

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Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate

A review of recent scholarship on the shaping of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of the Holocaust

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Top Christmas Toys From The 1960s & 1970s!

The holiday season is usually when we reflect back on the year and think about everything we experienced. It's also a time when we think back to our childho...

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When the Great Smog Descended on London in 1952

Heavy fogs have long been a part of life in London. But the darkness that enveloped the city on December 5, 1952 wasn’t your typical pea-souper.

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Islamist Terror; Journalistic Error

In a valuable new book, historian Richard Landes argues that Western reporting on the Second Palestinian Intifada helped to seed a misunderstanding of terrorism.

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On this day in history, Dec. 2, 1823, President Monroe touts doctrine defending Western Hemisphere

President James Monroe issue the Monroe Doctrine, a muscular defense of American interests in the Western Hemisphere, on this day in history, Dec. 2, 1823.

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The Temple Mount: Whose Is It?

Palestinian Arab terror groups charged that the Jewish presence on the Mount was improper, infringed upon Arab Muslim right, had to cease.

History | History

I Was Robbed of 70% of the Land of Israel

This is the kind of information that most people simply don't know and those that do, are too dishonest to discuss it. It is important for you to read and then share it out. It's time to reclaim the n

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The Failed British Double-Cross of Israel

Heretofore overlooked British General Staff documents demonstrate that the oft-marginalized Lehi leader Avraham ‘Yair’ Stern’s assessment of British intentions toward Mandate Palestine was correct

History | History

Israel: What happened to the 1947 UN Partition Plan?

How the Palestinians rejected sovereignty, part 2: The UN partition plan

History | History

The whole truth about Ukraine’s past matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

History | History

5 Best Aircraft Carriers of World War II

The Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942 served to prove that the age of the aircraft carrier had truly arrived, changing everything.

Politics | Opinion

Israel does not need anyone’s permission to exist

We must hold our heads up high and say ‘hinenu,’ we are here.

History | History

When Did The Civil War End? Inside The Complicated History Of The Conflict’s Conclusion

Though Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, the Civil War officially ended on August 20, 1866.

Visual Arts | Art

7 Pieces of Art That Were Lost to History

Plenty of famous art has been looted, stolen, destroyed, or has otherwise disappeared over the centuries.

History | History

Eyewitness Stories To The First Thanksgiving From The OG Pilgrims

These accounts of the first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation in 1621 are, according to Pilgrim Hall Museum, the only two available primary sources about the event. Thanks to the “Brief History of Power” podcast for the source material. Listen to last ye

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Dennis Prager: The Quintessential American Holiday

Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday. It's not a Jewish holiday. It's the quintessential American holiday where people of every race, creed, color, and…

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The Surprisingly Strange History of Thanksgiving (and Other Turkey Day Trivia)

Dig into this collection of fascinating Thanksgiving reads while you’re waiting for dinner to cook.

Politics | "Apartheid" State?

The history of apartheid proves Israel is not an apartheid state

The apartheid defamation is another example of antisemitic demonization.

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Apple silicon supports the ancient Intel 8080 through a secret extension | TechSpot

Apple revealed its first custom processor, the Apple M1, during an event in November 2020. The chip was met with high praise for cramming loads of power...

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Remembering the Supermarine Spitfire, An Iconic Fighter Plane of World War II

'Spit' pilots flew their first combat missions over Dunkirk during the Battle of France

History | History

12 Memorable Facts About the S.S. 'Edmund Fitzgerald'

More than 40 years after the most famous ship in Great Lakes history vanished during a storm, the cause is still a mystery.

History | History

Chilling, newly discovered photos show Nazi Kristallnacht up close

Yad Vashem says images are first to show pogrom from indoor vantage point; indicate German public was aware and that violence was coordinated by authorities

History | History

The Letter That Helped Start a Revolution

The Town of Boston’s invention of the standing committee 250 years ago provided a means for building consensus during America’s nascent independence movement.

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13 Surprising Facts About Old Hollywood

Behind all that Old Hollywood glamour are plenty of feuds, some probably illegal child labor practices, and tons of asbestos.

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Adidas ignored hate in pursuit of profit. 76 years later, it needed a second lesson

The sportswear giant only acted against Kanye west after its stock price plummeted by 15 percent in five days, says Daniel Sugarman

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PODCAST | Tempting War Through A Failure To Acknowledge History

If we are guilty of at least one thing in our fast-paced, self-indulgent society it is this. We consistently fail to learn the lessons that an adequate knowledge of contemporary history affords. As the Biden administration - and even former-CIA director a

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The largest naval battle of WWII began 78 years ago today

On October 23, 1944, the largest naval battle of World War II began in the Leyte Gulf off the coast of the Philippines.

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Missing The Lessons Of History

There is a lot of truth in the adage, “history repeats itself.” Even a pedestrian student of history understands that if we ignore the important moments of history – if we ignore the lessons of history, we both hobble ourselves to being able to capi

History | History

Artist Colorizes Old Photos, And They Might Change The Way You Perceive History

To give you a better idea of reality back in the day, we want to show you some works of Sebastien de Oliveira. He is an illustrator and a photographer who colorizes old photos, giving them more life.

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Totalitarianism: Can It Happen in America?

What does totalitarianism look like? In the 20th century, it took the form of secret police violently silencing anyone who spoke out against the government.…

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10 'Unsolved' Mysteries That Have Been Solved

Was Anna Anderson really Anastasia Romanov? Does the Bermuda Triangle really exist? Wonder no more: We have the answers to these and other formerly unsolved mysteries.

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Blue State Blues: Why Trump Has Survived the Nixon Strategy

A new series by "Red Pilled America" finds parallels in the media's strategy against Trump: it's the anti-Nixon playbook, with a twist or two.

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Biden Administration’s Manipulated Energy Policy Demonstrates Ignorance of History

Consumed, as they have been, with the work of pushing revisionist woke ideology in the schools, it seems the Left missed the lesson that those who don’t know…

History | History

The Untold Truth Of Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers is one of the most acclaimed TV series of all time. Here are some things about the WW2 drama that you might not have known.

History | History

Medieval Sieges: Hollywood vs. Reality (6 Examples)

Here are 6 differences between the reality of medieval sieges and how Hollywood depicts them.

History | History

13 Facts About Lady Jane Grey, England’s Unlucky Nine Days’ Queen

Lady Jane Grey is seen as an innocent victim of Tudor Dynasty politics, and her rightfulness to the crown is debated to this day.

History | HISTORY

PBS Holocaust documentary perpetuates well-worn myths to glorify FDR, says historian

Streaming this week, historian Rafael Medoff says 'The U.S. and the Holocaust' misrepresents President Roosevelt’s actions leading up to and during the genocide

Politics | POLITICS

The Constitution: The Limited Powers of Congress | PragerU

The Framers of the United States Constitution wanted to give more power to the people and less power to the government. This was a radical new idea, and it…

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Historian: Ken Burns Holocaust Documentary on PBS Whitewashes FDR

Holocaust scholar Rafael Medoff says Ken Burns's new documentary, "The U.S. and the Holocaust," whitewashes FDR's record on saving Jews.

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1954 Shelby Model 52a CWC made Ballooner Tank Bicycle | Bicycle, Classic bikes, Retro bicycle

Mar 15, 2020 - This 1954 Shelby 52a Deluxe Ballooner Bicycle has beautiful Style, lots of Chrome, and all The Deluxe Features. The 52a was Shelby's Top of The Line Postwar Ballooner Bicycle and was Designed to Go head to head with and rival Sales awa

History | History

6 Key Figures From the Wars of the Roses

The 15th century Wars of the Roses were a series of brutal and deadly battles. Find out which events shaped Britain’s bloodiest civil conflict.

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7 Best Vintage Road Bikes Spotted At Eroica Britannia | Our favourite retro steel rides

In September, senior tech writer Simon Smythe took part in a taster event for the Eroica Britannia ride at the Goodwood Revival Festival where only only pre-...

Sports | Cycling

Six Reasons Why Vintage Road Bikes Are Better Than Modern Road Bikes

Yeah, you're all about your modern, ultralight, plastic bike aren't you? Well, listen up, bub. There are plenty of things about vintage road bikes that are s...

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Gene Krupa 3/5/1972 Vibrations - Interview & Biography

You can find me on Facebook at:http://facebook.com/drumuitarMy original Gene Krupa site is at:http://drummerman.netAny monetary donations would be appreciate...

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What Happened on 9/11 | PragerU

9/11 shocked America and changed the course of modern history. Everyone knows what happened on that day…right? The truth is, many young people don’t, but…

History | History

An Execution And An Exile: What Happened To King Charles I And King Charles II?

The new British monarch bears the name of a predecessor who was executed and another who was exiled.

History | History

In Protecting The KGB, Gorbachev Laid The Foundation For Putin’s Gangster-State

Gorbachev has died, but the KGB that he nurtured and protected lives on under an ungrateful Vladimir Putin.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: How Old Bad Ideas Become Wonderful

There is no end of history. Instead, civilization is a constant fight to embrace what has worked for the common good through the ages—and to reject what in the…

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1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling

100+ miles through the hills of Northumberland back in 1960 in cotton trousers, shorts in some cases, wooly jumpers and for the most part no hats or gloves.T...

Sports | Cycling

REACTING to OLD CYCLING RACE footage from 1965!

Drop a LIKE and enjoy! Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the regular videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your le...

Sports | Cycling

Magic of the Bicycle (1965)

Historical profile of the development of the first bicycles beginning in the 1800s--various bicycle models shown; high-wheeler, bike without peddles, etc.--f...

History | History

6 Valuable Shipwrecks Still Waiting to Be Found

These mysterious undersea sites might contain millions (or billions) in lost treasure.

History | History

Writing the Constitution: Miracle in Philadelphia

Spring 1787. The American revolution had been won, but no one seemed to know how to govern the new nation. There was no chief executive, no agreement taxes,…