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London Police: ‘From River to Sea’ Projected on Big Ben ‘Not Criminal Offense’

London’s Metropolitan Police Department is aware that “from the river to the sea” ...

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Biden gambles with Israeli security

Opinion: Biden and his colleagues are first and foremost politicians, not strategists, with the primary objective of getting reelected; to that end, they are willing to pay in Israeli security currency

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‘Never Again’ Is Right Now - The Messenger

This must be a moment of reckoning for the many spaces that allowed antisemitism to fester and percolate

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The brutal truth about 'Never Again'

Don’t be fooled by the temporary Israel-Hamas ceasefire

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Holocaust survivor's Beverly Hills home vandalized amid spike in reported antisemitism

An antisemitic message was sprayed on the back of a Holocaust survivor's apartment complex.

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Israel: The Memory-Holed Massacre

One month on, the Hamas atrocities of 7 October are already being denied, obfuscated and forgotten.

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Joshua Namm: Would They Tear Down Anne Frank Too?

Never again is now.

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‘We Don’t Want Zionists Here’: Brooklyn Jews Steel Themselves for Pro-Hamas Protest on Saturday

Jews in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn are being advised to take extra precautions as the New York City borough prepares for a pro-Hamas demonstration on Saturday. The demonstration will take place as Orthodox Jews, who compose up to 25 percent of

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Rather than protecting Jews, authorities are telling us to hide -- again

Lawyer Gerard Filitti holds a press conference announcing that Jewish students at Cooper Union who were hiding in a library during a pro-Palestine protest will file a lawsuit against the school.

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When We Said “Never Again,” We Meant It

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When We Said “Never Again,” We Meant It
Posted on October 21, 2023 by Victor Rosenthal
My heart is breaking. What I surmised yesterday, but was afraid to write has turned out to be true. I have never wanted to be wrong more than I do this morning. But I can’t pretend that “it will be OK,” as Israelis like to say.