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It’s time for American Jews to toughen up

We must teach our children to defend themselves by themselves.

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Israeli banks freeze accounts after US sanctions over ‘settler violence’

Under President Joe Biden's executive order, U.S. individuals and companies are barred from providing any assets or services to Yinon Levi, David Chisdai, Einan Tanjil and Shalom Zicherman.

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The Best Response to Antisemitism

An open letter to an American Jewish college student.

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If Your Synagogue Is A Temple To Leftism, It’s Time To Go

<p>College campuses across the country were erupting in Jew-hating outbursts, and parents were rightly worried about their Jewish college-aged kids caught up in the frenzy of hate. On Facebook, a group called Mothers Against College Antisemitism (M.A.C.A.

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Pride And Anxiety: 23 American Jews on choosing to wear their Jewishness

American Jews talk about wearing their Jewishness, as a response to rising anti-Semitism.