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Joe Biden collides with flagpole and leaves stage without Brazilian president in gaffe filled incident

The 46th President joined Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to talk about workers' rights

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Biden's Jewish Again. What Will He Become Next?

It’s simple: if this shockingly corrupt ward-heeler thinks that your briefcase contains enough cash or votes, Joe Biden will take on your own nationality, too.

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Fact Check of WH Excuse for Biden Not Visiting NYC on 9/11 Makes Him Look so Much Worse

 As RedState noted earlier, the Biden White House raised eyebrows Monday with a pretty incredible excuse for why Joe Biden was opting to spend September 11th in Alaska instead of New York City, the latter of which was the site of the 9/11/01 attacks on the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center and which is where presidents have typically commemorated the anniversary until now.

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Biden skips 9/11 commemorations because the White House thinks it's 'old news', Steve Doocy reports

 President Joe Biden will be spending today in Alaska to run a victory lap over his administration's decision to shut down drilling in large swaths of the oil-rich state.

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Biden Backdoors Israel in the U.N., Rescinding Trump’s Recognition of Sovereignty over the Golan

In a move from the Obama playbook, the U.S. is advancing a stealth agenda in the Middle East at the expense of its allies

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Victor Davis Hanson: What the Left Did to Our Country

In the last 20 years, the Left has boasted that it has gained control of most of America institutions of power and influence—the corporate boardroom, media…

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An Iran disaster of Biden's own making

Princeton University’s announcement that it has hired President Joe Biden’s senior Iran envoy Robert Malley is full of praise for Malley’s career experience, and it notes that Malley is spending time this fall at the school while he is “on leave” from the

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When the US refuses to say ‘Palestinian’, the condemnation is irrelevant

Condemnations matter only if the Biden administration is prepared to name the party that is being condemned.

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Biden Had to Be Shamed Into Recognizing Troops Killed at Kabul Airport on Second Anniversary of Attack

 We report a lot on Joe Biden's gaffes and incoherence. Those are important and troubling things to note because they put our country at risk when we have a man occupying the White House who has such problems.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Biden Clan’s Con Is Coming to an End

Despite years of Biden family and media disinformation, we are finally learning that Joe Biden really did fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin for looking…

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Will There Be an Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden Next Month? Here's What McCarthy Had to Say.

 Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last month discussed the possibility of opening an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, specifically if he failed to turn over documents.

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Biden to Maui Families Who Lost Everything: I Almost Lost a Corvette in a Fire

The media has made damn sure that the Lahaina wildfire was not going to turn into Joe Biden's Katrina -- even though Bush's response to the hurricane (slow

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Biden Botches Remarks in Maui, Tells Jokes, and Appears to Zone Out

 As we reported earlier, Joe Biden has finally made it to Maui to speak about the disaster that took place almost two weeks ago.

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Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption

It’s not some big mystery. The Bidens were selling access and taking bribes — and not even trying very hard to hide it.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Actually, Joe, All Your ‘Objectives’ Were Failures

Name me a single objective we've ever set out to accomplish that we've failed on. Name me one, in all of our history. Not one!" -President Joe Biden, August 16…

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Kirby's New Shameful Response About Kabul Airport Bombing Digs the Hole Even Deeper

We've covered Joe Biden's apparent lack of empathy in response to the disaster that happened in Maui, saying "No comment" with a smirk, and then on Thursday, insisting he didn't want to talk about his planned trip to Hawaii on Monday.

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Will Congress Save Itself by Stopping the Iran Deal and Biden's Imperial Presidency?

The continuing trend of broad expansions of presidential powers... is eroding the powers of the legislative branch. Constitutionally, the vital decisions of government were not to be decided by the stroke of a pen from the president, with no

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Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden’s Race Against the Truth

Joe Biden has about 17 months left as an elected politician—if he is lucky. That projection guides most of the inexplicable and shameless behavior of the…

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The Deadly Cost Of Joe Biden’s Israel Policy

Since coming to office, the Biden administration has directed more than a billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority, both directly and via UN organizations. Palestinian terrorism, meanwhile, has only intensified—as evidenced by the murder of an Israeli police officer in Tel Aviv last weekend. Victoria Coates and Congressman Chip Roy comment:

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Want to Guess the Coincidence? This Keeps Happening Whenever Bad Biden News Happens

 Sometime this month, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will likely indict Donald Trump in her probe into 2020 election interference. It became a RICO case earlier this year, which never bodes well for whoever is the subject of these investigations.

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Biden Admin Has Given $2.35 Billion to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan

The Biden administration has provided more than $2.35 billion in taxpayer cash to Afghanistan since the Taliban retook control of the government in 2021 following a deadly U.S. evacuation.

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Joe Biden’s Anti-Jewish “Antisemitism Strategy”

American Jews deserve better

At the beginning of summer, in a “private” letter to U.S. Antisemitism Envoy Deborah Lipstadt, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called Joe Biden’s plan to fight antisemitism (the so-called “national strategy to combat antisemitism”) “a historic moment deserving of recognition and gratitude. … The formidable language of the report contains a sound strategy, well-defined pillars and concrete, viable goals that will help create more tolerant and open societies.”

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There it is: 'Smoking gun' video has Joe Biden straight-up bragging about his corrupt dealings in Ukraine

 Right now, there are a lot of Democratic politicians, liberal apologists, and media hacks who are insisting past the point that they go blue in the face that Joe Biden is not completely corrupt to the core.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable

Imagine if Gavin Newsom was currently Vice President amid the final meltdown of the Biden family consortium. Does anyone doubt that Biden would then either be…

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Hunter Biden Exposes Joe on Big Falsehood About China During Plea Hearing

How is Joe Biden going to explain this now?

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Biden Family Caricatures

The Biden first family seems determined to confirm every stereotype of their antisocial behavior—to the point of dysfunctionality. During the 2020 campaign at…

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Israel and the new America

It’s time to wean Israel off U.S. military aid.

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Biden’s Bibi hatred endangers national security

The 75th anniversary of the strong, historically unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel is being celebrated this year.

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On Israel, Biden Surrenders to the Left

All the chatter in Washington ahead of Israeli president Isaac Herzog's visit to the White House on Tuesday was about the dust-up in the Democratic caucus over Rep. Pramila Jayapal's (D., Wash.) remark that Israel is a "racist state."

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Biden Staffer Says Hatch Act Bars Him From Taking Questions About Cocaine At The WH

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates raised eyebrows on Thursday when he claimed that the Hatch Act barred him from answering any questions about the cocaine that was found in the White House over the weekend.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Bidens’ Existential Threats to the American Rule of Law

President Joe Biden, the Biden grifting conglomerate, the Department of Justice, and the FBI under its fourth consecutive weaponized director, are in danger of…

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Biden WH might give the NYT a Loyal Water Carrier Award for THIS doozy of a paragraph

 As we told you earlier, the New York Times has published "a tale of two families," a story that revolves around "what it means to have the Biden birthright"

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Allegations against Biden and his family are too credible to wipe away with 'father's love' sob story

The allegations against the president and his family are too credible to be wiped away by a secondhand sob story. Every defendant has a hard-luck tale and it’s a little much from a family that has been the epitome of privilege for decades when they don’t

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Biden's State Department goes BDS

The State Department boycotts Jews in Judea, Iran ramps up its terrorist & nuclear ambitions and Israeli official's invitations to US Embassy July 4th party...

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ZOA to Biden: Rescind ‘horrific, frightening’ Holocaust museum council appointments

Leaders of anti-Israel groups don’t belong at the helm of a museum whose founding principles call for “support for a Jewish homeland,” according to the Zionist Organization of America.

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For Biden, the Troubles of His Son Are Personal and Politically Painful

Hunter Biden’s plea agreement put him in the cross-hairs of President Biden’s adversaries once again.

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Politifact covers Biden's claim that you can be thrown out of a restaurant for being gay

 About a week ago, President Biden added another item to the Left's long list of why America sucks.

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The Math Doesn't Add Up As to How $10 Million Mysteriously Appeared in Biden's Bank Account

 Republicans are pointing out eyebrow-raising questions after $10 million magically appeared in President Joe Biden's bank account with no explanation.

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Biden Wants to Build an 8,000-Mile Ocean Train, and I Say Let's Do This!

On today’s installment of “What the Hell Did Biden Actually Just Say?” we have the alleged president of the most powerful country in the world announcing his plan to build, and I quo...

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ZOA to Biden: rescind ‘horrific, frightening’ Holocaust Museum council appointments

Leaders of anti-Israel groups don’t belong at the helm of a museum, whose founding principles call for “support for a Jewish homeland,” according to Zionist Organization of America.

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Caroline Glick: Why is the Biden administration Funding Terrorism?

Amb. Nides approves money to get Israel, the new "strategy" to fight antisemitism with antisemites and an update on the Netanyahu trial. In Caroline Glick’s ...

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Israel shouldn’t make concessions to Biden for Saudi normalization

Expanding the Abraham Accords is vital. But given the administration’s desire to appease Iran, coupled with the Saudis’ unpopularity, Washington won’t pay the price to make it happen.

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REPORT: Burisma Founder Who Allegedly Bribed Joe and Hunter Biden Is a Russian Asset

Jennifer Van Laar, at our sister site RedState, just dropped a bombshell exclusive report about the founder of Bursima:
Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky, who allegedly paid a total of $10 mi...

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Pandemic of Nuclear Trash Talk

After the world escaped a nuclear exchange during the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962, it has been generally understood that nuclear-armed nations did not…

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Biden Took $5 Million to Have Ukraine Prosecutor Fired, FBI Document Suggests

Remember the infamous video where Gropey Joe bragged about having a prosecutor fired in exchange for $1 billion worth of U.S. aid to Ukraine? It’s looking more and more like Biden got paid mad s...

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Report: President Biden to appoint an ‘anti-book ban’ coordinator to protect the LGBTQ community

Biden should read some of these books to kids.

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Team Biden Mainstreams Terror Financing in Lebanon

Fifteen years of U.S. aid to ‘state security’ arms like the LAF and ISF have cost American taxpayers billions while harming Israel and strengthening Hezbollah

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Biden’s Ambassador to Israel Approved Grant Aimed at Delegitimizing Israel, Emails Show

The Biden administration’s outgoing ambassador to Israel personally signed off on a controversial $1 million grant to a program critics said was meant to delegitimize Israel, according to internal State Department communications obtained by the Washington

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The Biden administration’s anti-antisemitism travesty

The IHRA definition has led defenders of the Jewish people down a blind alley.

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Joe Biden Once Again Falsely Claims Son Beau Died in Iraq War

There are two explanations for Biden's spouting untruths, and neither make the president look good.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden, the Habitual Racialist Demagogue

The most recent liberal ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Joe Biden’s approval rating at 36 percent—the lowest in history for a president at this point in…

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Joe Biden’s empty words about antisemitism

The president’s tribute to Jewish heritage featured a pledge against hate that is undermined by his DEI orders and refusal to mention the IHRA definition.

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Joe Biden Makes VERY CLEAR His Disregard for Israel

Purchase the Israel365 Bible here: https://israel365store.com/collections/books/products/the-israel-bible-hardcover?utm_source=influencer_theisraelguys&utm_m...

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Five Big Favors Biden Has Done for His Commie Sugar Daddies in Beijing

Rep. James Comer claims the House Oversight Committee has found wire transfers from Chinese pinkos that were sent to various Biden bank accounts.

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Report: Biden Is Only Functional Six Hours A Day, Five Days A Week

According to his aides, President Joe Biden is a spry 80-year-old — at least between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Outside of that time frame, he’s back to being Sleepy Joe, according to a new report.

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Biden insults all Americans in using race hustler Al Sharpton to get re-elected

Aside from Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Al Sharpton is the only recognizable figure from outside the Biden administration.

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Bidens’ corrupt web unraveling before our eyes

The sudden flurry of evidence and allegations about the Biden family’s money-making schemes is a direct result of the GOP winning control of the House of Representatives last year. 

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Biden’s Mideast Mess

Think it’s impossible to screw up two countries at once? You’ve never seen President Joe Biden in action. On March 27, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his government would pause the progress through the Knesset of a controversial

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Blame Biden for Iran’s diplomatic triumph

It’s not the fault of the Saudis or even Chinese interference. America’s contempt for its Middle East allies is the main obstacle to expanding the Abraham Accords.

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Biden Is Delivering the Middle East to China

The new Beijing-brokered deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a warning sign of things to come

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Second-Worst President in History Asks the Worst President to Deliver His Eulogy

New in PJ Media: In his characteristically clumsy fashion, Old Joe Biden has revealed that former President Jimmy Carter has bestowed upon him a singular honor: “He asked me to do his eulogy — excuse me, I shouldn’t say that,” Biden said at a fundraiser i

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Blinken Builds a Palestinian Hezbollah in the West Bank

Not content with fueling street demonstrations against Bibi in Tel Aviv, the Biden administration looks to ‘Lebanonize’ Israel with a new, U.S.-funded terror army

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Biden Lies Again About Having Been A Civil Rights Activist

Biden has told so many lies that they'd fill a sizable book. He wants to connect with his audience, and has a habit of doing so by making up some story.

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Biden Admin Awards Grant to Palestinian Activist Group Whose Leaders Hailed Terrorist as 'Hero Fighter'

The Biden administration gave a $78,000 grant to a Palestinian activist group whose leaders attended an anniversary event celebrating the founding of a terrorist group and praised the murderer of a U.S. military attaché as a "hero fighter," according to a

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Stop subsidizing the murder of Americans, Mr. President

Instead of interfering in Israel’s domestic affairs, the administration should focus on protecting U.S. citizens from Palestinian terrorists.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden’s ambassador to Israel: ‘I spend 60% of my time trying to help the Palestinian people’

Amid the controversy over the Biden administration's interference with the internal affairs of the State of Israel, about which Jihad Watch posted here, US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides is boasting about how he spends the lion's share of his time "trying

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Biden’s FAA Nominee Aggressively Pushed Woke DEI Policies At LA Metro, While His Agency Was Investigated For Discrimination

The Biden administration’s nominee to head up the Federal Aviation Administration has an extensive history of pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, according to a memo obtained by The Daily Wire.

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Biden Admin State Department Is Blocking Attempts To Designate Iran’s Paramilitary As A Terrorist Group: REPORT

Elements of the Biden administration's State Department are trying to thwart the United Kingdom's move to proscribe Iran's paramilitary organization.

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WATCH: Aussie Reporter Loses It Covering Biden's Mental Health

An Australian news anchor struggled to keep a straight face while covering the results of Joe Biden’s recent physical, which gave him a clean bill of health....

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Trump Train Visit Cold Open - SNL

Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) delivers a message to the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment.Saturday Night Live. Stream n...

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In East Palestine, who 'shows up' isn't necessarily a sign of who's helping

East Palestine, Ohio, has been devastated by a train derailment and chemical burn off that has threatened the health of residents, but it has now also become the center of polit...

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Trump Visits East Palestine, Rips Biden for Indifference

On Wednesday, former President Trump toured East Palestine, Ohio, and criticized Joe Biden for ignoring the environmental disaster there, accusing him of “indifference and betrayal” while...

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Joe Biden Turns the American Government Into Wokeness, Inc.

Last week, as Presidents Day weekend loomed, the Biden administration dropped a little-noticed executive order. That executive order happened to be one of the broadest, most transformative executive o...

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Toxic Racialist Obsessions of Joe Biden

Joe Biden ran on “unity,” which is critical in a multiracial America. He vowed to heal the divisions supposedly sown by Donald Trump. Instead, he is proving to…

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President Biden Calls for National Moment of Silence for Lowered Railway Stock Price

President Biden called for a moment of silence after the stock price of the Norfolk Southern Corporation sharply dropped following a disastrous railway derailment that is currently leaking vast amounts of toxic chemicals.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis

For much of 2017 through 2021, Americans suffered the “bombshell” and “walls are closing” mythologies first of Russian collusion, then of supposedly vast…

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Mess of an Address

After listening to the State of the Union address, Americans know why the latest Reuters poll has Joe Biden at 41 percent approval. Vice President Kamala Harris…

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Biden Ignores Iran Deal, Israel Entirely in State of the Union

President Joe Biden completely ignored the Middle East -- including the failing Iran nuclear deal, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Biden's Shocking Admission During His SOTU Address

During his SOTU address, Biden admitted that the oil industry — which remains crucial to our way of life — will not invest in domestic production because…

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5 Reasons Biden's Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle

President Joe Biden touted electric vehicles as the solution to climate change again Tuesday night during his State of the Union address.

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FACT CHECK: Biden Distorts Paul Pelosi Attack During State of the Union

After invoking the January 6 Capitol riot during his State of the Union address, Joe Biden sought to connect the riot to the attack on Paul Pelosi.
“And then, just a few months ago, unhinged by...

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State of the Union 2023 drinking game: How to play for Biden

President Joe Biden is set to deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night — and social media users are proposing drinking games for viewers.

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Biden Paints Rosy Posture On The Economy Before State Of The Union. Here’s The Real Story.

President Joe Biden will likely present an optimistic picture of the economy during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night, even as experts say many of the wins he may claim will be based upon misrepresentations or distortions of reality.

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There Are Big Problems With Biden Team's Evolving Story About Prior Chinese Balloons

Either Biden is gaslighting us big time to smear Trump or there's a real problem here.

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PODCAST | The Open Secrets Of The Biden Administration

Listen now (27 min) | Before we get into this morning's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to send my condolences to everybody who is affected by the mass shooting in California. I do want to point out that

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Depleted Under Trump, a ‘Traumatized’ E.P.A. Struggles With Its Mission

Despite an injection of funding, the agency still has not recovered from an exodus of scientists and policy experts, both insiders and critics say.

Politics | Big Tech vs Conservatives

Our lawsuit uncovers more shocking evidence Team Biden used Big Tech to censor

Evidence proves the Biden administration is leveraging its power to coerce social-media companies to suppress the speech of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.

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Lawyer: DOJ searched Biden home, found classified documents

The Justice Department has searched President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware and located six documents containing classification markings and also took possession of some of his notes, the president’s lawyer said Saturday. Bob Bauer, a lawyer for the pr

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PODCAST | The Stand-Off: The Debt Ceiling Debacle & Who’s Really Responsible

Listen now (26 min) | Before I get to this morning’s episode with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch, on which we talk about the upcoming debt ceiling standoff, among other things, I want to tease a few things that are coming up. One

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Exclusive: Hunter Biden Lived in Wilmington House with Classified Documents While Bagging Millions Linked to the Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence

Hunter Biden lived in his father’s house in Wilmington, Delaware—the house where classified documents have been found—at the same time foreign businessmen linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence were funneling millions to the Biden family.

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PODCAST | The Blame Game Or The Klain Game?

Listen now (51 min) | Before we get to today's segment on TalkBack with Chuck Wilder, I want to talk a little bit more about who's culpable for the top secret documents being in Joe Biden's garage…and his personal office…and every other

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Document: Hunter Listed $49,910 Monthly Rent Payments While Living at Joe Biden's Residence 

Hunter Biden recorded monthly rent payments of $49,910 while living at Joe Biden's residence, according to a document.

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More classified documents found at Biden's home by lawyers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers for President Joe Biden found more classified documents at his home in Wilmington, Delaware , than previously known , the White House acknowledged Saturday.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

CONFIRMED: Joe Biden Had Documents Classified ‘Top Secret’

Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal got even worse on Saturday when CBS News reported that at least ten of the items found in his office at the Penn Biden Center were marked “top secr...

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

'Unacceptable': Biden Administration Opposes Jewish Prayer at Jerusalem Holy Site

The Biden administration says it would be "unacceptable" for Israel to end the restriction on Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount and it would oppose any effort to disrupt the "historic status quo" that only allows Muslims to pray at the site. The stance is

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Joe Biden’s condescension toward Israel

It is time to call out President Joe Biden and his crew for the implicit contempt they demonstrate for Israel and its democratically elected leadership.

Politics | Politics

Democrats in tough spot with Biden classified documents

Senate Democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot as they try to figure out how to best respond to revelations that President Biden had improperly stashed classified documents at his personal office in Washington and in his garage in Delaware. The D

News | News

Biden's classified documents debacle could become political liability

The discovery of classified documents in Joe Biden's private office and garage raise questions about his handling, archiving of government records.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Killing Terrorists? Hmmm. Biden State Dept Tongue-Tied About Support for Soleimani Assassination

Three years after the elimination of one of the world's most notorious terrorists, President Joe Biden's State Department is tongue tied when it comes to articulating its support for President Donald Trump's decision to take out Iranian general Qassem Sol

Politics | IRS

Poor People Five Times More Likely Than Average Earner To Be Audited by Biden IRS

Poor people faced a significantly higher chance in 2022 of being audited by President Joe Biden's IRS than both rich and middle-class earners, according to a Syracuse University study.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden is turning Jan. 6 into a national anti-Republican holiday

On Friday, Biden will hold a White House ceremony to commemorate the second anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol Clash.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden's Top 10 Blunders Of 2022 That Prove He's In Decline

Here are 10 gaffes from the grandpa in the White House that should make every American question why anyone thinks he's not a figurehead.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Dan Pollak: Joe Biden’s Antisemitism Roundtable Was a ‘Sham’

Dan Pollak spoke with Breitbart News about how Biden’s efforts to address antisemitism are a “sham” because his admin is full of antisemites.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden’s Energy Department Funnels Millions to Beijing-Backed Green Energy Company

President Joe Biden's Energy Department funneled millions of dollars to a green energy company in the months after the company partnered with a Chinese state-owned entity that it acknowledges could face business-crippling sanctions.

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Biden vows to bring longtime detainee Paul Whelan home from Russia too

The former U.S. Marine has been held in Russia since 2018. As supporters celebrate Brittney Griner's release, they — Whelan himself included — are wondering why he was left behind.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Opinion | Why these MAGA faithful refuse to celebrate Brittney Griner's release

Conservatives are obsessed with a patriotism litmus test rigged against Black Americans.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

A Shameful Prisoner Swap

Not three years ago, Brittney Griner refused to take the floor when the WNBA played the national anthem before tipoff. "I think we should take that much of a stand," she said at the time, arguing that "basketball doesn't mean anything in a world where we

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden is turning on Israel to satisfy progressives

The president knows he needs the Israel-hating left in 2024, and is acting accordingly.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden Rewards Palestinians for Terrorism, Incitement

The Biden administration's recent decision to upgrade its relations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) is yet another sign of how the US is rewarding the Palestinians, as they are the Iranian regime, for their ongoing toxic incitement and terrorism

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Multiple cars rented by President Biden burst into flames in Nantucket

No injuries were reported after cars rented by Biden's Secret Service caught on fire at a Nantucket airport.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden's Silence On Idaho Student Murders Speaks Volumes

The Idaho college students' deaths won’t help congressional Democrats push gun laws or score points with minorities or LGBT Americans.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Joe Biden Tries to Upstage Donald Trump Campaign Announcement to Address Explosion in Poland

President Joe Biden attempted to upstage former President Donald Trump's 2024 campaign announcement, responding to an explosion in Poland.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Did the White House Break the Law by Deleting Its Misleading Tweet?

A watchdog group says that the White House may have violated the law when it deleted a tweet after it was fact-checked by the Elon Musk-controlled Twitter.

News | Israel/Jewish Community

Biden still hasn’t called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory

The reason why is clear: Biden's handlers support the "Palestinian" jihad. "No Call to Bibi: Biden Has Yet to Congratulate Newly Elected Israeli Leader," by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, November 4, 2022: The Biden administration will not say when t

Politics | Opinion

Biden shouldn’t try to ‘save’ Israeli democracy from election victors

Democrats don’t want Netanyahu or a right-wing/religious government in Jerusalem. But what they really don’t want is for the Jewish state’s voters to determine their own fate.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden Claims He Spoke To Insulin Inventor. There’s Just One Problem.

President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that he spoke with the doctor who invented insulin — a doctor who was so selfless that he refused to patent the drug and profit from its use — but Dr. Frederick Banting died nearly two years before the president was born.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden Admin Probed Over ‘Illegal Efforts to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem’

A legal advocacy group says the Biden administration is violating U.S. law by funneling more than half-a-billion dollars to the Palestinian government and is demanding the administration release a slew of internal documents that the group believes will re

Politics | Politics

Biden: Extra Leg Room on Airplanes Is Racist

It's astonishing that a class warfare speech such as this one could ever have been made by a president. Even more troubling is that it wasn’t his worst.

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Unraveling the unfounded conspiracies about Dominion Voting Systems

Days after the 2020 election, supporters of then-President Trump began falsely accusing Dominion Voting Systems of rigging the vote. Anderson Cooper reports on what happened next.

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PODCAST: The Buffoonery of the Biden's & The Awakening of Gabbard

Last week, former US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat from Hawaii, stunned her party by rejecting them, announcing that she had left the Democrat Party because of their intolerant and extremist ideology; an ideology centered in divisive racism and se

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

9 Times Someone ‘F—d With a Biden’ and Got Away With It

What happened: President Joe Biden dropped an F-bomb during a conversation with Ray Murphy, mayor of Fort Myers Beach. "No one fucks with a Biden," he told the mayor following a press conference to discuss recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ia

Politics | POLITICS

Victor Davis Hanson: An Epidemic of Cognitive Impairment?

Joe Biden, the nominal head of the Democratic Party, is 79. But he increasingly acts and sounds 89. Recently, Biden has pivoted repeatedly on stage with his arm…

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden To Ease Sanctions On Socialist Venezuela, Releases Maduro’s Convicted Narco Trafficker Nephews

President Joe Biden (D) is reportedly preparing to ease sanctions on socialist Venezuela to allow a U.S. oil company to resume production there, which comes as OPEC announced early Wednesday that it would be significantly cutting oil production.

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Biden says he was raised around Puerto Ricans 'at home politically’ during visit to see Hurricane Fiona damage

President Biden surveyed the damage in Puerto Rico left by Hurricane Fiona and announced $60 million in federal assistance to help the island recover from the storm

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In a reversal, the Education Dept. is excluding many from student loan relief

The Biden administration has quietly changed its guidance to disqualify borrowers who have privately-held FFEL and Perkins loans.

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Joe Biden Uses U.N. to Call for Palestinian State: They Are 'Entitled' to It

President Joe Biden told the United Nations on Wednesday that the Palestinians are "entitled" to their own state.

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Biden Administration Preparing To Send Billions More To Afghanistan

The Biden administration has moved $3.5 billion in frozen Afghan money to a dedicated fund for eventual transfer to Afghanistan.

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Biden's speech walks a fine line in its attack on MAGA Republicans

In his Thursday evening address to the nation, President Biden chooses a risky strategy of criticizing elected GOP officials while trying not to alienate Republican voters.

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Meet the Elite Historians Helping Joe Biden Save Democracy

There are few things journalists (and other professional Democrats) enjoy doing more than glorifying so-called experts and wailing hysterically about the "end of democracy." The Washington Post on Wednesday published a report that managed to encompass bot

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Joe Biden rewrites Israel’s history

It’s no secret why Biden chooses to promote the falsehood that the Palestinian Arabs have “deep and ancient roots” in the land. Op-ed.

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Hunter Biden's biz partner called Joe Biden the 'big guy' in panic over laptop

James Gilliar, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, referred to Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” in a panicked message the same day The Post broke news of Hunter's infamous laptop.

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The Israel Guys: Joe Biden LIED About Israel & Jerusalem

President Joe Biden visited the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday as one of his last stops in Israel before leaving for Saudi Arabia. I...

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Joe Biden Looks Lost During Trip To Israel, Makes ‘Holocaust’ Gaffe

President Joe Biden landed in Israel on Wednesday to kick off a Middle East tour, and the commander-in-chief started his trip by asking for directions, then quickly correcting himself after committing an unfortunate gaffe while discussing the Holocaust.

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How Biden Helped a Chinese Gas Giant Boost the Communist Nation’s Oil Reserves

President Joe Biden's decision to deplete America's oil reserves is helping a top adversary—China, which has built up its own stockpile while taking advantage of Biden's firesale.

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Honoring Joe Biden, dishonoring Taylor Force

That the U.S. president who reversed the freeze on American aid to the “pay for slay” Palestinian Authority is receiving Israel’s Presidential Medal is worse than ironic.

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AGAIN: Joe Biden Falsely Claims That the United States Has a Lower Inflation Rate Than Most of the World

Joe Biden repeated a debunked lie about inflation during a press conference Thursday at a NATO summit in Spain. In response to a reporter's question…