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IDF: Iron Dome failure responsible for fatal rocket attack in Rehovot

Iron Dome missile defense system launched interceptor towards long-range rocket, but missed, resulting in direct hit on building.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad Officials: Iran Is Giving Us The Rockets We Use To Attack Israel

Multiple officials with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a designated terrorist organization, have said in recent days that the rockets and weapons

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WATCH: Sderot Resident Gives Reporting Crew The Jewish Mother Treatment | Israellycool

An elderly resident of the beleaguered town of Sderot looks after a television crew

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Lying Linda Sarsour’s Vile Response to the Attempted Murder of Jews | Israellycool

With Israel under attack - at least 360 rockets have been fired at Israeli population centers the past few days - the evildoers of the world raised their hands to condemn Israel for trying to defend the millions of Israelis at risk, while at the same time

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Elder Of Ziyon - Rockets are the definition of terror

There is no one accepted definition of terrorism, but of the dozens of definitions adopted by various countries, most mention the basis for the etymology of the word - an act meant to inspire fear and terror in the public for political purposes

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Islamic Jihad Renews Rocket Barrage on Israel, as Gaza Flare-Up Enters Second Day

IDF soldiers sit next to artillery shells in an area near the border with Gaza, in southern Israel, Nov. 13, …

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HURRAH for 'blood-stained' SHIRTS!: Daily Mail leads with ISM propaganda

You really have to question the judgment of Daily Mail editors in not only publishing the following selectively edited anti-Israel propaganda video released by the pro-terror group, International S...

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Why did the Iron Dome not intercept the rocket from Gaza Monday morning? - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

On Monday morning, a rocket from Gaza struck a private home in central Israel, wounding at least seven people.

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20,000 Israelis sue Facebook for ignoring Palestinian incitement | The Times of Israel

Class-action suit filed in Brooklyn requires social network to immediately remove all posts 'containing incitement to murder Jews'

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WATCH: Mother of Palestinian terrorist threatens own stabbing attack

Umm Muhammad Shamasne hopes her other sons will follow in footsteps of their brother, killed while carrying out terror attack on bus in Jerusalem

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No, It’s Not The Occupation, Stupid

The entire history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a history of Arabs putting Israel in a position from which it must defend itself, and then blaming Israel for the way it defends itself.

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Not an uprising against occupation. An uprising against Israel

Op-ed: In bloody, unmistakable capital letters, the perpetrators of this new round of evil mayhem proclaim to Israelis: We don’t want to live alongside you. We want to kill you

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Israel severely rebuked, as PM warns 'spirit of appeasement' blowing through Europe

PM slams moves in Geneva, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, as focus on Palestinian statehood turns to New York.

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Rinsing Israel Out of Europe: The Zionistfrei Movement - WSJ

In The Wall Street Journal, Brendan O’Neill writes that in Britain, France, Spain and beyond, a drive to ban products from the Jewish state is picking up speed.

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Why do we keep saying it's not anti-Semitic? - Independent.ie

There are wars, there are terrorist attacks and there are pogroms. What occurred this week at the Har Nof Synagogue in Israel was age-old anti-Semitism. It was not political, it was not

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Leaked: SJP plans illegal activity against Jewish students and Israel | Tammi Rossman-Benjamin | The Blogs | The Times o

A recently uncovered internal document of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Binghamton University SUNY sheds new light......

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Latest Amnesty International report shows ignorance, bias and excuses Hamas war crimes

It is clear that Amnesty is more interested in damning Israel with war crimes charges than with the truth.

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Baby girl killed in Jerusalem is an American, US official says

WASHINGTON -- Three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun, the baby girl killed today in Jerusalem during a vehicular terrorist attack, was an American citizen, a US official confirmed to The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday night.

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A Black South African on Israel and Apartheid - Prager University

Is Israel an apartheid state, as its enemies claim? Who better to answer that charge than a Black South African who lived through apartheid? Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the South African parliament, fits that bill. He examines the evidence against Israel

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The Jewish Press » » Live Updates: Terrorists’ Rocket Seriously Wound Israeli, Hamas Calls For Riots

1:09pm Rocket alerts in Eshkol region. 1:01pm 71 year old man taken to Soroka hospital in with moderate to light injuries in his hands from rocket fragment that explode nearby. 12:30pm: Hamas calls for Arab riots in Judea and Samaria following Friday pray

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Actions speak louder than words: Gaza residents trust Israel | WashingtonExaminer.com

It’s worth giving a little thought to the implications of this story from Gaza. Warned by a phone call from Israelis, 35 members of a Gaza extended family quickly left a building — and watched it being bombed. First three small strikes, from drones, a

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Soldier who chased kidnappers in tunnel was 'raised to give back' | The Times of

American-born parents of Lt. Eitan praise split-second decision that gave closure to family of Hadar Goldin

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Soldier Hadar Goldin is dead, not kidnapped, IDF tells family

Army's chief rabbi, defense minister bring the bitter tidings to Givati officer's parents, siblings and fiancee, as large crowd mourns outside

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Israeli civilians deserve a better reality

Real footage from Israel 2014. It was just another walk in the park.. www.facebook.com/IsraelUnderFireLive Twitter: @israelunderfire Website www.israelunderf...

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Italian Reporter Confirms Deaths In Al-Shati Result Of Hamas Misfire, Not Israel

On Monday, reports rocketed around the globe of a humanitarian disaster at the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza. Eyewitness reports were shared on social media and in news articles and reports of the horrific civilian casualties. Many a finger was pointed at Israel. NBC reported it as a "strike" carried out by an "Israeli drone," stating that it struck in an area full of children.

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Those TV cameras responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza

I write this as a member of the press. I’m proud to be a journalist and a documentary filmmaker. I’m a member of the Foreign Press Association in Israel, and the co-recipient of this year’s Edward R. Murrow Award from the American Overseas Press Club.

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As Israel is under attack from Hamas in the Gaza strip and BDS -- Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions -- right here in America, Bill Whittle makes the historic...

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Israeli supermodel sparks controversy for pro-IDF Facebook comment

Culture, Film&TV: Gal Gadot, star of 'Fast and Furious' and Wonder Woman in new 'Batman' film, draws fire and wins praise on social media.

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Israeli Ambassador Dermer Slams CNN's Bias-by-Omission During Live 'Erin Burnett OutFront' Interview

Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer wasted no time on this evening's Erin Burnett OutFront to hit CNN for bias by omission in its reporting on Palestinian casualties at a United Nations hospital in the Gaza Strip.

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Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas

In the interest of peace, the world must step back and allow this war to happen.

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Reports: Massive New Year's Terrorist Invasion of Israel Thwarted by Security Forces

Thousands of Hamas-linked terrorists planned to invade Israel on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), which begins on September 24, according to an Israel security source.

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Why do people hate Israel? | Dennis Prager

We live in a bad world.

There is nothing new about that. The world has been pretty bad since its inception. That’s why God destroyed it and started all over again (with little to show for the new experiment, one might add).

From a moral perspective, look at the world since 2000.

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UN probe of Israel will only encourage Hamas war crimes | JPost | Israel News

Israel should have nothing to fear from an objective investigation. It should also have nothing to fear from the UNHRC “investigation” – if its biases are exposed for all to see.

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Massive West Bank clashes reportedly leave 2 Palestinians dead

Thousands protest against IDF's Gaza operation, throwing rocks, firebombs and fireworks at Israeli security forces near Kalandia checkpoint.

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Who is Responsible for the Suffering in Gaza?

An advocacy organization that promotes education and understanding that will bring a secure future for Israel and her neighbors.

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Maccabi Haifa players attacked during Austria training match

News: Anti-Israel players invade pitch in latest anti-Semitic incident in Europe; Club: 'Attack was premeditated'.

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Three IDF soldiers killed in Gaza; FAA extends ban on Israel flights

Kerry meeting Netanyahu; IDF death toll now 32; Thai worker killed by shell; IDF finds maps, plans for terror attack in Gaza tunnel; 30,000 at US-born soldier's funeral; Israeli airlines beef up after much of world suspends flights

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I'm Done Apologizing for Israel

I ask the enraged critics of Israel's defensive responses to Hamas: Would you have us not respond to this monstrosity? Do you think it's not worth losing the PR battle to retain our humanity and save as many lives as possible?...

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Soldier: Terrorists Charged At Us With Babies In Hand

Shocking testimony from hospitalized soldiers reveals extent of Hamas’ use of children as human shields.

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Oren: Hamas media strategy relies on deaths of civilians

Michael Oren says Hamas mounts a sophisticated media and military campaign that puts its own people at risk

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US-born IDF servicemen killed in Gaza among thousands of Israel's 'lone soldiers'

The two Americans killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip followed in the footsteps of scores of Jews from around the world who have volunteered to fight for Israel.

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FAA Suspends All U.S. Flights to Israel for 24 Hours

The Federal Aviation Administration has suspended all U.S. flights to Israel for at least 24 hours.

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MSNBC Contributor: Media Is 'Disgustingly Biased' Against Palestinians

MSNBC has truly outdone itself.

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NewsBusters Win: WashPost Admits It 'Should Not Have Sent' Fiercely Anti-Israel Intern to Cover Protest

Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit reported a win for NewsBusters on Monday night. Yesterday, we noted The Washington Post published a story on anti-Israel protests written by a transparently anti-Israel graduate student (and apparent Post intern) named Br

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WaPo: While Gaza is

The Washington Post published an overview today of the resources that Hamas puts into building tunnels to allow its operatives to infiltrate Israel, as well as Hamas’ strategy for utilizing the tunnels. Describing this emerging “tunnel war,”

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Dermer: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for ‘unimaginable restraint’

Addressing Christian supporters, ambassador to the US says 'Israeli soldiers are dying so that innocent Palestinians can live'

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Israel’s self-defense is not a pretext for hate crimes

Outside of Israel, the international community witnesses an all-too-familiar scenario playing out, knowing that it would simply take Hamas and affiliated terror groups stopping their attacks on Israel in order to end this deadly round of violence.

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Life — if you can call it that — under Israel’s Iron Dome

Tel Aviv, in general, is privileged. We�re dealing with a fraction of the rockets launched daily at southern cities, where people are being told to go into bunkers every hour to avoid rockets. Over the radio I hear about shrapnel injuries, a civil

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Director Jonathan Demme Blasts Israel, Says Not an Anti-Semite

Director Jonathan Demme blasted Israel's use of force this week while swearing his thoughts weren't influenced by any strain of anti-semitism.

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Six Reasons Why Americans Should Care About The War Between Hamas and Israel

Hamas and al-Qaeda are of the same ilk. Brothers in arms, both Islamist terrorist groups are funded by Iran and theologically motivated to wage a violent jihad, or holy war, against the West.

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Community Post: 15 Countries: Standing With Israel All Over The World.

We asked our supporters to send us pictures #IStandWithIsrael photos. In just one week we received over 400 photos from all over the world, including Colombia, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Mex...

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A brotherhood of firefighters: American firefighters are training in Israel, putting out fires

Billy Hirth loves the Jewish people. Hirth, 52, a senior firefighter from Arlington, Texas, has been in Israel’s southern region for the last few days, helping local firefighters put out the fires caused by rockets from Gaza.

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Articles: Israel: Damned if they do, damned if they don't

Have you heard the saying “working twice as hard to be half as good?”

This is precisely the dilemma Israel finds itself in all too often. Currently Israel is again embroiled in an unwanted battle of self-defense against Hamas, an enemy obsessed with its destruction.

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Two Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza grew up in Texas and California

A man from Texas was one of at least two Israeli soldiers from the United States to be killed in Gaza this weekend as fighting between Israelis and Palestinians intensified.

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‘My bad’: State Dept. official apologizes for #UnitedForGaza tweet

Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel gave a peculiar apology to outraged Twitter users on Sunday after he tweeted #UnitedForGaza to his 15,000 followers.

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IDF set to open field hospital for wounded Gazans

Border facility will include emergency clinic, pediatrician and other services for Palestinians injured in clashes

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UN agency handed rockets back to Hamas, Israel says

UNRWA says it gave 20 missiles found in Gaza school to 'local authorities' that are under the 'government of national consensus in Ramallah'

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Peace? Not at this street protest

“The Jews control the media, control the banks, control governments, control everything,” shouted the man in front of me, cheered on by a mob of men and women who quickly assembled around him.

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Gaza terrorists attempt to attack IDF forces with explosives-laden donkey

Terrorists in Gaza tried to attack soldiers using a donkey strapped with explosives on Friday, the military said.

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Vox.com employs anti-Israel propagandists | RedState

Beauchamp and Fisher are propagandists, and they hate Israel.

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US Jews furious over 'Washington Post' cartoon showing Netanyahu punching Palestinian infant

The caricature is aimed at apportioning blame equally between Israel and Hamas for the suffering of Gazan civilians.

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Israel Invaded Gaza Because of Palestinian Rocket Fire, Says Netanyahu

Gazans girded for heavier Israeli shelling and air attacks on Friday night as Israel's prime minister ordered the military to prepare for the possibility of significantly expanding the newly launched ground invasion.

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Bill Clinton: Hamas' “Crass Strategy” is to Kill Palestinians - The Tower

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton laid the blame for Palestinian civilian casualties squarely on the heads of Hamas leaders, saying their policy was designed to kill Palestinians. Interviewed on India’s NDTV, Clinton was blunt in his assessment: Hamas

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Hamas Firing Rockets? There’s an App for That

English speakers across the globe are getting a real-time glimpse of what it is like to live under the constant threat of terrorist rocket attacks thanks to a hugely popular smartphone app that sends

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Top US firefighters help Israel amid rocket fire

News: Delegation of firefighters from US, including 9/11 first responders, arrive in Israel to help Israeli counterparts deal with fires caused by ongoing rocket fire.

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Assad kills hundreds in gas attack - 426 kids among dead: Kerry

The Obama administration unveiled its indictment of Bashar al-Assad’s regime yesterday, showing the world newly declassified intelligence files that revealed how Syria slaughtered at least 1,429 of...

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FM: West Bank status quo can be model for Gaza reoccupation

The PA would administer civilian areas, whereas Israel would have a 'free hand' to uproot terrorism, Liberman suggests

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Netanyahu Spokesman Schools Ronan Farrow on Israel-Hamas Situation

Ronan Farrow, who used to report to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, was taken to school on the Tuesday edition of his eponymous program by Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Dennis Prager - The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World

The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World - The absence of basic freedoms among Israel’s enemies means nothing to the Europeans.

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Israel accepts Egyptian ceasefire proposal, Hamas rejects deal

Cabinet votes 6-2 to end hostilities, but Gazan organization uninterested; Rockets hit Eilat, lightly injuring four people

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Israeli Security Cabinet accepts Egypt's proposal for Gaza cease-fire

The armed wing of the Islamic militant group Hamas said early Tuesday that it was rejecting an Egyptian cease-fire proposal aimed at ending a week of cross-border conflict.

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BDS: The Attempt to Strangle Israel - Prager University

The latest strategy employed by those who wish to strangle Israel is called BDS. It may sound harmless, but do not be fooled. It stands for Boycott, Divestment�and Sanctions, and not only is it poisonous for Israel, but for the world as well. Israel is on

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Hamas’ Use of Human Shields is a War Crime

International law explicitly forbids directing civilians to shield military objectives from attack.

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Netanyahu vows 'any means necessary' to stop Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he will use “any means necessary” to stop Islamic militant group Hamas from bombing civilians but decline to say when his military action will stop or whether he will continue using ground troops.

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The New York Times' Wretched Anti-Israel Bias Comes in All Too Clear

Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped on June 12 while hitchhiking home in the West Bank. They were found dead on June 30, murdered by Hamas militants. Palestinians attacked the ambulance carrying their bodies. Later Hamas launched rocket attacks on Isra

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WATCH: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder launches anti-Israel diatribe during concert

Famed rocker denounces “those who go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them.”

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Hamas Is Effectively Ordering Civilians to Die in Israeli Airstrikes

Hamas' Interior Ministry has ordered residents of the Gaza Strip to remain in their houses if they are about to be bombed by the Israelis, a move that effectively turns citizens into human shields and

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Pro-Israel Students Need to Watch This

Do you have an active anti-Israel group at your campus? If you do, a malicious new campaign called Divestment may be coming your way next. Learn the basics a...

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What is Hamas? Quick facts.

10 Unknown Facts About HAMAS For more info on HAMAS - http://www.standwithus.com/factsheets/?type=focus&wc=7 For more info on Pillar of Defense - http://www....

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US Embassy in Tel Aviv partially closed due to rocket fire

While routine appointments for visa and services will not be available on Thursday, emergency requests will be considered on case-by-case basis.

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BBC Investigation: #GazaUnderAttack Images Are Not Reliable

The BBC has investigated, and found inaccurate, numerous graphic images which are being shared on social media to show how people in Gaza have been affected by the renewed tensions with Israel.

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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Rips New York Times Editorial as 'Embarrassment to Journalism' | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, attacked The New York Times for an editorial it published on Monday entitled Four Horrific Killings. Questioning the integrity of the paper in a BuzzFeed post, Dermer highlighted five key points

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Where is the outrage over the bombardment of civilians in Israel? - Telegraph

Hundreds of rockets have been fired and a million citizens are forced to run for cover. Imagine if London suffered this bombardment