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If This Is True, Biden's Incompetence Cost American and Israeli Lives

 While this question has become peripheral, it’s still relevant and needs answers. There have been pieces here and there pointing to the intelligence failures that occurred leading to Hamas’ barbaric October 7 terrorist attack against Israel.

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Hamas operative boasts he ‘can leave with any ambulance,’ in call overheard by IDF

Shin Bet releases footage of captured terrorists describing group's use of ambulances, hospitals, school; IDF spokesperson says Hamas commander preventing evacuation of hospital

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Senate Democrats block bill providing aid to Israel

The bill passed the House last week, but Democrats are opposed to it since it does not include Ukraine aid as well.

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Did Israel's Arrow missile interception transform the Middle East?

Iron Dome has gotten most of the media coverage for the last decade, but the Arrow is the top tier of Israel's missile shield.

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We’re Not All Complicit—But Obama Sure Is

Barack Obama hasn’t commented on many serious matters since he left the White House. So when he interrupts his showbiz and cocktail duties to speak up,

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Hamas planned for massacre during Passover, Iran forced delay

The report noted that the information was uncovered during the interrogation of Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre.

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People BLAST Cori Bush for Accusing Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

 The Squad has put on a disgraceful display, starting the very day Hamas terrorists committed unspeakable acts of violence against Israel, murdering over 1,400 civilians.

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Attacks on Israel have 'not stopped' since Hamas' terrorist attacks

Israeli author and activist Noa Tishby says Hamas' attacks on Israel have not stopped since its first terrorist attack on October 7.On October 7, Israel decl...

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Elder Of Ziyon - Who Paid for the Simchat Torah Massacre?

Joe Biden says that the unfrozen $6b did not fund the Simchat Torah Massacre. Logic suggests that may not be true.

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Gaza: The "humanitarian" fallacy

Pressure on Israel to allow aid into Gaza is pressure to allow aid to Hamas

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Iran trained 500 Hamas, PIJ fighters prior to Oct. 7 terror attack

The Iranian Quds Force conducted September exercises in which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters took part, according to a news report.

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My Fellow Conservatives: We, Too, Have an Antisemitism Problem

I'm just asking you to recognize that truly caring about Jews means not abandoning us the second there is a bit of difficulty.

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Israeli officials assail UN chief for stance on the Hamas war

“Shame on him,” Foreign Minister Cohen tells JNS in response to the secretary-general’s apparent blame of Israel for the terrorists' massacre.

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Why is Biden Protecting Hamas?

 Joe Biden and White House validators are counseling the Israelis not to make the same mistake US leadership did after 9/11 by lashing out angrily and without a long-term plan. But that’s not Israel’s real problem. Jerusalem’s strategic dilemma is that it

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Ceasefire advocates are Hamas’s useful idiots

Those opposing a Gaza ground invasion aimed at the terrorist group’s destruction cite humanitarian concerns. Such appeals will only preserve a criminal regime.

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Three generations wiped out by Hamas in Kibbutz Be'eri

An estimated 10% of Kibbutz Be'eri's 1,100 residents were killed and an equal number kidnapped during Hamas's Oct. 7 assault on southern Israel.

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The only choice Israel has

  "A War of Annihilation" – this is how James Mattis, who served as the US Secretary of Defense in

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There are no "innocent" Gazans

Nuts: Israel is cautioned to do no harm to “innocent” Gazans.

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Hamas Terrorists Planned, In Notebooks, To Take Children Hostage

Currently around thirty children are detained in Gaza, the IDF announced Thursday - Click the link for more.

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THE LATEST: Massive barrage on central Israel as UK PM visits; IDF says 203 abductees held by Hamas

  Operation Swords of Iron entered its 13th day on Thursday as Israel continued to strike Hamas in Gaza and

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‘Breaking Biden’ Author: All the Ways Joe Biden Has Harmed Israel

He has been a horrendous ally to Israel, the world’s lone Jewish state, a beacon of democracy and freedom in a region of the world known for anything but.

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Drinking a cup of Starbucks is drinking a cup of Jewish blood

It is with a heavy heart that the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, along with our esteemed partners, calls for a widespread boycott of Starbucks. Opinion.

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Despite US admission Hamas ‘may seize’ aid to Gaza, Biden announces $100m in Palestinian aid

"We know Hamas is going to commandeer that money, and Hamas is going to use it to advance terrorism," stated Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a presidential candidate.

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Why won’t the Jews just let themselves be killed?

Nothing better captures the moral decay of our woke elites than their haughty disdain for the State of Israel.

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'With 1 tank facing hundreds of terrorists, I understood how the Yom Kippur War fighters felt'

  When Hamas infiltrated southern Israel and began its massacre, Captain Bar and his tank crew of four found themselves

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Why has the Gaza ground invasion been delayed since Friday?

Is Hezbollah waiting to strike until forces are in a Gaza quagmire?

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Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘Moderate’ Fatah Declares Unity with Hamas, Lauds Israel Massacre: Armed Struggle ‘Only Way’

The military wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared an alliance with Hamas and a commitment to fight Israel.

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Hey AOC, There Is No Moral Equivalency Between Hamas and Israel

(This column is Part 2 of a series of articles explaining the fallacies that have led to the world’s leftists supporting Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas’ horrors.)
The concepts of “Palestine” and “Palestin...

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Elder Of Ziyon - Arab rally in Detroit: "Hamas is not a terrorist group," "Israel must burn," and making fun of Israelis fleeing for their lives

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Hamas Uses Western Morality as a Weapon Against Israel

Hamas wants these human shields—especially children, women, and the elderly—to remain in harm's way.

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TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign the Petition, Demand Accountability from the AP | Honest Reporting

Does it matter who reports on Israel? The facts are simple, right? Hamas massacred over 1,300 Israelis in a surprise attack that targeted civilians. They

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John Hayward's thread goes scorched EARTH on Leftists chirping about 'de-colonization' to side with Hamas

 If you've been scratching your head wondering how ANYONE in their right mind could possibly side with Hamas after the atrocities they committed last weekend against 1000s of innocent Israelis look no further than this exceptional thread from John Hayward. If you're a Twitchy reader you are very familiar with Hayward and his threads as he is one of our favorites.

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Report: Joe Biden Turns Down Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Invite

President Joe Biden reportedly turned down Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invite for a "solidarity visit."

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Israel: "I Am Captain of My Home Front" - Chabad

Following Major Ezzy Morgenstern’s report from the front lines, we contacted his wife, Michal Morgenstern, who is home with the couple’s eight children, director of a not-for-profit, and a force of goodness in a world gone mad.

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Once, I Was a Peace Advocate. Now, I Have No Idealism Left.

After terrorists killed my cousin Daniel Pearl, my family called for peace. But after the worldwide celebration of our people’s slaughter, my hope for peace is dead.

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Shocking pictures of Hamas blockading roads to stop civilians from fleeing to safety emerge

 While Israel does its best to ensure civilians are not harmed in this war, Hamas is doing all it can to put innocents in harm's way.

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DERANGED: Liberals Scramble To Blame Trump for Hamas Atrocities

Hamas terrorists murdered hundreds in a coordinated attack on Israel over the weekend. Some liberals blamed Donald Trump.

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Rocket barrage on Tel Aviv, central Israel

Red alert sirens activated by rocket fire in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and numerous other towns and cities.

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Survivor Of Israel Music Festival Massacre: Hamas Was ‘Shooting And Laughing,’ They Were ‘Having Fun’

A woman who attended an outdoor music festival in southern Israel last weekend that became the site where hundreds of people were murdered in an Islamic terror attack said in an interview this week that the terrorists were “laughing” as they shot people.

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IDF Spokesman: 120 families have been informed their loved ones are Hamas captives

IDF spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari says a tense weekend is beginning, calls on Israelis to exercise vigilance.

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Now, it’s personal: We’re seeing exactly who believes that Jewish lives matter

The usual pundits bloviate about a “cycle of violence,” equating the arsonists of Hamas with the Israeli firefighters. They pontificate about ending the “occupation” and implementing a two-state solution. They are lunatics.

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Now is the time for unashamed Israel advocacy

There is no time for ambiguity. There is Israel. There is Jewishness. And there is the fight to protect both.

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Hamas atrocities explode the two-state myth

The United States may finally be prepared to let Israel defeat the Islamist terror group. But that shouldn’t lead to a push for a Palestinian state after that is accomplished.

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Israeli Emergency Responder: 'I Saw 20 Children Shot, Burned And Piled Together In Two Piles'

The Hamas worst atrocities ZAKA southern region head of operations Yossi Landau saw in southern Israel were in Kfar Aza

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Beware of fake news: Hamas and supporters promote disinformation about war

X's lax disinformation policies, together with advanced AI and animation technologies, make it easier to spread fake news.

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The Antisemitic Social Media History of AP's Correspondent in Gaza

The main reporter covering the war in Gaza for the Associated Press has called publicly for the annihilation of Israel and a "Palestinian revolt" and

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Fauda star Lior Raz heads to Israel warzone to rescue families from Hamas

The actor - who plays the commander of an undercover Israeli unit in Fauda - was praised by fans for his real-life intervention.

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Mainstream media sanitizes Hamas terror attacks

The mainstream media is struggling to rationalize the brutality of Hamas’s actions, and instead are attempting to justify them away

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Israel Emergency Relief Fund - We must act now to help our brothers and sisters!

With over 1,000 murdered, thousands more wounded, and entire families taken captive in Gaza, the people of Israel need our help.

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When They Say They Side With the Hama-Nazis, Believe Them

Since Saturday’s butcherous attack on Israel by Hamas, the ghouls of the “free Palestine” movement — let’s call them Hama-Nazis — have held rally after rally around the country...

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What a Hero Looks Like

Meet Lieutenant Colonel Guy Madar. A career army officer, Guy lives further north and was celebrating Simchas Torah in Kiryat Gat, a 30-minute drive from Re’im.

Hearing about the terrorist incursion, Guy got in his car and hurried south, carrying only his personal pistol.

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Biden Tapped This Group to Fight Anti-Semitism. It’s Defending Hamas’s Attack on Israel.

The Biden administration earlier this year tapped the Council on American-Islamic Relations for an initiative to curb anti-Semitism. This week, the anti-Semitic group and its leaders defended Hamas attacks that have killed more than 1,000 Jews.

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VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib Has No Comment When Asked About Hamas Beheading Israeli Babies

 On Tuesday morning we learned that the bodies of 40 babies slaughtered by Hamas had been found in the southern Israeli town of Kfar Aza, some of them having been beheaded.

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‘The Babies, The Mothers, The Fathers’: Israel Shows World Aftermath of Hamas Massacre

Bodies of Israeli residents and Hamas militants lay in the grounds of the Kfar Aza kibbutz among burned out houses, strewn furniture, and torched cars, as Israeli soldiers went from house to house to take away the dead.

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What Was the Role of the Iranian Spy Ring in the US Government in the 'Intelligence Blunder' With Hamas?

 The brutal war Hamas launched against Israel is going into its third day. As the battlefield shifts from Israeli living rooms to the streets of the terrorist enclave of Gaza, many people are trying to understand what has happened. A logical first stop on the trail to understanding what appears to be an intelligence blunder dwarfing 9/11 is to find out why Iranian agents heavily infiltrated the Biden defense policy apparatus.

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Iran Has Made $80 Billion in Illicit Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office

Iran has made around $80 billion from its illicit oil sales since the Biden administration took office and relaxed sanctions on the hardline regime, cash that has helped Tehran keep its terror allies like Hamas afloat.

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I Am an IDF Fighter and My Faith Will Carry Me Through

God has handed us a mission, and with your support, we will do what we need to.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad Officials: Iran Is Giving Us The Rockets We Use To Attack Israel

Multiple officials with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a designated terrorist organization, have said in recent days that the rockets and weapons

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HURRAH for 'blood-stained' SHIRTS!: Daily Mail leads with ISM propaganda

You really have to question the judgment of Daily Mail editors in not only publishing the following selectively edited anti-Israel propaganda video released by the pro-terror group, International S...

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No, It’s Not The Occupation, Stupid

The entire history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a history of Arabs putting Israel in a position from which it must defend itself, and then blaming Israel for the way it defends itself.

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Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas

In the interest of peace, the world must step back and allow this war to happen.

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Two Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza grew up in Texas and California

A man from Texas was one of at least two Israeli soldiers from the United States to be killed in Gaza this weekend as fighting between Israelis and Palestinians intensified.

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‘My bad’: State Dept. official apologizes for #UnitedForGaza tweet

Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel gave a peculiar apology to outraged Twitter users on Sunday after he tweeted #UnitedForGaza to his 15,000 followers.

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IDF set to open field hospital for wounded Gazans

Border facility will include emergency clinic, pediatrician and other services for Palestinians injured in clashes

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UN agency handed rockets back to Hamas, Israel says

UNRWA says it gave 20 missiles found in Gaza school to 'local authorities' that are under the 'government of national consensus in Ramallah'

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Peace? Not at this street protest

“The Jews control the media, control the banks, control governments, control everything,” shouted the man in front of me, cheered on by a mob of men and women who quickly assembled around him.

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Gaza terrorists attempt to attack IDF forces with explosives-laden donkey

Terrorists in Gaza tried to attack soldiers using a donkey strapped with explosives on Friday, the military said.

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Vox.com employs anti-Israel propagandists | RedState

Beauchamp and Fisher are propagandists, and they hate Israel.

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US Jews furious over 'Washington Post' cartoon showing Netanyahu punching Palestinian infant

The caricature is aimed at apportioning blame equally between Israel and Hamas for the suffering of Gazan civilians.

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Israel Invaded Gaza Because of Palestinian Rocket Fire, Says Netanyahu

Gazans girded for heavier Israeli shelling and air attacks on Friday night as Israel's prime minister ordered the military to prepare for the possibility of significantly expanding the newly launched ground invasion.

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Bill Clinton: Hamas' “Crass Strategy” is to Kill Palestinians - The Tower

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton laid the blame for Palestinian civilian casualties squarely on the heads of Hamas leaders, saying their policy was designed to kill Palestinians. Interviewed on India’s NDTV, Clinton was blunt in his assessment: Hamas

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Hamas Firing Rockets? There’s an App for That

English speakers across the globe are getting a real-time glimpse of what it is like to live under the constant threat of terrorist rocket attacks thanks to a hugely popular smartphone app that sends

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Top US firefighters help Israel amid rocket fire

News: Delegation of firefighters from US, including 9/11 first responders, arrive in Israel to help Israeli counterparts deal with fires caused by ongoing rocket fire.

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Assad kills hundreds in gas attack - 426 kids among dead: Kerry

The Obama administration unveiled its indictment of Bashar al-Assad’s regime yesterday, showing the world newly declassified intelligence files that revealed how Syria slaughtered at least 1,429 of...

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FM: West Bank status quo can be model for Gaza reoccupation

The PA would administer civilian areas, whereas Israel would have a 'free hand' to uproot terrorism, Liberman suggests

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Netanyahu Spokesman Schools Ronan Farrow on Israel-Hamas Situation

Ronan Farrow, who used to report to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, was taken to school on the Tuesday edition of his eponymous program by Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Dennis Prager - The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World

The Jewish State in a Morally Sick World - The absence of basic freedoms among Israel’s enemies means nothing to the Europeans.

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Israel accepts Egyptian ceasefire proposal, Hamas rejects deal

Cabinet votes 6-2 to end hostilities, but Gazan organization uninterested; Rockets hit Eilat, lightly injuring four people

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Israeli Security Cabinet accepts Egypt's proposal for Gaza cease-fire

The armed wing of the Islamic militant group Hamas said early Tuesday that it was rejecting an Egyptian cease-fire proposal aimed at ending a week of cross-border conflict.

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BDS: The Attempt to Strangle Israel - Prager University

The latest strategy employed by those who wish to strangle Israel is called BDS. It may sound harmless, but do not be fooled. It stands for Boycott, Divestment�and Sanctions, and not only is it poisonous for Israel, but for the world as well. Israel is on

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Hamas’ Use of Human Shields is a War Crime

International law explicitly forbids directing civilians to shield military objectives from attack.

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Netanyahu vows 'any means necessary' to stop Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he will use “any means necessary” to stop Islamic militant group Hamas from bombing civilians but decline to say when his military action will stop or whether he will continue using ground troops.

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The New York Times' Wretched Anti-Israel Bias Comes in All Too Clear

Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped on June 12 while hitchhiking home in the West Bank. They were found dead on June 30, murdered by Hamas militants. Palestinians attacked the ambulance carrying their bodies. Later Hamas launched rocket attacks on Isra

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WATCH: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder launches anti-Israel diatribe during concert

Famed rocker denounces “those who go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them.”

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Hamas Is Effectively Ordering Civilians to Die in Israeli Airstrikes

Hamas' Interior Ministry has ordered residents of the Gaza Strip to remain in their houses if they are about to be bombed by the Israelis, a move that effectively turns citizens into human shields and

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Pro-Israel Students Need to Watch This

Do you have an active anti-Israel group at your campus? If you do, a malicious new campaign called Divestment may be coming your way next. Learn the basics a...

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What is Hamas? Quick facts.

10 Unknown Facts About HAMAS For more info on HAMAS - http://www.standwithus.com/factsheets/?type=focus&wc=7 For more info on Pillar of Defense - http://www....

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US Embassy in Tel Aviv partially closed due to rocket fire

While routine appointments for visa and services will not be available on Thursday, emergency requests will be considered on case-by-case basis.

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BBC Investigation: #GazaUnderAttack Images Are Not Reliable

The BBC has investigated, and found inaccurate, numerous graphic images which are being shared on social media to show how people in Gaza have been affected by the renewed tensions with Israel.

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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Rips New York Times Editorial as 'Embarrassment to Journalism' | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, attacked The New York Times for an editorial it published on Monday entitled Four Horrific Killings. Questioning the integrity of the paper in a BuzzFeed post, Dermer highlighted five key points

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Where is the outrage over the bombardment of civilians in Israel? - Telegraph

Hundreds of rockets have been fired and a million citizens are forced to run for cover. Imagine if London suffered this bombardment