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British candidate wins, shouts ‘Allahu Akbar! A win for the people of Gaza’

  British Green Party candidate Mothin Ali, who won the Gipton and Harehills seat in Leeds with 3,070 votes, proclaimed

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'London Has Fallen': Pro-Muslim Immigration Mayor Saddiq Khan Is Reelected for Third Term

 London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been reelected for a third term in the United Kingdom's capital city.

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Ignoring Cries For Freedom; Pandering To Ungrateful Haters

The United States is supposed to be the beacon of freedom for all the world to see, at least that’s how the story goes. But time and time again, when opportunities present for the United States to come to the aid of those risking their lives to cry out

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Internal Docs Show Entire Intelligence Community Warned To Avoid ‘Problematic Phrases’ On Islamic Terrorism

DW INVESTIGATES: Top intel agency's DEI newsletter states that terms such as 'Jihadist' and 'Radical Islamists' must be avoided

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How Atrocities, Beheadings, and Carnage ‘Heal Muslim Hearts’

 In a recent communique, the Islamic State called on its followers to slaughter and terrorize every single Western person they could reach. A snippet follows:

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Election Jihad: Islamic Groups are Hijacking Our Elections

A Freedom Center report exposes the threat and shows how we can fight back.

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Redefining 'jihad' is part of the left's insidious attempt to twist reality

Teachers who attended an "anti-Muslim bias" webinar offered by the NYC Department of Education were told the meaning of jihad was "struggle" and that it could apply to any person's effort at self-improvement.

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The United Kingdom: Police trained on ‘Islamophobia’ by jihadist backers

Controversial group Mend, which was criticised in Sir William Shawcross’ review of Prevent, also gave courses to universities and the NHS

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How Hamas Hijacked British Democracy – Commentary Magazine

After all the false alarms, the crisis of British democracy is finally here. The cause is not a nebulous concept like “disinformation” or a prime minister getting ousted by her

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Britain Can’t Protect Its Own Government Ministers from Islamists

Mike Freer—a gay, conservative justice minister—is leaving Parliament because of threats to his life. He speaks to The Free Press.

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First They Came for My People, Then They Came for the Jews

A South Sudanese former slave recognized the Palestinian pogrom on Oct. 7

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Israel has woken up to Islamist terror, while the West remains asleep

To remake an Israel that its citizens feel safe in, there is only one proper outcome

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Pro-Hamas Protesters Shut Down NYC Bridges

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked several New York City bridges and a tunnel on Monday to demand an immediate ceasefire in the three-month-old Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Editor of British Muslim News Site Says There's 'Zero Proof' of Hamas Atrocities on October 7

 We've already been told today by Hunter Biden that his father had no financial involvement in whatever he did to earn millions overseas, so that's about as much denial as we can take.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Weimar America

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity…

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Protestor draped in a Palestinian flag sets themselves on FIRE outside Israeli consulate in Atlanta: Cops say they're in critical condition after 'extreme act of political protest'

The protestor set themselves on fire in what has been described as an 'extreme act of political protest' by the city's police chief.

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The depravity of the Islamo-left

Why do so many leftists struggle to condemn Hamas? Why do so-called progressives make excuses for Jew-killing, misogynistic, gay-bashing Islamists? It’s a lo...

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Nighttime Riots in the Streets of Dublin After Man Rumored to Be Algerian Immigrant Stabs Three Children

 Violence raged in Dublin Thursday night as protesters took to the streets and lit cars on fire after a man stabbed four people (five in some reports), including three children, earlier in the day. Rumors had spread that the suspect was an Algerian immigrant, but police have not released his identity, and the motive remains unknown.

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Hamas Ally CAIR Has Operated In America For 30 Years

Hamas has already penetrated American society, and CAIR is the tip of the spear.

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These Mosques Pray for the Annihilation of Jews. They Also Receive Money From the Biden Administration.

A federal program to help nonprofit groups protect against terrorist attacks has given millions of dollars to mosques and Islamic groups that have praised terrorists and called for the destruction of Israel, according to a Washington Free Beacon review.

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London Has Fallen; UPDATED

I have been following London’s decline for a while now, and have written a fair amount about the societal decline in Britain.
I often speak of Western culture, and the Anglosphere as a subset of...

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Huh: Everything Is a Nazi Symbol, But 'From the River to the Sea' Is 'Aspirational'

 As Twitchy reported earlier, Hamas Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted that the chant, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" wasn't a call for genocide and the elimination of Israel … it was an "aspirational call for … peaceful coexistence." It's remarkable that Hamas has its own representative in Congress and that more of her colleagues aren't calling her out.

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‘We Will Drink Your Blood and Eat Your Skull’: A Legacy of Islamic Savagery

 What’s the deal with Muslim calls for not just violence, but eating the flesh or drinking the blood of their infidel enemies?

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Iran trained 500 Hamas, PIJ fighters prior to Oct. 7 terror attack

The Iranian Quds Force conducted September exercises in which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters took part, according to a news report.

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The UK terror attack we can’t talk about

A man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism, but the public is being kept in the dark about it.

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The Islamo-left is a menace to Jews and decency

The Western left’s failure to denounce Hamas confirms its abandonment of secularism and reason.

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More Antisemitism and Terror Support at Australian "Palestine" Rallies

Naturally, at yesterday's rally in Melbourne, we saw examples of antisemitism and terror support from more than "10 or 15 people"

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Virginia School Board Member Opposes Moment Of Silence For Victims Of Hamas Attack

Fairfax County School Board member Abrar Omeish — who in September 2021 opposed a resolution honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks — opposed a moment of silence for victims of the Hamas attacks.

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SHAMEFUL: This Pro-Palestinian Terror-Linked Organization Is Active on Over 200 U.S. College Campuses

In light of this weekend’s horrific terrorist attacks on Israel by Palestinian members of Hamas, it seems reasonable to investigate one of the pro-Palestinian groups who publicly celebrated the...

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Targeted for Termination: Dogs and Infidels

On Aug. 25, 2023, a video appeared of Muslim girls covered from head to toe in all-black burqas and dancing to a song that praised Islam and cursed “infidels,” that is, all non-Muslims. The video — wh...

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U.S. Army Private Converts to Islam — Guess What Happened Next

If our culture had any sane values, ISIS might not appear so attractive. In the meantime, however, we will see many more young men like Cole James Bridges.

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The 'Great Replacement' Is a Fact: Baby Muhammads Overrun the West

Newborn baby Muhammads are taking Western Europe by storm — with Berlin being the latest target.  According to a May 8, 2023, report in the German weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit:...

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Islamist antisemitism is flying under the Jewish communal radar

New report details how Muslim hate groups have rebranded themselves as intersectional allies to Jewish left-wingers.

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Islamist antisemitism in the US masked by alliance with far left

INSS report argues that rebranding of extremist groups as human rights organizations threatens to bring fringe ideas into the mainstream

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Islamic dictatorships are trying to buy the UN agencies

After the European Parliament, the UN is easy prey. Funding has allowed Islamic countries to form the most powerful bloc in UNESCO. Op-ed.

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Boston Marathon Bombing Anniversary Marked by Silence as to Motive

On the tenth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, no one wants to discuss why it happened. Media retrospectives don’t even attempt to discuss the motive.

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Richard Landes on Why Leftists Embrace Islamist Ideas about the West

Richard Landes on Why Leftists Embrace Islamist Ideas about the West By Marilyn Stern Middle East Forum Webinar Richard Landes, chair of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) and author of Can the “Whole World” Be Wrong? Lethal Journali

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Why Leftists Embrace Islamist Ideas about the West

Richard Landes, chair of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) and author of Can the "Whole World" Be Wrong? Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad, was interviewed in a December 5th Middle East Forum Webinar (video) by Dexter Van

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The unlearned lessons of 9/11

A short memory may be helpful as a coping mechanism, but it is deadly in matters of foreign policy.

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The Nazi Roots of Islamist Hate

A review of recent scholarship on the shaping of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of the Holocaust

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Tampa Palestinian Islamic Jihad School Gala

Joe Kaufman is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative. He was the 2014, 2016

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The real lesson of the Texas synagogue attack

Few understand the crucial role of antisemitism in Islamist extremism

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While the Feds Go After School Board Dissidents, Miami Imam Ridicules Women’s Rights and Calls for Sharia

This is a call to replace the U.S. Constitution and to make the United States an Islamic state. But calling for Sharia arouses little or no notice in the FBI.

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Assessing the twin disasters of September 2001

  We have a tendency to forget that two historical events occurred in early September 2001. No one needs to

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Can the West be honest about the Islamist threat?

  It was only two months ago that the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, boasted on Twitter about flying a

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Blaming the victim: Theo van Gogh, Charlie Hebdo, and the end of Free Speech

While Muslim extremists slice the throats of those at prayer, the NYT and others accuse the French of failing Muslim immigrants. Op-ed.

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Biden Will Open the U.S. to Jihad; His Supporters Don't Care

The Left sees all Islamic terrorism as a reaction to “Islamophobia,” and so can't and won't oppose that terrorism.

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‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ Come Back to Bite a University

The idea that Muslims might stage jihad massacres for their own reasons, stemming from Islamic texts — even to consider that possibility would be Islamophobic.

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Muslim Call To Prayer To Be Blasted Over Major U.S. City Five Times A Day

A Minneapolis neighborhood, which lies in controversial Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, will begin broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer five times a day over outdoor loudspeakers throughout the month of Ramadan, reports say. The move is “be

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Barry Werner - Why are there Islamists in the Modern World?

Barry Werner – Why are there Islamists in the Modern World? We want to think that Islamists come out of an extraordinary world, one that is fundamentally different from the world the rest of us live in. We want to assure ourselves that our world is

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14 Crucial Questions That Bernie Sanders Surrogate Ilhan Omar Won’t Answer

If Ilhan Omar is who Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders entrusts with Minnesota in 2020, America deserves a response to these burning questions.

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Ilhan Omar: in Service of Islamist Agendas

Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is often presented in the press as the quintessential Muslim American, representing the values of an increasingly politically active class of voters who cling to their religious convictions while embracing

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Multiple Victims Reported In ‘Islamist-Related’ Mass Stabbing London Terror Attack

Law enforcement officials in London shot and killed a man on Sunday who allegedly went on a mass stabbing spree in a “terrorist-related” attack. “Three victims have been taken to south London hospitals,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Or

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Philadelphia Commission Looks the Other Way on Islamist Anti-Semitism

When Representatives Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and Scott Perry (R-PA) wrote to the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) in September to discuss a horrifying instance of anti-Semitism, they did so with good reason. Some months earlier, in May, local

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In Whitewashing Islamism, Some K-12 Programs Advance Jihad : Middle East Forum

You may have read about the proposed ethnic studies curriculum developed for California public high schools, which caused an uproar because of its biased treatment of Jews and Israel, support for the BDS movement, and fear that it fomented anti-Semitism

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Captain Morgan Website Asks Visitors to Affirm They're Not Muslim

In a possible example of creeping Sharia, the Captain Morgan website asked visitors to affirm they're not Muslim. Why? Because Sharia law forbids Muslims from drinking alcohol, and jihadis have gone on crusades against beer and beer-drinkers.

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Trump Warns UNC and Duke They Will Lose Funding Over Islamic Teachings - David Harris Jr

President Trump has notified the University of North Carolina and Duke that he will pull federal funding over their Islamic propaganda. The two schools held a symposium that turned out to be a Jewish bash-fest.

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HAMMER: Never Forget 9/11. But We Need To Rethink How We Fight Radical Islamic Jihad. | Daily Wire

Eighteen years ago today, in what would be the deadliest assault by a geopolitical foe on U.S. soil since the War of 1812, the global jihad struck the most lethal blow in the history of its wretched movement.

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Son of 9/11 victim calls out Ilhan Omar in Ground Zero memorial speech

During a Wednesday memorial service for the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, a man whose mother died during the terrorist attacks took aim at Rep. Ilhan

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Ilhan Omar Refuses to Comment on Terrorist Recruitment in Her District. Again.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) declined to address a report that found the highest level of terrorist group recruitment has taken place in her congressional district. According to a Fox News report from February, “More men and boys from a Somali A

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LITWIN: Elizabeth Warren Must Stop Associating With Islamist Radicals

Lately, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been staking out a position as a defender of the American Muslim community against the alleged white nationalism of Donald Trump. Along with fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT),

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Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit

Why has Rep. Ilhan Omar openly supported an organization with a long reported record of supporting terrorism and violence?

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Muslim schoolchildren in Philadelphia perform anti-Israel/antisemitic songs at event 'Islamic science' event.

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Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

Ilhan Omar’s penchant for provoking millions of Americans with odious words has masked the related elements of her associations, ideology, and background.

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Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar. Public Schools Haven't Been So Kind About Trump. | Dail

Public school students in Minnesota are being instructed to write reports on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and color photos of the controversial Democrat, a report from Powerline claims:

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Ilhan Omar Uses Iconic Words From George Bush To Defend Her 9/11 Comments. The Internet Erupts. | Daily Wire

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) used iconic words former president George W. Bush made at Ground Zero atop a heap of rubble in New York City in September 2001 to defend her widely-criticized remarks trivializing the 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed thousands of

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Ilhan Omar calls for release of Egyptian prisoner with terrorist ties | The Jerusalem post

On her Twitter page last week, Omar demanded that U.S. President Donald Trump push for the release of a senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hoda Abdelmonem.

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CAIR Loses a Round in San Diego to MEF-Funded Lawsuit : Middle East Forum

PHILADELPHIA – March 20, 2019 – The Council on American-Islamic Relation's (CAIR) ubiquitous presence in the San Diego Unified School District is over, thanks in part to the Middle East Forum. A settlement in the federal lawsuit against the District,

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Al Jazeera English bans terms 'terrorist', 'Islamist' | Fox News

In the wake of Tuesday's attack on the Corinthia Hotel in Libya, an Al Jazeera English executive reportedly sent an e-mail to employees banning the use of terms including terrorists, extremism, and Islamist. Fox News' Todd Starnes blasted the network for