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Virginia Student Suspended After Reporting Antisemitic Incident at School, Parents Say | United with Israel

Parents and local leaders expressed outrage at the school for disciplining a student for reporting antisemitism, arguing it will deter others from coming forward to expose such bigotry.

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Virginia School Board Member Opposes Moment Of Silence For Victims Of Hamas Attack

Fairfax County School Board member Abrar Omeish — who in September 2021 opposed a resolution honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks — opposed a moment of silence for victims of the Hamas attacks.

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PODCAST | And You Thought FOX News Was On Your Side…

Listen now (47 min) | Before we get into this episode of Talkback with Chuck Wilder – in which I get into the Right’s ineptitude when it comes to messaging and conveying a cohesive and coherent narrative, I'd like to take issue with a podcast I h

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‘Ridiculous Edict’: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Blasts California’s Gas Car Phase Out

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) blasted California’s new electric vehicle plan that will ban sales of new gas-powered cars in 2035, saying he will push to block the effort from spreading to the Old Dominion.

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Proposed Virginia History Standards Would Remove Washington as 'Father of Our Country'

Standards for teaching history in Virginia public schools must be changed at least every seven years. With the last overhaul occurring in 2015, the

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Someone Hid Winsome Sears' Senate Gavel - So She Used Her High Heels

Newly elected Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, a Republican who has already made history as the first black woman to hold the seat in the history of the Commonwealth, marked another first this week after she reportedly used her high-heeled shoe to cal

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PODCAST: Putin's Personal Pandemic on Ukraine...and COVID, Too

If anyone actually thought the Biden administration was serious in their response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's eventual taking of Ukraine I have some Chinese real estate stock to sell you. Then, if you are Ukraine your $8+ Billion investment

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Liberals Blame Glenn Youngkin for Winter Traffic Nightmare—as Opposed to Their Actual Dem Governor

As Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia dealt with the traffic jam of the century, which left some drivers stuck on the road for over a day because of heavy snow, liberals on Twitter decided to blame Re...

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In The Name Of Equity, Virginia County Wants To Ban Homework Grades And Other Standards

Arlington County, Virginia, recently introduced a proposal for a new grading system, based on the idea of equity, that would allow an unlimited number of retakes on assignments, ban extra credit, and would block grading on homework assignments, Fox News reported on Thursday.

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Incoming! Commies Blaming Mommies for Tuesday's Scalping #WhiteWomen Onslaught

Taking leadership pointers from Stalin himself, the pinkos are doing what they always do when they get disemboweled on election day: Blaming someone else for not doing a good enough job themselves....

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The Corporate Media Ignores a Few Firsts in Virginia Because They Can't Explain Them

The corporate media will never acknowledge the firsts in the Virginia election. They can't explain it because they lack curiosity and humility.

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Election 2021: This Isn’t Hard to Understand

The 2021 elections are over, and Democrats lost. The party’s stalwarts are desperate to avoid a course correction, and they’re talking themselves into

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Virginia Dem caught tampering with voting site gets earful on 'fair elections' from police officer

Democratic Del. Chris Hurst got pulled over by police after a sheriff’s deputy saw a woman tamper with campaign signs and get into Hurst’s car before Election Day.

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CNN, MSNBC Ignore Victory Speech of Historic Black Republican in Virginia

In addition to sweeping the statewide offices in Virginia, winning back the state house and battling Democrats to a virtual tie in deep blue New Jersey, Republicans on Tuesday night scored big wins for diversity. Not that you would know it from the collec

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Melts Down Over Youngkin Win: ‘Education’ Is Code For ‘White Parents Don’t Like The Idea Of Teaching Ab

MSNBC’s Joy Reid went into meltdown mode on Tuesday night as Republicans scored upset victories in statewide elections in Virginia, at one point claiming that parents being concerned about “education” was really just “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.'”

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace says the ‘Trump insurrection endorsed Republican’ won the suburbs because of CRT, ‘which isn’t real’

If CRT isn't real, why is it on the Virginia Department of Education website?

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Youngkin defeats McAuliffe in race for Virginia governor

The polls are now closed in Virginia, in the closely watched gubernatorial election between former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin

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Tiki-Torch Wielding Virginia Dems Caught Faking White Supremacist Photo Op to Smear Glenn Youngkin

Virginia Democrats must know just how bad things are looking for Terry McAuliffe in the gubernatorial election that will be decided on Tuesday. In addition to the McAuliffe campaign hiring a lawyer kn...

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Who’s running, Joe? Biden says ‘Trump’ 24 times during Va. stump for McAuliffe

President Biden on Tuesday seemed fixated on former President Donald Trump in a Virginia stump speech for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor.

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PODCAST: While Kamala Breaks The Law, The Left Is More Concerned With Golf Courses | Underground USA | United States

Even as Vice President Kamala Harris engages in the blatant transgression of the Hatch Act - as well as other campaign laws, the disingenuous Left is taking aim at a golf course in Scotland owned by former President Donald Trump and an array of sand dunes. Curious that they are so focused by the former President even as China successfully tests a hyper-sonic, nuclear-capable, high-altitude missile that Biden administration officials say caught them off guard...

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OUTRAGEOUS: Virginia Public Schools to Focus on Muslims—As Victims—in Teaching About 9/11 On Attacks’ 20th Anniversary

On 9/11, the US was attacked by jihadis. To claim anything else is to outrage history and those who have given their lives to defend our republic since then.

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University of Virginia 'Disenrolls' Unvaccinated Students

Dozens of students who were enrolled at the University of Virginia had their status reversed because they remained unvaccinated before...

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America’s 250th Birthday Will Be A ‘Commemoration,’ Not ‘Celebration’ In Virginia Because Leftists Don’t Think It’s Worth Celebrating

Event should be oriented around liberal priorities because "because [conservatives are] all in anyway."

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Teacher of the Year Placed 'On Leave' After Questioning Equity Training

A Virginia teacher with an exemplary record who in 2016 had been named “Teacher of the Year” in her school was placed on administrative...

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Virginia’s Department Of Education Wants To Institute ‘Social Emotional Learning’ State Wide

The Virginia Education Department is attempting to institute “social-emotional learning” over academic content into the state-wide curriculum. 

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Virginia Lawmakers Ignore Growing National Anger, Blame Trump for Capitol Hill Chaos on Trump

Ignoring that the nation has been a rising to a boiling point since the Obama administration, several Virginia lawmakers have

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Last Potomac River ferry shuts down after more than 230 years of operation

The historic White’s Ferry, the last remaining ferry service to travel between Virginia and Maryland across the Potomac River, announced on Monday that it would be ceasing operations.

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Virginia to replace statue of Robert E. Lee with Barbara Johns effigy

A commission in Virginia on Wednesday selected to replace the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee representing that state in the U.S. Capitol with an effigy of a black teenage girl who protested segregation.

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Did Fox News call Virginia for Joe Biden really early or is their modeling just that good?

The networks are starting the call the states whose polls have closed. Fox News’ Bret Baier just now said that a checkmark next to a candidate is based on a projection, which helps explain how they called Virginia for Joe Biden so early. First Fox News ca

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Nets Ignore Massive Gun Control Defeat: VA Rejects Assault Weapons Ban

The liberal broadcast networks did all they could to smear gun rights advocates who gathered in Virginia’s capital last month. They framed the advocates as terrorists, white supremacists, and generally violent. When they were proven wrong, they still invo

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To Defeat Trump, Virginia Dems Give State’s Electoral Votes Away. Ted Cruz Gives Them A Constitutional Lesson.

In an astonishingly partisan move, the Virginia House of Delegates, which has a majority of Democrats, voted to disenfranchise their voters by deciding to give their entire state’s presidential electoral votes to whomever wins the popular vote. The move w

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Virginia School District Will Allow Students To Skip Class As Long As They Say They’re Protesting

Starting January 27, 2020, seventh- to 12-grade students attending Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia will be allowed to skip school in order to participate in “civic engagement activities.” Hot Air’s Karen Townsend reported that the Fairf

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Newly Elected Virginia Senator Had Been Jailed for Having Sex with Teenager

In 2014, Joe Morrissey, then a 57-year-old delegate to the Virginia General Assembly, plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was sentenced to 12 months in jail (with six months suspended) because of a sexual

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Thomas Jefferson's Birthday Replaced With Slave Liberation Day in Charlottesville

On Monday, the city council of Charlottesville struck down the official holiday celebrating Thomas Jefferson's birthday and replaced it with a day celebrating the slave liberation toward the end of the Civil War. This sends a message of ingratitude to UVa

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Virginia Democrat Who Came Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Comments Wins Special Election - Washington Free Beacon

A Virginia Democrat with a history of anti-Israel activism and anti-Semitic comments was sworn in as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates Wednesday.

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Ralph Northam Med-School-Yearbook Page Shows Blackface, KKK Photo | National Review

A page dedicated to Virginia’s governor in his medical-school yearbook shows two men, one of whom is presumably him, posing in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan uniform.

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Yes, the Virginia Abortion Bill Is Just as Barbaric as You’ve Heard | National Review

Make no mistake, this bill functionally renders third-trimester abortions generally legal.

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Abortion Advocates Keep Telling This Huge Lie About Late-Term Abortion. Don't Fall For It.

As I wrote earlier today, Democrats across the country are in the middle of a mad dash to legalize late-term abortion.

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Virginia County Votes to Arm Teachers, Pay for Their Guns | Breitbart

Virginia's Lee County school district voted to arm teachers and pay for their guns and training.

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Top seed Virginia blows 16-point lead, Syracuse heads to Final Four - CBSSports.com

One of the most dramatic, unexpected comebacks in Elite Eight history unfolded at the United Center on Sunday. And now Jim Boeheim and the 10th-seeded Orange are headed to Houston for the Final Four.

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Tony Bennett finally breaks the door down, gets Virginia to the Elite Eight - CBSSports.com

Tony Bennett is one of the best coaches in college basketball, and he finally proved it by reaching his first Elite Eight on Friday night.

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Virginia State Bar cancels Israel trip, citing ‘discriminatory’ border policies

Politicians described the legal group’s decision as an “outrageous” move that “sends the wrong signal.”

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Michigan State ends Virginia's season for a second straight year | The Dagger - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Cavaliers were never the same after Justin Anderson's injury, and it showed again Sunday.