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The Media: Lying Liars | PragerU

How many times can someone lie to you before you stop believing him? Popular podcaster Tim Pool applies this question to a source you might be trusting a…

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Elder Of Ziyon - How is the mainstream media covering Sinwar's statement? They aren't.

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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ABC News: Israel Violates Ceasefire That Hasn't Started Yet

 We're hearing that there's been a 24-hour pause on the release of the hostages held by Hamas, putting loved ones through another day of hell.

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Reporter Makes Fool of Himself After Writing Op-Ed Claiming MAGA Is Bigger Threat Than Hamas

 Asinine op-eds coming from far-leftist publications are nothing new. When a controversial issue arises, you can always count on progressive members of the chattering class to put out opinion pieces chock full of the most sensationally low-IQ takes one could think of.

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LA Times Owner’s Daughter Says Journalists Should Call Israel ‘Apartheid’ State

The Los Angeles Times’s owner’s daughter, who has been an influential force on the paper’s news coverage, denounced Israel as an "apartheid state" and said journalists should be allowed to describe it that way in their reporting.

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The West’s fifth columnists

Media outlets are enabling anti-Jewish evil in a time of war.

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WATCH: Here Are the Media Outlets That Uncritically Regurgitated Hamas Propaganda

When a hospital in the Gaza Strip blew up on Tuesday night, U.S. and international news media uncritically reported Hamas terrorists' claims of an Israeli massacre. The White House and Israel have since refuted that account, citing imagery, intercepts, an

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Why Are So Few Talking About the Hostages?

One of the striking things about the coverage of the Israel/Hamas war is how underreported the story of the hostages Hamas took has been.
Obviously, we know about the hostages. How could we not, since...

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Rolling Stone Sets Journalistic Ethics on Fire in Latest Attack on Ron DeSantis

As RedState reported, a group of self-proclaimed neo-nazis marched in Florida on Saturday. Naturally, that meant the press went wild reporting on it because giving neo-nazis attention is obviously how you diffuse their ideology or something.

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Associated Press Coverage of Courts, Climate Bankrolled by Dozens of Left-Wing Foundations

The Associated Press, the country's top wire service, is now bankrolled in part by millions of dollars from left-wing foundations, including one founded by "1619 Project" author Nikole Hannah-Jones.

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Biden WH might give the NYT a Loyal Water Carrier Award for THIS doozy of a paragraph

 As we told you earlier, the New York Times has published "a tale of two families," a story that revolves around "what it means to have the Biden birthright"

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CNN Blatantly Attacked THIS Minority Group in the Middle East

Help Israeli victims of terror find the healing they need: https://www.israelchildren.org/wholefamilytherapy/?utm_source=influencer_theisraelguys&utm_medium=...

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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

Leaked Fox News policies indicate Fox permits employees to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biology.

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How anti-Semitic tropes crept back into the mainstream

The Guardian is just the latest outlet to publish dodgy cartoons of Jews.

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How Corporate Media’s Top Dogs Box Out Real Reporters From Asking The White House Tough Questions

Of the 49 seats in the White House briefing room, just nine are occupied by right-leaning news outlets. Five are seated in the back rows.

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'Anonymous Sources' Are How Media Launder Smear Operations

It happened with the Russia hoax, it happened all during Trump's time in the White House, and it happened again with the Chinese spy balloon.

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Interrupts Her Own Network’s Reporter to Scold Him for Using the Term ‘Pro-Life’

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interrupted her colleague Garrett Haake over his use of the phrase "pro-life" while reporting on recent comments by Rep. Nancy Mace.

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WaPo admits Russian trolls 'had little influence on 2016 voters' after years hyping their role in Trump's win

After years suggesting Russian bots helped put Donald Trump in the White House, The Washington Post now admits they had "little influence" in the 2016 election.

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The Press Kicks Off a New Year of Distemper With January 6 Misinformation

Unable to let go of the issue most have walked away from, our journalists prove they are only getting worse regarding January 6.

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MSNBC, CNN Ignore 'Twitter Files' Revelations Exposing FBI Collusion

The far-left networks MSNBC and CNN have ignored revelations from the "Twitter Files" about the FBI colluding with Twitter employees.

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NYT publishes crossword puzzle resembling swastika

“This is the NYTimes crossword puzzle today on the first day of Hanukka. What the hell, @nytimes?” Democratic Strategist Keith Edwards tweeted.

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Victor Davis Hanson: How Corrupt Is a Corrupt Media?

The current “media”—loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC and CNN…

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Once Again, MSNBC Invites Prominent Anti-Semite to Explain Why Fellow Anti-Semites Are Bad

What happened? MSNBC did it again. The left-wing network invited Al Sharpton, a notorious anti-Semite, on Morning Joe to explain why his fellow anti-Semites shouldn't be given a public platform. Seriously? Yes. Why? Because Al Sharpton supports the Democr

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Reminder: The Club Q Shooting May Not Be What the Left Wants You to Believe It Is

Before we even know all the facts about the shooting at Club Q, the left has already decided who is to blame: Republicans. Enough with the finger-pointing.

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MSNBC’s (Apparently Insane) Katy Tur Floats John Fetterman as Potential Presidential Material: ‘I Know There’s Some Variables’

Katy Tur floated John Fetterman as a potential presidential candidate Tuesday while noting there were "variables" that might complicate such an endeavor.

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WATCH: CBS News Gives Historian Meacham Platform To Echo White House Spin Without Disclosing Work on Biden Speeches

Historian Jon Meacham trumpeted President Joe Biden’s election message on CBS days before the midterms without disclosing his work advising the president.

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CBS News picks up on AOC’s ‘technical issues’ with Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership

Actually, we should say AOC's alleged technical issues.

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MSNBC's Beschloss: GOP Midterm Victory Will Bring 'Brutal Authoritarian System,' Our Children Will Be Arrested, Killed

MSNBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss said Wednesday on "All In" said that if Republicans take the majorities in Congress, American democracy will end, and "our children" will be jailed and killed by a "brutal authoritarian system." | Clips

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The painful truth about media bias: Some journalists lie

Why is coverage of certain issues—like Israel—so one-sided? The midterm election once again proved that many reporters suppress the truth to bolster their position in any dispute.

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MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan asks if the 2024 election will be free and fair if black people are denied the right to vote

Hasan can't comprehend Trump winning in 2024 without foul play.

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Whatever Happened to Linda Sarsour? New York Times Says Russian Trolls Got Her.

What next for Sarsour? If the Times article does its job, she’ll be running for office after all. She couldn’t be worse than what New York is already electing.

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America: 'Kill Salman Rushdie, not the Iran Deal!'

None of the readily available evidence of state-sponsored violence seems to have factored into how the American press and the White House are choosing to present the attack on Rushdie.

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Two more NYT Palestinian freelancers caught praising Hitler, terrorists after paper cut ties with another | Fox News

At least three Palestinian journalists who've worked for The New York Times were caught making anti-Semitic and anti-Israel social media posts in the past.

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Bidens as dysfunctional as the Kennedys — and protected by the press

The Bidens — whose public image of a close-knit, well-adjusted family brought even closer by tragedy — is at stark odds with reality.

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Salon Mag on the 4th of July: Hey, You Know What? Joe Biden Is Just Like the Founding Fathers

Monday being Independence Day, the Leftist media is full of ridiculous hot takes, but none are more overheated or ridiculous than that of Salon’s Matthew Rozsa.

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Good Morning America: Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first black Supreme Court justice in history

They did this before, didn’t they? Yeah, it was Politico. Good Morning America has deleted the tweet but the screenshots live on: uhhhhhh https://t.co/ivytZcu3IE — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) June 30, 2022 Only like 55 years off — lizard_king (@the1lizard_k

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ABC News features mother whose child communicated she was transgender at the earliest moment she had words

It was back in 2018 when we started seeing adoring stories about young drag queens. Drag queen “Lactatia” was only 8 years old when ELLE ran a piece celebrating the boy and his refusal to “let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted.

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ABC News contributor thinks Josh Hawley ‘has met his match’ in Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘and we should all prepare for his funeral tomorrow’

josh hawley

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Media Fail to Retract Russian Disinformation Claim About Hunter's Laptop 

The establishment media on Friday failed to retract reporting that Hunter's "laptop from hell" was likely "Russian disinformation."

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NewsGuard Ultimate Fake News Humiliation: ‘Fact-Checking’ Org’s Co-Founder Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Hoax’

NewsGuard, the establishment “news-rating” project that presents itself as a source of expert knowledge on which news sources can be trusted and which ones cannot, defended its track record on the Hunter Biden laptop story in comments to Breitbart News, d

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Racist Joy: We Only Care About Ukraine Because They're White

On Monday night's The ReidOut on MSNBC, host Joy Reid used the last segment of her prime-time show to exploit the war in Ukraine in order to play racial politics.

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The Political Class and Mainstream Media Have Destroyed the People's Ability to Divine the Truth

We have all heard it and many of us have said it. We live in a moment in time when accurate, unmanipulated, and truthful information is at a premium. We cannot trust our mainstream media nor can we trust our elected class. Even advocates and activists are

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Why Aren’t Media Covering The Car That Smashed The Freedom Convoy?

Legacy media is trying to memory hole the attack on the Freedom Convoy because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Politics | The China Threat

US Media Outlets Peddle Chinese Propaganda as Olympics Begin in Beijing

China is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, which means U.S. media coverage of the brutal communist regime is going to be even more credulous and obsequious than usual over the next couple of weeks.

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CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo completely avoid Johns Hopkins study finding COVID lockdowns ineffective

A new study concluding lockdowns 'should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument' was ignored by the vast majority of the liberal media.

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The Likely Cause of the Media Blackout on Imploding Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Once upon a time in America, a high-profile federal prosecution imploding amid credible accusations of FBI entrapment would earn wall-to-wall headlines in the…

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‘It Flipped Overnight’: Glenn Greenwald Points To The One Moment That Changed The Pandemic And Destroyed Trust In Media

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said in a Tuesday Twitter thread that there was one single moment that changed media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic — and that when it “flipped overnight,” it destroyed trust in media.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Media Calls Waukesha Fatal Car-Ramming A ‘Crash.’ They Called 2017 Charlottesville Car-Ramming An ‘Attack.’

After the horrific brutality in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in which a man rammed his SUV into marchers in a Christmas parade, causing the deaths of at least six people, including a small child and injuries to scores of others, many media outlets eschewed calling what happened an attack, instead using terms such as “parade crash,” or “parade tragedy,” unlike their coverage of the car-ramming at the 2017 Charlottesville rally which they commonly referred to as an “attack.”

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‘There Wasn’t Violence. There Wasn’t Bloodshed’: MSNBC Whitewashes Al Sharpton’s History

When you think of nonviolent protests, you may not think of Al Sharpton — but MSNBC does.

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The Corporate Media Ignores a Few Firsts in Virginia Because They Can't Explain Them

The corporate media will never acknowledge the firsts in the Virginia election. They can't explain it because they lack curiosity and humility.

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CNN, MSNBC Ignore Victory Speech of Historic Black Republican in Virginia

In addition to sweeping the statewide offices in Virginia, winning back the state house and battling Democrats to a virtual tie in deep blue New Jersey, Republicans on Tuesday night scored big wins for diversity. Not that you would know it from the collec

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Melts Down Over Youngkin Win: ‘Education’ Is Code For ‘White Parents Don’t Like The Idea Of Teaching Ab

MSNBC’s Joy Reid went into meltdown mode on Tuesday night as Republicans scored upset victories in statewide elections in Virginia, at one point claiming that parents being concerned about “education” was really just “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.'”

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace says the ‘Trump insurrection endorsed Republican’ won the suburbs because of CRT, ‘which isn’t real’

If CRT isn't real, why is it on the Virginia Department of Education website?

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NBC Reporter Asks Secret Service If ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ AR-15 Part Is Threatening

In the last 24 hours a former Clinton administration press secretary has equated people who say “Let’s Go, Brandon” with ISIS members, ex-CBS News anchor Dan Rather has warned the phrase may lead to “violence,” and an NBC reporter has contacted the Secret Service to determine if novelty AR-15 parts bearing the anti-Biden phrase should be considered a threat to the president’s safety.

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6 Stories The Media Ignored This Month

One of the easiest ways to confirm media bias is this: Did you ever notice that, of all the stories in the world, the legacy media outlets cover the exact same handful of topics each night? Each one may have a few exclusive details or interviews, but the stories rarely change.

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Clown World: Fake News Is the Only Approved News, While Real News Gets You Banned on Social Media

We all understand that freedom of the press is an integral part of the Constitution, and for good reason. Communist countries decide what their citizens read. It’s all about controlling the mass...

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Democrats and the Press Declare Being 100% Wrong on Saturday’s J-J-6 Rally Proves Them...Correct??

Somehow the lack of insurrections, violence, and attendees at Saturday's rally only assures the dangers of MAGA Nation.

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Washington Post looks into anti-blackness and transphobia in the Byzantine Empire to help us understand the roots of hatred

The Washington Post thought more people should be aware of this book.

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White House to Charge Press Corp $170 Each Per Entry for COVID Test

In a move that has media outlets screaming bloody murder, the White House plans to institute a new policy, beginning Monday, that charges...

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Drew Holden’s megathread comparing media obits for Rush Limbaugh to Iran’s Soleimani (and others) speaks VOLUMES

"What propaganda?"

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‘You Are Bloodthirsty For Ratings’: Trump Attorney Tears Into Media, Rips Off His Mic

Speaking with CBS News' Lana Zak Saturday following the acquittal of former President Trump in the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, Trump’s attorney

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CNN’s Ratings Tanked 44% The Week After Trump Left The White House

CNN’s ratings may be crashing now that former President Donald Trump is out of office, depriving the network of their largest punching bag.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Here Are 31 Times the Media Justified or Explained Away Rioting and Looting After George Floyd’s Death

A common narrative pushed in the media is that rioting is a quintessentially American activity with a storied history of bringing about positive change.

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The Top Five Most Suppressed News Stories Of 2020

There's no way that even as recently as four years ago anyone would have predicted just how abysmally irresponsible the media would become by 2020.

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MEMO: Kamala Harris Implicated in Hunter Biden’s China Energy Company Scheme

In a story that received next to zero coverage in the mainstream media, an internal email/memo from Democrat presidential hopeful

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ABC Finally Reports on Dems Violating Their Own COVID Rules...But Won't Call Them 'Democrats'!

After NewsBusters noted last night that the big three networks have refused to cover the many incidents of arrogant Democrat politicians disobeying their own coronavirus lockdown orders,

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O’Keefe CNN Tapes: Execs Discussed Burying Hunter Biden Story, Advocated Helping Biden With Miami Cubans

Newly released videos by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas on Tuesday allegedly showed CNN executives discussing burying the Hunter Biden laptop story that

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Media has a meltdown as Biden fails to deliver a landslide

Ever sat next to somebody who’s afraid to fly? That combination of freaking out, embarrassment and asking when the drinks cart would come around again was what we all saw in the lefty telepundit class last night.

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BREAKING: ‘Anonymous’ Author Is CNN Contributor, Google Employee, Biden Supporter

The author of the controversial "anonymous" New York Times op-ed from two years ago is a CNN contributor and a Google employee currently on leave until

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Morning Greatness: Media Frets About Maskless Abraham Accords Signing

Good Wednesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president participates in a High Holy Days Call with Jewish Leaders President Trump has lunch with the Vice President The president delivers remarks at National Republican Congres

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Broadcasters Air 150 Times More Negative News on Trump Than Biden: Study

Evening news has aired a plethora of negative stories against President Donald Trump while virtually ignoring presumptive Democratic ...

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Democrats And The Media Are Blaming America Because Iran Shot Down A Passenger Plane. This Is Beyond Despicable.

For days after Trump ordered the strike on global mass killer  Qassem Soleimani, Democrats and the media heaped praise and adulation on the dead terrorist while fretting that the president had inaugurated World War 3. Perhaps “fretting” isn&#8