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Victor Davis Hanson: Who Are the Real Insurrectionists?

For 120 days in summer 2020, violent protesters destroyed some $2 billion in property and injured 1,500 police officers in riots that led to over 35 deaths.

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J6 Claims About Trump And Secret Service Collapses Hours After Hearing

Blockbuster testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson collapsed hours after Tuesday's show trial hearing.

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Investigators: Pelosi Responsible For Jan. 6 Security Breakdown At Capitol

Pelosi shoulders much of the blame for the security breakdown at the Capitol on Jan. 6, a preliminary report from GOP investigators found.

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Report Reveals Top Secret Service Agent’s Story Of What Happened Inside Car With Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s lead Secret Service agent is reportedly ready to testify that testimony given by a former White House staffer on Wednesday to the January 6 House select committee is false.

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J6 Committee Focuses On Fraud Claims, Ignores Tactics Used To Rig 2020 Election

Stealing an election by fraud is not the only way to rig an outcome. Elections are rigged when systemic violations of election law occur.

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Police Report Shows Undercover Cops Were Embedded With J6 Protestors

Police records prove there were undercover "members" of the Metropolitan Police Dept. (MPD) embedded among the January 6 protestors. Special plainclothed "Electronic Surveillance Units" (ESU) joined the protestors and shot video footage.

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Jan. 6 Committee Ignores Clear Evidence Of Mass Illegal Voting, Systematically Broken Election Laws

The Jan. 6 Committee ignores the verifiable evidence of systemic violations of election law, illegal voting, and more.

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January 6 for Non-Dummies

During another public hearing on Monday, the January 6 select committee featured a witness so irrelevant that his appearance should prompt even the most ardent…

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Honest Liberals Know Trump Is Innocent and the J6 Hearings Are a Sham

Any objective person can see that the Democrats are merely exploiting the Capitol riot with primetime hearings in an effort to distract the public from the nation’s economic woes....

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RealClearInvestigations' Jan. 6-BLM Riots Comparison | RealClearInvestigations

By The Editors, RealClearInvestigationsRevised and Updated, 2022( Originally posted September 9, 2021)
Democrat-dominated, televised congressional hearings on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot opened in prime ti

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Eight Key Questions the January 6 Committee Will Not Answer and One Nancy Pelosi Can't Avoid

Officially, the congressional body convening the special primetime hearing tonight is known as the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Congress of the United States,R...

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Jan. 6 Commission primetime hearing was a ratings ‘BOMB’ for CBS, NBC, ABC – twitchy.com

OOF. If any of the January 6 Commission’s hearings are again scheduled to take place in prime time, it’s entirely possible that the networks will take a “hard pass” next time:

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What the January 6 Committee Hearings Won’t Cover

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) promises the January 6 Select committee hearings “will tell a story that will blow the roof of the House.” Rep.

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Internal Capitol Police review found sweeping intelligence, security failures on Pelosi's watch

Secret after-action report cited widespread ineptitude and inadequate riot squads, found closing of open-source intelligence unit may have contributed to tragedy.

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Jim Jordan Wants Answers For FBI Retaliation Of Employees Who Protested On J6

A whistleblower report revealed that the FBI is suspending security clearances for agency personnel who protested on Jan. 6, 2021.

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80 'Suspicious Actors' and 'Material Witnesses' Under Scrutiny by Jan. 6 Defense Attorneys

Defense attorneys are seeking to identify and investigate 80 suspicious actors and material witnesses, some of whom allegedly ...

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Letter from a J6 Political Prisoner › American Greatness

Below is the text of a letter to American Greatness by Ethan Nordean, who has been incarcerated awaiting trial for more than a year.

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20 Federal 'Assets' Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6, Court Filing Says

At least 20 FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives “assets” were embedded around the U.S. Capitol ...

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New Verdict in Capitol Riot Case Throws a Wrench Into Political Narrative

His defense may also help other defendants, and it's already causing some on the left to melt down...

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How Many Died as a Result of Capitol Riot? - FactCheck.org

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol resulted in "almost 10 dead." Four people died that day, and five others -- all law enforcement officers -- died days, weeks and even months later. Here we lay out what is publicly known

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The Suicide of a January 6 Defendant: ‘They Broke Him’

Matthew Perna did nothing wrong on January 6, 2021. The Pennsylvania man walked through an open door on the Senate side of the building shortly before 3 p.m.

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BLM privilege and Jan. 6 shame

When far-left activist Quintez Brown was arrested last week for trying to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate, he was immediately bailed out of jail by his LM comrades.

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The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax

In the 15-minute time span before the joint session of Congress convened at 1:00 p.m. on January 6, 2021, two incidents that set the stage for the day’s ensuing…

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Pelosi Congress Claims Sovereign Immunity in Federal Court to Keep Secret January 6 Videos and Emails - Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it filed an opposition to the U.S. Capitol Police’s (USCP) effort to shut down Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuit for January 6 videos and emails. Through its police department, Congress argues that the

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'Someone Opened the Doors From the Inside,' Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says

Kelly Meggs and other members of the Oath Keepers could not have done one of the major things ...

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Babbitt Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol Speaker's Lobby, Video Shows

Ashli Babbitt desperately tried to prevent rioters from vandalizing the doors leading to the Speaker's Lobby at the ...

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Actions of Cop Cleared in Killing of Ashli Babbitt on January 6 Never Probed

As if suffering the inane indignity of listening to political opportunists rattle on about the false narrative of the January 6 protests being the greatest threat to our nation since the Cuban missile crisis wasn’t enough, now comes news that the murder

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Who Is Ray Epps? DOJ Won’t Say

Top federal law enforcement officials have declined to answer numerous questions about Ray Epps, the Arizona resident captured ...

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The Likely Cause of the Media Blackout on Imploding Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Once upon a time in America, a high-profile federal prosecution imploding amid credible accusations of FBI entrapment would earn wall-to-wall headlines in the…

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J6 Hysteria Is To Avoid Accountability For Rigging Of The 2020 Election

The 2020 presidential election was unlike any in American history. Hundreds of laws and processes were changed in the months leading up to the election, sometimes legally and sometimes not, creating chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. Tech oligarch Mark Zu

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‘Because of #January6th’: Nancy Pelosi holds a moment of silence for officer killed in April in separate attack

Pelosi and other Democrats keep honoring police officers who died since the riot, not because of the riot.

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‘One Of The Darkest Days’: Democrats Use January 6 To Fundraise, Push Progressive Agenda

Democratic lawmakers, organizations, and activists are fundraising off of the January 6 Capitol riot while at the same time claiming it was one of the most dangerous threats to the U.S. government in history.

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Why Dec. 7 Is Nothing Like... That Other Date

One sleepy Sunday morning, nearly 200 Imperial Japanese dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and Zero fighters appeared as out of nowhere in the skies over Hawaii.
Their target: The American Pacific fleet s...

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Feds Finally Admit Secret DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests With “Shoot To Kill” Mission

What many believe about January 6 has finally been revealed to be true. There were federal 'commandos' at the Capitol on that day, and before. The commandos had been granted 'shoot to kill' authority, and the FBI was running the operat

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Another January 6 Conspiracy Theory Debunked: GOP House Members Did Not Coordinate With Stop the Steal Organizer - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The mainstream media and lefty blogs have spun up a new conspiracy theory: that Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander...

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Terror in the Capitol Tunnel › American Greatness

In 2018, after a local news crew filmed Ryan Nichols rescuing dogs abandoned by their owners after Hurricane Florence, the former Marine appeared on the “Ellen…

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The January 6 Insurrection Hoax

Of course, it is absolutely critical to the Democratic Party narrative that the January 6 incident be made to seem as violent and crazed as possible. Hence the comparisons to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War. Only thus can pro-Trump Americans be excl

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FBI finds SCANT evidence Capitol riot was coordinated by pro-Trump or far-right groups, report says  | Daily Mail Online

Neither Former President Trump nor his supporters and allies are responsible for organizing the January 6 Capitol riot to overthrow the election, a report claims. Over 570 people have been arrested.

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If You Don't Suspect Provocation At The Jan. 6 Riot, Start Paying Attention

It's required to ask at the outset of leftists' 1/6 'Truth Commission': How much of what led to Donald Trump supporters 'storming the capitol' was a setup?

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Guilt for January 6 Belongs With Those Most Eager to Condemn It

It is once again with great regret that I take issue with my friend of more than 40 years, George Will. From my perspective of unambiguous admiration and…