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5 Famous Desks in the U.S. Senate

The historic moments that happened at these desks—and the Senate VIPs who sat behind them—mean that some have taken on lives of their own.

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Internal Capitol Police review found sweeping intelligence, security failures on Pelosi's watch

Secret after-action report cited widespread ineptitude and inadequate riot squads, found closing of open-source intelligence unit may have contributed to tragedy.

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Deputy Homeland Security Secretary: Pelosi Asked For ‘Crew-Manned Machine Guns’ In Washington

Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News' "The Story" on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for "crew-manned machine guns" to be a part of security forces.

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Man pictured with foot on desk in Pelosi's office is arrested

A man photographed casually sitting with his foot up on a desk in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office has been arrested, law enforcement officials said Friday.