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People Are Wrong About Donald Trump, Parkland Victim's Father Says

Americans need to turn off their TVs and look into President Donald Trump on their own, said Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack who was slain in the Parkland shooting

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      5 inconvenient truths about Che Guevara

      Che Guevara's fans might not be aware of just what their idol did and said. Here’s a look back at the history.

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        Trump's personal letter 'touched' woman who was battling brain tumor: 'I couldn't believe it'

        Rachael Robbins, 27, a nursing student at the University of South Alabama was shocked when she opened her mail and received a personal letter from President Trump and the First Lady.

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          LIVE 4-D Ultrasounds on Times Square Jumbo Screen: 'No Way a Person's Going to Be Able to Say That's Not a Child'

          In a bold move, Focus on the Family is gearing up to blast live ultrasounds on monitors and screens across New York's Times Square.

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            Tax-paid Hill Pensions Would End Under Scott, Braun Bill

            WASHINGTON—Generous tax-funded pensions for members of Congress would be abolished under a proposal introduced in the Senate Tuesday ...

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              How to get your child to just say no to socialism

              Many parents who support the traditional American values of self-responsibility, individual liberty and free markets, have been left to wonder how they can teach their children the truth about collectivism. Here are some tips.

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                Trump Donates $100,000 From Salary to Fight Alcoholism

                The $100,000 went to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the White House said.

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                  A Letter to Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic Ten Days Later

                  You demonstrated the best of the Covington Catholic education you have gotten by standing your ground and just smiling at him.

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                    Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

                    Almost everything you think you know about the health effects of cannabis, almost everything advocates and the media have told you for a generation, is wrong.

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                        The Coming Scramble for Africa | National Review

                        China, and Russia to a degree, are ahead of the game, but the U.S. has the advantage going forward.