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How Hatred Of Trump Birthed The Censorship-Industrial Complex

The Censorship Complex affects all aspects of governance, controlling the information available to you on every topic.

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Washington’s Incurable Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Like Shakespeare’s King Lear, Donald Trump is a “man more sinned against than sinning.” Trump’s enemies invariably exceed him in...

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How Many Died as a Result of Capitol Riot? - FactCheck.org

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol resulted in "almost 10 dead." Four people died that day, and five others -- all law enforcement officers -- died days, weeks and even months later. Here we lay out what is publicly known

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Left-Wing Professor Suggests Tucker Carlson, ‘Trump Wing’ Of GOP Are Committing Treason For Opposing Ukraine Conflict

A left-wing Harvard Law professor drew fierce criticism for suggesting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the “Trump wing” of the Republican Party could be considered as backing Russian President Vladimir Putin and committing treason for their remarks opposing the U.S. intervening in the conflict in Ukraine.

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Canada's Justice Minister: Trump Supporters Could Have Accounts Frozen

Canada's Justice Minister David Lametti has told Trump supporters who donated to the "Freedom Convoy" to be worried about accounts frozen. 

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My Biden, My Self | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Biden boosters in the media, in the military leadership and State Department, and amongst Never Trumper dead-enders, will defend Biden...

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SOCOM Reinstates ‘Diversity Officer’ After Probe into Calling Trump ‘Hitler’

He was publicly exposed for posting hate speech against President Trump, but now a “diversity officer” for Special Operations Command has...

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Unity Watch: Democrats Introduce a Bill to Punish Trump When He Dies

Democrats want to make Donald Trump’s death as miserable as they tried to make his life in office.
The Democrats began trying to politically kill off Donald Trump before he took office and now t...

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‘Enough with unity’: Harvard professor says we’re in the tactical phase of a counterterrorism effort against Trump

Trump is nothing but the leader of a group of domestic terrorists and must not be allowed to recruit more.

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‘You’re in withdrawal’: CNN’s Brian Stelter now filling the void by telling us what President Trump would have tweeted

We already did one post on CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter bemoaning President Trump’s suspension from Twitter, which was something he lobbied for. What’s going on? Who’s in charge? The president is M.I.A. The vice president is almost invisible. Members of

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Liberal Snowflakes Want Trump Digitally Removed From 'Home Alone 2'

In the novel 1984, whenever the Ministry of Truth wanted to destroy or rewrite history, it was the job of party members at the Ministry of Truth to make the necessary modifications and then destroy th...

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PGA will strip Trump Bedminster of 2022 PGA Championship, insider says

The golf major will be moved, according to a report.

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Fools and Nobody’s Fools - American Greatness

Last weekend, it was the American people’s turn to announce they are nobody’s fools. On Saturday and then again on Sunday, ordinary citizens from all over the…

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Yale professor says Hitler improved lives of his followers, unlike Trump

Lee later deleted the tweet, due to backlash, but then defended her comparison.

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Unhinged Anti-Trumpers Already Calling for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to Be Impeached

Democrats were powerless to stop the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, but anti-Trumpers aren’t giving up their anti-ACB crusade.

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Whitmer: Trump's Rhetoric Caused Hate Crimes to Increase 'Exponentially over the Last Four Years'

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) said Tuesday on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" that President Donald Trump's rhetoric has caused hate crimes to increase "exponentially over the last four years." | Clips

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Five Ways 2020 Fails to Meet International Criteria for ‘Free and Fair’ Elections

In 1994, a body known as the Inter-Parliamentary Council unanimously adopted a Declaration of Criteria for Free and Fair Elections. While most Americans take…

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‘Get help’: NY Times’ Maureen Dowd thinks Walter Reed’s ‘reputation is in tatters’ for successfully treating Trump

"Easily the most tone-deaf, agenda-driven journalism you'll see."

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WATCH: Woman Driver Taunts, Flips Off Trump Supporters. Then She Plows Into The Car In Front Of Her.

For all of you Trump supporters who could use a laugh, this one’s for you. A woman who was temporarily stopped in heavy traffic decided to taunt Trump

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Here's What Hollywood Thinks of Trump Voters: 'Rage,' 'Hate,' Fascism'

Guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC on Friday night, Samuel L. Jackson aired what was supposed to be a satirical ad for President Trump's re-election, but instead of being funny--a comic's main job-- it was just a laundry list of Jackson&

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New York Times, Leftists Label Susan B. Anthony ‘Racist’ After She Gets A Trump Pardon

Leading suffragette Susan B. Anthony received a post-mortem pardon from President Donald Trump on Tuesday to mark the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, giving women the vote — a cause Anthony, of course, devoted her life to. Bu

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Seattle Mayor Again Blames Trump After Rioters Blew Open a Police Station Using a Van Full of Explosives

Antifa rioters drove a van full of explosives around Seattle, blowing a hole in the police station. The mayor focused her ire on... Donald Trump.

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Black Trump Supporter Shot 'Execution Style' After Marching Through Milwaukee With 'Vote Trump' Signs

Last week, someone killed 60-year-old black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell in front of his store covered in "Vote Trump" signs.

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Brazen Lying Is Media's Latest Escalation In Campaign Against Trump

As if orders went out from a central director, nearly every major media outlet flat-out lied about President Trump's speech.

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In 2012, Domino's Pizza Liked a Tweet from Kayleigh McEnany and Now They Must Be Canceled

Kayleigh McEnany thinks Domino's pizza is great and the culture warriors lose their minds. Now they want to cancel Domino's over an eight-year-old tweet.

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Despicable NBC Blames Trump (“Surprise”) for ‘Growing Discrimination’ Against Asian Americans

During a nearly six-minute long report on Friday, NBC’s Today show tried to directly lay blame for “growing discrimination” against Asian American at the feet of President Trump. The coverage suggested that Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus” in the

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Media Rush to Reject That Impeachment Slowed COVID-19 Response

Since Tuesday, liberal journalists on CNN and MSNBC have been teaming up with elected Democrats to shoot down the notion that their collective obsession with impeaching President Trump slowed the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Journalist who called President Trump’s tweet ‘ignorant snake oil drivel’ gets schooled by actual doctor

It's great news that journalists are playing doctor now and are experts on the latest medical studies.

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Cenk Uyger attempts to use his children to dunk on President Trump but laughably the details defy belief

The Young Turk attempts to shame the administration but instead only brings more shame upon his family.

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NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst (and ex-federal prosecutor!) hopes Donald Trump can be charged with homicide over COVID19 response

COVID19 isn’t the only illness that’s spreading … Trump Derangement Syndrome is running rampant as well.

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PEAK TDS: David Frum says ‘nobody calls the 1919-20 pandemic the Spanish flu anymore’

David Frum, while criticizing President Trump for calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus,” says “nobody calls the 1919-20 pandemic the Spanish flu anymore”:

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Clyburn Compares Trump to Hitler, Warns U.S. 'Could Very Well Go the Way of Germany in the 1930s'

Clyburn also called Trump a racist who has hired white supremacists to work in the White House.

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Lemon Loses His Mind, Shouts Down Kasich for NOT Bashing Trump's Address

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was out of control as he raged against former Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) for not bashing President Trump’s Wednesday night address to the nation about the coronavirus crisis. At one point, Lemon was so infuriated that he told

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Denver Democrat Candi CdeBaca Stands In ‘Solidarity’ With Wanting To Use Coronavirus On Trump Supporters

Far-left Denver City Democrat Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca stated from her government Twitter account on Monday that she stands in “solidarity” with someone who posted a graphic stating that if they became infected with the coronavirus, they wan

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Teen Vogue: Trump Should Be Impeached for ‘Racism and Islamophobia’

Teen Vogue continued its streak of misinforming youth about the politics and other issues of the day on Thursday. The liberal magazine dedicated to Gen Z declared in an op-ed, “Trump’s Racism and Islamophobia Should Have Led to His Impeachment,” arguing t

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MSNBC Contributor Goes Bonkers: Trump Could Shut Down Voting In California

On Friday, Jason Johnson. politics editor of The Root and MSNBC contributor, attacked President Trump, saying that Trump’s attorney Alan Dershowitz had asserted that Trump could do whatever he wants, and that because Trump would listen to Dershowitz he

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Why Impeachment Is Killing Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Democrats had spent years building up to this climactic moment, but now no one’s even watching.

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Nets Warn That Russia Is Trying to Steal the Election for Trump “Again”

Despite the fact, there was no evidence that Russian meddling in the 2016 election had any influence on the result, the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC warned they were at it again with a hack of the Ukrainian energy company that hired Hunter Biden

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Whoopi, Behar Tell Schiff Ukrainian Plane Passengers 'Would Still Be Alive' If Not For Trump

The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar told Democrat Adam hiff that President Trump was to blame for the deaths of 176 people who died after Iran shot down their plane last week. The co-hosts made the vile claim on Monday’s show during a Skype in

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Leftists Freak Out After Trump Meets Vince Vaughn During National Championship Game

Leftists were angered on Monday night after video showed famed conservative actor Vince Vaughn meeting with President Donald Trump during the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship game in New Orleans, Louisiana. Leftist blogger Timothy Burke

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Ridiculous! Joy Behar Celebrates White Nationalist Richard Spencer to Own Trump

On The View, Joy Behar cheered the white nationalist Richard Spencer just to own Trump. Spencer opposed Trump on Iran.

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CBC Cuts Donald Trump's 'Home Alone 2' Cameo Out of Broadcast

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is full of violence that, in my opinion, exceeds the physical comedy of the original film and is borderline barbarism. The main antagonists were subjected to bricks thrown at them from atop a building, being shot with a stap

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OBSESSED: CBS Spent Entire Evening News Program Pushing Impeachment

For 20 minutes and 25 seconds, the entirety of their Wednesday evening airtime, that’s how much time CBS Evening News dedicated to hawking impeachment to their viewers. The time was used to gush about Democratic speeches, mock White House spin, decry the

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Left labels Trump an anti-Semite for defending Jews

US President Donald Trump is expected to use the power of the presidency to sign an executive order to protect