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Coronavirus: Government’s testing chief admits none of 3.5m antibody kits work sufficiently

The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use. Professor John Newton, who was appointed by health secretary Matt Hancock to oversee testing, reportedly said the

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Pets on conference calls, napping on laptops, stealing socks and social distancing with us

We asked Coloradans to send us photos of their pets during the quarantine. Here they are social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

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‘We Send You Our Thoughts and Prayers’

Grassroots and Progressive views on local, national and world news

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The 10 Deadliest Disasters In American History

Before this life-altering pandemic, there have been plenty of other disasters. How did the nation respond? How should you?

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BDS founder: If Israel develops coronavirus vaccine you can still take it

“If Israel finds a cure for cancer, for example, or any other virus, then there is no problem in cooperating with Israel to save millions of lives.”

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4 Myths About Food Shopping During the Coronavirus

A public health expert states the truth about COVID-19 and groceries, including myths about washing fruit in soapy water and leaving food out for 3 days.

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GrubHub/Seamless’s pandemic initiatives are predatory and exploitative, and it’s time to stop using them | TechCrunch

Times are exceptionally hard, especially for local restaurants, which were always in a precarious business even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But when times are hard, people pull together, right? Or at least they don’t take advantage of the suffering

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SHAKKED BEERY - Ex-Gur-Hasid Talks about the COVID-19 Crisis in the Ultra-Orthodox Community

SHAKKED BEERY – Ex-Gur-Hasid Talks about the COVID-19 Crisis in the Ultra-Orthodox Community I’m bringing you an interview I decided to conduct with a dear friend of mine, an ex-Gur Hasid, hoping that in the midst of the latest events such as the

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LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

A Los Angeles doctor said he is seeing significant success in prescribing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19.

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Fact check: Did Obama administration deplete N95 mask stockpile?

During the presidency of Barack Obama, the national stockpile was seriously taxed as the administration addressed multiple crises over eight years.

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India Turn Off Electric Lights Fight Against The COVID-19 Pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India asked the nation of 1.3 billion to turn off electric lights use candles, diyas, and flashlights for nine minutes at 9 pm

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Brit Hume Clip of Dr. Fauci in January Is a 'Must Watch' for Every American Accusing Trump of Failing to Act Early

Brit Hume Clip of Dr. Fauci in January Is a ‘Must Watch’ for Every American Accusing Trump of Failing to Act Early

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The Coronavirus Is Afflict Travel, So Greece Has Started Offering Virtual Tourism

The Coronavirus Is afflict Travel, So Greece Has started Offering Virtual Tourism

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The New Orleans Area In Southeast Louisiana Had The Highest Coronavirus Death Rate In The U.S. As Of Friday.

The New Orleans area in southeast Louisiana had the highest coronavirus death rate in the U.S. as of Friday.

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Marianne Faithfull, 74, is in hospital being treated for coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

The 74-year-old singer's ex-husband John Dunbar has claimed that she is struggling to speak as she battles the deadly virus at a London hospital.

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Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria | RealClearMarkets

The U.S. is staring at a Netflix-type apocalypse. You know, with feral animals eating human corpses, mutant plants reoccupying streets and buildings, empty restaurants and malls across the landscape&h

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How the cell phones of spring breakers who flouted coronavirus warnings were tracked - CNN

The Trump administration wants to use Americans' smartphone location data to help track and combat the spread of coronavirus. Now, a pair of US data companies are making a public pitch to show just how that kind of technology might work.

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Here's How COVID-19 Compares to Past Outbreaks

COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, isn’t the first threatening disease that’s surged around the world — nor will it be the last. Between influenza pandemics, like the outbreaks in 1918 and 2009, SARS and Ebola.

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Jewish and Chassidic Perspectives on the Coronavirus - Torah Classes - Video

What does Judaism say about a pandemic? What have the great Jewish sages and mystics taught throughout the ages, and what insight can we glean for our times?

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Anti-Semitism and Israel Advocacy Matters Even More During Coronavirus

There’s no doubt that anti-Semites and Israel detractors haven’t gone away simply because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the coronavirus, they, too, have

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L.A. moves to prosecute eight businesses that refuse to close amid coronavirus

Coronavirus: L.A. moves to prosecute eight businesses that refuse to close, in violation of Safer at Home directive.

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Flattening the curve on coronavirus: What California and Washington can teach the world

New data suggests the two West Coast states may have slowed the spread of coronavirus. How they did it.

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Spain’s Covid-19 Cases Rise To 124,736, Surpassing Italy

( Bloomberg ) -- Spain reported an increase in cases from the coronavirus outbreak, surpassing the number in Italy to remain at the epicenter of the outbreak in

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Live Updates: U.S. Reports More Than 30,000 Coronavirus Cases In Record Day; Scientists Alarmed By Government’s Response

Live updates: U.S. reports more than 30,000 coronavirus cases in record day; Scientists alarmed by government’s response

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Moptu: More Coronavirus News & Advice (4/3/20) - Joshua Namm

As we finish up yet another week in isolation, often worried about loved ones, I wanted to bring you another summary of the incredible posts by our even more incredible users. I will continue to do…

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Making your own face mask? Some fabrics work better than others, study finds

What is the best fabric to use to sew your own face covering? Here's how to sew your own face mask at home.

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Germany's Largest Football Stadium Will Become A Coronavirus Treatment Center

Germany' s largest football stadium — the Westfalen stadium — will be a coronavirus treatment center starting tomorrow, the Borussia Dortmund football team conf

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Can China use coronavirus to pave the way to a new world order? | TheHill

The Chinese are manipulating the outbreak as the perfect opportunity to emerge as a world superpower in a way nobody would have foreseen.

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Why Social Distancing Might Actually Result In More Coronavirus Deaths

What the media and policymakers are not telling us is that the longer we delay the development of herd immunity, the more high-risk people will die.

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Israeli scientists: Coronavirus vaccine to be tested on humans by June 1

MIGAL and IIBR are both testing potential COVID-19 vaccinations on mammals

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Medical Device Company’s Israel Division to Provide Ventilator Blueprints for Free

The Israel division of the medical device company Medtronic will provide the blueprints for its ventilators for free to companies seeking to manufacture them.

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Hydroxychloroquine 'most effective' coronavirus treatment: poll

An international poll of thousands of doctors rated the Trump-touted anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as the best treatment for the novel coronavirus.

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Navy relieves captain who raised alarm about COVID-19 on ship

The Navy relieved the captain who sounded the alarm about an outbreak of COVID-19 aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know About the Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new (novel) strain of coronavirus, a common virus that

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Major crimes up 12 percent in NYC despite COVID-19 outbreak

Five of the seven major index crimes — robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and car theft —  showed a marked increase this year compared to last year.

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Avoid coronavirus when you leave the house: 12 things you can do to help stay safe

Start practicing these practical tips for grocery shopping, opening doors and signing your name when you're out in public.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

51 Things to Do in L.A. This Week While You're Stuck at Home (4-2-2020 to 4-8-2020)

This week, we've got a horror film series, a show about good news, an interactive theater piece about working from home, a bread-making camp, virtual pet adoptions and dance parties, and more.

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95-year-old WWII veteran shares positive message after surviving coronavirus

ABC News(SALEM, Oregon) -- William "Bill" Kelly, a 95-year-old veteran of WWII 2 who also lived through the Great Depression has added another accomplishment to his name after contracting the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and beating it."I am doing well,"

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Scientists Find 69 Drugs and Compounds Potentially Effective Against COVID-19

Researchers have identified dozens of drugs and compounds that may be effective in combating the CCP virus.

Health & Fitness | CORONAVIRUS

What are zoonotic diseases?

Zoonotic diseases, which pass from animals to humans, kill millions of people every year. Where do they come from and how can we avoid them?

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Coronavirus In Illinois Updates: Here’s What’s Happening Thursday With COVID-19 In The Chicago Area

The daily count of new coronavirus cases in Illinois again pushed 1,000 Wednesday as state officials announced 986 new known infections, including 42 more death

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Live Coronavirus Updates: U.S. Death Toll Nears 5,000, Spain Tops 10,000

The coronavirus death toll in the U.S. neared 5,000 early Thursday, according to NBC News' tally, and there were more than 240,000 confirmed cases. Globally, more

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Badly-Hit Israeli Town Succeeds in Beating Coronavirus

A beit midrash in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yearim. Photo: Michael Jacobson via Wikimedia Commons. As Israel remains under …

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Ellis Marsalis Dead: Legendary New Orleans’ Pianist Dies at 85

Famous New Orleans' pianist Ellis Marsalis passed away at age 85 on April 1, 2020.

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An outbreak on a Navy warship — and an ominous sign of a readiness crisis

A growing list of Navy warships are sidelined because crews are reporting COVID-19 outbreaks.

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Pollak: Democrats Pushed Impeachment While Coronavirus Spread

The timeline of the two developments -- impeachment and coronavirus -- is shocking, and reveals the true cost of hyper-partisanship.

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Covid-19 Relief Loans: Here Are the Fed's New Rules

Here's the latest guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program and economic injury disaster loans.

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Israel ranks 'safest' country during coronavirus pandemic

The website Deep Knowledge Group has ranked Israel the safest country in the world in terms of its handling of

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California once had mobile hospitals and a ventilator stockpile. But it dismantled them - Los Angeles Times

The state's supply of mobile hospitals, ventilators and N95 respirators would have helped in the coronavirus outbreak, but the state got rid of them years ago.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Looking for a job? Here's a list of companies hiring in Southern California

While the coronavirus has led to shuttered businesses and massive layoffs, here are some of the companies need more workers.

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Does Wearing Gloves Make Grocery Shopping Safer?

Why wearing gloves to the supermarket doesn't help you avoid the coronavirus: You don't need them, and few people know how to properly remove gloves.

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Coronavirus: Songs and Albums to Ease Self-Isolation | Pitchfork

The songs and albums that are helping our staff through this uncertain time

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Coronavirus Pandemic: California May Have Developed Greater Herd Immunity

One less-mentioned hypothesis about California's relatively low death rate from COVID-19 is that California, as a front-line state, may have rather rapidly developed a greater level of herd immunity than other states have.

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Jazz Legend Wallace Roney Dies From Coronavirus Complications

Legendary jazz trumpeter Wallace Roney died at St. Joseph's University Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey, Tuesday due to complications from coronavirus, ac

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Coronavirus Live Updates: Number Of ICU Patients In California Rises 10% To 657, But Real Number May Be Far Higher

Coronavirus live updates: Number of ICU patients in California rises 10% to 657, but real number may be far higher

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How to Manage Salaries During Covid-19 | Inc.

Five strategies to make the best decisions about cutting salaries, furloughs, and layoffs, that are in the best interest of your employees and your business.

Advice & Self-Help | Nursing/Health

The $20 Solution to Coronavirus: ‘Anecdotal Evidence’ Is a Life-Saver | The American Spectator

Over the weekend, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency authorization for the use of  hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine (CQ) to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Simultaneously, the Department of Health and Human Services

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'Trump is right about the coronavirus. The WHO is wrong,' says Israeli expert - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Dr. Dan Yamin has developed models for predicting the spread of infectious diseases, and helped curb the Ebola epidemic. He says the coronavirus could take some 13,000 lives in Israel – but there's cause for optimism

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Cuomo speculates that quarantine may have backfired in some cases

Sweeping statewide quarantine orders may not have been the most effective strategy to combat the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo conceded on Thursday.

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Dr. Marc Siegel describes HIV drug as 'very exciting' potential coronavirus treatment | Fox News

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday that an experimental drug typically used to treat HIV and breast cancer may be a promising treatment for the coronavirus.

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I'm a Rabbi and a Physician Assistant - This is why I want you to stay home

“Stay home. Save lives.” These words blinked on the overhead electronic traffic sign as I sped down the highway.

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101-Year-Old Holocaust And Spanish Flu Survivor Just Beat COVID-19

A 101-year-old man, identified as ‘Mr. P’ has been released from isolation after recovering from COVID-19 in the Italian city of Rimini. Mr. P., a WWII


New Jersey Man in Custody for Threatening to Beat Up Orthodox Jews Over Coronavirus Distancing

Anthony Lodespoto was arrested for allegedly threatening Orthodox Jews in Lakewood, New Jersey, over coronavirus distancing. Photo: Ocean County Jail. …

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Rhode Island Governor Announces National Guard Will Go 'Door-to-Door' to Identify New Yorkers to Slow COVID-19 Spread

Rhode Island officials will patrol the highways and knock on doors, ordering anyone coming from New York into quarantine.

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E.P.A., Citing Coronavirus, Drastically Relaxes Rules for Polluters

The agency said it would not penalize companies that violate rules on monitoring and reporting pollution discharges. 

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Seattle Coronavirus Cases Beginning to Slow After Strict Stay-at-Home Measures

The city had the first reported case of the virus in the U.S., and has since been able to reduce the spread, early data shows.

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Coronavirus Vaccine Update: When Will a Covid-19 Vaccine Be Ready? These Programs Are Making Progress.

A true return to normalcy is unlikely without a widely-available coronavirus vaccine. There are currently at least 47 Covid-19 vaccine programs under way. Here are some to keep an eye on.

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Coronavirus: National Guard transforms Los Angeles Convention Center into field hospital

A transformation is underway inside the Los Angeles Convention Center as members of the National Guard set up dozens of beds, preparing the center for use as a federal field hospital in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Health & Fitness | CORONAVIRUS

How Coronavirus Is Transmitted

As coronavirus cases grow, here's what you need to know about how the virus spreads and how to protect your family.

Health & Fitness | CORONAVIRUS

How Long Does Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?

Learn how long the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can live on your countertops, doorknobs, and other surfaces you regularly touch.

Health & Fitness | CORONAVIRUS

Federal agencies warned of ventilator shortages for nearly two decades | Fox News

While President Trump has faced criticism for states like New York being in short supply of ventilators, federal agencies have been predicting the need for more ventilators for nearly two decades.

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Coronavirus fight New York Gov. Cuomo issues nationwide call for doctors and nurses

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said "what you see us going through here, you will see happening all across the country."

Health & Fitness | Health & Wellness

Will Warm Weather Slow Down the Coronavirus? | Health

Influenza cases usually start to drop during springtime, but will warm weather slow down the coronavirus? Experts weigh in on whether warm weather will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Health & Fitness | CORONAVIRUS

Wuhan residents say coronavirus figures released by China don't add up | Fox News

Chinese officials, desperate to recast the country as a global leader that has conquered the coronavirus, have been saying that its death rates are decreasing in the city of Wuhan. The problem, residents say, is that the numbers don't add up. 

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Everywhere Healthcare Workers Can Get Free Food Right Now

Healthcare workers deserve our thanks and admiration in the best of times, and a whole lot more than that right now.

Entertainment | Entertainment

President Trump Said: US Extends Social Distancing To April 30 In Hopes Of Restraining Deaths

President Trump on Sunday extended federal social distancing guidelines until the end of April.

Politics | Politics

Does President Trump Have the Power to Issue a Quarantine Order?

Although American citizens have what has been interpreted to be a fundamental right to travel between states, the federal government’s very limited power to curb such travel undoubtedly includes authority to prevent the spread of infectious diseases -- an

Miscellaneous | Passover

How to Cook for Passover with No Specialty Ingredients - Tips & Recipes for Coronavirus Cooking

There’s no question that Passover this year looks very different from usual for most of us.

Miscellaneous | Passover

Coronavirus Nixed Your Seder Plans? - These FAQs Are for You

with coronavirus curtailing travel plans and social
interactions, many are facing the prospect of celebrating Passover alone. Here's what you need to know.

Music | Music News

'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' songwriter Alan Merrill dies from coronavirus

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Alan Merrill has died in New York as a result of the coronavirus at the age of 69.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

Local doctor with Dignity Health Southern California says key differences between LA, New York play factor in spread of Covid-19

Dr. Testa says there are a few key differences between New York and LA that may be contributing to the volume of cases and the spread of the virus.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

30 Israeli medical tech solutions to fight coronavirus - ISRAEL21c

Whether it’s in diagnostics, treatment or care management, Israel's innovators are busy inventing and adapting technologies to ease the coronavirus burden on the world.

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Barry Shaw - For many Israelis, it may not be the virus that kills them

Barry Shaw – For many Israelis, it may not be the virus that kills them As the China virus sweep its destructive path around the world, including in Israel, leaving health and medical experts advising governments and authorities to take radical meas

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FSI - Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?

Current estimates about the Covid-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude, Stanford Health Policy's Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya write in this editorial published in the Wall Street Journal.

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Trump announces 30-day extension of coronavirus guidelines

That's well past the president's Easter target to re-open parts of the country.

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Coroanvirus: Holland recalls 600,000 masks imported from China - Business Insider

The Dutch Ministry of Health said on Saturday that it asked hospitals to return 600,000 face masks after they failed to meet safety requirements.

Business & Finance | Business

How Your Small Business Can Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

How can small businesses survive the turbulent times coming ahead in 2020? Here are a few tips.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Coronavirus deaths Doubled To Over 2,000 Nationwide within Two Days

Report by: CNN :The United States is advising residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut not to travel domestically after the number of reported coronav

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Outbreak forces See’s Candies to suspend production for 1st time since World War II | KTLA

See’s Candies, a California chocolate institution, is suspending production because of the coronavirus. It’s only the second time in See’s 99-year history that production has been interrupted, the first being when it was halted due to rationing during Wor

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10 Ways To Look Professional, and Hide Your Pajamas, In a Video Conference Call

You don't have to wear pants without a stretchy waistband, but you should follow a few tips before joining a Zoom video call when working from home.

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Asian Grocery Stores In The Time Of Coronavirus : LAist

Say hello to short(er) lines and extra provisions — but not necessarily a lot of rice.

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Watch: Rabbi Sacks on Vayikra and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Watch: Rabbi Sacks on Vayikra and the Coronavirus Pandemic Here is a short D’var Torah from Rabbi Sacks on what we can learn about the Coronavirus pandemic from this week’s parsha of Vayikra. (As an explanation for the opening: we had a few te

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Amid Coronavirus, the World's Top Tourist Destinations Are Empty - Condé Nast Traveler

Top tourist destinations like Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, and more are completely deserted right now.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Apple launches informative COVID-19 app and website screener in partnership with FEMA and CDC

Apple is launching a new app and website to help inform Americans about how to stay safe and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Apple partnered with the CDC, FEMA, and the Coronavirus Task Force to develop the COVID-19 app and website. Read More

Travel | Travel Tips

These Virtual Tours of Europe's Famous Castles Will Make You Feel Like a Royal, Even in Your Pajamas

Google Arts & Culture is offerings virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous castles and palaces in Europe for people around the world to explore at home.

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Disney’s U.S. Parks Will Be Closed Indefinitely

After an initial decision to remain open, Disneyland announced that its Southern California parks and resorts will close for coronavirus beginning on Monday, March 16.

Politics | Politics

Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Wearing face masks, protesters blocked the US southern border, telling Americans to 'stay home'

Politics | Politics

Trump uses Defense Production Act to require GM to make ventilators

President Trump on Friday used the Defense Production Act to compel General Motors to produce ventilators to combat the coronavirus after days of hesitating to use the powers in the law.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

5 Ways to Lead During the Coronavirus Crisis

The world needs strong people to lead during this time of crisis and uncertainty.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

America’s Largest Population of Holocaust Survivors Is Endangered by the Coronavirus as Crown Heights and Borough Park Shut Down

The pandemic inflicts miseries that are particular to each place it visits

News | News

Boris Johnson in self-isolation after catching coronavirus

Prime minister has mild symptoms and says he will still lead Covid-19 response

Health & Fitness | coronavirus

Dr. Allon Mordel Said Coronavirus Cases Rising, We Need 'more Of Everything'

New York City medical clinics are made a beeline for a basic "intonation point" at which they will come up short on crisis gear and basic supplies as they treat

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Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen - Coronavirus, God, and Science

Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen – Coronavirus, God, and Science The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: When PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, in a March 21 TV interview, that “with God’s help we’ll get through” the corona

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Chabad: Coronavirus Resources & Inspiration - Insight & Commentary

No matter where we may live in this ever-shrinking world, almost everyone seems to be affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). As the days progress, the number of people impacted is increasing at an alarming rate with entire cities under quarantine.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

All the Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for the Coronavirus

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and basketball player Donovan Mitchell were among the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus as the outbreak continues to spread. Actors Idris Elba and Kristofer Hivju now have the virus, along with Kevin Durant.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Coronavirus news: Watch these spring breakers’ phone signals disperse across the US

As of Thursday evening, more than 86,000 cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in the US, per the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University. That makes the US now the epicenter of what's become a global pandemic.

News | In The News

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Are Coming: Here's How to See If You Qualify

The federal government is offering financial support to Americans in the coming weeks. Here's how to find out how much you'll get.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Does Everyone Over 60 Need to Take the Same Coronavirus Precautions?

If you’re worried that older parents aren’t following rigorous enough precautions, don’t lecture them. Instead, ask how they’ve prepared.

News | News

Watch - Anti-Semitism and Coronavirus

Watch – Anti-Semitism and Coronavirus While the world is dealing with the Corona Pandemic… some see it as an opportunity to attack Israel with lies and anti-Semitic slurs. From BDS activist to far-right conspiracy theorist.

News | Antisemitism Watch

The virus spreading faster than coronavirus: Antisemitism - The Jerusalem Post

Social media seems to have exploded with antisemitic comments, ranging from “The Jews created coronavirus” to absurd false accusations that Israel has separate medical treatment for non-Jews.

News | News

Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive but 'remains in good health'

The Prince of Wales, 71, has mild symptoms but "otherwise remains in good health," Clarence House says.

Music | Music

Neil Diamond remade Sweet Caroline and it's what this coronavirus world needs

Musician Neil Diamond reached out -- well not exactly -- on Twitter Sunday to give folks a little hope during these tense times.

Politics | Politics

Coronavirus: More Vital Info From Our Users - Joshua Namm

I wanted to give everyone an update and quick set of reference points provided by Moptu’s incredibly informative users. As we all settle into the new reality of life in self-Isolation, it’s more…

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Former MK Dov Lipman Explains Israel's Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

Former MK Dov Lipman Explains Israel’s Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis Israel’s political scene is on a knife-edge. With coronavirus sweeping Israel the need for a functioning government is more vital than ever. Calls for a vote to determi

News | News

Astounding Photos Show New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles Empty Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Photographers across the country are documenting an amazing sight: empty streets in some of the largest cities in the United States, if not the world, as places like New York, Illinois, California, and Louisiana beg residents to stay inside, practice soci

News | Interesting Links

Private Sector Thrives, Government Regulations Hurt, Capitalism Is Valuable in a Crisis

Commentary Even as there are pros and cons to the way the Trump administration has handled the CCP ...

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram to remove coronavirus related content from recommendations

Facebook Inc's Instagram said on Tuesday it would remove coronavirus-related content and accounts from recommendations and its "explore" option, unless posted by or belonging to credible health organizations.

News | News

Los Angeles to Start Testing High-Risk Residents for Coronavirus

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the city is making novel coronavirus testing available beginning Monday to high-risk residents who are showing...

News | Antisemitism Watch

Neo-Nazis Urge Supporters to Target Jews for Coronavirus Spread

A propaganda image shared online by neo-Nazis alleging that Jews are profiting financially from the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: ADL.org. Neo-Nazi …

News | News

Coronavirus Is Bringing Israel Together — and Help to the World

An Israeli police officer helps a Health Ministry inspector put on protective gear before they go up to the apartment …

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Tom Hanks Would Really, Really Like You To Shelter In Place

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19 in early March, and luckily they’re now on the mend; however, Hanks has some words of advice to help slow the spread of the disease.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

L.A. Chefs Offer Recipes, Online Cooking Classes

Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen and Lauren Koeppe of Create Hospitality are here to help you cook at home (and interact with people online while you do it).

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

20 Ways to Enjoy World-Class Art for Free Online

With just one click, you can be transported to thousands of museums around the world.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

This Pandemic is Not a Vacation

There have been a lot of discussions surrounding how to behave socially during the Covid 19 pandemic, yet a lot of the basic precautions are being ignored, and certain actions are affecting smaller communities across the globe. While we all should be self

News | In The News

Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’

A Nobel laureate predicted China's recovery weeks before it happened. Analyzing the numbers, he sees a much brighter global outcome than many experts.

Business & Finance | Business

The Great COVID-19 Panic of 2020 & Why Startups Shouldn't Worry - Newchip Accelerator

I'm writing to you from a "corona clinic" today experiencing this both as a patient and a stakeholder in the midst of it all. First off, I am not a licensed medical practitioner, nor professional, though I have seen an uptick in licenses "o

Science & Technology | Tech

The CDC launches a ‘coronavirus self-checker’ bot called Clara for people in the United States | TechCrunch

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention introduced a bot over the weekend to help people make decisions about what to do if they have potential symptoms of COVID-19. Called Clara, the “coronavirus self-checker” was created in partnership with

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Less travel, more talk: Startups use analytics to gauge virus impact | The Times of Israel

Israeli tech companies Moovit, Zencity, Tastewise use their tools to measure coronavirus effects on transportation, online sentiment, nutrition trends


A Minyan in the Time of Social Distancing

Fifteen of us gathered loosely around a streetlight to pray for my late mother.

Health & Fitness | Health News

Coronavirus symptoms: how quickly do they show and what to look out for

This guide on coronavirus symptoms, underpinned with advice from leading health experts, is designed to protect you and your family

Science & Technology | Tech News

Apple’s Siri voice assistant now provides coronavirus advice - The Verge

Apple has updated Siri to provide information to people who are concerned they have COVID-19. Users can ask the voice assistant "Do I have coronavirus?" and it will offer advice based on the severity of the symptoms.

News | News

Kiryat Ata Volunteers and City Staff Deliver Food To Those in Isolation and Elderly

Kiryat Ata Volunteers and City Staff Deliver Food To Those in Isolation and Elderly As the Covid-19 coronavirus situation in Israel worsens, United Hatzalah joined forces with Kiryat Ata city council to deliver food packages to those in need of financial

Politics | From CNN

California coronavirus: Crowds packed beaches despite shelter in place order

People descended on California beaches, hiking trails and parks over the weekend in open defiance of a state order to shelter in place and avoid close contact with others.

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Tom Hanks Gives Major Update Following Coronavirus Diagnosis 2 Weeks After First Symptoms

Tom Hanks shared some good news on Twitter late Sunday, two weeks after he and Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Hanks said the two 'feel better' and offered some inspiring words for his fans around the world. The couple were diagnosed with

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Jimmy Fallon to Continue Doing Self-Isolation Monologues From Home

Jimmy Fallon will continue to do monologues for The Tonight Show at his home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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This App Lets You Download Free E-Books, Magazines, Comic Books, and Audiobooks From Your Library

With the Libby app, you can access your local library's collection of e-books and audiobooks for free without leaving home.

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What's Plan B? The Lifeboat Strategy for Your Startup | Inc.

Ask yourself these four questions to lead your business through a time of uncertainty.