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32 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now

At a time when cynicism is the default position of the world, taking a moment, however brief, to consider the things that keep us pushing through the darkness is a necessary act of self-care.

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Watch: Pilot lands 394-ton A380 sideways as Storm Dennis rages

The Etihad Airways A380 from Abu Dhabi was forced into a special manoeuvre when landing at Heathrow due to strong crosswinds.

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Where Art and Cycling Meet!

Pack your bags were going to Italy to visit the world famous Wilier Triestina! Unico frames will be available through your LBS! Find your dealer here: http:/...

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I flew roundtrip to Europe on 4 flights in basic economy for under $300 and beat the most limiting fare at its own game just by asking

Despite the numerous warnings about booking the fare, I still ended up with some of the best economy seats on all of my flights.

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San Miguel de Allende: You’ll Find the Real Mexico in Old Mexico

When most people think of visiting Mexico, they think of beach resorts or archeological ruins. Places such as Acapulco ...

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Is This Place Real? (Barentsburg)

► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► INSTAGRAM? Join me @drewbinsky! Did you know that there is an abandoned Russian settlement in th...

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A tour of Dominica in search of Creole cooking and the spirit of Jean Rhys

On the taste and scent trail of the Caribbean island immortalised by the Celtic-Creole novelist

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The Friendly Arctic

In the summer of 2019, Bjørn Olson and Kim McNett completed a fat-bike and packraft route, entirely above the Arctic Circle of Alaska - Kotzebue to Point…

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The 2019 Edition of Migdal Epic Israel

Georg Egger / Maximilian Brandl and Haley Smith / Catharine Pendrel crowned the Men’s and Women’s overall winners of Migdal Epic Israel 2019 - https://bttlob...

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Airbnb Revamps Corporate Governance, Tying Bonuses to Safety - Bloomberg

Airbnb Inc. is laying the groundwork for a public market debut later this year, announcing a new corporate governance strategy that values safety, sustainability, diversity and accountability.

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Anthony Bourdain Travel Guide Will Go on Sale in October 2020

Coauthored by Bourdain’s longtime assistant Laurie Woolever, “World Travel: An Irreverent Guide” will be published by Ecco this fall.

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I Rode 800 Miles Through Japan. Now I Never Want to Leave

This is the kind of cycling I want to do for the rest of my life.

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Amtrak is Having a BOGO Sale, So You and a Friend Can Travel Together for Half Off!

Book a train ticket with Amtrak during their buy one, get one free flash sale so you and your friend can travel together for cheap.

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Mind-blowing Delta board shows 100 passengers personalized flight details at the same time

Delta Airlines is using Misapplied Sciences Parallel Reality tech to display flight information for up to 100 people on the same board, at the same time.

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Which cruise lines and ships are the best?

See which cruise lines and ships USA TODAY 10Best readers voted as the best in the world during our 2019 Readers' Choice Awards.

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9 tips for capturing amazing vacation photos with your new phone

Armed with these tips and techniques, you can confidently leave your "real" camera at home.

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Need to Renew Your Passport in 24 Hours? There’s an App for That

The Mobile Passport app is teaming up with RushMyPassport to deliver you a fresh passport without all the hassle and confusion.

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Top 5 Key West Bars You Don't Want to Miss! | Trop Rockin Magazine

Our top 5 Key West Bars, each with a unique and funky vibe and live music daily. On your next trip make sure you visit each for a true Key West experience!

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Here's why I skip the airport lounge and head straight to the gate

Airport lounges were once an oasis from the crowded airport terminals, but now many are just as crowded as the terminals themselves.

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Incredible Facts About Italy - SNAZZY TRIPS TRAVEL BLOG

Incredible facts about Italy, to help you better appreciate the country, if you're planning a visit. These facts have made Italy what it is today and influenced many aspects of lives.

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Looking for that tasty chocolate souvenir from Bruges then here are ten of the best locations to purchase your cocoa wrapped treats.

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Steve Kramer - Amsterdam in Winter

Steve Kramer – Amsterdam in Winter Well, it wasn’t quite winter, but it felt like it when Michal and I visited Amsterdam at the end of November. Having been to Amsterdam about 25 years ago with our young sons, it wasn’t at the top of our wish li

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Diners, truck stops and cafés: America’s best road trip eateries

When the miles of road ahead of you seem endless nothing beats stopping for a good meal.

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Epcot is getting the biggest renovation in Disney history

Epcot is getting the biggest overhaul of any park in Disney history, with new rides and experiences being rolled out over the next few years.

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How to Not Embarrass Yourself at a Winery | Food & Wine

Tasting wine isn’t about rules. That said, when you’re at a winery, please follow these 8 rules.

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Unwanted tourist types: The kinds of travelers becoming more unwelcome

Not long ago, destinations welcomed most any kind of traveler. Not these days. From rowdy partiers to cruise ship hordes, more places are discouraging unwanted types of tourists.

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Fully Immersed // A Cultural Ride Through Cuba

Some places have mountain biking ingrained within them. Others, like Cuba, are just beginning to develop their own bike-centric culture and communities. Aaro...

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Qantas Is Selling $100 One-way Tickets to Australia — but You Better Act Fast | Travel + Leisure

Qantas is celebrating its 100th anniversary by offering 100 tickets to Australia for $100 each starting November 18.

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Is your Airbnb host spying on you with a hidden camera? Use this simple trick to find out.

A cybersecurity expert has identified a simple trick anyone can use to find out whether their Airbnb host might be monitoring them from afar.

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Airbnb plans to verify 100% of its listings in response to the California mass shooting

Airbnb has announced plans to verify every single one of its hosts and listings after October's mass shooting, alongside several other safety initiatives.

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Eco madness may be reason for disastrous Boeing 737 MAX safety issues

No one has said it explicitly yet, but this relentless pressure to reduce emissions appears to have been a significant factor in the disastrous safety failures of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

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How to use your Costco membership to get amazing vacation deals

Beyond the shelves of bulk food, the wholesale grocery store offers members some stellar vacation packages with Costco Travel.

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Can You Bring Your Own Alcohol On A Plane? Here’s A Close Look At The Ultimate Travel Hack

Bringing your own alcohol on a plane might seem like the ultimate travel hack but you could get in more trouble than you'd think.

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Real ID

By October 2020, if you don’t have a Real ID or a passport, you will not be able to fly.

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Paddle Boarding Israel | Supconnect.com

I bet you never thought of Israel as a great destination for SUP, surf, windsurf and kite! You’ll be surprised to discover in this article the wide va...

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The World's Longest Flight Sounds Absolutely Terrible

Australian Airline Qantas is running tests on a planned direct flight between Sydney, Australia and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. If it happens, it’ll be the longest commercial flight in the world, a marvel of aviation engineering and

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Mobsters, Marilyn and Sinatra: The legendary Cal Neva Lodge is preparing for guests again

The legendary Cal Neva Lodge and Casino, once owned by Frank Sinatra, has been shuttered since 2013, locking inside its many secrets and scandals. But after being purchased by Oracle founder Larry Ellison, it's on the way to welcoming guests once more.

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Amtrak Has Buy-One-Get-One-Free Train Tickets Across the U.S. - Thrillist

Amtrak is running a new sale with BOGO tickets on sleeper cars across the country.

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24 famous airlines that have gone out of business

Around a half-dozen European airlines have closed in 2019, and several more ceased operations in 2017 and 2018.

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Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses

From historical landmarks to places where staircases end in the ceilings, discover these real-life mystery houses!

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I stayed in one of Italy's ghost towns that's selling off homes for $1, and I was treated like royalty

I stayed in Sambuca, the charming Sicilian town which has received the most widespread media coverage for its $1 housing scheme.

Architecture & Interior Design | Mid Century

Is this the world's most glamorous airport hotel? Inside JFK's Sixties-inspired TWA Hotel

Jane Mulkerrins felt like an extra on 'Mad Men' when she stayed at the new TWA at JFK

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Vegan Disney World Guests Now Have 400 New Menu Items to Choose From | Mental Floss

Starting this month, it will be a lot easier to find vegan menu options at the food stands and restaurants at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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We bike and paint the San Juan Islands with Swift Adventure Co. and illustrator Chris McNally. Support what you love! https://www.patreon.com/PathLessPedaled...

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LACK OF FOCUS AND ORGANIZATION: BFFs, Bikes, and the Alps – Erin Lamb & Jen Whalen

The following trip report is also available on Amazon Kindle, for ease of bookmarking... Day 1: Wienerwald or bust! JEN: Good decisions can be made on a whim. That’s how I found myself on this spontaneous bike trip in Europe. It all started in Vienna, A

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Gravel Adventure in the North of Israel

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Craving: South Side — a look at the area's Black food culture

The South Side of Chicago is rich with the food and drink traditions of the area's Black community. From rib tips at Lem's Bar-B-Q to soul food at Original Soul Vegetarian to newer spots like Shawn Michelle's Homemade Ice Cream and Soul Shack, we're cele

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10 fabulous hotels for a great stay in Eilat - ISRAEL21c

Turn your Israeli beach vacation up a notch at one of these fabulous hotels in the Red Sea Resort of Eilat in Israel’s sunny south.

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Faces of the Adirondacks, Part 2 — New York's 90-Mile Canoe Route

The best overnight paddling sections and gateway communities of the Adirondack Canoe Route: the historic 90-mile section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

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7 places around the world that will pay you to move there - Lonely Planet

Sometimes the call of a new adventure - or simply a chance at relocating your job to a new place - can be too tempting to resist. If you've been thinking…

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Why Molokai, With All Its Wonders, Is the Least Developed of Hawai'i's Islands| Smithsonian

Even centuries before Captain Cook’s arrival, its resources were exploited by outsiders

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8 Money-Saving Expert Tips From A Cheap Flight-Booking Pro

Scott Keyes, the founder of Scott's Cheap Flights, shares his best tips for finding and booking cheap flights.

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6 Smart Ways to Travel Like a Local and Spend (a Lot) Less

You don’t have to spend on expensive tourist attractions and restaurants to have a great vacation. Use these 6 tips to travel while barely touching your wallet.

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Documentary Epic Israel 2018 | The Ultimate Holy Land Mountain Bike Challenge

This is the 6th Ford Epic Israel powered by Trek and the first time it's taken place in the Jerusalem hills. Around 600 riders started the race at Ya'arim Ho...

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Why You Shouldn't Book a Flight Through a Third-Party Travel Site

Last month, scammers posing as Expedia stole thousands of dollars from travelers hoping to confirm or change their bookings over the phone. But booking flights with the real Expedia—and any other third-party site like Travelocity—comes with certain (lega

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Miniature Horses Now Included on the List of Service Animals Airlines Must Allow to Fly | Mental Floss

Your next flight may include a mini horse riding in coach, thanks to new service animal guidelines released by the Department of Transportation.

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Greenland vs Iceland (Similar or Different?)

► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► INSTAGRAM? Join me @drewbinsky! It's true: Greenland and Iceland should really switch names, bec...

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We Asked 10 Wine Pros: What's the Most Common Mistake People Make in Wine Country? | VinePair

To help you avoid making rookie mistakes on your next wine-cation, we asked 10 sommeliers for their top tips when visiting wine country.

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How to Pack a Suitcase: Carry On Packing Tips From Flight Attendants - Thrillist

Flight attendants are basically professional packers. Here are their tips to be a better traveler and carry-on wielder.

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Israel welcomes 10% increase in tourists in 2019 | The Jerusalem post

"Summer begins with a hike in tourist arrivals to Israel," said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.

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16 Delightfully Spooky Facts About the Haunted Mansion Rides at Disney!

The Haunted Mansion in both Disney World and Disneyland is a classic park staple. The ride, which is turning 50 this year (it opened in August 1969), is one of

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Traveling with your dog? Advice on how to do it from people who pulled it off

Recently, Erin Glock and her husband moved from upstate New York to Salt Lake City, Utah with their two golden retrievers, Sammy and Charlie. “That meant a 32-hour drive, and we were determined to drive about 10 hours a day,” she says. They decided…

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U.S. Virgin Islands Moves to Ban Coral Reef Killing Sunscreen Chemicals | PaddleXaminer

The U.S. Virgin Islands has banned reef killing chemicals from sunscreen. The full ban will go into effect March 30, 2020. Reef friendly suns

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7 Great Travel Accessories: A Packing List of Essentials | WIRED

Whether your stuck on the tarmac or trapped at cruising altitude, these items will make your next journey more tolerable.

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Yosemite Hotels Get Their Historic Names Back After Trademark Dispute

The Majestic Yosemite Hotel is back to its original name, The Ahwahnee. And a set of cabins that was temporarily called Half Dome Village now carries its historic name, Camp Curry.

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Hotels Face Growing Backlash Against Resort Fees

Government officials and hotel booking sites have opened two new fronts in the war against hidden resort fees. Consumer Reports explains.

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Travel Tips: A Definitive List Of Must-Have Apps for Visitors To Israel

There are a few handy tools to help ensure an easier way to get around and make the most of any trip to Israel. | NoCamels

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Planning a Vacation? Here's How to Make Sure You Don't Bring Any Bed Bugs Home With You

A study shows that bed bugs love dirty clothes. Follow these tips to keep them from hitching a ride home with you.

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Here are 10 fascinating Revolutionary War landmarks across America

Plan a visit to these 10 Revolutionary War landmarks that are both educational and fun for folks of all ages.

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6 Common Travel Fraud Tactics and How to Avoid Them | Mental Floss

It’s tempting to forget your worries when you’re on vacation, but no matter where in the world you are, you’ll find people trying to separate you from your money. Protect yourself by reading up on these schemes.

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11 Anthony Bourdain quotes that will inspire you to travel with your whole heart

Today would mark the 63rd birthday of Anthony Bourdain, and that means it's time to honour his legacy by living life to the fullest, just like he did.

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The Best Weekend Trips from Los Angeles | Departures

These are the best quick getaways from Los Angeles, whether you want a weekend at the beach, to hike in the mountains, or visit a new city.

Travel | Travel Israel!

10 of the best Mediterranean beach hotels in Israel | ISRAEL21c

Visiting Israel’s glorious west-coast beaches is so convenient when you stay at a hotel where the sand and waves are just on your doorstep.

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United Flight Hit with ‘Ant-mageddon’ as Bugs ‘Spill Out’ of Suitcase in Overhead Bin, Says Passenger

A United passenger documented her critter-filled experience, which she calls "ant-mageddon"

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Around the world in 7 years: Taiwanese cyclist gets to Jerusalem!

'This city surprised me,' Jacky Chen says of Israeli capital, after traveling through 64 countries over the last 4 years and planning to continue to Africa and Asia next

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Travel safer with these 12 brilliant ideas

Traveling can be an amazing experience, but from stolen luggage to water-logged phones, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

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The 14 Coolest Drive-In Movie Theaters in America | Mental Floss

At the peak of their popularity, America was home to 4000 drive-ins, but that number now hovers around the 355 mark. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

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Bike ride through Baja wine contry

Travel | Travel

5 Financial Security Measures to Take Before Traveling

Financial security is an often overlooked part of planning a trip, but it’s even more important than ensuring you packed your favorite swimsuit.

Sports | Cycling


Ruta Del Jefe is not just any adventure bicycle race. Ruta Del Jefe is a platform to raise awareness of environmental and political threats affecting the U.S...

Travel | Travel

Get paid $10k to drink rosé in France on a free holiday

Wine brand, Rosé All Day, is running a competition offering its newest influencer $10,000 and a free trip to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

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Must Have Travel Tools

I’m really looking forward to our travels abroad this summer, so several weeks ago I started the whole planning process. I got so many great sightseeing and restaurant tips from dear friends, which in turn got me really excited! I love the idea of trave

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

The 18 Best City Parks in America

From well-known emerald gems like LA’s Griffith Park in Los Angeles, to underrated spots like Forest Park in St. Louis or Falls Park in...

Travel | Israel

Ancient Jerusalem Comes To Life With 3D VR Tech In New Guided Tours | Technology News

The Tower of David museum partnered with Lithodomos VR to produce the first mobile virtual reality walking tour of Jerusalem, called 'Step into History.' | NoCamels

Travel | Israel

CNN recommends Tel Aviv as the top destination to visit this June!

From the sun-kissed shores of Tel Aviv, Israel, to the popular mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, here are five great places you may wish to visit in June.

Travel | Travel

The Best Day Trip Destinations in All 50 States | Mental Floss

The allure of foreign countries and far-off places is tempting, but sometimes when you want to get away, the best adventures can be found right in your backyard.

Travel | Travel

The Essential Vintage Palm Springs Travel Guide 2019

What is so great about Palm Springs, California? So many things, all of the things. One of the best things is the history here. Many celebrities have flocked here since the 20s, because there was a rule. It was the “two-hour rule”, which meant that ce

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How to have the best paddle weekend ever in Key West, Florida

How to have the best paddle weekend ever in Key West, Florida, packed full of easy-going adventures, from the excursion to Dry Tortugas National Park, to eco...

Sports | Cycling

Cuban revolution: 11 things I learned while cycling through Cuba

If you think the best way to see Cuba is from the backseat of ’52 Chevy, you could be right. But an even better way to experience the Caribbean island is from the saddle of your trusty bike; wind in your (helmet-covered) hair, the smoky scent of tobacco

Sports | Cycling

Nova Eroica | Californian Gravel

Gravel cycling in California is pretty much unbeatable and there's little better than a well organised event where you don't even have to plan a route. I rod...

Sports | Cycling

GRAVEL HEAVEN | Toros de Gravel Mallorca

I was so stoked to be invited out to Mallorca for the first ever Toros de Gravel, a new gravel biking race/ride/adventure/knees up. I hooked up with Sami Sau...

Sports | Cycling

Californian Gravel Bikepacking | Los Padres & Big Sur

Trip of a lifetime or what? I went bikepacking on gravel, tarmac and dirt from Monterey, California riding through Los Padres National Forest and down to the...

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You Can Now Spend the Night on the Beaches of Hawaii in a Retro Volkswagen Campervan | Travel + Leisure

People go to Hawaii for the island experience, but quite often end up in high-rise hotels without beach views and a shuttle to the beach. For

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

A Vintage Airstream Trailer Is Now the Ultimate Live/Work Mobile

At just 80 square feet, The Kugelschiff is a renovated Airstream Bambi II that now serves as a tech entrepreneur’s tiny home and office.

Travel | Travel

Things Americans didn't realize were American until they went abroad - INSIDER

Cultural differences can lead to moments of confusion for Americans traveling abroad. Here are 10 things that have surprised Americans outside the US.

Travel | Travel Tips

How To Get Lounge Access On An Economy Ticket - GQ

Nothing is more enticing at an airport than the thought of escaping chaos and queues of the terminal and relaxing in the quiet and luxurious airport lounge complete with all the free food and drinks to mark the start of the trip.

Travel | Travel

New Online Travel Tool Helps You Find the Cheapest Flights From Your City | Mental Floss

Choosing a destination is often the hardest part of trip planning. If budget is a big concern, this tool may make your decision a little easier.

Travel | Travel

Are We Loving Venice to Death?

With some 30 million tourists flocking to Venice each year, the city is suffering the consequences. Venetian locals, though, are taking it into their own hands to preserve local crafts and traditions with the hope that travelers will follow suit.

Travel | Travel

What it’s like to take a 35-hour ride on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to Seattle

The Los Angeles-to-Seattle route of the Coast Starlight train traverses three states and 1,377 scenic miles. But it also takes a day and a half. What's it like to be...

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

The experience that lets you relive the magic of flying on board a luxurious 1970s Pan Am 747 | Daily Mail Online

The experience is housed inside LA's Air Hollywood, the world's largest aviation-themed film studio. Tickets cost between $475 and $875 for two.

Travel | Travel

Why Some Airlines Bring Back Classic Paint Jobs Decades After They Vanish From the Skies

Old liveries sometimes give carriers a cool new image

Travel | Travel

Get away to Atlanta and Celebrate the magic of holidays

If you have been thinking about a destination to celebrate your holidays then Atlanta probably should be the first place to come in your…

Travel | Travel

Hotel Hacks: Here Are 13 Tips To Save You Money

Don't spend more on hotels then you have to. Use these 13 tips to save money on hotels. There are more ways to save than you ever thought possible!

Travel | Travel

Hotel Hacks: Here Are 13 Tips To Save You Money

Don't spend more on hotels then you have to. Use these 13 tips to save money on hotels. There are more ways to save than you ever thought possible!

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This Irish Bar Holds the Record as the World's Oldest Pub - Take a Look Inside

Among its many attractions, Ireland boasts some of the best pubs in the world. In fact, the Irish do traditional inns so well, they have become a global

Travel | Travel Tips

6 travel podcasts to fuel your wanderlust

Listening to these is almost as good as taking a vacation.

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Capt. 'Sully' Sullenberger Blasts Ethiopian Airlines for Putting Rookie in Cockpit of Doomed Flight | Newsmax.com

Capt. 'Sully' Sullenberger Blasts Ethiopian Airlines for Putting Rookie in Cockpit of Doomed Flight

Travel | Travel Tips

Do Flight Attendants Know When There's an Air Marshal on Their Plane? | Mental Floss

There's not a Federal Air Marshal on every flight, but there is a specific protocol that must be followed when an armed law enforcement is flying the friendly skies.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

15 Towns Made Famous Because of TV | Family Handyman

These small towns were put on the map thanks to eager fans seeking out filming locations and tours of their favorite TV shows.

Travel | Travel

My High/Low Strategy: Mixing Luxury and Budget Travel on the Same Trip

Enjoy both affordable accommodations and super high-end resorts during the same vacation with this "high/low" strategy.

Travel | Travel

Southwest Airlines tickets to Hawaii on sale for as low as $49

Get ready for some fun in the sun and to stuff yourself with poke and spam musubi, because Southwest Airlines has started selling tickets for its first flights to Hawaii.

Travel | Travel

10 U.S. Beaches Where You Can Drive Right Up to the Water - Coastal Living

From national parks to beach party hot spots, these are the best places in the U.S. to get some sand in your treads.

Entertainment | Star Wars

Take EW's epic tour of 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' at Disney's theme parks

We've been there. We've been to the galaxy far, far away. Now we've returned to tell the tale. Last week,…

Travel | Travel

How Do Pilots Make Up Time in the Air?

Your pilot apologizes for your plane leaving late but then assures you she can make up the lost time in the sky. Is she pressing extra-hard on the accelerator or what?

Travel | Travel

15 Places You Can Visit Where Famous Works Were Written | Mental Floss

Authors have written in all sorts of locations, and literature lovers today can still visit many of these sources of inspiration.

Travel | Travel

British Airways 1960s-styled Boeing 747 flies to New York

Among the usual traffic taking off at London's Heathrow Airport on Tuesday morning was an eye-catching blast from the past -- a retro-painted British Airways Boeing 747.

Travel | Travel

Discovery of cameras built into airlines’ seats sparks privacy concerns - The Verge

Cameras pointed at passengers have been noticed in the inflight entertainment systems used by some American and Singapore Airlines aircraft. Both airlines have confirmed that the cameras exist, but they say they have not been activated.

Travel | Travel

Discovery of cameras built into airlines’ seats sparks privacy concerns - The Verge

Cameras pointed at passengers have been noticed in the inflight entertainment systems used by some American and Singapore Airlines aircraft. Both airlines have confirmed that the cameras exist, but they say they have not been activated.

Travel | Travel

How to Reserve 'Blocked' Seats on Airplane Flights 

Airlines love to torture us. They trick us with bag fees, delays, and passengers who don’t wear pants. Best of all, even when you’re prepared and organized, there’s nothing you can do to escape their blood thirst for profit. If you’ve ever reserve

Travel | Travel

This Hip Hotel's 'Radical' Pricing Model Lets You Pay What You Wish

One of the most frustrating travel experiences is shelling out big bucks for a hotel stay, only to find that the rooms don't quite look like the photos, the amenities aren't as advertised or the...

Travel | Travel

The World's Longest Flight Is so High-Tech You Won't Even Get Jet Lag

This Singapore Airlines plane is specially designed to cut jet lag and make a 19-hour flight bearable, and dare we say, actually enjoyable.

Travel | Travel

12 Things To Do When Your Flight's Canceled or Delayed | Mental Floss

The next time you're stranded at an airport because of a flight delay or cancellation, follow these expert tips—and have a better chance at maintaining your sanity.

Travel | Travel

Flight from L.A. to London reaches 801 mph as a furious jet stream packs record-breaking speeds

The Virgin Atlantic flight peaked at a whopping 801 mph Monday evening 35,000 feet over Pennsylvania, due to the jet stream, the high-altitude air current along which storms travel.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The TWA Hotel Turns an Abandoned Airport Terminal Into a Midcentury Dream

Meet JFK's first on-airport hotel—complete with midcentury modern guest rooms, a 10,000-square-foot rooftop deck with pool, and a Jean-Georges restaurant.

Travel | Travel

How to See a Dozen Presidential Homes in One Road Trip for Less Than $220 | Mental Floss

Want to see the country while indulging your love of all things presidential? These three road trip itineraries show you how to get from place to place without breaking the bank.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Viewing the Northern Lights: ‘It’s Almost Like Heavenly Visual Music’

Seeing the aurora borealis has become a must-do item for camera-toting tourists from Alaska to Greenland to Scandinavia. On a trip to northern Sweden, the sight proved elusive, if ultimately rewarding.

Travel | Travel

Find the Cheapest Weekend to Fly Using Travelgam 

Over the past few years a good number of my vacations have turned into more of a “we’ll go one weekend” thing rather than a need to make a vacation fit into a particular time frame. That’s to say that rather than looking for flights for a specific

Travel | Travel

The TWA Hotel Will Start Accepting Reservations Next Week

Starting at noon EST on Feb. 14, the TWA Hotel will begin accepting reservations for stays starting May 15.

Food & Drink | Travel

21 Things To Know Before You Visit Lisbon, Portugal - Migrating Miss

How do you know what to do in Lisbon, where to go, or the best things to see? A guide to 21 things you should know before you visit Lisbon plus more top tips about visiting Portugal.

Sports | Surfing/Skating/SUPing

The best cheap surf destinations

Surf travel can be inexpensive. Explore the most affordable countries in the world for surfing.

Travel | Travel

I Haven't Paid for a Business Class Flight in 10 Years — Here's How I Did It | GOBankingRates

In 2008, my wife and booked our first flight in business class and we had no idea what was in store for us. The priority check-in was a breeze and our bags were checked for free, but once on-board we...

Politics | Malfeasance

Billions in TSA 9/11 Security Fees Diverted by Congress for Other Causes - Judicial Watch

Money to sustain the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continuously flowed into the government’s coffers via a special security fee collected from every passenger, yet Congress didn’t release the funds during the shutdown. Known as the Sept

Politics | BDS

‘Antisemitic’ Amnesty International Campaign Targets Historic Jewish Sites in Israel, Watchdog Says

Jews praying at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Noam Revkin-Fenton / Flash90. Human rights group …

Sports | Cycling

A MTB race across a 1000 year old Mexican trail. | Ride of the Dead

The Trans Sierra Norte is a multi-day enduro mountain bike race that rips through the Oaxacan highlands offering more than 3,000 feet of elevation gain/loss....

Sports | Cycling

Mountain Biking on Incredible Trails in Mexico! | Nomads

Our Nomads are taking their Mountain Bikes off-road in the beautiful desert wastelands of Mexico, and their inviting you along from the ride! Strap in as the...