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Which U.S. Airlines Offer the Most—And Least—Legroom?

Looking for extra legroom on your next flight? From JetBlue to Spirit Airlines, discover which U.S. airlines and aircrafts offer the roomiest ride, according to this recent analysis.

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How extreme heat is changing tourism

Climate change could forever alter how people travel.

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Experience the Best of Goa: Where Comfort Meets Culture in Homestays

Explore the finest comfortable homestays near the beach in Goa for an unforgettable vacation. Book your dream accommodation in Goa today!

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Work Junky? Unable to Disconnect on Vacation? | Workplace Coach Blog

Work junky? Unable to disconnect while on vacation? But do you want to disconnect? Does anyone anymore? If you do, here's how.

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A List of Historic, Weird, and Totally Fascinating Places to Stop on a Road Trip Across the US | Condé Nast Traveler

From vibrant dive bars to retro motor lodges, these 37 spots are destinations in and of themselves. String them together for a memorable cross country road trip.

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Disney Travel Agent Shares Common Mistakes Made at Theme Parks

A Disney travel agent says travelers visiting the theme parks aren't prepared for new tech, miss dining reservations, and don't use virtual queues.

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Orlando named world's most expensive destination for family vacation: report

Orlando, Florida, is the world's most expensive destination for a family of four seeking a seven-day vacation, according to research done by an Australian travel insurance comparison site.

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10 Smart Things To Pack in Your Carry-On (And One Not To)

It's important to plan ahead when going on a flight, so make sure that your carry-on bag is packed with all of your essentials.

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IsraelSeen Is Taking a Vacation

IsraelSeen Is Taking a Vacation We have been sharing stories about Israel non-stop for over 16 years. Finally, I am taking a break and going on vacation to northern Italy with my family for ten days. It became clear to me that I need a social media time o

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Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: A War, a Vacation, and a Teachable Moment

Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: A War, a Vacation, and a Teachable Moment It was the end of the summer of 2006, and my wife and I had plans for a much-needed family vacation. Within several weeks of each other that year, each of our mothers died necess

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How to spot hidden cameras in your vacation rentals

The summer travel season is heating up, and you might consider renting someone's home to stay in during your next vacation. Experts warn people to keep an eye out for hidden cameras that keep getting smaller and easier to hide.

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These Dreamy Airbnbs Are Less Than $100 a Night

Looking for a remarkably affordable Airbnb? We found a number of excellent options around the country that go for under $100 per night.

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Adventurous Outdoor Dining Spots Across the U.S. to Warm Your Next Vacation

Find the best heated outdoor dinning creative solutions across the country this winter, from igloos to gondolas, beer shacks, and more.

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Can You Get Time Off During COVID-19? - The Atlantic

America’s flawed approach to sick leave is making the pandemic worse.

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Aruba Is Inviting People Who Work From Home to Work From The Beach Instead

You can choose from Aruba’s best all-inclusive resorts, quaint seaside villas, and more—for a discount.

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San Miguel de Allende: You’ll Find the Real Mexico in Old Mexico

When most people think of visiting Mexico, they think of beach resorts or archeological ruins. Places such as Acapulco ...

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It Takes More Than Vacation to Cure Day to Day Burnout

Research shows that the psychological benefits of vacation tend to fade away fast.

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United Flight Hit with ‘Ant-mageddon’ as Bugs ‘Spill Out’ of Suitcase in Overhead Bin, Says Passenger

A United passenger documented her critter-filled experience, which she calls "ant-mageddon"

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Sunscreen, Clothing, And Other Coral Reef-Safe Alternatives

Harmful chemicals from sunscreen can leach into the ocean and damage coral. Here are some sun-blocking alternatives.

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How Your Brain Morphs Stressful Family Vacations Into Pleasant Memories - The New York Times

There may be a lot of bickering, but your memory creates a nostalgia-inducing highlight reel that makes you want to plan the next trip.

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What to Do If You Get Sick on Vacation

A guide to getting well in another country, when you don’t have the comforts of home, don’t speak the language, and don’t know the local health-care system.

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There's an art to travel. Here's how to master it.

It all comes down to understanding the purpose of travel, knowing the right people and processes and having a productive attitude, experts say.

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Tiny Homes Perfect for Vacation Rentals

Go small on your next family trip and try out these amazing tiny home vacation rentals.

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How to Take Epic Weekend Trips on the Cheap!

These insider tips will help you master the elusive, YOLO-y art of weekend travel.

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These Luxe, Boozy Trains Make Us Rethink Air Travel

Ditch the plane and take a train instead! These opulent trains boast luxury accommodations and bar cars that you don’t want to miss.

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Business Trip or Vacation? Travel Start-Ups Try to Blur the Line - The New York Times

Leisure travelers are naturally more selective and cost conscious that their business-class counterparts. Companies like Rocketrip, TripActions and Upside hope to change that.

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Jet Lagged? Here's What to Do About It

Planning an end-of-summer trip? Here's how to protect yourself from jet lag!

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How Much It Costs to Take an Epic 2,400 Mile Road Trip on Route 66

"If you ever plan to motor West, take the highway that is best."

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From giraffes to Airstreams: Top 9 glamping destinations in California

Camping is always fun. Camping with no tent set-up and an actual bed? Even better. Here are 9 of the best California glamping destinations, from Santa Barbara’s El Capitan Canyon to the Russi…

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Use a ‘Fake’ Location to Get Cheaper Plane Tickets

Most people don’t know there is a simple trick to get a cheaper flight on an airline’s website

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You Can Save on Airfare (If You Know the Tricks)

Want to save on airfare? Pick your travel days wisely, don’t shop too far in advance and know when tickets will be offered at a sale price.

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7 Trips That Are Better (and Cheaper) In the Fall

The ultimate guide to great travel destinations with fantastic prices to avoid overpriced stays. These vacation spots are better (and cheaper) than the places you want to go.

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My Top 6 Packing Tips

Hawaii to South-East Asia to Australia and New Zealand to Southern Africa: 8 countries, 3 continents, summer, winter, and a supreme packing challenge. So how do you pack for a multi-month, multi-location trip? Here are my tips to packing a diverse and compact suitcase!

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6 Remote Private Islands Where You Can Vacation Like a Royal

When even the most remote overwater bungalow just won’t do, true solitude-seekers chart a course for private islands. The earliest rumblings of the island craze began in 1938 when wealthy aviator Charles Lindbergh purchased Illiec, off France’s Brittany coast.

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The Lost Europe | Jlife

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8 unique summer vacations that won't break the bank

Here are eight American summer vacation ideas for individuals, couples and families that won't ruin your budget.

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Top 5 Beach Camping Sites in California | Camping | SoCal Wanderer | KCET

Pitch a tent and watch the sunset from any of these glorious beach camping sites.

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Here's our first look at the Griswold family in new Vacation film

Starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann, and Charlie Day, as well as Chevy Chase.

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The world's best airport bars - Telegraph

Flight delays are less of a problem in these airports, which have the best bars in the business, including beer gardens and swimming pools!

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Ski Resort Vacations for Non-Skiers

The key to making everyone happy is in finding a mountain that can cater to all....

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Cast of 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation': Where Are They Now?

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it's still a classic. These stars were great when we saw them in one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time, and many of them have gone on to play som

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15 Under-the-Radar Vacation Destinations!

The world is full of destinations on the well-trodden path, where the number of visitors seems to go up every year and the crowds can sometimes feel endless. Don't you want to go somewhere different for a change? No matter what corner of the globe yo...

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The World’s Biggest (and Most Expensive) Travel Flops

The multi-billion-dollar Revel Casino is closing. But shockingly, there are lots of hotels, entertainment parks, and even beaches that have been similar flops. We rounded up the worst travel fails on record. Just be glad you didn’t plan to visit any of