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How to Use the Airfare Calendar Tool to Score the Best Deal on Your Next Flight

Most major airlines make it easy to compare flight prices by date together in one page.

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You Should Set an Airfare Alert for a Flight You’ve Already Booked

The most obvious reason to keep a fare alert going is in case of a fare drop. If a fare goes down after you’ve purchased, you’re not due a refund if you purchased a nonrefundable ticket, but in most cases, you can get the difference to use as a credit tow

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These are all the fighter jets in the US Air Force - Business Insider

The US Air Force boasts some of the most sophisticated air-to-air and ground-attack aircraft on the planet.

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You Could Win a Year of Unlimited Free Flights on JetBlue. This is How.

How to score an All You Can Jet pass with JetBlue, giving you a year of unlimited trips to anywhere the airline flies.

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Use a ‘Fake’ Location to Get Cheaper Plane Tickets

Most people don’t know there is a simple trick to get a cheaper flight on an airline’s website

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You Can Save on Airfare (If You Know the Tricks)

Want to save on airfare? Pick your travel days wisely, don’t shop too far in advance and know when tickets will be offered at a sale price.

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How to find the best airfare on short notice

Buying airline tickets is a lot like gambling or day-trading stocks. Fares go up and down unpredictably.

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If Gas Is Cheap, Why Are Airfares So Expensive? Good question!

Turns out, a series of industry developments have put airlines firmly in control of prices, in a way they haven't been in perhaps a generation. As a result, fares may be about to rise even more. Fortunately, that doesn't mean travelers have to overpa...