Advice & Self-Help | Depression

The Signs of Summer Depression and How to Get Help

Summer brings lovely weather but also the pressure to "make the most of it," which can trigger depression. Here are the signs to watch out for.

Health & Fitness | Health & Wellness

Mistakes That Will Make Your Sunburn Even Worse

Learn the most common mistakes people make when trying to prevent or treat sunburn -- plus how to fix them.

Recipes | Recipes

The Best Tomato Sandwich to Make All Summer Long

This classic tomato sandwich features a lovely combination of sweet juicy tomatoes and herby cream cheese.

Recipes | Recipes

20 Barbecue Recipes You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

It's summer, which means it's time to dust off the barbecue and get grilling. To that end, we've come up with a list of 20 barbecue recipes, including sides and main courses, that you can enjoy all summer long. Dishes include Dry-Rubbed Baby-B

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Dogs Battle the Heat With Chaotic Pool Party

Pool playtime at the Lucky Puppy daycare center in Maybee, Michigan, becomes even more essential during high temperatures, footage shared to YouTube shows.Center owner Brenda Langley, who regularly shares footage of the canines under her care enjoying a d

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

8 Natural Ways to Repel Insects Without Bug Spray

You don’t need a can full of DEET to keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay in a survival situation.

Miscellaneous | Gardening

10 Shrubs for Summer Color - FineGardening

These shrubs give it their all during the warmer months, providing fantastic flowers and, in some cases, interesting foliage or fruit.

Recipes | Recipes

17 Summer Appetizers So Good, You'll Want to Eat Them for Dinner

If you're stuck in a dinner rut, these healthy appetizers are sure to help you dig your way out. Pick two or three of these fresh and flavorful recipes for a spread of snackable summer dips, cheesy bites and loaded veggies that will satisfy everyone at yo

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

El Matador State Beach In Malibu Is America's Most Beautiful

El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California, just may be the most beautiful beach in the entire United States.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Sunscreen vs. Sunblock: What’s the Difference? | Mental Floss

Sunblock and sunscreen aren’t the same thing, but the lines get pretty blurred on product labels these days.

News | News

Post-lockdown summer: Americans out for fun and with money to spend

As Covid vaccination rates rise entertainment events and rental homes and cars are selling out but companies are struggling to fill job vacancies<br>

Food & Drink | Drinks

Prosecco Margaritas {big-batch cocktail} | a farmgirl's dabbles

Prosecco Margarita, a big-batch recipe perfect for entertaining! If you've ever wondered how to make a pitcher of margarita, this bubbly cocktail is super fun and delicious!

Health & Fitness | Health & Wellness

How to Get Rid of a Poison Ivy Rash Fast, According to Doctors

Doctors explain what a poison ivy rash looks and feels like and how to help it heal quickly. Plus, exactly how to identify one of these pesky plants.

Books | Books

The Best Beach Reads of Summer 2020 (Whether or Not You're Going to the Beach)

Even if you’re not going on a beach vacation this summer, transport yourself with one of these summery books.

Style & Fashion | Hair!

The Best Summer Hair Colors to Try Now

Whether you're feeling pastel pink or honey blonde, we rounded up the best new summer hair colors to try for 2020. Get all your hair color ideas here.

Music | Music

Summer Soundtrack: 20 Great Songs From the Ultimate '80s Movies

As familiar—even iconic—as many 1980s movies have become in audiences’ minds, there are always a handful that get overlooked, or thankfully rediscovered, thanks to re-releases and anniversaries.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

We Tried 10 Methods for Making Lemonade And Found One Clear Winner | Kitchn

Summer is almost here; with the arrival of warmer temperatures, there are whispers of it already in the air. Before we know it we’ll be faced with sweltering hot days, along with a thirst that needs to be constantly quenched.

Science & Technology | Tech News

New Service Lets You Rent a Stranger’s Swimming Pool for an Afternoon | Mental Floss

Desperate to take a dip but want to avoid the chaos of the public pool? With Swimply, you can rent an entire backyard swimming pool for $25 to $150 an hour.

Style & Fashion | Don't Dress Like A Slob

Should You Wear White or Black on Hot Days? Here's the Data | WIRED

Quick experiments can help you answer the eternal question of whether to wear black or white on hot summer days. Turns out, it's complicated.

Recipes | Recipes!

Refreshing Watermelon Sangria Recipe! - Southern Living

Cool fresh watermelon is summer’s quintessential treat. This pink watermelon sangria highlights it perfectly with hints of tart lime and smooth mint.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

How to Do Summer in LA!

After an uncharacteristically chilly winter, summer is finally peaking through the clouds in LA! Get ready for a season of sun, friends, lots of beach time, live music, outdoor movies, and plenty of good eating and drinking. Consider this page your one-st

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help!

How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning!

Now that summer has officially started and the temperatures (and humidity) are getting up there, a lot of people are trying to stay cool. Sure, some can just turn on their air conditioning, but not everyone has that option. And even if you do, you might b

Home Improvement | Household Tips & DIY

Cool ways to skip the air conditioning and still keep your home chill

There are many ways to keep your space cool without relying on energy-sucking air conditioning to do the job. Here are 8 ways to cool off without AC this summer.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Vitamin D Deficiency is Growing Worldwide and Overuse of Sunscreen Contributes

A recent study finds that nearly a billion people worldwide suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Too much sunscreen use may be a major reason why, researchers say.

Books | Books

The Mental Floss Summer Reading List: 27 Books to Read in Summer 2019

Nothing completes a lazy summer day in the sun or week spent on the beach quite like a great book—and whether you’re into true crime, classics, or history, we’ve got recommendations for every kind of bibliophile.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Chicago

The 24 best Chicago beaches

Play volleyball, catch a tan and splash in Lake Michigan all summer long at the best Chicago beaches

Books | Books

The 20 Best New Fiction Books You Need to Add to Your Summer Reading List

We found the best fiction books of 2019, ranging from historical fiction to romance, fantasy, and even creepy thrillers and mystery. No matter what fiction books you like best, there's a hot new read for every taste on this list.

Advice & Self-Help | Products with Integrity

Fan Made Music Video for Feels Like Summer by Weezer (Featuring Electric Unicycles)

What could be better than Weezer and Electric Unicycles combined? Also thanks so much to Weezer for letting me put this video on YouTube.

News | News Items

A Vicious Cycle: Air Conditioners Making Global Warming Worse, Warns Study - Study Finds

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin say air conditioners further degrade air quality and generally compound the toll on human health created by air pollution

Recipes | Recipes

Summer Corn Salad (With Video)

Summer Corn Salad is a bright refreshing taste of summer. Garden fresh corn and tomatoes come together with fresh mozzarella, herbs and a glorious dressing that really gives it an even lighter fresher taste. This simple recipe is the perfect summer side!

Pets & Animals | Dogs & Other Animals

Chill Armadillo Decides To Use Family's Pool While They're Out Of Town

Living the wild life can sure be exhausting at times — there's so much scurrying around. Fortunately for one leisure-loving armadillo, he found just the place to take a load off for a while

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Chicago

Best Summer Concerts in Chicago From Festivals to Free Shows

When summer arrives in Chicago, it's easy to find a concert. Don't miss a beat with the help of our guide to festivals, outdoor gigs, free shows and more.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Chicago

The Best Things To Do in the Summer in Chicago

Make the most of summer in Chicago with our guide to the season's best things to do, including festivals, beaches, patios and more.

Miscellaneous | Fun Things!

The best beaches in NYC

When you’re looking for some summertime fun like surfing, sunbathing or taco-eating, the best beaches NYC has to offer can help.

Miscellaneous | This is stuff I like

10 Lawn Games For The Must Fun Summer Party Ever

For adults, these classic lawn games bring a whole new level of fun outside. Here are the best outdoor games both grown ups and kids will love this summer.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Chicago

Chicago Riverwalk kicks off summer season with free dog cruise, architecture tours and fireworks

With no sign of snow in the immediate forecast, it's safe to say that spring has officially sprung, offering endless opportunities to be outside. The Chicago Ri

Music | Chicago Music Scene

The Pitchfork Music Festival announces its second wave of acts for 2018 | Bleader

Reader intern Rachel Yang returns to the Violet Hour to see who will join the 14 previously announced performers at this summer's Pitchfork Music Festival.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

Best End of Summer Things to Do in America - Thrillist

We put out the call to writers across the United States for under-the-radar activities suitable for a weekend trip. They came back with s...

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Summer Box Office: Here’s 6 Reasons Why the Worst is Yet to Come | IndieWire

A look at this summer suggests that while good movies are nice to have, there's no reason for studios to make them a top priority.

Music | Music

Playlists for the summer: musicians and DJs choose their favourite tunes | Music | The Guardian

We asked Rag’n’Bone Man, Kesha, Charli XCX, Ezra Furman and others for their playlists of the sunny season

News | Animal Links

Best Insect Repellent Buying Guide - #ConsumerReports

Shopping for insect repellent? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our insect repellent buying guide to make an informed choice.

Health & Fitness | Sleep

The SMC Ultimate Guide To Staying Cool During Hot Nights

Fed up of losing sleep due to hot nights? Here's the ultimate guide to staying cool overnight, featuring our resource post and infographic.

Health & Fitness | Sleep

How To Sleep Better During Allergy Season

If hay fever is keeping you awake at night during allergy season, try these techniques to help you sleep better.

Family & Parenting | Kids

National Summer Programs for Families

During the summer, finding challenging and exciting activities to keep kids busy can be harder than completing in American Ninja Warrior.

Books | Books

23 Books Guaranteed To Give You That Summer Feeling

"The locations alone make you want to pack up and travel all summer long."

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

The Summer TV Lineup: 13 Series to Watch

Money-laundering manicurists, a Stephen King detective story and, oh yeah, “Game of Thrones.”

Family & Parenting | Kids

Best Community Pools for Los Angeles Families

When your backyard splash pool just doesn’t cut it anymore, check out these clean, local, convenient LA Community pools to take a plunge.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books


After a day enjoying all that San Diego has to offer, spend the evening under the stars relaxing with family, food and fun at outdoor summer movies.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Genévrier des Sud Recipe

This gin and tonic is made with Fever-Tree tonic, Hendrick’s gin, a slice of grapefruit, a sprinkle of freshly grated cardamom and a leaf of basil that’s clapped between two hands to foster the release of flavor.

Recipes | Recipes

20 Tasty Hot Dog Recipes

Hot diggity dog! Here are 20 tasty hot dog recipes.

Family & Parenting | Kids

50 Fun Summer Activities for LA Kids

Need a few ideas to keep kids entertained during these long, lazy summer days? Check out Red Tricycle's list of fun summer activities here!

Food & Drink | Drinks

Celebrate summer with 42 cocktail recipes

It's not Friday quite yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating summer with a cocktail. In fact, we’ve compiled 42 of our favorite cocktails to help toast the season – not to mention the Fourth of July and the long weekend.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

30 things every New Yorker should do this summer

There are tons of things to do in New York City this summer, whether you're new to the scene or have been here forever.

Books | Books

Pack These Pages: Three Must-Reads For Summer

Harriet Logan, owner of Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio, recommends a graphic novel about trash, a George Eliot classic and a children's book about a bear pianist.

Recipes | Recipes

frozen s'mores | pudding & marshmallow sandwiches - It's Always Autumn

Make frozen s'mores for the perfect summer treat! Chocolate pudding and marshmallow are sandwiched in graham crackers and frozen in this easy recipe.

Gaming | Gaming

Our 15 Most Anticipated Video Games This Summer | TIME

From No Man's Sky to Destiny, here's a look at the video games we're most looking forward to playing this summer.

Music | Music

Summer 2016's 30 Hottest Tours

Beyoncé gets in Formation, Axl does double duty and much more

Family & Parenting | Kids

Best Community Pools for Los Angeles Families

When your backyard splash pool just doesn’t cut it anymore, check out these clean, local, convenient LA Community pools to take a plunge.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

Hitch Theaters will let you enjoy movie night almost anywhere

This new Kickstarter campaign will let you watch Into the Wild...in the actual wild.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Summer Camps You Gotta Sign Up For Today

Avoid wait list purgatory! You've got to sign up for the coolest summer camps now; these are so popular they fill up *fast*.

News | In The News

Here Are President Obama's Songs of Summer, and They're Damn Good

The president is currently grooving to Leonard Cohen, Otis Redding, and Mos Def.

Food & Drink | LA Spots

Exclusive: Rooftop Film Club announces first outdoor LA screenings

The masters of outdoor movie viewing&nbsp;are finally bringing London's favorite summer screening&nbsp;series to the&nbsp;rooftops of LA, and we have the exclusive details of their...

Travel | Travel

7 ideas for a great summer staycation

You don't have to hop on a plane to have a relaxing getaway. Try a summer staycation instead.

Food & Drink | Food & Stuff

10 of the Craziest Foods from This Year’s State Fairs | Brit + Co

In our day-to-day eating habits, we typically like to be as healthy as possible — You know, with the exception of the occasional cupcake (or three). But when the state fair rolls into town, all that goes straight out the window. Basically, if it’s not fried, we’re not eating it.

Miscellaneous | Fun Stuff

15 Forgotten Summertime Activities We Need To Bring Back | Mental Floss

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine. Ditch your TV, shut down social media, and go outside.

Miscellaneous | The Hometown

Enjoying laid-back summer vibes in the City of Angels: A guide

How do you know it’s summer in the land of eternal good weather? The light gets even more golden, and the opportunities to actually use that picnic basket you’ve moved with four times abound. You can use the plastic champagne glasses, and real cloth napkins and everything.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

43 free career-advancing courses you can take (and actually finish) this summer

Yes, summer is the perfect time to relax and recharge. But, it's also the perfect time to pick up a few new skills. Put that relaxed brain (and work schedule) to good use!

Gaming | Gaming

7 long games to lose yourself in this summer

With not too many big game releases on the horizon, it's the perfect time to dive into a long game.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

How to Avoid July Fourth Allergy Flare-Ups

Smoke, stings, mold are common summer allergens that can trigger asthma, allergy attacks, experts say

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Chicago

Free things to do with kids this summer in Chicago

From flying a kite to seeing fireworks at Navy Pier, we recommend these totally awesome free things to do with kids this summer

Food & Drink | Food

9 Things To Drink This Summer If You Hate Beer

If you’re anything like me, sitting by the pool with a drink in your hand is the perfect remedy to a hot summer day.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Best Family Beaches In Southern California

There’s nothing like a sunny Southern California day at the beach. Half of the challenge is in knowing where to go.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Kid Friendly Outdoor Movies In Los Angeles

Looking to keep the kids busy for a couple hours this summer in L.A.? Take then to an outdoor movie! all these movies are family friendly and free for all! Places like Alfredo's Beach Club and the Westfield Mall show both new and old films.

Style & Fashion | Hair!

7 Summer Hair Trends You Need to Try Now!

Oh, summer—for your hair, the best of times (beachy waves, sun-kissed highlights) and the worst of times (frizz, frizz, and frizz). To ensure you've got your hot weather style game on lock, look to these celeb-approved styling and color trends to be your saving grace, one humid day at a time.

Home Improvement | Household Tips & DIY

How to Make a Backyard Tipi - Sunset

Create your own outdoor fort with our step-by-step instructions for making your own backyard tipi.

Travel | Travel

Stop Asking Me How I Afford To Travel

Ask anybody who travels, or travel bloggers in particular, how they feel about this question and I guarantee 99 percent of them will say the same as I'm about to. There is no magic. There is no formula. Just research, will and determination.

Books | Books

7 (Fairly) New Books Every Middle-Aged Person Should Read This Summer

Now that nearly everyone in the world has finished The Goldfinch, we need some other book recommendations to get us through the summer. Huff/Post50 turned to its Facebook community to find out wha

Travel | Travel

5 ways to travel smarter this summer - CNN.com

No matter where you're going this summer, there are some easy things you can do before you leave to make your vacation less stressful.

Humor | Humor

New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

MOUNT STERLING, KY—Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

25 cool accessories every dream backyard should have

Accessories, gadgets and furniture that will transform your backyard into a dreamy outdoor space.

Travel | Travel

8 unique summer vacations that won't break the bank

Here are eight American summer vacation ideas for individuals, couples and families that won't ruin your budget.

Food & Drink | Food & Stuff

Cool new ways to order your coffee this summer - TODAY.com

Baristas are churning out creative new cold concoctions that will open up as many coffee choices in July as you have in January.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Cherries already? Get ready for this spring's summer fruit harvest

If you’re a fan of summer stone fruit — and who isn’t? — there’s some good news. This year you won’t have to wait until summer to enjoy it. In fact, you ought to start checking the market now.

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

The Chicago Al Fresco Heatmap: Where to Eat Outside NOW

Warm weather is (almost) upon us and that means it's time for patio season. Some places have already opened up their doors to al fresco dining while many more will be joining the fun in the coming...

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

New patios opening this season

We put up with a lot this winter, and now it's finally patio season. If you've already hit the best rooftop bars, the best outdoor dining&nbsp;spots, and other al...

Food & Drink | FOODZ

Watermelon Cake Recipe - Paleo Cupboard

A cake made from fresh watermelon, coconut whipped cream, toasted almonds and seasonal fresh fruit.

Miscellaneous | Local Flavor

Public Swimming Pools in Los Angeles

History buff, aspiring athlete, or desert rat? There's a public swimming pool out there that will suit your preferences.

Miscellaneous | OTHER STUFF

A Rabbi’s ‘Spiritual Playground’ Extends to the Surf - NYTimes.com

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — Rabbi Hanniel Levenson had a problem. He had to teach Hebrew to a group of boys. It was his job.

But here was the thing. It was summer in the Hamptons. The sky was distractingly blue. There were swimming pools, bikes, bonfires, girls.

How could the rabbi convince the preteen boys that it was important to memorize a new alphabet and difficult prayers for their bar mitzvahs?

The rabbi offered his students a deal.

Miscellaneous | Chicago Events

17 things to do in Chicago before summer ends

Make the most of the last month of summer with these 17 things to do, from jumping in a swimming pool to hitting that last outdoor concert

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

Lollapalooza unveils food options at Chow Town and Farmers Market

Check out the 45 booths serving eats in 2014. Eat everything from mac 'n' cheese hot dogs to prosciutto sandwiches while you watch Lorde and Skrillex.

Food & Drink | LA Spots

The Best Pools For Lounging In Los Angeles : LAist

It's summer in L.A., which means it's time to lounge next to a pool with a cocktail in hand.

Family & Parenting | Parenting

Genius Dad Figures Out Way To Fill 37 Water Balloons In 20 Seconds

We’ve seen our share of dumb Kickstarter campaigns this summer. There was the $60,000 potato salad that set the Internet on fire. Then there was that guy who wanted $22,000 to make a handle for your iPhone for some reason. But finally, there...

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

6 Los Angeles Hikes With Spectacular Endings

These Los Angeles-area hikes, compiled just for Outdoors Week, all come with spectacular sights along the trail—fun bonuses to pile on top of the exercise and fresh-air time, and the...

Visual Arts | Photography

Cool Off From the Summer Heat With These 21 Refreshing Photos

With temperatures getting higher week after week, we're all in need of something refreshing. That's why, for our latest Mashable Photo Challenge, we asked readers to share photos of how they cool off from the summer heat.

Miscellaneous | Guy Stuff

The Carpool DeVille Is a Fully Functional Car and Hot Tub

When they were engineering students at McMaster University in Ontario, Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster built a hot tub inside a 1969 Cadillac DeVille. It remains a fully functional car, with the original engine in the front. The water circulation system i

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff!

10 Smart Tips For Hosting Your Best Summer Party

10 rules to abide by. Planning on throwing a big summer soiree? The adorable Claire Thomas (pictured above) of website TheKitchyKitchen.com shares her entertaining 10 commandments that every party host should follow.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Chefs reveal their favorite foods to grill... other than burgers

You typically know what to grill at a cookout: burgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken, and steak. But occasionally you've got to up the ante a bit and try something new -- especially when your girlfriend's dad is watching. Also, why is he here? Did anyone even invite him? In the interest of making you look like a better match for Sonia, and charring up some killer stuff in the process, here are some famous chefs' tips for what to grill besides the usual suspects.

Food & Drink | Drinks

Five Ultimate Summer Iced Tea Recipes!

Celebrate summer’s ultimate thirst-quencher with these healthy mixers

Travel | Travel

The 10 Best Beaches in The World

From Hawaii to New Zealand, the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world.

Business & Finance | Business

Why 90,000 People Applied for 1,000 Grueling Summer Bank Internships

Ah, summer intern season. The subways fill with lost young people, sweaty from their ill fitting suits and heavy backpacks. If you find yourself downtown, push them towards the nearest investment bank, they are lost and need help getting there. 

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

How to cut your summer energy bills!

Turn off lights, maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner — here are ways to lower your summer energy bills sand still keep your cool.

Food & Drink | Drinks

This is the Easiest, Tastiest Summer Drink Ever

After a night on the line, most chefs have a go-to drink, from cheap beer to a house bartender’s expert cocktail. Here, star chefs reveal their favorite drinks.

Food & Drink | Drinks

3 Boozy Ice Cream Cocktails To Make This Summer

We teamed up with Brooklyn-based Steve's Ice Cream to come up with three too-good-to-be-true ice cream cocktails you'll be drinking all summer long. Via Country Living
By Madison Alcedo