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Surfmat riding Fourth Gear Flyer. Airmat Surfing - fit over 50.

G'day viewers today we go surfmatting. Airmats or surfmats are a lot of fun ... easy to try extremely difficult to master.The best mats I personally recommen...

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THE WEDGE -STAY PSYCHED MERCHANDISE: https://www.jamieobrienshop.com- AquaTech - Water Housing https://aquatech.net/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=SocialPR&u...

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News Letter March/April 2021 — MatSurfers.com

Monthly news letter and other News and views about MatSurfers and mat surfing in general. We welcome posts from guest authors so please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

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George Greenough Discussing Surf Mats - 1985

Legendary surfer George Greenough talks about the 4th Gear Flyer surf mat in this video shot at his home in Santa Barbara in 1985.Mat Riding Blog: http://su...

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Danny Hess Handplanes

https://mollusksurfshop.com/Danny discusses the evolution of his handplanes and characteristics of the Moon, Pin, and Wing Swallow tail models.Director: Yuji...

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Pocket Rocket — G-Mat Custom Surfmats

I have a number of models in my range but have never owned them all. As I am currently working through a batch of mats for people I who have helped me out, I am working through a quiver for myself of all of my mats (in my own time).

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MATSURFERS.COM NEWS - Jan/Feb 2021 — MatSurfers.com

Ahoy there Matters of the World! Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, a bit late we know, on the first day of Spring, but here is the first Newsletter of 2021. It has been a quiet start to the Year in some ways and and incredibly sad one in others. It has also b

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My Island Home 2021- Oz Day

This is "My Island Home 2021- Oz Day" by adam williams on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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That First Glide SUP documentary 2011.

Documentary by Mike Waltz.

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Yucca Fin Flexes explained.

In this video we go over our three different fin flex offerings; Standard Flex, Soft Flex and Ultra Soft Flex.

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MATSURFERS.COM NEWS - December 2020 — MatSurfers.com

HO HO HO MATTERS!!! Welcome to our December 2020 newsletter and something of a boon of a month with a viral mat video (with an extra wave), the latest FringsSurfer.tv episode, the launch or our updated Care & Repair page and a long awaited Here &

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inflatable fun - 2015

surfmat around orange county california. enjoy

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Dusty Trails: Baja Road Trip

Wonder what San Diego looked like a generation ago? Road trip through Baja with our ambassadors in this video.

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Drawing Lines

I proudly present Tom Threinen in "Drawing Lines". Tom is an artist and surfer who thought he had left the ocean for good when he moved to Nevada to start…

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Andrew Stephen Buck Surfmat Flying!

A video that wowed the world turning thousands on to mats in one day. ASB surfing Rincon, captured by Log Rap. Visit https://lograp.com

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Let Them Hate Me... So Long as They Fear Me... — G-Mat Custom Surfmats

That’s right. This mat is named Caligula . She’s the latest build for Andrew Stphen Buck. Caligula came about through discussion about a mat I built for Jamie McClellan a little while back named Wheezy Jefferson . ASB was interested by Jamie’s ride

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Surfing Kneeboard Los Tubos Manatí Puerto Rico / Nov. 6, 2020

ac/dc (black is black) song a nice afternoon section at La Playa Los Tubos in Manatí. Living the dream at the island. I record my master. check out @lalongap...

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Wyatt Daily & Spoons (My Favorite Part)

The award winning documentary SPOONS explores Santa Barbara's relationship to the shortboard revolution, as kneeboarder and filmmaking pioneer George Greenou...

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Fantastic Acid Flexspoon Hawaii

In the pursuit of unlimited speed and the research of understanding the unique era of shortboard revolution via George Greenough’s creation, I have been buil...

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The Intricacies of Mat Surfing ... in a Nutshell

I proudly present Graeme Webster in "The Intricacies of Mat Surfing ... in a Nutshell". As a UK based surfmat-builder, Graeme hardly needs an introduction…

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The current pandemic forced us to re-invente ourselves with this team trip. Used to choose exotic destinations (Tahiti, Mexico, Indonesia or Canary Islands),...

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Are these the largest Waves ever surfed? | Nazare 2020: The Beast Awakens

When the hurricane Epsilon swell arrived in Nazare, Portugal last week, 18-year-old professional surfer and local António Laureano was ready. Join António, a...

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Mat Surfing Blows Up

More about mat surfing http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/entries/mat-surfing

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Tales From The Rock House — MatSurfers.com

Surf stories from Ken “Kendog” McKnight. Surfmats and surfing form SoCal and beyond.

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Which Fins — MatSurfers.com

Our take on swimfins made for mat surfing. We keep this as up to date as we can in this fast changing area of surfing.

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Best Surf Mats Reviewed: Top 7 + How To Choose

Interested In Surf Mats? We Put The Ultimate Guide Together For You That Every Aspect Of This Hidden Gem Wave Riding Method!

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MATSURFERS.COM NEWS - November 2020 — MatSurfers.com

Hello all and welcome to the Novemberr Newsletter. Sorry it’s late but there is a fair bit to cram in including matsurfing in waves that are positively Baltic, a fun new YouTube edit doing the rounds and news about our store… Bring it on!

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The Truth About Surfing the Wedge

Welcome to the dirty ol Wedge in Newport Beach, one of the craziest surf sports anywhere. Sadly, many people have been hurt, paralyzed and even killed attemp...

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Josh Simpson Surf Mat Movie

This is from a trip to South Africa in 2019. It's a section of a movie that Josh Simpson is working on. It features mat riders Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, an...

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The Truth About Surfing in Los Angeles

Here's the truth about surfing in Los Angeles, to be more specific the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Forget the social media post. Photographers and video...

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MATSURFERS.COM NEWS - October 2020 — MatSurfers.com

Hello and Welcome to the October 2020 newsletter. This month we have a retro flavour with some older footage, plus a bit of a plan to get the ball rolling with a sci-fi matmeet in the UK.

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ASB Mat Surfing Spring 2020

Andrew Stephen Buck matsurfing Rincon and AirPlaning Sand Spit in spring 2020. Footage by Luke Williams: https://lukewilliams.com Music: Prelude No. 21 by Ch...

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The Amazing James Casey wing surfing

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Foiling with Chuck Patterson in San Diego

Russ heads out to Southern California to check in on Chuck Patterson and do some foiling.

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This is bodysurfing

Who needs a board when you can use your body and a good pair of fins?

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Say "no" to low-cost, single-use bodyboards

Cheap single-use bodyboards are a global plague. Thousands of low-quality boogie boards made in Asian nations are being dumped every year along the coastlines.

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Trestles Has Been Saved (For Good, This Time)

AB 1426 permanently protects San O State Beach from road infrastructure projects

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Short documentary on Australia mat surfer Justin Spittle

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This video is about kneeboard surfing in recent years at blacks

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Dave Rastovich Surfs An Inflatable Mat in Mexico in TGR and Outside TV’s ‘Life in Proximity’

In Episode 4 of Teton Gravity Research and Outside TV’s “A Life in Proximity,” Stephanie Gilmore and Dave Rastovich are still in the midst of an epic...

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From 2016. No Laughing Matter - 3 - Was that where it was at?

No Laughing Matter – Visions of a surf mat enthusiast Episode 3: Was that where it was at? Location: County Santosha, Ireland Close to where I used to…

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On this episode of Real Surf Stories join our host @trsurfing and Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Tommy Witt, Justin Quintal, Harley Ingleby and a vari...

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Bodysurfing in the 1960s

bodysurfing http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/entries/bodysurfing Encyclopedia of Surfing http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/

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New Year's Day at Tourmo

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Back To The Beach: How Sun, Sand And Surf Inspired Beach Music

The Beach Boys created the “California Dream” but beach music has its roots all over the US – or anywhere where there’s sand and restless spirits.

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The Worst Wipeouts Ever

Why not watch people getting pounded in the surf from the comfort of your chair, is that wrong? Contains ouchy to the max.

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Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, Dead at 81

Pioneering guitarist and progenitor of surf rock with “Let’s Go Trippin'” and “Miserlou” inspired generation of musicians

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How to adopt a proper surfing stance

A proper surf stance will help you maintain your balance, accelerate and brake, turn, and pull off nearly all surfing maneuvers.

Music | Music News

Nokie Edwards, the Ventures' Lead Guitarist, Dead at 82

Prolific, influential surf rock musician dies of complications from hip surgery

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Surfer gang's Lunada Bay 'fort' must go, city staff says

A stone “fort” used by a group of fiercely territorial surfers in Palos Verdes Estates should be dismantled and carted away, according to a plan developed by city staffers that will be considered by the city’s elected leaders Tuesday. 

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Time Frame: Malibu’s Paradise Cove 54 Years Ago and Today - Los Angeles Magazine

Remember the Pendletones? Neither do most Beach Boys fans. That was the group’s name early on—a nod to the flannel shirts the heart-throbs were fond of wearing, as they did at this session with photographer Ken Veeder

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A Rabbi’s ‘Spiritual Playground’ Extends to the Surf - NYTimes.com

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — Rabbi Hanniel Levenson had a problem. He had to teach Hebrew to a group of boys. It was his job.

But here was the thing. It was summer in the Hamptons. The sky was distractingly blue. There were swimming pools, bikes, bonfires, girls.

How could the rabbi convince the preteen boys that it was important to memorize a new alphabet and difficult prayers for their bar mitzvahs?

The rabbi offered his students a deal.

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Hawaii's spectacular ocean waves – in pictures | World news | theguardian.com

Hawaiian photographer Clark Little gets to the heart of the action and shoots ocean waves in Oahu as they roll over him

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Behind the lens | photographer Todd Glaser shoots Pipeline

When shooting at Pipeline everything tends to blur into one as your adrenalin is running really high. I remember shooting the Pipe Masters last year and watching CJ Hobgood, John John Florence and...