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The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed: Keith Richards guitar lesson

In the final part of our guitar lessons focussed on classic 1969 albums, we enrole at Keef's slide school

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Gibson PAF Humbuckers: Why Are They So Revered, and How Do They Really Sound? | GuitarPlayer

Is the PAF’s purported “magic” just hype, the inflated elitism brought on by the laws of supply and demand?

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How Eddie Van Halen 'scared the hell out of a million guitarists' - BBC News

How Eddie Van Halen changed the sound of rock music forever, one riff at a time.

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Metallica, Pete Townshend, Brian May, Tony Iommi, More Remember Eddie Van Halen | Pitchfork

Sammy Hagar on the passing of his iconic bandmate: “Heartbroken and speechless.”

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Paul McCartney still uses the guitar amp he bought when was 14

Paul McCartney has shared a unique glimpse into his recording process, revealing that he still uses an amplifier he bought when he was 14

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Keith Richards’ Wildest Escapades: 19 Insane Tales From a Legendary Life

Keith Richards may have mellowed with age, but as anyone who has read his memoir can attest, the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist has raised enough hell to fill several lifetimes. We look back on the wildest and weirdest moments in Richards’ 50-plus-year tear through the limelight.

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Keith Richards reveals his 10 all-time favorite Rolling Stones riffs and the stories behind them

How the guitar used to record Gimme Shelter disintegrated immediately after the song's completion, and other incredible stories

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The 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $1,000 | Guitarworld

From updated classics to modern single- and double-cuts, signature models and seven-strings, here are the guitars that give you the most bang for your buck.

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Billy F. Gibbons: these are the 10 guitarists who blew my mind

ZZ Top's guitar legend names the blues players who changed his life

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Fender's excellent desktop app for learning to play songs is now free

Fender's $35 Riffstation desktop app, which helps you break down songs to learn its chords and riffs at your own pace, is now available for free on macOS and Windows.

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Jeff Beck Talks Eric Clapton Rivalry and What Motown Taught Him

Ahead of a new doc telling his life story, the guitar legend reflects on more than 50 years of work with everyone from Jimmy Page to Tina Turner

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Nokie Edwards, the Ventures' Lead Guitarist, Dead at 82

Prolific, influential surf rock musician dies of complications from hip surgery

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The Rolling Stones want this guy in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | New York Post

The next time you hear a debate on who should be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, be sure to bring up the name of Hubert Sumlin. As pointed out in...

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Jack White Says Jimmy Fallon’s Guitar Is For Babies, Then Almost Cries Over His | SPIN

Last night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon attempted to bond with musical guest Jack White over their shared hobby of playing guitar. "I have a Fender Newporter

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WATCH: Converse creates Chuck Taylor with built-in wah-wah pedal!

The new sneakers are named after Chet Atkins, the first ever guitarist to use a wah-wah pedal.